Buhari’s lawyer speaks: Why I gave Justice Ademola N500,000

President Muhammadu Buhari during the Campaign prior to the 2015 Presidential election

A counsel to President Muhammadu Buhari has absolved the president of any role in money the lawyer gave to a judge accused of corruption.

A witness stated in court on Tuesday that the State Security Service, SSS, was told that Kola Awodein, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, gave Justice Adeniyi Ademola N500,000 in 2015.

The witness, Babatunde Adepoju, an operative of the SSS, said the information was provided to the agency by Joe Agi, another senior lawyer charged alongside Mr. Ademola for corruption.

Mr. Adepoju said the SSS did not investigate the claim and that he did not believe the money was a bribe.

On  Wednesday, Mr. Awodein confirmed that he did give the judge the money, but as a gift to a friend holding a ceremony.

“It is a fact that the sum of money mentioned was personally paid by me as a friend to Mr. Justice Ademola as a personal gift, as our custom well recognizes and demands, on the occasion of his daughter’s High Society wedding solemnized at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos, on the 9th of May 2015, which I attended in person,” Mr. Awodein said in a message distributed by presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina.

The lawyer added that he was “fully convinced then, as I remain today, that I could do no less as a friend of longstanding to fairly reasonably support him on that memorable occasion of his daughter’s wedding.

“Anyone and everyone who knows me would readily and unquestionably testify that I am and have always been a man of impeccable integrity on and off the Courts and that such a record speaks always loudly for itself.”

After PREMIUM TIMES reported the monetary gift from the president’s counsel at a time Mr. Buhari’s certificate controversy was before Mr. Ademola’s court, some Nigerian’s raised highbrows alleging the president may have been in the know.

“The allegations of the so called gift has to be investigated, as such allegations applies to Ricky tarfa. It would be surprising to find out that Buhari actually conceded to ‘gift’ the judge as these lawyers tend to do such for favours from judges and then surcharge their clients without their clients knowing what happened. The lawyer representing Buhari at the time should be questioned,” a commenter, Kayode Olufade, said in a  reaction to the story.

Mr. Awodein, however, absolved President Buhari of any role in the “gift”.

“I would conclude by stating categorically and without any equivocation that  ANY link whatsoever with Mr. President, or any court case or cases, of my personal gift from my personal resources delivered to Justice  Niyi Ademola by myself on that occasion or any suggestion whatsoever that it was anything but such a gift or that it ever came from Mr. President or at his instance or that I was acting, under any circumstances, on his behalf is most malicious, utterly ridiculous and in very very poor and revolting taste and most undeserving of any further comments,” he said.

Presidential spokesperson Adesina, in the short statement preceding Mr. Awodein’s also absolved Mr. Buhari of any role.

“Nigerians know that President Buhari challenged the elections of 2003, 2007, and 2011, up to the Supreme Court, and not once was he named as trying to compromise any Judge, though some of them were his schoolmates, or contemporary, at one time or the other.

“It is in keeping with the President’s time-tested reputation as a man of truth and integrity. Any attempt to sully that reputation is bound to fail, inexorably,” Mr. Adesina said.

The gift by the president’s counsel was brought to the fore in a bid by Mr. Agi’s lawyer to prove his client’s donations to the judge were not bribes to manipulate judicial process.

Mr. Agi is accused of giving cash and material gifts to Mr. Ademola at a time he had cases in the judge’s court in order to influence the judgements.

Mr. Ademola, his wife, Olubowale, and Mr. Agi are being prosecuted for their alleged roles in the scandal. All of them have denied any wrongdoing.


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  • Factsay

    Now you are giving excuses. If another person did same thing you will accuse him of corruption. Lawyer has 500000 thousand as a gift to a judge and you tell me is not a bribe?

    Buhari is as corrupt as others. He has no certificate

    • AryLoyds

      That is why he is taking extra time in the UK , he is preparing for the coming GCSE and A levels.

  • Otunba 1

    If Buhari would stain his reputation, it would be on serious matters. Not on frivolous matters of primary/secondary school certificate which poses no threat to his presidency. If Trump won US presidency without declaring his tax returns, and James Ibori is being prepared to run for president, why would anybody spend N1 for a non-issue!

    • Factsay

      Ur comparison shows how damaged we are. Is showing tax return a legal requirementioned for contesting election?
      Buhari certificate issue is a legal requirement and he lied under oath too

      • Otunba 1

        Be sincere to yourself, has our (African) democracy developed to such a ‘detailed’ level?

        • Factsay

          So, u want things to remain the way it is but same you will point fingers on others. If you don’t want truth to apply to everyone then stop your hypocritical corruption fighting because it is more dangerous to our national growth and development

          • Gary

            He’s one of Lai’s E-rats coming to the defense of their paymaster. Expect the others to flood the thread to earn their stipends as operatives of the Buhari Media Center. That is what they do for a living; they are on Social Media for propaganda not to advance public policy or enrich discourse. So they are best ignored.


      Ibori is 100% more virtuous than Buhari.

  • Sarah

    Mr Lawyer, you should have known that in the situation where you had a case in front of a Judge, to give that same Judge any gift of any amount for whatever purpose would induce the Judge to view your pleas more favorably.
    Secondly you owed it a duty, as legal counsel, to have informed your client of all decisions you were taking that might impact on his case. If you did not think this ‘..gifting..’ decision was significant enough, then you have demonstrated poor judgement and frankly speaking you bribed the Judge.
    Your client cannot be left off the hook on this one.

