Governor Shettima should succeed Buhari as Nigeria’s President – Lawmaker

President Muhammadu Buhari and Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima

The Deputy Speaker of Borno House of Assembly, Danlami Kubo, said on Tuesday that his state governor, Kashim Shettima, should be the next man to rule Nigeria at the end of President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure.

The lawmaker said moves were being made to see that the candidacy of Mr. Shettima is accepted when the time comes for the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, to get President Buhari’s successor.

He was not specific on whether his wish for Mr. Shettima to succeed Buhari would be in 2019 or beyond. The Borno governor has also not declared any intention to run for president, while Mr. Buhari has not declared if he would seek a second term or not.

Mr. Kubo, who has represented Shani constituency of Borno in the State House of Assembly since 2007, heads the assembly’s Women Affairs committee.

He made this declaration during the flag-off of a three day entrepreneurial training for 10,000 selected widows and displaced women, which was organised by the federal government.

The lawmaker told the crowd that Borno State has continued to enjoy much patronage from the federal government because of the “good leadership qualities” of Mr. Shettima.

“We are more than serious about this project”, he said. “Our governor has been very exemplary in his stewardship especially of a state that is faced with the daunting challenges of insurgency.”

“It is only few people that could remain calm and focused as chief executive of a state at a time when more than half of his state was being taken over by Boko Haram, millions of people displaced, thousands killed and properties worth billions of naira destroyed. And these are happening all through his tenure.

“And that did not make him shy away from his primary responsibility as well as other national responsibilities”.

The lawmaker said Mr. Shettima’s emergence as chairman of the 19 northern governors’ forum was an icing on his cake of eligibility to succeed President Buhari.

“Even as the chairman of the northern governors’ forum, His Excellency Governor Shettima has continued to shine as a true leader. Since he became the chairman of the NGF, the forum has been more organised and transformed. And this means that if he is given the opportunity to lead this country, he would do so effectively. Besides, from his achievements in Borno state speaks volume. He has never for once abdicated his roles even for once.

He said if given the chance to lead Nigeria, Mr. Shettima would not discriminate against anyone.

“Kashim Shettima has no kind of negative biases at all. He is a man that can unite this country and take it beyond the heights that out able President Buhari is taking us to now.

“He has shown us in Borno state that both Christians and Muslims are one; and he does that during all the festive seasons by visiting the Muslims and even the Christians in southern Borno during the Christmas time. That is the kind of leader we want to succeed our father, President Buhari.”

The Borno legislator also wanted more women involved in the state’s politics. He said as the chairman of the House committee on women affairs, he has been mobilising his colleagues and party leaders across the state to allow more women emerge as council chairmen in the coming council elections in the state.

“Honestly, the population of women in Borno State is more than that of the men”, he said. “Even the ratio of women that turn out to cast votes in most elections are higher than that of the men.

“As a matter of fact, 75 per cent of voters, especially in the rural areas are women.”

The lawmaker said despite women’s population, it was unfair there was no female council chairman or lawmaker in the state.

“I have been doing it on personal level and now I am involving my other 27 colleagues in the state house of assembly, and they have all agreed to join me in this campaign. That is the only way we could better empower our women folks,” he said.


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  • Paul

    This is nauseatingly. Irritating and repugnant. Nigeria is finished! Just imagine the suggestion? and to add salt to injury the person the so called Lawmaker has suggested is laughable by any standards. Truly colonialism placed a curse on Africa and this will forever remain the bane of development. The countries we have in Africa and not countries but simply business empires wet up by the colonialists. How can a Shettima be muted for Presidency of Nigeria in these times when we need brains, smart and intelligent people? Were Nigeria a country this Lawmaker would lose his seat for such an irritating suggestion.

    • CeeCee1818

      They’re already plotting who should the successor be, how about what or who the people of Nigeria want?

      • FuzzyLogic

        And in that plot the current vice president is treated like a persona non grata.

        • Gurest

          Get lost with your intentional prejudice, logical people are ignoring you…get a clue.

