UPDATED: Why Buhari’s lawyer sent N500,000 ‘gift’ to judge accused of corruption, Court told

President Muhammadu Buhari

A witness in the ongoing trial of a Federal High Court judge, Adeniyi Ademola, has told the court that operatives of the State Security Service did not investigate an alleged gift of N500, 000 given to Mr. Ademola by President Muhammadu Buhari’s lawyer.

Mr. Ademola is facing trial for alleged abuse of office alongside.

His wife, Olubowale, and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Joe Agi, are also being tried for alleged corruption.

An operative of the SSS, Babatunde Adepoju, who led investigations into the allegations, confirmed on Tuesday that he had been told, during interrogation of Mr. Agi, that a gift of N500, 000 was sent through Mr. Buhari’s lawyer, Kola Awodehin, to Mr. Ademola.

The money, reportedly sent as a gift for Mr. Ademola’s daughter’s wedding, was delivered to the judge by Kola Awodehin, a lawyer who represented the president in a case of alleged forgery of secondary school certificate before the 2015 elections.

The following exchanges ensued in court between Mr. Agi’s lawyer, Jeph Njikonye, and Mr. Adepoju:

Question: During the interview with the third defendant, he told you that the wedding gift passed by Ken Hubert and Bassey Bassey was not the only gift received by the first defendant (Justice Ademola), and that the president’s lawyer also passed a gift of N500,000 then for the wedding of the judge’s daughter.

Answer: Yes.

[At this point, a copy of the court document involving the charge against Mr. Buhari on allegations of certificate forgery; (between Chukwunwike Vs President Buhari), was shown to the witness who identified the name of the lawyer (Mr. Awodehin), as the third person representing the president in the suit.]

Question: Was Kola Awodeyin, SAN, the one who passed off the gift of N500,000?

Answer: Yes

As a follow up to the response by Mr. Adepoju, Mr. Agi’s lawyer asked whether the N500,000 given at a time when Mr. Buhari had a pending case before Mr. Ademola, amounted to a bribe, so that the judge would rule in his favour.

Mr. Adepoju answered in the negative, stressing that “such would amount to a speculation in my opinion”.

Mr. Adepoju also added that his office did not investigate further to determine the authenticity or otherwise of the claim by Mr. Agi.

At least 10 suits challenging the eligibility of Mr. Buhari to contest the 2015 presidential election came before the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court.

The suits were later consolidated into two, since they all sought similar actions from the court of law.

In one of the suits, Chukwunweike Okafor sought an order compelling the Independent National Electoral Commission to remove or delete Mr. Buhari’s name and that of the All Progressives Congress from the list of persons and political parties running for the office of president.

Mr. Okafor asked the court to hold that the information supplied by the APC flag-bearer in Form C.F 001 that his West African School Certificate was with the Nigerian Army was false and should be disqualified from the race.

In another suit, Max Ozoaka asked the court to disqualify Mr. Buhari on the ground that the INEC Form Cf 001 the APC candidate submitted to INEC was incomplete.

The suits were, however, struck out days before the general election in April 2015.

Messrs. Hubert and Bassey had been identified on Monday as donating $150,000 to Justice Ademola for his daughter’s wedding. The money was later converted into N37 million.

Mr. Adepoju, who stated this in court, could however not trace the donors of the money to any case involving Mr. Ademola, or any of the defendants.

On Tuesday the prosecution closed its case against the judge, after presenting all its witnesses.

Lawyer to Mr. Ademola, Onyeachi Ikpeazu, thereafter told the court that his client would like to make a no-case-submission.

The trial judge, Jude Okeke, adjourned the matter till March 15 for hearing of the application.

Read our earlier report below.


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  • General Sam Bockerie

    Believing the useless corruption war of APC is akin to believing that Judas would make heaven

  • emmanuel

    When a man make jest of a wounded Lion, we expect what would happen if e Lion finds its way back to a prey. Buhari’s arrogance and sins are fast catching up with him. Unfortunately he is not gathered upstairs to get to court
    Buhari is a speciaist bribe giver – $5,000.00 bribe for vote at APC Presidential primaries spoke volumes

  • AryLoyds

    Buhari and his WAEC again , chei deris God oh 🙂

    • Say the truth


  • evidence

    This is the major reason they are bent on trying Dasuki secretly, they are afraid of what secret will be spilled.

  • Moh’d Maiha

    Surely, corruption is fighting back…

    • Otile

      Those millions of British Pounds being squandered on this useless trip plus the N500k in question is coming from Niger Delta oil money and you are here talking nonsense. I don’t blame you ungrateful parasites, my Yoruba neighbor said that a man with normal dick(good_penis) does not
      know what a man with hernia is going through.

      • Höly Wähala

        Gbam! Tell’am truth, it hurts him… lol!

    • Freedomfighter

      We can see how corruption is fighting back with your aboki kind of grammar. Omo jati jati

  • AryLoyds

    So Buhari had no WAEC , he should just write GCSE in london instead..

  • mary

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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    What certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari’s lawyer gave Justice Ademola was not bribe; it was inducement. Buhari surely has a case to answer if he doesn’t die before his tenure expires.