    • Factsay

      Thank you

    • Otunba 1

      The onus lies only on “Mr Lawyer” to proof that any third party’s (Buhari’s) involvement. It is not just a conjecture or figment of one’s imagination. It must be beyond all reasonable doubts – that the law!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        True, Bruv.

        But there was a clear conflict of interest here.

        No one needs to tell Mr. Buhari’s lawyer.

    • Höly Wähala

      Brilliantly put… don’t mind the crook, he is trying to hide behind culture and tradition, oloshi.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Raw case of conflict of interest.

      Even if there was a personal element to the gift, he should have immediately stepped away from handling the defence before the same judge.

  • sab

    Why should it be the Presidential spokesman issuing or distributing such a defensive release? Does it mean the lawyer, a SAN for that matter, does not know or have the capacity to distribute press release? Come to 5hink of it, were it to be another person linked to this bribery thing, would Adesina admit it was a personal gift for a judge handling a case against you? This brings to mind the defence put up by the presidency when PMB was linked to cars (SUV) given to him by past administration when he was attacked. Despite claims then it was from the office of the NSA, Adesina and presidency stood stoically that it was PMB’s right and previlege and so was not in a position to know where the money came from. Yet he would not hold such position if it was another person. So sad!

    • Otunba 1

      Sometimes, bias beclouds one’s judgement. Was the SUV (say, from ONSA) meant to achieve what? To dissuade Buhari from contesting with GEJ or to join PDP? Where is the logic here.

      • ibsoken

        Whatever the reason why didn’t he reject?

        • Sadiq Garba

          It’s an entitlement.
          Was it offered to to former Senate Presidents,IGs, COASs or CDSs?

          • ibsoken

            Not, is not an entitlement.

  • Gary

    We are now at the confluence of culture and conflict of interest. When does a “gift” become a bribe or an attempt at influence-peddling? And should we adopt the American Emoluments Law which bars public officials from receiving any gifts whilst in service?

    We cannot accept that a lawyer/friend who has or is likely to come before this or any judge should be giving him gifts, no matter the intent or event. If it is okay in this instance, then it is equally acceptable for Patience Jonathan to claim the fruits of influence-peddling as “gifts” as she currently insists over her million-dollar accounts frozen by the EFCC.

    Afterall, it is easy to pass on “gifts” to spouses and family members of public officials to solicit contracts, judgements or any such favors in the discharge of their official functions.

    Buhari may not have known nor instigated this gift-giving by his lawyer but it nevertheless now casts a cloud over his image and confirms the positions of cynics that he is not what his PR machine touts him to be. He hired this lawyer who is a friend of the judge handling his pivotal Certificate case.
    The said judge is now in the dock for corrupt practices on other charges by the agencies of the Buhari government who admit in court that they knew but chose not to pursue the angle of the gift to Justice Ademola by Mr. Buhari’s lawyer.
    The same agencies have however charged another lawyer Ricky Tarfa for doing exactly the same thing of giving gifts to judges. And they are accusing Patience Jonathan in court of having used her position as a First Lady to corruptly amass minors that should be forfeited to the state.

    So the Duck rule must apply in all these cases: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then IT IS A DUCK.
    Or as our people say, don’t pass off a dog as a monkey to us.

  • General Sam Bockerie

    When it is offered by Buhari it is gift but when it is offered by others it is bribe. Our holy saint Buhari is not all that clean after all……..The trial of judges is yielding interesting fruits. Allah be praised

    • AryLoyds

      Buhari is a saint , please dont go there 🙂

  • Rijawa

    I think the ethics committee of the NBA ,should clarify this matter and educate us on the legality or otherwise of such gifts. As a private citizen I feel 500k is too small as a bribe for such a high profile case considering what obtains in Nigeria. If it was indeed a bribe then the judge is too cheap. Besides, is it true that the lawyer was not the lead counsel but just a part of the team? Is it also true that they have been friends with the judge for over 30 years? If those are true, it may appear reasonable that the lawyer the lawyer will “do something” when his friend is marrying off his daughter. That is our tradition ,not law. Anyway, I no be lawyer, make lawyers speak up now!

    • Gary

      All the points you’ve raised are immaterial to the main issue of a seeming conflict of interest and influence.
      Whether the amount is N10 or N10m or they have been friends for thirty years does not obviate the sleaze or hypocrisy involved in trying to let things slide in this instance while prosecuting other lawyers for doing the same thing.
      Please let’s stop with the double standards in fighting corruption.

      • Rijawa

        I expected u to give us an insight into what the law says. Remember our opinions are what they are, mere opinions. What is wrong in asking those that know, the lawyers, to explain? What is double standard there? When Ricky Tarfa was arrested, was the person he was representing accused of bribery? It was Ricky Tarfa the lawyer that was charged? So why must it be different now? Is it because it is Buhari’s lawyer? So Buhari must be guilty. I think you are the one with double standards here!

        • Gary

          I will not let you get away with muddling issues here. I have not accused Buhari of bribing the judge so stop with the red herring. We are discussing the conflict of interest involving the lawyer representing him giving a gift to the judge handling the case of Buhari’s invisible School Certificate.
          Other lawyers are standing trial for giving similar gifts to judges handling their cases.
          The hypocrisy and double standards here are obvious even if you don’t get it. Mixing apples with oranges is also a tool of propaganda.

