Shettima disowns Borno Deputy Speaker, says it’s moral insanity to discuss Buhari’s successor

Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima

Discussing succession at a time President Muhammadu Buhari is attending to his health is nothing less than insanity, Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno has said.

The governor was reacting to a call by the Deputy Speaker of the Borno State House of Assembly, Danlami Kubo, that Mr. Shettima succeed Mr. Buhari as president.

The governor, who is currently in Oslo, Norway, for a humanitarian conference on Nigeria and Lake Chad, spoke through his spokesperson, Isa Gusau.

Mr. Shettima said he was angered by the lawmaker’s comment and it doesn’t represent his views in anyway.

“He came (to Norway) so that donors do not get a wrong signal that would show the Borno State Government being less committed to those making donations to support citizens of the State,” Mr. Gusau said.

“I received a Google alert of the story credited to a lawmaker in Borno State over issue of succession. Governor Kashim Shettima was deeply angered by that report and he has tried reaching the lawmaker to clarify if he granted that interview or he was misrepresented. In the meantime, Governor Shettima feels it would amount to moral insanity for any Nigerian to be discussing issues of succession at a time a very popular, highly experienced and capable sitting president is managing his health.”

In the message sent to PREMIUM TIMES, Mr. Gusau then quoted the governor condemning the call.

“We have a sitting President, a popular one that we are all proud of for working more than anyone would have done in fighting the Boko Haram insurgency which is our number one problem in our state, the north-east and the Northern region,” Mr. Shettima said.

“How can anyone in his right thinking be talking about succession when a cherished President is dealing with his health? It would amount to moral insanity for anyone to be discussing succession of President Buhari at this time. What has gone wrong with our moral values? Has politics taken over our sanity? What is most precious to me is to have Boko Haram brought to an end and I don’t think anyone would have done better than what President Buhari is doing for us. This call does not represent the slightest of my thoughts.”

The Borno governor said he believed that from Nigeria’s democratic history, people who emerged president were those invited to vie for the position.

“… only a mad man blindly aspires to be Nigeria’s President if history is anything to go by. From 1979 to date, nobody with aspiration for the presidency has achieved it.

“President Shagari was invited to contest without aspiration in 1979; President Obasanjo was invited to contest without aspiration in 1999; President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua was invited to contest without aspiration in 2007; President Jonathan who eventually succeeded Yar’Adua, was also invited to become Vice President without aspiration. Even President Buhari with his electrifying popularity didn’t win the presidency in his 2003, 2007 and 2011 aspirations until in 2015 when he was invited to contest.

“This is the complexity of Nigeria’s politics and any person with the slightest wisdom must learn from history and face his business of the day.”

The Borno Governor indicated his willingness to support the re-election of Mr. Buhari as president in 2019.

“Insha Allah, President Buhari will be fine and will be popularly re-elected to positively change Nigeria forever,” he said.

He added that his “greatest wish is that the person succeeding me as the next governor of Borno State doesn’t inherit the Boko Haram crisis like I inherited the crisis in 2011 and my other wish is that Borno is rebuilt before whoever is taking over from me at Allah’s appointed time.”

“I am not the ungrateful and not the blindly ambitious type and I thank Allah for his grace and pray that I succeed in positively reversing the Borno story,” he said.


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  • Aminu Baba

    There is a good man who knows how to churn out the right words. Buhari, Buhari and Buhari is the only person the Nigerians masses want to hear on lips of Politicians when it comes to 2019. In fact people like me have even gone beyond that level. We are exploring the ways and means to a third term presidency for our hero

    • Mosley

      What about fifth term or even a life presidency?

      • Patriotism

        Yes by God grace

  • Sam

    Good response.

  • OK.

  • Mosley

    Day dreamers and charlatans.

  • Teflonjones

    Osinbajo should be careful in these times. These bastards are as desperate as can be.

    • Otile

      I know what you are talking about, you mean they will try to serve him tea. Oluwa ma je, they will not get him. Whosoever marabou they will send to do their nefarious work will not succeed, God is greater than man. Igbo people have a saying that Chi ka dibia.

      • Patriotism

        Nonsense!!!! Biafraud animal of the Zoo. Even animals reason better than you in this regards.

        • Otile

          Yeah, hear their animal reasoning: Mun gode Allah, our healthy imam went to England on vacation, he is hale and hearty, pray for him to
          recover, he is healthy, not in any hospital. He is about to come back,
          he will stay indefinitely, not in any hurry to come back. He wants to
          come back like yesterday, test says he must stay longer, he is not sick, pray for
          his recovery. What kind of reasoning is this, dummy?

    • Patriotism

      Who are the bastards? You are insane, is God that give power and life. Afterall, norherners trust Osinbajo can equally perform the APC agenda. You think like biafraud animals of the zoo.

      • Teflonjones

        You are the insane bastard. You filthy piece of shit. Dirty animal.

  • Otile

    For all practical purposes mallam Danlami Kubo has good foresight. He knows that Imam Buhari now has one foot in the grave; there is no need to wait till the last minute for the scramble for Imam’s succession. With the crisis in the core North the scramble will be chaotic and bloody. Besides, mallam Kubo knows that we in the South will fight tooth and nail to get our man Osibande to succeed his boss. Whatever happens, victory is on our side, the North will not cheat us out of Imam’s succession, insha Allahu.

    • Patriotism

      Biafraud animal of the zoo

      • Otile

        Name calling and insolence will not help you this time around, apply commonsense. Ka ji ko?

    • Sir Demo

      Is Osinbajo a Biafran! Is markafi a biafran abi what is this attachee by force you do with people who u claimed loathe you sef?

      Attachee Saraki, attachee Dasuki, FFK, Fayose, attachee Jimi Chukwu Agbaje, attachee markafi, even attachee sheriff at one point in time sef. Now attachee Osinbajo.
      Dem swear for u?

      • Otile

        To answer your question, Osibande is not a Biafran, he is from Oduduwa Republic. What is your point?

    • Mufu Ola

      Yorubas don’t need your crude partnership. Drop that “we south” & continue with your hateful venoms. We’ll see where it will take u & other hate mongers alias Biafrans.

      • Otile

        You are an ingrate, without SS and Biafra the Fulanis will overrun Odualand in one evening and carry your women into slavery. SS and SE are your bulwark southward. Try and go it alone and see you whether you will not perish in one evening. Odale

  • zygote

    “In the meantime, Governor Shettima feels it would amount to moral insanity for any Nigerian to be discussing issues of succession at a time a very popular, highly experienced and capable sitting president is managing his health.”

    CAPABLE from London! mmmmm are you sure???

  • George

    Morally Insanity for discussing who will replace a half dead president, waoooo this governor is assss licker.

    Full meaning of HAUSA:House Animals Using Seat of Authority

  • George

    The Northerners never see anything yet they think they are strong and powerful but God Almighty will continue to be frustrating their efforts year in year out.

    IBB spent 8yrs and with their magomago he gave power to Shonikon unprepared Yoruba man instead of the rightful owner MKO and ABACHA quickly took over and dies there, another backward Mallam in person of Abubakar came and ran away on time for mumu OBJ he spent 8yrs by then all the Northerners were crying our turn our turn they took it in person of Musa Yuadual and he dies there, Goodluck Ebele Tunde Musa Jonathan took over after 6yrs all the Northerners says our turn our turn this man called forger bingo buhari came in behold with two yrs he is in coma in foreign land of his slave master.

    God will continue to be rewarding the Northerners with deaths until they repent from their Baboons and Monkeys bloods sharing