    • JJ

      Bro, Nigeria is sure not a country. Period.

  • abdul dull daura

    Bokoharam king


    As if Nigeria is an Islamic Caliphate without a constitution. Some northerners have no knowledge of democracy.

    • FuzzyLogic

      Good morning.

    • AryLoyds

      Nigeriastan 🙂

  • shiola

    For this to be going on means one thing; Buhari may not last upto 6 months.. i wish him all the best.


    This is pathetic!
    Yoruba, Yoruba, Yoruba! How many times did I call your name?

  • George

    The man is dead.

    Osinbajo will eat poison soon or dies by car accident or plane chrase anyone is good for him and the rest Yorubas.


    WHY NOT ……… after all …. Governor Shetimma successfully organized the so called “Chibok Girls” kidnap !

  • Freedom Bini

    We did not need any further oracle to tell us what is going to happen in few moments. Buhari knew about his health condition before depriving other young and well meaningful northerners including Rabiu Kwankwaso to rule this Country.

  • FuzzyLogic

    The North believes that Umaru Yar’dua, who was gravely sick was deliberately chosen for the North by one Yoruba man called Obasanjo. And that that history is appears to be repeating itself all over again that another Yoruba man Tinubu, chose another gravely Northerner to be president. It is worse this time since a Yoruba man may be the ultimate inheritor of the all-important presidential power that rightly belongs to them. They are not going to put up with it. It is time for the North to make the selection by themselves. Constitution be damned.

  • absam777

    Another very sick Legisloter from the North talking arrant nonsense. Who said presidency is you guy’s birth right ?

  • emmanuel

    …my people, I know you all are carried away by the headline BUT something else is what I have been examining. Have you people looked properly at Imam OLODO’s left hand? So that hand has been paraaaaaalyzed for many months before the London trip. Do u see what I see?

  • thusspokez

    The Deputy Speaker of Borno House of Assembly, Danlami Kubo, said on Tuesday that his state governor, Kashim Shettima, should be the next man to rule Nigeria at the end of President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure.

    Danlami Kubo is a first-class mumu. Why? His does a disservice to the mediocre governor of the backward Borno state by raising the latter’s profile too soon.

    Even if Shettima has no chance, Danlami’s comment will now expose the governor to political enemies within and outside the APC, and ‘friends’ of other potential APC presidential candidates. They will all be waiting in with wings with sharpened knives and dare Shettima to make a move.

  • thusspokez

    The lawmaker said Mr. Shettima’s emergence as chairman of the 19 northern governors’ forum was an icing on his cake of eligibility to succeed President Buhari.

    So chairman of the 19 northern governors is all Kashim Shettima has going for him?

    If this is what is required to RULE Nigeria, in my mind’s eye, I could see the other 18 northern governors massaging their chin, pondering and saying: “If so, then me too; I want to be the Chairman-o, so that I can RULE Nigeria-o!

    • You are the one with problem

      I am convinced that it it you whi has serious problems and not Mallam Bako who made the suggestion. Just in case you have forgotten, Malam Bako and Shettima from Bornu have to score only 2 Marks to get admission into Unity Secondary schools while you from Oyo state have to score 234 Marks. If you are unlucky to come from Anambra or Rivers state you will have to score 237. And one of your Oluwole Professor said this policy is ok and nothing wrong with it at all. So I ask you, do you really expect Bako and people from his region to think like you or reason like you with the same level of IQ?

      • thusspokez

        On Nigerian websites, I often struggle to make sense of some responses to my comments. This is one example, which makes no sense to me even after reading it twice. I have no idea what you are on about.

      • Sword of Damocles

        I am at work howling with laughter like a hyena, and they dey think sey I craze. My brother you are consumed by hatred, and it is pouring forth through me computer, hence my uncontrollable laughter. I will pray for you, no worry. hahahaha!. Now if you are consumed with hatred for Nigeria’s treacherous ruling elites that would be another matter, but it appears your hatred is STRICTLY geographical in nature. such a pity.