          • Rijawa

            Thank God we are discussing issues and not insulting each other as is usually the case these days. Like I said mine is an opinion which I am entitled to just like you. Now that we agree to keep Buhari out of the matter, let’s talk about the lawyers case. The detective said “as a detective I come across many leads while investigating a case, it is up to me to determine the significance of each lead based on my experience and to either follow it up or discard it. I do not view this as a bribe and will not treat it as such ” Tell me which sane prosecutor will take such matter to court when the principal witness doesn’t believe there is any merit in the matter?

          • Gary

            Thanks for proving what we have long complained about: that agents of the Buhari regime have consistently engaged in selective investigation and prosecution.
            Thanks, we are in full agreement that the so-called anti-corruption war is a farce at worst and a political witch-hunt at best.

        • Sanssouci

          If you are honest and genuinely believe what you claim, why reach far to Rickey Tarfa? Joe Agi is in this same court case for the same thing Buhari’s lawyer did. One is facing trial, the other the security agencies did not deem fit to investigate further.

        • Julius

          Thank you. Keep educating the retards !

      • Julius

        How is that immaterial and double standards ? Kindly explain. Don’t you think that some smart ass lawyer will dilute stuff to help his/her clients ? Throw stuff up and see what will stick . Yes, let them investigate this. I’ve always knew that corruption will fight back especially with folks that has the money to hire lawyers.

        • Gary

          Are you so worked up or under pressure from your BMC Ogas to respond that you now post bad grammar?
          Shame on you..I expected better from you as one of the few E- rats pretending to be smart. So you folks thought you would get away with fooling Nigerians forever about the real Buhari?
          How deluded Lai must be if he thinks propaganda can be maintained indefinitely when the beneficiary has nothing to back it up.

          • Julius

            While I’m not here to talk about folks grammar or lack of it but, may I suggest that you go back and read some of your gibberish, incoherent BAD grammar comments you’ve posted in here sir. I’m my own Oga, I work for no one unlike you that is going haywire , losing your mind since your Jonathan lost the election and maybe your stipends or free flow of the stolen monies stop coming . We all can try and be objective without working for nobody. I hope that’s not too hard for you to understand…. bad grammar or not .

      • Sadiq Garba

        Or let’s remove sentiments, the obstacles that block our eyes, and allow the courts to do their jobs.

  • Ceejay Iloelunachi

    Lets assume he wants to take the bullet or shield Buhari….by his admission of guilt, lets see if the EFCC or DSS will pounce on him the way they did on alleged corrupt officials. For the govt to be his spokesperson shows the hypocrisy in their so called corruption fight.

  • ‘antiKwarapshun’

    PUNCH NEWS 22/02/2017
    The encounter between Agi’s lawyer, Mr. Jeph Njikonye, and Adepoju(DSS WITNESS) went thus:
    Lawyer: In that interview, he (Agi) told you that the wedding gift passed by Ken Hubert and Bassey Nassey was not the only wedding gift.
    Witness: Yes.
    Lawyer: He (Agi) also told you that Buhari’s lawyer, Mr. President’s lawyer, also passed a gift of N500,000 to the family through him.
    Witness: Yes
    Lawyer: The name of the lawyer is Mr. Kola Awodein (SAN).
    Witness: Yes
    Lawyer: The third defendant (Agi) further informed you that within the period (before and after the wedding) that Buhari’s certificate case was pending before the first defendant (Justice Ademola).
    Witness: Yes
    Lawyer: Was President Buhari’s lawyer paying the money in order to win his case?
    Witness: No
    Lawyer: To say that it (the money paid by Awodein) was a bribe would be a speculation.
    Witness: Yes
    Lawyer: To describe the gifts passed through the third defendant by mutual friends as bribe would be speculative.
    Witness: Yes
    When earlier cross-examined by Chief Robert Clarke, Olabowale’s lawyer, the witness  agreed that in African culture, it was usual for people to be “showered with gifts” when having any of naming, wedding and funeral ceremonies.
    On the BMW car gift, Adepoju confirmed that the judge’s son, Ademide, said under interrogation that Agi was his mentor and that the car was a fulfilment of a long-promised gift from the Senior Advocate of Nigeria.
    The witness also admitted that the initial allegations that Justice Ademola received bribe from the immediate-past National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.), as well as from the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, for the bail he granted them, were not backed by evidence.
    He said he confirmed in the course of investigation that the Federal Government did not oppose either of the two accused persons’ bail applications when heard by Justice Ademola.
    The witness also confirmed that a magistrate earlier granted bail to Kanu but the order of bail was not complied with.
    On the allegation that the N30m paid to the judge’s wife was probably a bribe for an order of garnishee nisi granted in favour of Agi’s clients for the enforcement of a $3.2bn judgment earlier given by the judge, Adepoju confirmed that, his “initial view of the matter is based on incomplete knowledge.”

  • share Idea

    Dasuki said he gave Buhari $220k and 3 bullet-proof jeeps, Buhari’s handlers denied that and agreed that the jeep was his entitlement even when NSA office is not saddled with provision of Jeeps to ex-president.

    Today, we are being told that Buhari is now in the habit of giving gifts but when such gifts are given by PDP members, it becomes a bribe – what a country

    • Julius

      Moron, liar, he also said he did the same for all the ex presidents and head of states as part of their entitlements. I bet you didn’t read or heard that.

