How gunmen killed brave Kaduna locals who tried rescuing abducted Germans

Kaduna state on map of Nigeria

Locals in Kaduna staged a formidable attempt to rescue two German nationals abducted on Wednesday, but their efforts ended on a deadly note as two residents were shot dead, witnesses have told PREMIUM TIMES.

Peter Breunig, a professor of archaeology, and his colleague, Johannes Buringer, were seized while excavating a site in Jenjela village of Kagargo Local Government Area.

Their kidnappers shot and killed two men who made efforts to foil the abduction.

Usman Kagarko, a witness who joined many others in going after the assailants, said their effort ended when the kidnappers turned back and opened fire.

“We had to scamper for our safety when they opened fire, shooting sporadically at us, killing two local hunters who were in our lead as we chased them on our motorcycles and on foot,” ,” he told PREMIUM TIMES. “If only we are armed or in company of armed security, we would have stopped them because they are on foot.”

He gave the names of the two victims as Anas Ibrahim and Adamu Abdulrahim.

He said many locals were familiar with the Germans who for many years frequently travelled from Abuja to Kaduna for their work.

“So we felt personally concerned that this very friendly foreigners are innocently abducted by criminals under our nose,” he said.

The incident occurred after police deployed special units to Southern Kaduna to prevent the incessant violence there.

The Commissioner of Police in Kaduna State, Aghole Abeh, said the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, also ordered the police air wing to commence aerial surveillance of the area.

Mr. Breunig is the leader of a team from the University of Frankfurt, Germany, working in Nigeria in collaboration ‎with the National Commission for Museum and Monuments and other institutions on the relics of Nok culture in Nigeria.

Kagarko palace sources said two other German women who are members of the team were spared by the gunmen.

They were later escorted by security back to Abuja after a brief meeting with Emir of Kagarko.

Another witness, Sani Aliyu, from Jenjela village, who was part of the team working in collaboration with Germans, said the incident happened after they resumed work at the site at the village.

He said they had started working when five gunmen appeared from the bush and ordered them to lie down.

“They started coming one after the other, the first two with machetes then others with heavy guns,” Mr. Aliyu said.

“There were many people at the site who were working so they ordered us to lie facing down and shot into the air in order to scare us‎.

“It was at that point that they asked the professor and his associate to follow them and they led them to the other side of the road; made them cross the road to the other side from where we were and began to lead them further into the bush,” he said.

Mr. Aliyu said at that point they were able to get up and witness what was going on.

He said a member of the team, a hunter, whose phone had been snatched by the kidnappers, asked others to go after the attackers.

“But only one of us followed him and the two men crossed the road chasing after the kidnappers,” he said. “When they realised that the two men and many other locals joined in their pursuit, they turned and opened fire killing the hunter and the other man.”

Kaduna police spokesperson, Aliyu Usman, told PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday said special operatives had been deployed to rescue them.

“So far, there has been no ransom demand or contact from the abductors,” Mr Usman, an assistant superintendent of police, said. “Unfortunately the victims did not go to site with the policemen attached to them for security,” he added.


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  • Local Observers

    Premium Times Editor,

    There are
    too many mad Muslims in Northern Nigeria. President Donald Trump has promised
    to bomb the hell out of any and all mad Muslims in the world. Northern Nigeria
    may be where the bombing of mad Muslims will start.

    • otunga

      I blame PT for posting this outrageously stupendous and idiotic comment, the time has truly come to regulate social media in Nigeria. PT; as usual do what you do best..we know who you are

  • Impulse400

    I LOVE KADUNA SOUTH PEOPLE. They have a very accommodating, childlike spirit. It is unfortunate the ordeal they endure over the years, in the hands of “visitors and ethnic colonialists.”

    • Jika

      The two people who were killed in their effort to rescue the kidnapped professor were- Anas Ibrahim and Adamu Abdulrahim(they were both Hausa/Fulani Muslims).These guys belonged to the same people you claim are ‘visitors and ethnic colionialists’.Your post speak to your level of ignorance of the history,culture and demography of southern Kaduna.

      • Adele Uhuru

        nonsense, the fact remains the same the Fulani/Hausa are blood thirsty and currently are kidnapping for monetary gain and tomorrow you will espouse these moronic glut of how Islam is a religion of love??????

        • Jika

          Yeah the same ‘Muslims’that dropped a nuclear weapon on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,the same ‘Muslims’ that killed over 800,000 Tutsis in Rwanda,the same ‘Muslims’ that killed over 6000 in Sebrenecia of Bosnia,the same ‘Muslims’ that exterminated over 6Million Jews,the same ‘Muslims’ that have been waging a war in Uganda under the banner of the Lord’s resistance army,the same ‘Muslims ‘ that are recently involved in border dispute between cross rivers and Akwa Ibom states that left many dead,the same ‘Muslims ‘ that are involved in daily kidnappings and be headings in Rivers state,the same ‘Muslims ‘that are involved in the kidnappings and Bank robberies in the south East etc.Give me a break!!!!

