FACT-CHECK: Presidency wrong again; Nigeria not world’s second-largest rice producer

Bags of rice

Nigeria is not the world’s second-largest producer of rice as recently claimed by the Buhari administration.

Presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu, made the claim on February 18 while addressing university students in Abuja.

“As I speak to you now, Nigeria just achieved the record of the second largest producer of rice in the world. The rice revolution just started a year ago,” Mr. Shehu, senior special assistant on media to President Muhammadu Buhari was quoted by The Cable as saying.

Mr. Shehu later defended his claim on Twitter, and cited CNN as his source.

Coming at a time of severe economic crisis, the comment appeared aimed at reassuring an increasingly disenchanted public.

But that claim is entirely false, as Nigeria is not even amongst the world’s top 10 producers of rice, a PREMIUM TIMES examination shows.

In November 2016, the Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, said Nigeria’s rice production level stood at 3.5 million metric tonnes, while the country’s consumption stood at seven million metric tons.

In calculating Nigeria’s production output, PREMIUM TIMES will rely on statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organisation, an agency of the United Nations that tackles hunger around the world.

In addition, PREMIUM TIMES obtained an unpublished data for rice production from the National Bureau of Statistics.

This assessment will also rely on data provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, which tracks rice production outputs across the world. The USDA ranking is updated monthly.

Global data

In its 2016 estimates, the Food and Agriculture Organisation projected that Nigeria will produce 2.9 million metric tonnes, which it described as being “up slightly” from 2015 figures.

The FAO data from 2015 showed that Nigeria produced 4.8 million metric tonnes of rice paddy. This placed Nigeria at number 17 in the top 20 producers’ ranking.

The NBS data exclusively seen by this newspaper showed that Nigeria produced 7.8 million metric tonnes of rice paddy in 2016, up slightly from 7.5 million in 2015.

The 2016 data produced by the USDA ranks 78 countries, according to IndexMundi, a website that collates, ranks and republishes statistical data from original sources.

Nigeria is missing from the list’s top 10 rice-producing countries of 2016. This category has China, with 146.5 million metric tonnes, at the top, and Japan —with estimated 7.8 million metric tonnes— at the bottom.

The second position is occupied by India, which produced 106. 5 million metric tonnes that year. Other Asian countries that dominate the list include Indonesia: 36.6 million; Bangladesh: 34,5 million; Vietnam: 27.8 million; Thailand: 18,6 million; Myanmar: 12.5 million and the Philippines: 12.5 million.

Brazil, at number nine, is the only country outside Asia in the top 10 rice producing countries.

On this list, Nigeria stands at number 18, with a production output of 2.7 million metric tonnes for 2016.

Although this is lower, the bureau of statistics figure—7.8 million metric tonnes – is still a far cry from what is needed to surpass the Asian countries.

Even where the 7.8 million metric tonnes is used for this ranking, Nigeria would at best rank 10th.

Mr. Shehu did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ request for clarification. But he said on Twitter on Monday that he based his assertion on a report by CNN.

To buttress his point, Mr. Shehu said Nigeria had recently become a major exporter of grains to other African countries.

“Don’t forget that since October last year, Nigeria has been feeding many parts of West Africa, North and Central Africa,” Mr. Shehu said. “Many of these countries have been shopping in Nigeria for rice, sorghum, sesame and millet.”

He said the government had started collating figures to establish Nigeria’s rice production output and will make its conclusion public.

It is not clear whether the figure he was referring to is the NBS’ 7.8 million metric tonnes PREMIUM TIMES obtained.

Nigerians react

Mr. Shehu’s claim was roundly rejected on social media, with many users pointing at the irony of Nigerians paying more for a product that should be abundantly available.

From a maximum N10,000 barely three years ago, a 50 kilogram bag of rice now sells for above N20,000 across the country, according to Rice.com.ng. Only in January 2016, the rice retailer sold the same quantity for N12,500 or less across the country.

At Jumia, a 50 kilogram bag of rice retails for as high as N25,000.

Richard-Mark Mbaram, an agricultural economics expert, said Mr. Shehu’s “claim cannot be substantiated in actual fact.”

