SSS raids former Benue Governor Suswam’s property, ‘recovers arms, ammunition’

SSS operatives

The State Security Service, SSS, said on Sunday that a raid conducted in a property allegedly belonging to a former Benue State governor, Gabriel Suswam, ended with the recovery of guns and magazines.

The department said it subsequently invited Mr. Suswam who had been “helping in investigations.”

In a statement signed by ‘Tony Opuiyo’, the SSS said the property was searched in the exclusive Abuja neighbourhood of Maitama on February 24 between 9:00 p.m. and 2:42 a.m.

Items said to have been recovered from the property included: Glock pistol with two magazines and a total of 29 rounds of ammunition.”

The SSS also said “Mini-Uzi with two magazines containing 10 rounds and four rounds respectively; forty-two (42) extra rounds of ammunition contained in a pack; and one AK-47 rifle.

Twenty-one Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) and one (1) Offer of Statutory Right of Occupancy; 23 luxury designer watches; and 45 keys to various exotic cars were also said to have been recovered from the property.

All the items were recovered from a Mercedes Benz S550 with registration number: BWR 135AH; and a Maserati 4.7 with registration number: BWR 207 AJ. The two vehicles have been confiscated, the SSS said.

The SSS said the building is used by a firm named Dunes Investment and Global Properties Ltd., located at 44 Aguiyi Ironsi Way, Maitama, which was later traced to Mr. Suswam.

The secret police said the raid was conducted after securing a search warrant.

Mr. Suswam could not be reached for comments. PREMIUM TIMES’ calls to his known telephone number failed to connect Sunday night.


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  • omobabalemomu

    Suswan is a certified cultist.

    • Nkem

      …. A confirmed ROGUE.

      • Zaharadeen Abubakar

        oboy 9ja don turn to weapon shop, where people can get weapons fron nowhere all in the name of “self-defense” that means anyone can get weapon and attack any, just to justify later that it was a “self-defense”

  • T-Rex

    Hmmmmmmmmmm,what an armoury!

  • Dazmillion

    Another dead end investigation, the man will never be charged for arms dealing

    • A Aminu

      Don’t conclude. Why don’t you wait and see.

  • amazing2012

    We now know the Genesis of conflict and armed crises in Nigeria !

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Twenty-one Certificates of Occupancy (Cs of O) and one (1) Offer of Statutory Right of Occupancy; 23 luxury designer watches; and 45 keys to various exotic cars!!! Nigerians and primitive acquisition!!! Some of those who have occupied public office in our country need to be extra-judicially executed.

  • #HABASUSWAM; 21 C of Os; 23 Luxury Watches; 45 Keys 2 Exotic Cars all in the Boots of MB S550 & Masarati 4.7. #THIEVESPLENTY

    • George

      Are you telling us that Tinubu doesn’t have more that guns and properties.

      • You are George; A Shame to Christianity; It is a Waste even Discussing with a Mindset Like this. When You die; Tell God that Retson Had Babes Too….MUMU

      • mike

        God punish you and your generation

  • Emm

    So, one pistol, one mini uzi and one Ak47 were all the “arms” that were found in his house?? See the screaming headline…..Nonsense!! Instead of una to discover the helicopter that usually drops arms and ammunition for Fulani herdsmen in Benue or the foreign mercenaries from Chad and Niger with their massive arms brought in to fight Eggon people and Ombatse in Nassarawa

  • sammyctu ode

    One wonders how this boy Susan became governor of benue state for eight years. If we have a non corrupt deranged NA, I think it’s time for them to pass a strong bill that would independently check the backgrounds of intended political office holders so that we do not have criminals, corrupt and deranged animals ruling us in Nigeria. Whether it’s only one small pistol found in his house the question is that is he authorized to own any arm?

  • musa aliero

    Well the question is does he have a certificate to own those arms? That’s just it! Nothing more nothing less if he doesn’t then wahala dey for him! As regards other things if he didn’t corruptly obtain them he is fine aswell

  • Gary

    This is the former Benue State whose state and people are under siege by Fulani militias. Suswam was in fact once attacked when he tried to visit one of the villages that had been attacked and people killed by these herdsmen militia determined to seize grazing lands in the Middle Belt.