          • Adele Uhuru

            You are all over- there are no correlation to these criminal actions that the world have labeled as criminal act (except those committed as act of warfare between 2 warring states)- more-so this servers to reinforce the need to legally prosecute these criminal acts of Muslim Fulani/Hausa

          • Jika

            The point is that those who perpetrated the acts I have mentioned are certainly not adherents of Islamic faith.Yet the crimes they have committed and in some cases continuing to commit are no less violent.If their religion is a religion of peace as opposed to the ‘violent islamic’ religion,how come they committed these horrendous and,in some instances unprecedented mass murder?The fact is that crime and criminality is not an exclusive preserve of any religion or tribe just like peaceful and harmonious co-existance.But then,I guess religious and ethnic bigots may not understand that.

          • Adele Uhuru

            Muddy the water up is always best than dealing with the truth…Point is your fate clearly advocates for and to terrorist carnage as a mean to an end- a holy war, these crazed western tyrants you emphasized are just that – there are no association of their progression to the Christian fate as core value- preached on by renowned Christian ordained Ministers/Priest . Let’s take our home country -Nigeria as a poignant example – for ages now there have always been an Islamic advocated need for murder period mostly once its meted on none Muslims- you know this, the entire Nigeria populace knows this to be a fact. You progression, creating a parallel to these illegal / criminal/ terrorist Murderous progression of this religion of “peace” is basically an illusion based on dredge up conjecture to buttress your skewed perspectives. My final comment

          • Jika

            All these lengthy and empty stories can’t vitiate the following facts;
            (1) Hundreds of thousands were slaughtered by the crusaders in the name of Christianity specifically in Spain(You may wish to research and confirm this fact )
            (2) The people that dropped the Nuclear Bomb in Nagasaki and Hiroshima were Christians who swore to an oath using the Bible.
            (3) The Barbarians of Serbia who murdered thousands of Muslims in Bosnia were self professed Christians.
            (4) Joseph Koney of the Lord’s resistance Army is a self professed Christian clergy who has been Murdering people in the name of waging a war to cleanse the populace of Uganda for their non adherence to his own version of Christianity.
            (5) A reverend King here in Nigeria is on a death row for burning some one alive in his church while claiming to be carrying out a ‘divine’ instruction.
            (6) The last time I checked,Adolf Hitler who exterminated over six(6) Million Jews was driven partly by his own version of Christianity.
            (7) The missionaries that brought Christianity to Africa,killed,maimed,sold Africans and stole their resources.etc etc.
            (8) Only recently,one so called apostle Suleiman called on his congregation to kill other people on the account of their tribe/faith.He did that from a pulpit in his church etc etc.
            The fact of the matter is that,you are not only a bigot,but also an irredeemably ignorant student of History.

      • Impulse400

        To! I won’t stop you from burying the dead, but allow me voice my concern for the living.

        I LOVE SOUTHERN KADUNA PEOPLE. Must visitors oppress them on their native land…?


      Why not say the hardship the Natives in Southern Kaduna endured in the hands of the Fulani Bandits—Fellow country man—-what are u scared of——-the spirit of Bingo Buhari abi? The people of Southern Kaduna foolishly sold their souls to the Fulanis from Cameroon Mountains and Niger Republic Replic in 1915—- the same way the Ijaws via Dickson yearn to sell their land to the Fulanis- in Bayelsa–state—-Sadly the Yorubas who imposed Bingo Buhari on us are still interested in having another Fulani—head PDP via Makafi and aso rock——through Atiku———Separation is the answer————–For freedom is our goal-

  • Moses.O.

    What is Nigeria turning into for God sake?There seems to be no remedy to this menace.


    The Fulani have become the most dangerous group to associate with in Nigeria from killer herdsmen to cattle rustlers, from kidnappers to violent jihadists, those of them in politics permit extra-judicial executions of unarmed protesters etc.

  • George

    Buhari is evil.

    It was 20 months the first time and it is 20 months the second. One must pause here and ponder on the circumstances. Is there not more to this than meets the eye? Are there any lessons to be drawn from all this? Is God not trying to tell him and indeed all of us something? Is this not the finger of God? Does the killing, locking up, humiliation and persecution of innocent souls and the sadistic destruction of the lives and families of others not come with a heavy price?

  • Garafini

    When ever ijaw militants killed nobody called on GEJ. Why calling PMB? Did he ordered the killings? Southern Nigerians and their hypocrisy.

  • Otile

    If this news had anything do do with SE SS you would have seen over 312 comments from Oduafraudians. Awon omo Oduafraudians nibo l ‘nlo?