    • Vivarevo2



      • Freedomfighter

        Better be careful of what you ask for

    • O’Ooduaa


      Buhari did NOT contest the 2015 election to fight corruption. No, no, no, he contested to advance ISLAMIST
      SUPREMACY in Nigeria. He has no other plan or idea. With SHARIA LAW enthroned as public law in the
      36 states, Buhari’s Fulani tribe would be the dominant tribe in Nigeria for already holding post of Sultan.

      APC party is an electoral version of the same rabid Al Qaeda fight for Islamic State of Nigeria. What was
      therefore disguised as an election in 2015 was a full-blown ISLAMIC JIHAD. The trick was to give brooms
      to mostly naive Yoruba Christians to keep waving all over the place, like lunatics in the afternoon, and,
      mislead them that APC they’re waving for is the same secular Alliance for Democracy (AD), whereas,
      APC is a coalition of Muslims and the Islamist opposite of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in 1999.

  • Mrcollins Nnadi

    Thief who is fighting corruption?



      Who wants to be exposed in public as a liar? Muhamadu Buharu had lied in newspapers and all that.
      He was publishing nonsense papers as his 1961 Waec/Gce result on ordinary plain sheet with NECO
      on top of the paper (and cancelled out with Bic biro) – when there was no NECO existing at all in 1961.
      After those lies were exposed by the brilliant Nigerians there was no option but to give 500,000 Naira
      to the Court Judge who will decide the case in public, just as down payment. Or, what other option did
      Muhamadu Buhari really have again at that serious stage to avoid eternal disgrace? Tell me, please!!

    • ::????????






    When the Fulanis from Cameroon and Niger Republic in Nigeria———steal certain 9jas from the old regions of the country often claim it is a new style——————Buhari has houses in London—-Nigerians operating under the flag of the Tripod kept quiet—Bingo Buhari ati Aisha Buhari–his baby pancake Yawo–ati Amariya serving the elites in Abuja–has Mansions in abuja–while pretending he has no roof over his Fulani head———9jas pretended as if we knew nothing about the 27m he said he borrowed from first bank–to pay for his nomination forms in APC————Again–he has not school certificate–the Yorubas told us even if Buhari presents NEPA Bill–as his certificate it would be accepted-able to INEC——-Besides–if the alleged bribery of a judge with 500,000 by Bingo Buhari had been organized by Ijaw man Jonathan—the drug addict called Magu in efcc–who is currently working for the Apes in APC———– would have alleged the money came from the purse of Deizani –Dudafa or Etete————————-The truth of the matter is that the money was given to the judge to enable Bingo Buhari escape from being prosecuted——-period——Aware Bingo Buhari lawyer must have short changed the judge–Instead of 50m he gave him 500,000————-There is no hiding place for him-Bingo Buhari—who is yet to account for the missing 2.8b he stole from the SS——-some 30 yrs ago——————-Again-whether dead or alive Bingo Buhari must be put in the dock—ONE DAY——–So let him continue to play hide and seek with our conscience and crude oil resources in London—–if he has any–Bingo Buhari is a thief—and a certificate forger——————-and must be made to pay for his sins against his adopted country Nigeria———-period-

    • Höly Wähala

      Hahahahahahahahaaa chai… you never disappoint, great comment, kudos! But drop the bottle biko… LoL!

    • emmanuel

      You are very right, a Lawyer got some huge cash to bribe Ademola, and possibly cornered much of the monies with promise that when Buhari wins they would pay balance. I suspect Ademola got into trouble by asking for the balance of his cake money.
      We all knew that Buhari is a reknowed rogue, but those whose brains were weak to think right, including your brother called Wahala led Nigeria into this catastrophe. Unfortunate, we are all suffering for it, while Wahala is busy exchanging foreign currency from Germany at roof top rate.
      I have never been impressed with Wahla’s new stand. A man who called himself a researches but was never guided by deep thinking domain.
      Why would a man set his own house on fire against all counsel and there after come out to demonstrate his regrest to those he ignored their counsel?
      Wahala as at 2013, 2014, 2015 was a Yoruba man, Hausa, Fulani and was never Igbo up until February 2016. Why is he now crying more than the bereaved – defeated wailing wailers.
      I beg wahala, we still love our names and stand, except that we are now also caught in the web of economic depression


    A President who has actively bribed a Judge through his personal lawyers to pervert the course of justice, a liar, a deceiver of masses , a hypocrite, a corrupt man, a human rights violator who orders extra-judicial execution of unarmed agitators etc That is what we have, if you like you can continue to lie to yourself and call him a saint waging war on corruption.

  • Höly Wähala

    We are only just talking about a paltry N500k bribe money here, they also raised N30million for the Judge’s daughter to have a good wedding, in sane climes no lawyer with a pending case in Justice Ademola’s court should be seen frolicking with him, muchless, go to that wedding to present a sitting Judge with a cheque for N30million in corruption money… That was clearly in violation of “Ethos of Jurisprudence” by all involved in the underhand deals. The next logical step in the trial is to put that President Buhari’s lawyer on the witness stand to tell his side of the story… albeit, the purpose of securing a favorable ruling had been served, the rough edges of the Law have to smoothened now by impeaching Buhari if he cannot provide his WAEC certificate. And, send that corrupt lawyer to jail if convicted of bribing Justice Ademola pelu Iyawo won. Either way, Buhari still enjoys immunity from the Law… LoL!


