Police Inspector arrested carrying 75 bags of Indian hemp in police bus


A serving police inspector and a dismissed army corporal were among 14 suspects arrested by the NDLEA in Kogi for being in possession of 1,083.62 kilograms of Indian hemp valued at N6 million.

The Commander of the NDLEA in Kogi, Idris Bello, told journalists in Lokoja on Monday that the police inspector was arrested on February 25 at Crusher area of Lokoja while conveying 75 bags of Indian hemp weighing 818.2 kg in a police bus with registration number NPF 7973 NPF.

He said that the suspect was conveying the drug from Okpela, Edo, to Abuja when he was arrested alongside two other accomplices.

Mr. Bello said that the dismissed army corporal was arrested in Lokoja while on his way from Edo with 44kilograms of weed suspects to be Indian hemp

According to him, 12 other suspects, including a woman, were arrested this month with varying kilograms of weed.

He said that the 40- year-old woman was carrying a four-year-old boy at the time she was arrested with 32.4 kilograms of Indian hemp.

The commander said that three other suspects were arrested with 190 blocks of compressed Indian hemp, although the exact kilogram and monetary value had not been ascertained.

He said that the suspects, who were coming from Edo, were arrested at Obajana in Kogi in a car with registration number Kano BC 737 KMC.

Mr. Bello, who attributed the success of the command in recent times to the support being received from the state government, thanked Governor Yahaya Bello for the donation of patrol vehicles.

Speaking on the development, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Security, Jerry Omodara, commended the NDLEA for its efforts, urging it to sustain the tempo.

He promised that the state government would continue to offer support to all security agencies in the state.



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  • Impulse400

    It is said by some, that the ALMIGHTY CREATOR created all of Heaven and earth in seven days. While creating the earth, HE created man in it and gave man dominion over it. Man then proceeded to identify every item in this creation surrounding him.

    But along the line, mankind identified a plant, which he later gave many names, some of them being canabis sativa, indian hemp, marijuana, e.t.c., and decided the ALMIGHTY did not know what HE was doing when HE created it, so the proceeded to establish a law BANNING the offensive and dangerous “drug”.

    Ever since the man made law was established, many who have shown sympathy or affiliation towards this plant have become casualties of man’s law against the “drug”. It is important to note that a majority of the persecutors of marijuana sympathizers/ affiliates are proponents of this school of thought that the ALMIGHTY created the earth and all in it in seven days.

    Well it seems they believe they know better than their CREATOR.

    • Guest

      see as weewee don dey dabaru your head o!

      • Impulse400

        So to talk true mean say I dey weewee? Wetin dabaru for the thing when I talk?

        Atleast contradict me first logically before you condemn me.

        • The King

          This is too green to be indian hemp, it is Nigerian hemp. It only kill few brain cells and dabaru their mind.
          No matter how you look at it, apete is no good: it will kill your brain cells and dabaru your mind.

          • Impulse400

            Do beer and spirits enhance your brain cells…? You alone understands what you mean.

      • Julius

        hahahahahaha, which one dabaru ya own ? just kidding. You funny tho.

        • emmanuel

          Your Yoruba sister was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour for trying to smuggle cocaine to Saudi – one of the main attraction for hajj.
          Talk drugs smuggling, Yoruba leads and others follows.
          I recalled how Alafin of Oyo’s aides carried five suitcases of drugs at Haethrow around 1998 and were arrested. The Baba claimed he knew nothing about it,
          Ho then will a man travel with five brief cases, against just one or two and the cases were all drugs and the owner of the cases did not know?
          I beg make dem leglise Igbo for una and you would abandoned coca for good. Afterall, you saw Oil and abandoned cocoa. Now that awareness to go back has began, someone is asking for Igbo to replace Oil. O ga ooo!

    • Fadama

      Lol…Lucky Dube’s Rasta Man’s Prayer comes to mind.

    • Dazmillion

      I dont know their problem with hemp. Everything the white man does we copy like mumu, even they have started to come to their senses and started legalizing hemp. But here we are still hunting weed smokers while cocaine, heroin and amphetamine is destroying lives in our ghettos.

      • Impulse400

        Take a look at the photograph being used in this story. That is a green forest or bush, definitely cultivated by man but enhanced, protected and promoted by Nature Herself. Imagine a human being labeling this lush of green forest a Crime. Was the bush industrially created from synthetic or inorganic material? Was it formulated and manufactured by human ingenuity…?

        If it is considered evil for a man, incapable of creating a strand of hair on his own head, to stigmatize another due to physical, health or genetic differences, how dare this same man stigmatize and condemn One Herb created by the ALMIGHTY for man’s own benefit…?

        You are absolutely right about the copy copy syndrome of our leaders, but you fail to understand why they behave in such a manner. It is expected that with the enlightenment of education, an educated man would keenly utilize his growing intelligence to accurately scrutinize his past history, his present condition and analyze and manipulate his physical and social environment for the benefit of his brother. Unfortunately, that is not the case with our typical Nigerian leaders because inwardly they are not meant to come in contact with leadership roles. They are Zombies or drones by default, incapable of self analysis, soul searching, closed to all forms of higher inspiration and in dire need of strict Spiritual Guidance. They drift through life responding only to their physical urges, to the detriment of those around them whose misfortune it is to be led by such drones.

        It is these drones who are unable to rationalize constructively for themselves that are considered excellent choices as stooges and puppets by foreign powers. A man who grew up in the village around Nature, without the direct assistance of Orthodox Medicine, is brainwashed by western values, transmitted through years of academic struggle, into abhorring or detesting the very Nature that nurtured him. Without any personal investigation on his part, he proceeds to dedicate his life to condemning, attacking, persecuting and sometimes murdering those who choose to meekly receive all that Nature has got to offer with open arms.

        It is strange that man made alcohol, which is far more dangerous to the liver and kidneys, is sold freely with government consent, even though it is responsible for various types of deaths, whether in our hospitals or even on our highways. Yet, despite all the technological advancement till date, there is not one evidence produced by these same drones of a death directly caused by Marijuana. If any of them is is reading this, I challenge them to present one. Some may say it causes air pollution, even when they single-handedly produce smoke through their vehicles, generators and other industrial complexes in excess of what all the smokers in the world can consume combined.

        If I continue to finger their hypocrisy one by one, I would end up writing a huge book that nobody will be willing to buy.

        • Dazmillion

          They drift through life responding only to their physical urges, to the detriment of those around them whose misfortune it is to be led by such drones.

          This about sums up our pathetic situation in this country

      • emmanuel

        So make them allow you to dey smoke am openly.
        We already know from most of your comments that you are driven by some forces. Na today we conclude. For your information, Nigeria nor go legalise am.

        • Dazmillion

          Wetin concern you for this discussion, abi u don high?

      • Julius

        lolz…legalize it !!!!.. I hear you bro.