  • evidence

    They’re testing the waters.
    They might as well turn Nigeria to an Oligarchy.
    The Southerners and Middle Belters have all both sold their birthright to Fulanis.

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t


  • Okokondem

    “The lawmaker said moves were being made to see that the candidacy of Mr. Shettima is accepted when the time comes for the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, to get President Buhari’s successor.”

    Danlami Kubo’s recommendation of Shetma as successor to Buhari was intentionally vague. Unless I’m wrong and please feel free to correct me, I am not aware of leadership rotation in the APC party, similar to what PDP had, is there?

    Also, has Buhari declared or hinted whether he would seek reelection after his first term, anyone?

    This is my understanding of the implications of Alhaji Kubo’s statement since he has left us guessing. He is hinting a constitutional crisis should Buhari fail to stay alive till the end of his current term by recommending Shetma rather than the VP as the successor. Does anyone else read the same meaning into Kubo’s intentions?

    • Teflonjones

      You have to be a demonic bat to be aware of clandestine operations in the APC. Anything short of that, you’ll keep getting information from premium times.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    The sponsors of Boko haram are revealing themselves by the day.

  • When suggestions for a president’s successor come as vague as Danlami Kubo’s especially at a time when there are speculations over the president’s health and his capability to lead our country, then one can’t help but wonder what is really happening.

  • okpada

    Brukutu talk!!!!.

  • Symphonic_chords

    Sheriff is destroying PDP, now Shettima is layinh siege on APC. Book Haram chieftains are holding both party hostage and seeking by all means necessary to become president of Nigeria. Islamization o Nigeria is in full swing and this madness must be stopped one way or another.

  • Otile

    What is Imam Buhari still doing in England? Let him come back or resign, this stupidity has got to stop. He went to England on vacation, he is hale and hearty, pray for him to recover, he is healthy, not in any hospital. He is about to come back, he will stay indefinitely, not in any hurry to come back. He wants to come back but test says he must stay longer, he is not seek, pray for his recovery.

    What kind of imbeciles do Buhari and his presidency think Nigerians are? This is disgusting.

    • Yankeeboy007

      Banana Republic run by clowns.

    • Senator D

      Have you not received a call yet from Bubu? Waow! He was so hale, hearty, and chatty when he called my security man this morning… He asked how much Tuwo shinkafa is now and he misses it… Hahahahahahahahahaaa

  • LionHeart

    To be fair on all the major tribes in Nigeria, I think a competent Igbo man should succeed Buhari in 2019. I am not saying this because I come from an Ibo speaking tribe. Obasanjo was President for 2 tenure and he is a Yoruba man, Yar’Adua was from the North, Jonathan is Ijaw, Buhari from the North. The only way the Igbos can feel not left out or marginalised in Nigeria is if someone from that region succeeds Buhari.

    Anyone who disagrees with me on this is not committed to a ONE NIGERIA.

    • Mufu Ola

      Why do you split South (Yoruba,Ijaw) & leave North as one? The North has over 800 tribes of which Kanuri (Shettima is Kanuri) is a major tribe also.

  • abimbola

    We need those who can rebuild this country not the imbeciles who only wants power to oppress and brag with. Nigeria is Gods own country,

  • Senator D

    Is this a sly hint of the plot to remove Osinbajo as his principal (Buhari) is incapacitated to function? The meeting of the Northern Governors has finally come to fruition…Okay no wahala…

  • Ihekaibeya Daniel

    The British Government, the Nigerian Government, the Nigerian king makers, all humans and tribes against the Biafrans are blind
    They all await the last plague from THE LORD OF HOST THE ANCIENT OF DAYS
    It has started again and the enemies of the Igbos will not learn their lesson
    Buhari another Yaradua
    And the Igbos are moving on ……NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER
    ‘And he took up his parable, and said, Balak the king of Moab hath brought me from Aram, out of the mountains of the east, saying, come, curse me Jacob, and come, defy Israel.
    How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? or how shall I defy, whom the Lord hath not defied?
    For from the top of the rocks I see him, and from the hills I behold him: lo, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nation Nigeria’.