Mr. Mbaram, editor of Agro Nigeria, an online-based platform with primary focus on activities in the agricultural sector, also agreed that Nigeria is yet to meet its consumption demands.

“We’re not even producing enough to feed ourselves,” Mr. Mbaram said. “Saying we’re number two is dangerous as it could make those tasked with addressing the challenges become complacent.”

He said the focus should be on improving Nigeria’s average output per hectare rather than making “claims that will only distract us from addressing challenges in the agricultural sector.”

For example, Mr. Mbaram said budget estimates for agriculture stood at N92 billion, an amount he said could not even fund research in other climes.

“We’re saying we want to diversify from oil because its prices are dwindling, yet we budgeted N92 billion for agriculture which is the sector that everybody agrees the focus must shift to,” he said.

Social media users also circulated a screengrab that depicted the CNN broadcast Mr. Shehu was probably alluding to. In the broadcast, the station showed Nigeria’s production output at 2.7 million metric tonnes; consumption placed at five million metric tonnes; import stood at two million. The data was also sourced from USDA/IndexMundi.

The USDA/IndexMundi ranking showed Nigeria as the second-largest importer of rice in the world. In 2016, the country imported two million metric tonnes, behind China at five million metric tonnes.

It is also unclear whether the presidential spokesperson mistook Nigeria’s import ranking for production output.


Mr. Shehu said: “Nigeria just achieved the record of the second largest producer of rice in the world.”

Available figures show this claim to be incorrect.


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  • Pointsblank


    NIGERIA will be a better place if Muhamadu Buhari is repealed and replaced.

    • atuwa

      Shameless people, just out to misinformed the illitrates of this country.

  • George

    If you are not a good liars Buhari will never associate with you e.g. Tinubu, Ameachi, Adamic Adams, Fashola and his wife, OBJ, WHITE HEAD GOAT Wole Soyinka, Pastor ABAKA, pASTOR Tunde Bakare, Yeye Sanusi emir of under age fuckers

    • Olaola

      That’s the mindset of a brainwashed Biafraud monkey. The rest of the country knows better, kontunu to live in a your false cocoon.

      • Chym



    A government of lies and propaganda, even in this digital age the government of Buhari keeps insulting the intelligence of millions of suffering Nigerians with embarrassing lies which can be verified with a click on the key-board. Even in West Africa rice is most expensive in Nigeria yet the morons claim that Nigeria is second biggest producer in the world.

    The Jonathan administration laid the ground-work for an increased rice production but this present administration has not done anything in that direction yet they disseminate lies all over the place.

    • Olaola

      Jonadaft laid the groundwork alright, for stealing is not corruption.


        Nincompoop, your people are dying of hunger more than my people, you can remember the price of rice, garri and palm oil on GEJ watch , you also remember the exchange rate to the dollar….Olodo !!

        • Olaola

          Dumb ass, yeah people are dying of hunger in your dreams. Dumb mother fucker. Prices have gone up but stores are full of food stuffs…..Keep lying to make you fell better. Prices of oil is going up and by the end of this year the economy will be stabilized hence biafraud monkeys like you will shut the hell up.


            Go to Yoruba villages, they are starving and children are now afflicted with Kwashiorkor just like in the north and you are there glorifying a regime of lies and deceit, Yorubas are the ones protesting hunger on the streets of Lagos.

          • Olaola

            Dumb braiwashed deranged biafraud monkey, there are more foods in the villages than even in the cities. I deal in food export and we source our products from mostly Yoruba villages. They are planting and cultivating all sorts of crops. They are eating organic food that even most in America will pay top dollars for.
            I know some in Biafraud land are suffering from malnutrition and kwashorkor of ideas. When you starve yourself of reality, then you’ll end up with an empty feeling.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      You lied.

  • Sarah

    Good investigative journalism.
    This is why I browse Premium Times for news several times a day.
    Keep it up.

  • marig

    18th is still not bad. Nigeria was nowhere before now.