    It is interesting to note that the Fulani-led DSS is making a public show of guns found in the man’s car for self-defense as something else.

    Does anyone really expect the indigenes of that region to not arm themselves and be sitting ducks for the Fulani to keep slaughtering them while the security services under Buhari continue to go after the victims rather than the killers?

    • simon tor gideon

      Mr man you are talking like a child.There are laws governing possession of fire arms in this country.Even local hunters that go for games with their dane guns have to get them registered with appropriate law enforcement agencies.So it is not an excuse for any one no matter his or her status in the society to own arms because of fulani attacks without registering them with the appropriate arms of security responsible for this.Why are the arms not found in Benue but Maitama?Ask yourself this question if you are sane.

      • truthsayer

        And how many “Fulani herdsmen” have been raided and arms seized from them. The DSS is idle. I don’t support thievery but I don’t support stupidity too. Let’s fight the cancers of corruption and brigand murders at the same time. We all know Suswam did not have all of these properties and cars when he began to rule Benue State. The CCB [code of conduct] is a good starting point.

        • simon tor gideon

          Just this morning the police paraded a group of fulani militants who attacked and killed people in Southern Kaduna with their weapons,so what do you want the govt to do?

          • Gary

            Read what you wrote..,they just announced the arrest of some accused herdsmen THIS MORNING.

            Tell the DSS “good morning” on our behalf for finally waking up to their responsibilities.

            It’s time to stop political law enforcement as it ultimately does nobody any good.

        • Gary

          I will be the last person on Earth to defend stealing and everyone knows Suswam was a looter and disaster as Benue Governor.
          Pillory him and charge him for looting once you gather the evidence as I believe is happening to him already.

          But it is a travesty for the DSS to portray the victims of Fulani militias roaming the Middle Belt as gun-runners while doing nothing to stop their deadly rampage.

          The Police and others only show up after the marauders have done their deadly deeds and round up the victims or survivors they find with weapons to defend themselves. That’s not right and must be condemned when we see law enforcement becoming partisans in mayhem that is costing lives and tearing the country apart.

    • ken

      My friend these arms were discovered in abuja not logo local government.

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  • Zaharadeen Abubakar

    Truth hides not for long, Oh God help us, help in uniting these country nigeria, let us live in peace. Amen

  • George

    Confusionist; are they telling us that Tinubu doesn’t have more than that guns and the properties. Yeye, let Suswams join APC now the stories will change

    • oyoko

      if you know, not think, he has guns, pls tell or petition DSS. Stop this childish reasoning!


    I really need a license to own, keep and carry-about ARMS. Please can anyone tell me the PROCEDURE and the REQUIREMENTS? Please I am not joking please. How can you imagine yourself kneeling and begging a child or teenage criminal (who may not survive if you slap/punch him) because he has a gun with him! Please let the government license responsible adults to carry arms. Enough of all these nonsense.

    • #gunlicensenigeria

      Agreed. “responsible adults” should be licensed to carry arms. These should be educated persons, married and have traceable addresses, business or jobs. What should responsible people be denied the RIGHT TO PROTECT THEMSELVES while increasing number rogues and criminals easily get and use guns as the security agencies look helpless in combating the situation. #gunlicensenigeria

    • FineBoy

      Contact Boko Haram or ISIS

  • oyoko

    God Bless Buhari; we voted for change, and we have not be disappointed thus far. what in the name of sane, will a man be doing with 45 cars? 21 Cert of Occupancy? guns hidden in one of the choice cars, and not inside the house. This man is really dirty! he hid the guns inside the cars for dirty jobs. His thought was, they can search the house, but may not think of searching the vehicles for those guns. what a country, what set of leaders we had breed for ourselves. Hmm…..

  • @GunLicence

    Let Nigerians be allowed to carry arms, you will see all these insecurity reducing.