  • SHAMELESS Lawyers

    SHAMELESS Lawyers

    Below are the names of the 13 shameless crooked so called ‘Senior Lawyers’ who were hired by Imam OLODO to thwart the course of justice and prevent his forgery case from proceeding. Interestingly some of these Lawyers are the ones who pride themselves as “Civil Society & Human Rights activists”.

    1. Wole Olanipekun
    2. Lateef Fagbemi
    3. Akin Olujinmi
    4. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu
    5. Kola Awodein
    6. Taiwo Osipitan
    7. Charles Edosomwan
    8. Emeka Ngige
    9. Femi Atoyebi
    10. Femi Falana
    11. Funke Aboyade,
    12. H.O. Afolabi
    13. Muiz Banire.

    Some like the useless Falana fought on the side of the people in similar circumstances in the days of the military and even as a University student. But today he lives in Abuja where he defends the same thieves and ruthless leaders he once led protest marches against…all because of MONEY. Judgement day will be very interesting when it gets to the turn of Nigerians especially the Lawyers. If you told me in 1999 that Femi Falana would be defending Buhari for obvious fraud & perjury, I would not believe it.

    • JJ

      It has become clearer to me now that it could not have been a bribe. A bribe of 500K from a SAN lawyer to a judge in such a high calibre case will be far too cheap in Nigeria. Considering the number of SANs involved in the case – (I believe most of them offered their services free to PMB) and besides, the the said lawyer was not the lead counsel. The possibility of bribery is very low. More so, the said lawyer said he attended the Judge’s daughter’s wedding ceremony personally – this probably demonstrated their long time friendship.

      But is it right in the judicial code of conduct for a judge to accept a gift of 500K in any circumstances? I think this can’t be right especially taking into consideration the nature of their jobs. Judges should not accept such gifts.In some high profile companies, it will be against the code of conduct for any staff (even the CEO or MD) of the company to accept a gift more than $50.00 – an equivalent of N25000 @ 500 to 1.

    • Alina Bassie

      Good Morning ..I mean now you found out that the yorubas are not called chameleon for nothing and I will add they are butterfly too because butterfly never fly straight , its direction is unpredictable and whether it will continue to fly or to perch on a leave is another guess LOL…Are u surprised that 90 percent of the names mentioned are yorubas , why the yorubas like this lying profession such much …because they are good at it ..why are they good at it because they are pathological liars , it is in their DNA and embedded in their default setting , Lawyers are simply licensed liars who makes a living by telling lies and twisting the truth , only few with conscience can make a difference but they are as rare as gold refined 7 times

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    “It is in keeping with the President’s time-tested reputation as a man of truth and integrity. Any attempt to sully that reputation is bound to fail, inexorably,” Mr. Adesina said.

    Hahahahahahahahaa……..Hoohohohohhohohohohooooo……Okorigbokokokokokooo…. Wonderful! … I can’t stop laughing. Really?… “tested reputation”? It is obvious that Mr Adesina has indeed been blighted by the infectious lies of Liar Mohammed. His (Adesina) deeemons are now more wicked and terrible than those of Liar Mohamed. How can Buhari have a tested reputation of integrity?

    Tested and verified by who?
    Is it Buhari who ran away from debate because of his senility?
    Is it Buhari whose senile state has deteriorated in London that he cannot dare make a speech to Nigerians?
    Where is the integrity? A man who has integrity will not hire 13 SANS to defend him, he would present the certificate!

    • Julius

      Keep lying to yourself hiding under a fake name. Laughing like an hyena is unbecoming and belittle your name.

  • ??????questo

    What’s the right punishment for Judge Adeniyi Ademola?

    Corporal punishment should be introduced in Nigeria’s courts at all levels. Flogging of
    wayward judges should be the norm rather than the exemption. Flogging exists on
    the law books but it is meted out only to accused criminals arraigned.

    The Judges who take bribe are equally accused criminals and should get
    several helpings of flogging on their bare buttocks. Discrimination should not
    be practised in Nigeria anymore where only petty thieves of goats and chickens
    are flogged in the public square. Judges of courts – including Supreme Court
    justices in Nigeria – deserve flogging like petty thieves and should be treated

    We cannot have one standard for ordinary citizens and have another
    standard for rogue judges of the courts. There is no reason why 24 strokes on
    bare-buttocks every day for 365 consecutive days cannot be prescribed as
    appropriate punishment for Judge Adeniyi Ademola, in addition to ten years
    imprisonment, for example, if found guilty as charged.

    • Junior Advocate of Nigeria

      Senior Advocate of Nigeria (S.A.N)………



      • Gary

        That was why the irrepressible Gani Fawehinmi refused to beg or buy the now-denigrated and tarnished SAN designation.
        It has now become a Rogues’ Gallery of the legal profession in Nigeria.

  • Nkem

    Mr. Femi Adesina: Have you spoken to PMB about this matter? Was it yesterday? Or today? What specifically did he tell you? We are not talking about “time-tested” or “time-honored”. We are talking about confidential and privileged communication between a lawyer and his client. We need him to say something to us on this matter. His personal reputation is really at stake here.

    • Julius

      I agree with you. I hope you are following the news because that’s done. … like any other president, by his spokesman !

      • Nkem

        Let’s not start derailing here. Just listen to Femi Adesina and read my comments again.

        Hear Adesina:

        “Nigerians know that President Buhari challenged the elections of 2003, 2007, and 2011, up to the Supreme Court….”;
        “some of them were his schoolmates, or contemporary, at one time or the other….”
        “It is in keeping with the President’s time-tested reputation as a man of truth and integrity….
        “Any attempt to sully that reputation is bound to fail, inexorably….”