  • FreeNigeria

    Buhari administration of lies and deceitfulness

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Does it matter if Nigeria, is the largest producer or second largest producer of rice.The fact is that Nigeria, must stop importation of rice from abroad as our foreign exchange resources got consumed by foreign rice importation.Let Nigeria continue to grow and eat its own locally produced rice.Nigeria, must stop importation of food-stuff of any type.
    Under former PDP led by president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, with his Havard university trained finance accountant,Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala.
    GEJ was president for six years but, till last year, after president Muhammadu Buhari,s inauguration Nigeria, was still importing foreign rice.Importers of rice,macroni,spaghetti even cement like Danogote-group of companies made his billions from riceimportation under GEJ,chief Obasanjo and late Musa Yar,dua.

    • emmanuel

      You are a big f**l. Jonathan had the most vibrant Rice production policy. What Bokohari has in place today is a wishy washy thing.
      Those who trouped into Rice farming ran out when Bokohari came on board and began his dance of shame with Rice.
      Where is the fertiliser e-wallet thing? Buhari has transfered it to his cromies and Northern monarchs who steal Nigeria blind with it.
      Mumuwole, the Lagos Rice thing was an arrangement in the last administration.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        “…the Lagos Rice thing was an arrangement in the last administration.”

        Big, fat liar, go and wash your putrid mouth.

        The Lake Rice project was conceived and delivered between Mr. Ambode of Lagos State and Mr. Bagudu of Kebbi State. It had absolutely nothing to do with either Mr. Adeshina or the ineffectual buffoon.

        The project is successful because of the seed money from Mr. Bagudu and the CBN support.

        These are Mr. Bagudu’s own words on your fraudulent claim –

        “…no fewer than 78,000 farmers had been fully registered under the state’s rice programme with the Central Bank of Nigeria, known as Anchors Borrowers Programme, ABP”. December 2016

        • Chym


  • Olaola

    Saying Nigeria is number 2 is obviously a gross misrepresentation because we do not even consume rice on the level of Asia countries who have perfected the best techniques of cultivating rice over the centuries.
    Having said that, Nigeria has made tremendous progress in terms of farming in the last years alone. Nigerians are also coming to the realization of having a real economy is based on hard work, farming, manufacturing, transparency, and not the facade of Jonadaft (stealing is not corruption) where the economy can collapse over night just because of a drop in prices of oil. Not an Economy where money is shared by the few and trickle down to the poor. A real diversified, developed and stable economy does not collapse over night even if there is a drop in price of crude oil. That is where Nigeria is heading.

  • Mary

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  • Local Observa

    @disqus_46k4w4yUV1:disqus ,

    Illiterate government of Buhari/Osinbajo is part of the problem

    They tell lies and will steal by reflex,
    since they hate truth with passion. The vast majority of Nigerians are
    really not human beings. They hate knowledge and discount knowledge as
    irrelevant to development. Supposedly educated Nigerians, including professors
    and doctorates amongst them, and including Editors and Emirs, publicly endorse
    an illiterate as president. Nigerians then expect to be developed by heavenly
    human bodies whilst living in lies, ignorance and grime. Hence they smell as
    they pack themselves into churches and mosques with empty skulls, asking only for
    divine intervention. Those are not the traits of human beings. A constitutional
    system of government based on a wrong assumption that Nigerians are human
    beings with human rights and possessed of average intelligence of human beings
    is bound to collapse in utter ruin under a rubble of darkness, as currently
    happening under the illiterate government of Buhari and Osinbajo.

    • Olaola

      First, calling Osinbanjo and Buhari illiterates only show your level of ignorance and dumbness. You need to look up the meaning of illiterate next time before using it. Secondly, we had a so called “phd” holder and well know how that ended up…..a catastrophic disaster that will affect this country for years to come. Crawlback in your hole and GET LOST.



        • Akin Olubambo


          I suspect that @Local Observa is from Otuoke. Hahahahaha! That’s why he’s coming here

          to boast about education. We agree that Buhari can’t be called an educated person, yes,

          but he is not a total illiterate – maybe you can say half illiterate but surely not total illiterate.


            Buhari should have no business in democratic governance, he is just a total misfit, he cannot give what he does not have. Buhari should have been in charge of prison service or military police because all he enjoys is locking his enemies up and letting his friends and associates who commit the same offences go scot-free .

