Obasanjo blames poor leadership for Nigeria’s retrogressive growth

Olusegun Obasanjo Photo: Atom Lim

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Monday attributed the slow rate of infrastructure development in Nigeria to lack of synergy between public and the private sector.

The former leader also blamed poor leadership for Nigeria’s economic and infrastructural situation.

Mr. Obasanjo, who was the Chairman of the 2017 Annual Seminar of Kaduna Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture [KADCCIMA], said the Nigerian government had over the years paid very little attention to the private sector.

According to him, it is important to develop deep synergy between the two in order to tackle the wide infrastructure deficit in the country and accelerate national development.

The former president explained that the relationship had not been productive because for some time, the public sector regarded those in the private sector as “parasites”, who reap from what they did not sew and were only interested in making profit.

He noted that the theme of the seminar, `Promoting Public/Private Partnership, as a Panacea for Accelerated Growth and Development’, stressed the need for the government and private sector to work together for the common good of the country.

Mr. Obasanjo noted that the engagement of more people from the private sector in government is helping to encourage a more robust relationship.

He said that for the country to experience any serious development, it must view the public and private sector as two legs necessary for the country to move forward.

“Nothing would work if the emphasis is on the public or private sector, there must be synergy between the two for reasonable growth,” he said.

The former president also blamed the country’s retrogressive growth on poor leadership.

“We are not there, is a factor of leadership. We are where we are not because of God’s design, given our human and natural resources, but because of bad leadership that could not put the resources to good use.

“The countries that are better than us today are better because they are committed, focused and understand what it takes to develop.

“Until we get the problem of leadership right, we will not go anywhere,” Obasanjo said.

On his part, the guest speaker, Shamsudeen Usman, a former minister of finance, noted that the country has a huge infrastructural gap.

Mr. Usman, in a paper, “Promoting Public Private Partnership As a Panacea for Accelerated Growth and Development” said the country needs foreign capital and expertise to supplement the resources that the country can afford to generate.

He described the Public/Private Partnership (PPP) as a crucial tool in addressing the infrastructural gap in the country, adding however, that its potential has not been fully tapped.

Mr. Usman gave example of countries like India, Malaysia and South Africa among other countries that successfully deployed PPP to achieve accelerated socio-economic growth and development.

He identified the problems of politics, absence of strong legal framework, inconsistency in policy implementation, lack of clear goals and coordination as hindrances to Nigeria’s ability to tap the benefits of PPP.

According to him, the country’s legal framework and budgetary approval processes must be reviewed for PPP to work efficiently in the country.

“Similarly, there is the need for high political support, post transaction monitoring and evaluation, alternative dispute resolution mechanism to ensure smooth operation of the PPP strategy, ” he added.

Earlier, the President of the KADCCIMA, Muheeba Dankaka, explained that the theme was chosen to highlight the need for collaboration between the public and private sector to enhance the business environment through massive infrastructure development.

“The PPP, if well tapped, could maintain and sustain the productive and manufacturing sectors, which would in turn ensure equitable distribution of wealth.

“To achieve this, government and the private sector must work together”.



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  • emmanuel

    If there is anyone to blame for Nigeria’s woes it is Olusegun Obasanjo. All fingers point to him

    • Adetola Oluwaseun

      your reasons sir.

      • emmanuel

        He commissioned only three NIPP – Omotosho to serve his failed Olokonla LNG, Papalanto to serve his Ibeshe Cement and Geregu to serve Obajana (Ibeshe parent company). All other NIPP had their monies; over $16 billion stolen. Lagos/Ibadan Expressway handed to him by Yar Adua was turned a death trap.
        Transcorp, Arik, MM2, All the farm lands acquired across Nigeria, AP, Obasanjo Library etc are his good dossier and leadership skills.
        Ballot box snatching, impeachments with only five law makers, several assasinations, replacements of party candidates, do or die electioneering and many more
        Ghana must go Naira bags to NASS members for third term bid, Halliburton, Siemens?

    • thusspokez

      In addition to being a first-class hypocrite, he is probably suffering from amnesia and has forgotten that he was three times head of state of Nigeria.

  • Julius

    lolz, why this man come dey raise the blood pressure of the biafraudians everyday self. Somebody need to let him know say dem dey go bunker each time him say something, anything, even good morning. Lmaooooooo !! On ya mark…go !!!!

    • emmanuel

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      But in your place, they are the elders, especially when they have proceeds of the gotas and chickens to buy the coscience of the Youths like you. Ewure ni é

      • Julius

        As to your elders and the youths cooking and eating humans ? Olori buruku ni e. You do and say same dumb, retarded shit under all your fake names. Get a life biko !Its getting lame

        • emmanuel

          The only time i ever saw cooked human meat was of a Polytecnic student your pople cooked in Ogun state for ritual.
          You at least cannot deny that. All the ritual killings in Nigeria has had over 97% in Yoruba land.
          Shame. I get life o, except say your Sai Baba don almost finish my businesses.
          I will never post a comment in another name. What for?

          • Julius

            Yea sure. Liar !! I bet you had some of the meat since you were brought up eating it. A cannibal like you just killed a young girl in one of your states yesterday, her head and her private part are both missing. Must be for a special eze festival.

    • thusspokez

      I don’t know why you are so obsessed with tribalism. BTW what has your tribe done for you today let alone since your birth?

      • Julius

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        • thusspokez

          I wouldn’t be surprised if you have severe tribal facial marks?

          • Julius

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  • thusspokez

    Nothing would work if the emphasis is on the public or private sector, there must be synergy between the two for reasonable growth,” he said.

    Like Comprehensive school, VAT, etc., PPP is yet another idea copied from the UK, by a nation of people who are incapable of thinking for themselves.

    What does PPP intend to solve in the context of Nigeria?. The starting point of all problem solutions is the identification of one or more real problem situations. These Nigerians should stop importing foreign ideas as possible solution to contextually different problem(s) in Nigeria.

    Unlike in western countries, the private sector in Nigeria is too poor and weak and relies on the public sector for its survival. It is difficult to see how any partnership can bring about positive synergy — indeed, negative synergy is more likely.

    Besides, how could PPP work in a country where most of the wealthy people whose sources of wealth come from looting or defrauding governments or both and would rather hide their loots under their mattresses or buy property abroad instead of investing it in Nigeria?

    • emmanuel

      Even the Lagos Ibadan handed to him as PPP was a fraud. He began to fight Jonathan dirty the day that project was taken from him.
      Hypocritical old man!