        Now, tell me, what has Femi Adesina said? Nothing. So it is obvious the president has not told him categorically anything.

        • Gbola

          Perhaps you’re the one who’s unable to comprehend what Adesina stated.

          • Nkem

            You act like you love the president but people like you are his greatest enemies, and may be his greatest undoing. So you think all of this is simply about doing internet propaganda for the president just like Jonathan’s paid e-rats? You think you love him by doing this? You do not realise the seriousness of the issue at stake?

          • AFRICANER

            People like him is why we need a war in Nigeria.

          • Daniel

            Stop defending the indefensible!

            Is Buhari God that is stainless?

            Your support should go with a measure of rationality.

          • Gary

            He’s paid for the support. So he has to set aside rationality and his conscience for money. The things some folks have to do to make a living.

        • Julius

          I would think that statement explained everything . Its always hard to prove negative because that’s where you are coming from. Nothing the president himself or anybody else can say that will satisfy you. Its cool, its a free country.


      Keep waiting. A year ago, Aisha Buhari was discovered to have given a US Congressman man $100,000.00 bribe, yet Buhari and his people explained it away in the newspapers, without Court action; a decade before that, Buhari was accused of, and by prima facie, shown to have stolen a whopping $2.8 Billion, and he avoided any Court action; he is alleged to have forged WASC and WAEC, and committed various perjuries along with it, yet he is lying there as president! We’re yet to talk of various murders and massacres, including ethnic and religious cleansing, disobeying court orders, deposing a democratic government via Coup d’etat. …and so many crimes against Igbos, Shiites, Yorubas, Kanuris, Christians etc…

      • Gary

        But where is Buhari today? He’s sick and in London; keeping company with the much-maligned Diezani.
        He’s receiving the best medical care available in the home of the Church of England aka Anglican Church. Yet his people are busy persecuting and killing Christians at home.

        Who says our God does not have a sense of humour?


    Buhari, and his counsel must go tell that to the Judge! Every time Buhari and his wife Aisha is caught on a crime, he sends someone to explain it away in the newspapers; but he never affords this convinience to his enemies or fellows. What a hypocrite!

    • Julius

      So, you want a president that gets on tv/radio each time he/she is accused of something, anything ? Going by your logic, Obama would have been on tv everyday of his 8 years in the white house defending himself, his wife and his administration of the stuff he was accused of. Trump should also be ready for that..by your logic. Man, I thought you were smarter than this statement you were so proud to post.

      • Gary

        Ok, you’ve questioned his intelligence. Can you please address the main issue here? Does this scenario smack of conflict of interest or not?
        Don’t go on a tangent, just state your honest position on the issue at hand.

        P.S. Like clockwork, you folks of the BMC have arrived to do your job here: defend the indefensible. It is getter harder and harder to maintain the illusion that our Emperor is white as snow. But hey, you gotta earn that stipend,abi?

        • Gbola

          Even if we should go by your supposed conflict of interest, should Buhari be held responsible for a supposed crime committed by his lawyer ??

          Or is it that you expect this Lawyer to seek Buhari’s consent before giving out gifts to his friends ??

          People are donating bmws, 30 million naira etc and you’re here screaming your head off for 500k.
          Does 500k look like a bribe to you ??


          • Gary

            Ode, there’s a client-attorney relationship in this matter. Please go below to read my Duck Rule: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it sure ain’t a damn Mongoose…it is a Duck!

            You have to work harder for your stipend today. Kpele.

          • Gbola

            If only you understand the legal term “client attorney privilege”.

            So why didnt the “CLIENT ATTORNEY PRIVILEGE” prevent this prosecution witness from stating that he donated tool to Buhari ??

            Olodo rabata.

        • Julius

          Gary, my only job here is to stick with facts. I do not let hatred rule my day, unlike you folks.I made a factual statement and this is what you came back with ? Step up your game sir. My question has to do with presidents devoting their time refuting what people says about them but, I see that you have nothing to say about that. I have never judged Buhari to be a saint. I assume that like most humans, he has his faults. I reason well sir, hatred do not cloud my judgement about anybody or anything. You should try that.

  • donMe$$i

    Anti corruption fight indeed. All sane minds know that since Onnoghen’s name has finally been sent to the N.A, this circus(which was designed to shut him out) will suddenly come to an end.
    It’s curtains folks.

    • Gary

      That’s why they wanted the usual suspects as CJN. They don’t trust that Justice Onnoghen will play ball when the chips are down at the Supreme Court.

      Yet they continue to con Nigerians that they are fighting corruption.

      • Mr. Okin


        I want to really abuse PREMIUM TIMES as a big let-down in the whole history of mankind worldwide.

        How can Premium Times not take a single photo of the face of Judge Adeniyi Ademola in the dock?

        What sort of journalism is that one? How can I run away if I should meet Judge Ademola on the road?

        I have no bribe to give him and I can’t allow my life to be in danger because of not giving bribe quickly.

  • Sanssouci

    Wow the die hard APC propagandists are awfully quiet today, is the BMC on strike today?

    • Gary

      Are you kidding…they are here now in full force and up to their usual antics of trying swarm the thread and push down sensible opinion. Then they add their troll ads for Dangote cement or such for full measure.
      That is your tax money at work amid recession…going to paid agents of govt. propaganda. Yet PT and the rest of the Nigerian media have nothing to say about this travesty undermining our democracy.