          • objective

            Really? This “misfit” appears to be fixing what the “fits” have put in complete and outright disarray.


            Only in your alternative universe, go into the streets with that assertion and you may be mobbed .

        • Amir

          You have WASC and still write nonsense everyday on the internet! I’d rather my president be sensible without WASC than to be utterly bereft and empty of common sense like Port Harcourt Degree presidents! Ewu


            I prefer a president who is up to date with the world, Trump still tweets himself at his age. Buhari has no WASC and cannot even communicate well in English, he is a bad, biased, divisive, vindictive President.

          • Amir

            After all your excellent communication and labour on the internet before the elections Nigerians still rejected your Oxford English tainted with creek mentality. If you have sense you should be ashamed.


            I am not going down the route of personal attacks now.

          • Olaola

            If vindictiveness is going after those that stole from the people, then I’ll rather have a vindictive president like Buhari. At least now Nigerians themselves can see how money is stolen shared and kept in houses all over the country. If not for Buhari, all these will just be mere rumors and innuendos.
            Thank you Buhari for exposing for the first time the level of corruption in Nigeria that used to be rumors and assumptions. The next step is making sure they go to jail for a long time as a deterrent to others in the future.

          • sab

            Yet he cant retrive those being stolen by his stooges but instead he defends them for stealing.

          • Chym

            Boko Haram

        • Olaola

          It is not your accent that the world cares about, they care about your words and deeds. Your actions and intentions and the world respect Nigeria again. Nigeria is now respected in the comity of Nations unlike when the drunk creek hippo was ruling with his gang of 40 thieves.

      • Chym


  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    Nigeria would have attained appreciable level of food sufficiency if the N6.3 trillion spent on food importation from 2011 to 2014 was committed to agriculture. It is not about gloating over publication accuracy.


      It is very much about good governance and not selling lies and deceit to the public. I believe that the rudderless leadership of the oil boom days from 1970 should have diversified the economy through agriculture.

    • Amir

      My brother the government of that period is better produced as home video than to ever remember such a rural timid leadership was ever foisted on Nigeria by a gang of public funds looters and predators.


        It was the northern led regimes who institutionalized corruption in Nigeria from 1970, they made looting , bribery and nepotism the order of the day. Corruption did not start in the last 6 years of the PDP

        • Olaola

          Yeah, Jonadaft just perfected, encouraged and sanctioned stealing of public funds.

          • Riseup Nigeria

            Yet nigeria and nigerians fared better in every ramifications under the jonadaft than under this integrity deficient lying fumbling and tumbling Buhari. Buhari is recovering money in billions according to Buhari while nigeria is being completely bankrupted to the point where even tens of trillions can’t rescue her.

      • Chym

        Buhari is a failure

    • Chym

      Buhari was a failure. Do you know y I used “was” ? Cos he will not be president again

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        What you said here was just for you to be relevant on social media. Otherwise, did not deliver any factual message. I no longer react to advocates of “Buhari failure” because my Facebook activity contains a lot of replies to those critics. It would sound repetitive for me here.

        • Chym

          Let me check your facebook

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            I will help you with some few extracts later.

          • Chym


  • Jaja Majaja

    When will we get it …,that this crap is not sustainable. The idea that governance can be based on lies and deception .
    The price of rice has gone up so much that very soon Nigeria will be the most expensive place to buy rice in the world and this little man called Shehu is here dropping clangers.

  • persona

    Why is PT wasting their time on such fact checks?
    We all told the world that Garba cant be true by any stretch except he meant that Nigeria is the largest consumer of rice.
    Also, PT, refrain from calling Garba, presidency!! The minister of Agric as you indicated didn’t even make the claim, Garba also didn’t say he got the data from NBS, FAO, MoA, so why would anyone take him seriously?
    The man is just shooting blanks and that is indicative of the fact that he will be sacked soon.

  • stanejike

    Largest IMPORTER instead of largest PRODUCER….. What a world of difference between the two..? Could this be a deliberate mispresentation of facts….. or slip of the brain?
    Whichever is the case, we demand a retraction or better still, a public apology!
    Let this government bend down to work rather than fishing for data to use for propaganda and false image laundering….

