To become vice president, some persons wish Buhari dead, Senator says

President Muhammadu Buhari

A senator has alleged that some officials wish ailing President Muhammadu Buhari dead so they can become the vice to Yemi Osinbajo.

Mr. Osinbajo has been Nigeria’s Acting President since Mr. Buhari travelled to the UK last month on vacation. The president has since remained in the UK for health reasons with no official date of return announced. Mr. Osinbajo would emerge President should Mr. Buhari leave office before the end of their tenure. The president is however expected to return to office soon after his bed rest, according to his spokesperson.

Shehu Sani, who represents Kaduna Central in the Senate, made his allegation against the unnamed persons on Sunday.

“Those peddling rumours of Buhari’s death are not distance enemies who by hook or crook want to be Vice President to Osinbajo but unfortunately they woefully failed because Buhari is coming back safely and healthy,” he said.

The senator who was speaking to reporters shortly after inspecting artefacts of Mallam Aminu Kano at Mumbayya House Centre of Democracy, Kano, said such aspiring persons would fail.

“Unfortunately for them, neither the Vice President, Professor Yomi Osinbajo, nor Buhari trusts them.

“Osinbajo is a trusted ally to his boss and he dislikes anything that would make him compromise the trust he enjoys”.

Mr. Sani said he was worried that some of those who are the president’s men are not sincere in their tasks.

“Buhari has a daunting task of fumigating his government, cleanse it and flush out these hyenas who eat from the nation’s treasury without pains,” he said.

The lawmaker said “it is open fact that today, politicians are only interested in getting power to use as launching pad of their personal businesses”.

He said despite the economic diversification agenda of the government, the economy was still being dictated by foreign interests “living the nation still an imperialist dominated economy”.


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  • Suleiman Alatise

    He should name them or shut up.

    • Sir Louis

      Well said. That man or Senator from Kaduna is shooting too much off target.

      • un spkn


  • Binsali Owuda

    God will expose them

  • Nkem

    Or perhaps it is suffering Nigerians, who can no longer bear the suffering, that are peddling the death rumors.

    • musa aliyu

      They must continue suffering, as long as they behave like Igbo’s, ingrates!

      • Paschal Charles

        Shame on you. You still believe in your president who is in the mortuary for than one month. Continue believing in phone calls and photo-shops.

        • Patriotism

          Nonsense biafraud animal

    • Sam

      You must firstof all understand why you are suffering otherwise your suffering will not seize with or without Buhari.

    • Julius

      The people that suffered under Jonathan didn’t wish him dead. Did they ? I submit to you that most of these people wishing the president dead are biafraudians , simply out of hatred and jealousy !

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Is Buhari too young to die or what? The likes of Shehu Sani should stop deifying a certificate forger and perjurer. Nonsense.

    • Sam

      Not at all . Just as you are neither to young to die before Buhari .imbe

    • Al

      Why politicizing his health vacation? who on earth is above sickness? It’s a common sense they are only interested in political power for personal gain rather Nigeria interest. They will fail woofly

    • AryLoyds

      The Guy should name them , or shut up !

      • Al

        We are not kids, action speak louder than voice

        • AryLoyds

          Ok adult name them

      • George

        El rufai

        • AryLoyds

          Elrufai can’t be president he has blood on his hands

        • Julius

          The cannibals , a.k.a the biafraudians of which you belong !!

    • Patriotism

      Another biafraud animal of the zoo. Mumu, if one day old child can die leaving a 100 years old. May you die a miserable death before PMB by God’s grace.

    • Julius

      What else is new with you ? Same ol, same ol !!

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Scuk my dcik.

        • Julius

          Damn, faggit, your father and mother stop doing it for you ? What a shame !. You are all going to hell !

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            fcuk your mum.

  • George

    I want Buhari dead now now with his useless generations.

    I hate him badly and his tribe/region the uncircumcised animals which they are.

    • Al

      Holy Ghost fire you to ashes, you better jump into lagoon or drink Battey acid sharp sharp, if not then calamity will roast you alive

      • akinola


      • George

        Let me tell you and your types something, you days are numbered mark my word. Go and read histories your half dead Buhari will never ends well including his followers and his entire generations born and unborn

    • un spkn

      people like u r d reason Nigeria will never move forward. Because u exist, our economy is vulnerable to stupidity and uselessness. If u had a job that actually created value, Nigeria would have been a bit better. Useless people who spend time chating nonsense on social media. Who cares about ur feelings??

    • Patriotism

      It is obvious being a member of biafraud animal of the zoo. Fortunately, we believe only God give life and only God can take life of every living. May you die first before PMB in God grace.

      • Onyeokwe

        Zoo pig

    • Julius

      You think you can get his dead body for dinner ?. God punish you a thousand fold !

    • thusspokez

      You are lucky that this is a Nigerian website where everything is permitted. Try it Trump or Theresa May and will have their law enforcement and security agencies knocking on you door by now for wishing someone dead let alone a head of state. Never mind how they find your address, it is easy. Some you Nigerians need a lot to lean to be civilised.

    • mike

      Is your entire family that your wishing death

  • un spkn

    Our economy is dominated by imperialist and western interest placed there by the previous PDP. The current administration must fumigate all parastatals of all foreign agents in PDP. If PDP has decided to make itself a clog in the wheel of Nigeria’s progress, they must be purged out of existence. The politicians in PDP remind me of the African leaders who sold their people as slaves. Consequences of which Africans are now suffering world wide. We must allow this to happen again. #FLUSHOUTHTEIMPERIALISTS

    • duwdu

      Please check the spellings in your hashtag again, lol. Also, I’d suggest you write it as, #FlushOutTheImperialists. That way, it’s easier to make a sense of.

      Good luck.


      • thusspokez

        And easier to read too.

  • muhammadunfagge

    Coward Senator! You should name them or keep your goddam trap shut. Are you still a coward? Are you afraid of a fellow senator or you want Buhari to count you among his supporters? Why doing that at the expense of somones else’s integrity? You should have named them or him, or else, you re the one.

  • Ahmed m sabitu

    Yes senator expose all of them pls