  • Say the truth

    If this Awodein is not prosecuted then EFCC should forget the fight against corruption. It is double standard and persecution for Ricky Tarfa, Obla (SAN) etc to be facing trial while Awodein walks free.

    • Junior Advocate (J.A.N)


      Senior Advocate of Nigeria (S.A.N)………

      S.A.N is a very false robe in which not a few criminals and mental retards are dressed up,
      in utter disguise. For even as a honorific title the S.A.N is a contradiction of terms. And now,
      since the bogus title of S.A.N does not denote knowledge or ethics, the word SENIOR prefacing it
      sounds more in perjury than in anything sensible. Senior Advocate of Nigeria (S.A.N) is a very false
      statement uttered in vain for stealing, bribery and looting.




    You be thief, I no be thief
    You be fraud, I no be fraud
    You be robber, I no be robber
    You dey forge, I no dey forge
    You dey lie, I no dey lie

    You be killer, I no dey kill
    You support terrorist, I no be terrorist
    You fail WAEC, I no fail WAEC
    You paralyze, I no paralyze
    You dey sick, I no dey sick
    You bribe Judge, I no bribe Judge

    Argument argument argue!
    Them argue!
    Argument about bribery
    Somebody don bribe Judge because of fake Certificate…
    Hmm Hmmmmm!

  • Human Rights Counsel


    I am opposed to the flogging of our High Court Judges because it is cruel and
    unusual punishment. Those saying here that flogging should be included in the
    punishment for Judge Adeniyi Ademola, if found guilty, should read over their
    Humanitarian Laws. Flogging of judges on bare buttocks is cruel and unusual
    punishment. Judges of Courts who take bribes or are alleged to take bribes and
    docked in court for punishment may be lawfully tied to the stakes at Bar Beach
    and executed by a firing squad. Convicted Judges may be given rat poison or
    hung by a rope from the neck to choke and gasp until they die. I have no
    objection to public execution or hanging. But I am opposed to bare-buttocks
    flogging of bribes-infested Judges. Flogging detracts from human rights laws.
    Flogging is cruel and unusual punishment – unlike public execution or hanging;
    both of which which are good and humane ways to get rid of vermin summarily.

    • Gary

      Sorry to inform you sir…Alhaji Tinubu and his Kora business partner have since taken over Bar Beach for their private enjoyment and development as Eko Lagoon City.
      Please be advised that you may have to find another location for your proposed public executions of judges deemed to be corrupt by the shifting and malleable standards of Mr.Buhari and his law enforcement goons in the EFCC and DSS.
      The inconvenience is regretted. Thanks for your understanding.
      The Mumus of Lagos State.

      P.S. If you will reconsider, we can arrange for you to access the decrepit Tafawa Balewa Square as a venue for the flogging on the bare buttocks of errant judges in consonance with our African tradition on punishment.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      L’obatan! Lolzzz! You wicked no be small

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t


  • Rommel

    In the end,the case was withdrawn by the plaintiffs which means Mr president had nothing to benefit by bribing anyone since the certificate he possess is genuine

    • Otile

      You are so disgusting. You always reason from your_anus. Why is your logic so infantile and infra dig?

      • aboki

        Otile I thought you are matured but alas with your fouls language, abuses and names calling coupled with ill wishes I REST my case.
        However remember zaka gani mun San kome!

        • Otile

          Give me a break. When Rommel blows al-Taqiyyah you want me to believe him and praise him as a holy saint. I will not do that.


    • Daniel

      You have become very illogical these days.

      Except you are being sarcastic, you should should not advance this argument on a clear case of certificate fraud.

      • Oladele

        How so? The first time the issue of certificate came up was 2003 during OBJ Vs PMB. WHy did it come up? Buhari had submitted an affidavit instead of a certificate and asking INEC to verify his claim from the Secretary to the Army board. It came to OBJ’s attention and since he was aware as well as all Nigerians 45yrs and above that Buhari was under arrest for 3yrs during which he claimed SSS raided his home in Kaduna and carted most of his personal documents away, he authorised the Army board to provide copies to INEC and they did. 2007 he did same thing and since INEC already had a copy on file no one raised a question, same in 2011. Now 2015 the PDP insisted that INEC must write again to Army board to obtain same results knowing full well that they had instructed their cronies to remove same from his file so as to disqualify him from even ever contesting the elections. See young man, let us cut jokes apart, it is sad if we have to play politics this way. Lt.Gen Alani Akinrinade said on TV: “I wept when I ready this in the newspaper” He just simply could not imagine we went this low. Have you heard Kenneth Minimah been harassed? He distanced himself from that show of shame at the time.

        • Daniel

          What does it take to produce just a WAEC result that has become controversial?

          Obama did his with no qualms.

          Why defend your claim with SANs and lawyers, yet the PAPER is nowhere to be found?

          I call this an academic exercise.

          You and I can produce our WAEC when needed.

          The man is simply ‘WAEC less’!

          • Oladele

            get serious, Army already confirmed they had it long ago.

          • Daniel

            Where ? I no fit laugh ooh!

          • FuzzyLogic

            It is public document. Why are they hiding it? Did you see how Obama produced his birth certificate when the call for its release became deafening. The call for Buhari’s certificate is now getting more than deafening. Why have they chosen to defend its secrecy with Senior Advocates than simply making it publicly available?