  • Ifeanyi

    You meant to say:

    FACT-CHECK: Presidency LIED again; Nigeria not world’s second-largest rice producer?

  • Damilola

    It is surprising the mode PT now report this govt it helped assiduously to promote its propaganda. It seems they’re nor up in arms. Good for the masses who deserve to hear the truth. This is an outright govt of deceit, lies, propaganda and cold hearted, the premise on which they won the election

    • systematic

      look at u inset of u to go back to fame u are here confusing ur salve with something that will not ad any value to u

  • Mizch

    Alternative truth is nearest to falsehood. We should be calm as he didn’t say Nigeria is the largest producer in the world. We are getting used to ABC lies.

  • North/West Allies

    Government of lies, corruption and impunity

  • Riseup Nigeria

    This is a government suffering from severe integrity deficiency syndromes. Government of propaganda, by the liars and falsehoods peddlers, for the blind and mental dwarfs.
    If Buhari have any iota of integrity, decorum or fear of God in him, he should resign and save nigerians from further hardships and death which his hate, clannish, vindictive, tribal, ethnic, religious bigotry, and his myopic, fumbling and tumbling leadership have inflicted on nigerians. It is a big shame that at his age, Buhari is still taking the seat of power as a matter of life and death. What a shame, even when his mind, body and education cannot contribute anything positive again to that seat. Since Buhari transferred power to osibanjo and went and hid in London, nigeria nation have witnessed a sort of revival, there is now peace in the delta, the killings by fulani murderers have drastically reduced, the economy is showing serious recovery signs, the first appointment done by osibanjo reflected justice, equity and fairness to all the six geopolitical zones of nigeria, something that Buhari have shown for two years that he is incapable of doing because of his desire to inflict injustice, bias, hate, marginalization and cheating on some zones of nigeria.
    Surely if the federal government continue with the good, sincere and honorable steps of osibanjo, peace, love, unity, progress and prosperity shall surely return back to nigeria.
    May God touch Buharis heart to resign and allow nigeria to recover from the mess he put our nation.
    May God never allow nigeria to witness anything like Buharis leadership again forever.

    • Riseup Nigeria


      • emmanuel

        I have seen several obituary notices in the area where i reside in recent times. Good enough, they are from tribe of those who borrowed sai Baba as a cultural cliche to help bring Buhari in.
        Next to that is to let notices, because most people have moved to the suburbs since they can no longer pay rent.
        The millions of rice millionaires will rescue them.
        The conspiracy of silence out of shame and expectation that Buhari will die and Osibande take over, has resulted in heart attacka, cardiovascular accidents etc.
        People who bottle up their problems are very likely to die in silence

        • Chym


  • emmanuel

    Anything the APC FG says is a lie. Only naive people believe them.
    They have given light since yesterday and Osinbajo is already a performer in three weeks. But we know these things, nothing develop or grows from nothing.
    Second highest importer of rice globally turns second highest producer. The only place one can find this APC kind of leadership is Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan. Bunch of nothing people.
    How can Foreign direct Investment come when we church out lies all the time to people who know so much about us and would not want to jeopardise their investments in a place where good moring is the greeting for evening?

  • George

    Man of the year 2017: Emir Sanusi of Kano says we are in worst corruption Nigeria has ever known

    *** Buhari government t is more corrupt than Jonathan’s ——- Emir Sanusi

    *** Buhari is making his cabal billionaires through forex.” ——- Emir Sanusi

    1. “Haha, the truth is that we are in worst corruption Nigeria has ever known.”——-Emir Sanusi

    2. “From PDP fuel subsidies to APC Dollar subsidies.”——-Emir Sanusi

    3. “From PDP oil dealers to APC dollars dealers.”——-Emir Sanusi

    4. “From PDP poor screening exercise for Federal employment to APC employment of family members and members of the ethnic group without screening exercise.”——Emir Sanusi

    5. “From PDP national party of corruption to APC ethnic party of corruption.”—-Emir Sanusi

    6. “From PDP freedom of information to APC oath of secrecy.”——Emir Sanusi

    7. “From PDP freedom of movement and civil liberty to APC restrictions of right.”——-Emir Sanusi