          • Tunji Olarewaju

            Ok, he’s ‘WAEC less ‘,we don hear, now he’s the presdent,remove him. L’obatan

          • Otile

            This pathetic – Ok, he’s ‘WAEC less, we don hear, now he’s the president, what can you do? Does he not have the power to hire, fire or kill the judges at will, what can you do? Allah, awon omo Odua is this what your logic has come to?

          • Alina Bassie

            Really ? is he still the president of Nigeria or President in diaspora …LOL ? you are living in la-la- land , I dare him to address Nigerians via facebook live, Dont worry in a little while u guys will come to terms with the reality that Osinbajo is now the President

          • Daniel

            His integrity is messed up forever. I will prefer not to be president than the condition he finds himself now.

            Life is our perfect manager…

          • FuzzyLogic

            If your hidden agenda is for him to drop dead and for Oshinbajo to take over as president, then I have a Ski resort in the Sahara desert to sell to you.

      • serubawon70

        Complainant. In which court is this case of certificate fraud?

        • Daniel

          Go to bed please.

    • FuzzyLogic

      The rest of the country refuses to give this president the benefit of the doubt. Some people that did far less have had their life destroyed by the EFCC. He should face the music. We need to have faith in the president. There should be cockroaches hiding anywhere in his cupboard.

      • niko

        So you think Buhari will give somebody money to bribe someone. NEVER!

        • FuzzyLogic

          You won’t be asking this question if you know the true nature of politicians and what motivates them.

  • Rommel

    I can confirm here that the O’level of candidate Buhari was genuinely obtained in the year the said examination was conducted, so apart from respecting rule of law,I didn’t see any reason why he should have bothered to even respond to that matter.

    • Gary

      Nazi welcome…for a while there, I thought you were no longer on the payroll. Looks like you’ve busy other websites but had to be drafted to fortify your floundering fellow E-rats here.

      Just when you thought the Certificate issue had died with intimidating the Plaitiff to drop the case, now this Justice Ademola case is reopening the can of worms.
      And exposing Oga to hypocrisy and shame againwhen the man has more serious things to worry about. But look on the bright side, it gives you guys and Femi Adesina some work to do to remain on the payroll.

      • FuzzyLogic

        They paymasters just cleared the backlog.

    • emmanuel

      Mumu, i know a Professor who took the exam claimed to have taken. He pointed all the fruad in Buharis said certificate.
      And he swore Buhari is a fraud and you are an animal.
      Cambridge results were signed by VC and Registrar of Cmabridge University, but Buhari’s was signed by an Alhaji from Katsina state and Passport Photo was embossed in it.
      If you lack intellect, Tinubu helped him produced Oluwole certificate that had so many descripancies, such that if Buhari were thrown out by the court he would be beneficiary when he muted being his VP. Unfortunately, all that fell through and Tinubu may have used the press and Judiciary from behind to ensure the case stood.
      Anyway, the way forward is that Buhari is past in Nigeria Presidency and what happen next will make or break Nigeria.
      I hope the Yorubas will ask out if they are skimmed out.

    • santadingo

      My God! This E-rat here again?

  • Höly Wähala

    By admitting to giving a “gift” to a Justice sitting on a case this so-called lawyer represented Buhari in, it is nothing but corruption since it influenced the outcome of the proceedings. You won’t read windy articles from Femi Falana quoting junta-made Constitution left and right now, if it’s the other way around Hell would have frozen over. There are enough reasons or events to hide behind and present “gifts” to judges sitting on someone’s case, from their childrens’ brithdays to grauduations from univesities… to weddings and burial ceremonies, this lame reason about culture and tradition violates the Ethos of Jurisprudence which supersedes all religions, traditions and cultures in a court of law. Finally, are you not curious that it is the presidency via Femi Adesina speaking for a private citizen accused of bribing a sitting judge? It is called, ‘Coordinated Response’ to contain a scandalous situation… “Nigeria is a crime scene” – @Deji

  • Short Sight

    We must blame Jonathan for all these bribery here and there.

    • Otile

      You be the dishonest apes will.

    • Otile

      You bet the dishonest apes will.

    • ilesanmi

      Art thou short sight?

  • Akatikpo

    Kola Awodeins case is not different from that of Rickey Tarfa.
    Rickey Tarfa was arrested and humiliated by EFCC for giving N250,000 Naira to a judge who lost the mother. The matter was charged to court by EFCC. I wonder why they did not charge Kola to Court for giving his childhood friend 500,000 Naira gift. Nigeria is a mess. Only righteousness can exalt us.

  • Tare Daniel

    What is the difference between this case and that of Ricky Tarfa? The former was harassed by the EFCC and dragged before a judge, while the later is exonerated by the DSS without investigation because the President is involved. The Presidency did not try to condemn and distance itself from the corrupt payment as one would expect but rather it has sided with the lawyer, an indication that the man did not act alone. The icing on the cake is the almighty EFCC going numb. Corruption at its finest.

    • Gary

      I hope someone in the Senate brings this up during Magu’s rescheduled confirmation hearing.
      The hypocrisy and double standards of this government stinks to high heavens. You cannot be selectively fighting corruption and using public funds to maintain a propaganda machine dedicated to the perceived opponents of your regime.
      Even the National Assembly and its leadership have been a target of these rogue operations. It is time they scrutinized the budget of the Information Ministry to stop funding propaganda as antithetical to democracy. And attach a rider to the budget that no federal funds must be used for partisan or propaganda activities. Dismantle the Buhari Media Center.


    This cosmetic explanation is just futile, the same was the case of Ricky Tarfa where the said monies was for condolence and funeral , the man is still being dragged about but in a fit of hypocrisy and double standards ,Buhari’s corrupt lawyer is supported by the Aso-rock media machine as they spread their propaganda of lies and mass deception.

    Anyway no matter what happens, the average Nigerian knows that they are all corrupt from A to Z .

    • FuzzyLogic

      The hypocrisy of this administration is breathtaking. They think Nigerians are full. It is the same rationale that they gave for absolving Burutasi and Dambazza, whose mouths are fresh with the evidence of forbidden fruit, of corruption.

    • Senator D

      Exactly the point. None of them is a saint… Like my mother always says, “Everyone has a big tooth but if your lips can’t cover yours then you are the one with a big TEETH!”

  • Otile

    It is still very disgusting that you of all people will be on the side of Rommel arguing that N500,000 bribe is no longer bribe because it is too small for the taker. It is absurd. Ifa agbe yin oo.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      How can you infer and defer at the same time?

      Make I epp pay your Yaba Left, so you go complete ya mellecine?

  • Alhajivinco

    No one should give any judge money under any guise or for whatever reason. And a senior lawyer ought to know that especially when he has a case before the same judge. Nor should any judge ask for money or accept it when given. Period. When I was growing up many a judge would send you to jail for attempting giving them gifts. This is a verifiable fact. We are now a scum nation.

  • emmanuel

    Buhari has ever been corrupt. Unfortunately, he will not be there to run the cause of his trial. His wife should be jailed if he is found wanting at the end of the whole saga. There must be a judicial panel to review his certificate fraud case, since there is a case of inducement already.
    Meanwhile, the Yorubas are now saying they want to leave Nigeria, so that Osibande can be confirmed. They shoud leave quickly, because no one wants them.
    Oduduwa Republic straight. No one will disturb them if they ever raise a thumb towards that direction.

    • Senator D

      Why will his wife pay for his crimes? Abeg you are being partial here jare…

  • Man_Enough

    The lawyer has his own life to live apart from being buhari’s lawyer. Until it is proved that buhari is a party to or even aware of the gift, commentators trying to link him with the incident are doing so out of mischief.

  • Senator D

    Man of the year 2017: Emir Sanusi of Kano says we are in worst corruption Nigeria has ever known

    *** Buhari government t is more corrupt than Jonathan’s ——- Emir Sanusi

    *** Buhari is making his cabal billionaires through forex.” ——- Emir Sanusi

    1. “Haha, the truth is that we are in worst corruption Nigeria has ever known.”——-Emir Sanusi

    2. “From PDP fuel subsidies to APC Dollar subsidies.”——-Emir Sanusi

    3. “From PDP oil dealers to APC dollars dealers.”——-Emir Sanusi

    4. “From PDP poor screening exercise for Federal employment to APC employment of family members and members of the ethnic group without screening exercise.”——Emir Sanusi

    5. “From PDP national party of corruption to APC ethnic party of corruption.”——Emir Sanusi

    6. “From PDP freedom of information to APC oath of secrecy.”——Emir Sanusi

    7. “From PDP freedom of movement and civil liberty to APC restrictions of right.”——-Emir Sanusi

    8. “From PDP robust INEC to APC nepotic INEC.”——-Emir Sanusi

    9.” From PDP National DSS to APC family/ethnic/ party Dss.”——Emir Sanusi

    10. “From PDP rule of law to APC Buhari body language.”——-Emir Sanusi

    11. “From PDP corrupt governor to internationally acclaimed super corrupt minister.”——-Emir Sanusi

    12. “From borrowing money to purchase nomination form to having a wife with 40 million naira hand bag, Halliburton nko?”——-Emir Sanusi

    13. “The COAS estate isnt not corruption under Buhari, meanwhile under GEJ a minister was sacked because a company he once had interest in bidded for the power he was privatizing.”——Emir Sanusi

    14.” Under PMB the EFCC boss with millions of dollars traced to his bribing scandals has gone free and unquestioned while under GEJ Stella of aviation ministry was sacked to allow free and fair investigation into a frivolous allegations against her which she was later proven innocent.”——Emir Sanusi

    15. “Between PMB and GEJ who is truly corrupt? Who has abused the people’s power entrusted into his hand? Who have raped us, killed us extrajudicially?”—–Emir Sanusi

    16.”Who has appointed his tribesmen into offices against the spirit of federal character? Is tribalism an act of corruption?”——-Emir Sanusi

    17 “Is nepotism an act of corruption? Is cronyism an act of corruption?”——Emir Sanusi

    18. “Is maginalisation an act of corruption? Is seizure of citizens right an act of corruption? Who is corrupt?”—–Emir Sanusi

    19. “APC has not been able to conduct election since Buhari took over, what is it? Coooo what? Is it cooo purity or ruption?”———Emir Sanusi

    20.”Hahaha. Ondo APC primary witnessed bags of money under the leadership of saint Buhari…. It is change.”——-Emir Sanusi.

  • ilesanmi

    Lawyer Kola Awodein, a long standing friend of Justice Ademola for 35 years, could you please give another instance of giving justice Ademola any gift in the past?
    Why must the N500,000 gift coincide with Certificate forgery trial?

    If such a gift has been traced from an accused person to Ex – President Jonathan’s lawyer, could the DSS have ignored it with a wave of the hand? It is getting clearer by the day that Buhari is not fighting corruption but the opposition and personal enemies.