    8. “From PDP robust INEC to APC nepotic INEC.”——-Emir Sanusi

    9.” From PDP National DSS to APC family/ethnic/ party Dss.”——Emir Sanusi

    10. “From PDP rule of law to APC Buhari body language.”——-Emir Sanusi

    11. “From PDP corrupt governor to internationally acclaimed super corrupt minister.”——-Emir Sanusi

    12. “From borrowing money to purchase nomination form to having a wife with 40 million naira hand bag, Halliburton nko?”——-Emir Sanusi

    13. “The COAS estate isnt not corruption under Buhari, meanwhile under GEJ a minister was sacked because a company he once had interest in bidded for the power he was privatizing.”——Emir Sanusi

    14.” Under PMB the EFCC boss with millions of dollars traced to his bribing scandals has gone free and unquestioned while under GEJ Stella of aviation ministry was sacked to allow free and fair investigation into a frivolous allegations against her which she was later proven innocent.”——Emir Sanusi

    15. “Between PMB and GEJ who is truly corrupt? Who has abused the people’s power entrusted into his hand? Who have raped us, killed us extrajudicially?”—–Emir Sanusi

    16.”Who has appointed his tribesmen into offices against the spirit of federal character? Is tribalism an act of corruption?”——-Emir Sanusi

    17 “Is nepotism an act of corruption? Is cronyism an act of corruption?”——Emir Sanusi

    18. “Is maginalisation an act of corruption? Is seizure of citizens right an act of corruption? Who is corrupt?”—–Emir Sanusi

    19. “APC has not been able to conduct election since Buhari took over, what is it? Coooo what? Is it cooo purity or ruption?”———Emir Sanusi

    20.”Hahaha. Ondo APC primary witnessed bags of money under the leadership of saint Buhari…. It is change.”——-Emir Sanusi.

    • Paschal Charles

      Nigerians were scammed by APC. Big lesson to Yorubas and Hausas who ganged up and brought this tyrant into power.

  • thusspokez

    Only in Nigeria, aides and advisers see themselves as equal in ranks to their bosses.

    Mr. Shehu later defended his claim on Twitter, and cited CNN as his source.

    It is also unclear whether the presidential spokesperson mistook Nigeria’s import ranking for production output.

    Ignoring Mr Shehu inability to read graphs, rather than getting the proper information from the administration that he works for, e.g., ministry of agriculture, he chose CNN — who probably got their information from sources in the Nigerian government.

    Mr. Shehu is like man who announces to the world that his wife is pregnant. Then comes the question:”how did you find out” To which the man replies: “I read it in a magazine”. Mediocrity rules Nigeria OK!

    The Polluted Fish Tank

    This tank was no substitute
    For our ancestral home,
    But was clean and satisfying,

    Then came the drought.
    And the ever lower tide
    Magnified the muddiness.

    Some goldfish found new homes,
    Others weakened or perished.
    Only the mudfish flourished
    And made it their new abode.

    by thusspokez
    dated: 25/02/2017

  • thusspokez

    Presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu

    BTW Spokesperson for which president? The Acting President or the one who is currently out of office?

  • Bettered

    What is this nonsense with fact check.The US media that popularise it need it more than we do because of the grave political issues that threaten their national peace at this time. They don’t need histrlory skewed so that they can avoid making costly mistakes. Please stop this infantile copy cat and discuss more important issues relevant to the Nigerian political and economic growth. Did he say the price of rice has come down? Im disappointed by the quality of journalism being displayed with this piece.

    • thusspokez

      You are not even addressing the issue. Gosh! The nonsense that I read from some you Nigerians depresses me. A lot of you Nigerians write rubbish! Non Nigerians who read your comments must wonder whether you are a nation of móróns.

  • abu saleh

    PT you can be so petty…. im sure there are better news that will significantly affect the lives of people, that you neglect to work on,,,, instead, you are focused on this husband and wife beef with the FG, you are on your own o!

    • Shehu Monguno

      Nothing wrong with PT report. Garba Shehu should apologize for misinforming Nigerians thou I believe it was a honest mistake