      In a respectable country, that certificate case would be reviewed and an independent judicial enquiry set up but this happened in a zoo so nothing will happen and believe me that is the end of the case against Ademola.

      • Höly Wähala

        Ademola is a Yoro, I don’t see him taking the fall alone in this, either him or a hard squeeze on Buhari lawyer’s balls will produce the missing links to the truth about that certificate saga… but, that is not my beef right now, it is the bribery and corruption that Buhari claims to be fighting that is evolving dangerously close to indicting him himself. Question is, How do you haul a comatose President to court to answer to corruption charges even if he does not enjoy immunity? Remember also, late President Augusto Pinochèt of Chile hunched-over a wheelchair in court… how did that case end? Crooks have their ways pal, leave mattar for Matthias! LOL!!

      • Wale

        hey guy what happened to you?
        Did you jumped over the fence or the mirin gate-man intentionally left the gate opened.

        Well sha, e kabo sir,
        Se alafia ni e wa.

    • Zaza

      Did you even read the story? I doubt that you did, or you would have discovered that the Report itself says the persons who gave the gift of 37m could not be traced to any proceedings before the Judge. Read to understand, not to respond.

  • Intrepid

    The man bringining this up now is yariba. Why now yariba? Why trouble the soul of Buhari in this trying times? Mischievious people.

  • Sanssouci

    The most amazing thing to me is that the judges houses were raided in October 2016, just 4 months later in February 2017 the prosecution has already called all of its witnesses and has rested its case. Whatever was done in this case should be replicated across the entire judiciary, kudos. If this can happen then there is still hope for the judiciary.

  • Isi Agwo

    Where is the damn certificate? Buhari told the world that military chiefs, on the instruction of President Jonathan, refused to release his “original” WASC before the presidential election. Buhari’s men have been in charge of the military and the elusive certificate for nearly two years. For a self-confessed “poor” Buhari to have handed half a million naira to a judge sitting on his certificate forgery case says more than meets the eyes – it speaks VOLUMES! Now, we know better. Still we ask: WHERE IS THE DAMN CERTIFICATE?

  • This development calls for the deposition of the president… even from his sick bed. Trial lawyers should be dispatched to the UK to obtain sworn testimony from the president.

    • badru


      Do you have fear of God at all? You want Muhamadu Buhari to face television camera
      and say he has only Primary Six certificate? Who will vote for him? He had to tell lies.
      When the lies did not hold water what is the next option? It is to bribe the Judge of
      the Federal High Court. What else did you want him to do? Did Buhari tell you
      with his own mouth that he is a honest somebody? I never heard him say that.
      It is some useless journalists in Nigeria saying it on his behalf, not himself.

    • badru


      Do you have fear of God at all? You want Muhamadu Buhari to face television camera
      and say he has only Primary Six certificate? Who will vote for him? He had to tell lies.
      When the lies did not hold water what is the next option? It is to bribe the Judge of
      the Federal High Court. What else did you want him to do? Did Buhari tell you
      with his own mouth that he is a honest somebody? I never heard him say that.
      It is some useless journalists in Nigeria saying it on his behalf, not himself.

      • No-Comment

        “And now the conclusion seems to be inescapable in Nigeria that what we have as leaders
        in politics, business, and in the civil service, are common thieves in high places. The rot is
        so deep that stealing is now in the family system, in the religious system; even in friendly
        and social clubs. Everybody is looking for somebody else to steal from.”

        …….………..Muyiwa Adetiba

        (Pioneer Editor, Vanguard Newspaper)

        [June 15, 2013]

      • Demola Lediju


        • Otile

          Were they voting for the certificate or the man? That is the issue. When you got your own school certificate did mutanen Najeriya conscript you to be their president? We heard boque people from Ile Ife, Suruleri. Ijora, Ilorin, Owo, Idu Karimu and beyond swear that even if Imam produced a worn-out NEPA bill they would still vote for him. Folks, as you make your bed so shall you lye on it.

        • bbounce

          so you know Jacob Zuma SA president has no formal education and he’s the president.

          • Vintage

            Parliamentary system N

          • IAMCHINO

            And how is he enjoying the seat? Impeachment threats every day.

        • Say the truth

          He was just a joker for a bigger picture. Mystery. The msster strategist had made them sing His song.

    • Otile

      You are very unkind. Imam is on medical hibernation in Ingila away from public gaze & speculation and you are calling for his deposition. Are you a Najeriyan?

  • Wale

    Mr. Joe Agi has a corruption case today, because he allegedly gave bribe to Justice Ademola; now, another bribe giver has been named in the process, that is the lawyer representing the president, it’s now left for Mr. Ademola to sing like a bird.



    The time for you to grow up is NOW! Enough of this foolishness! You must repent and Apologize to Nigeria, for the wickedness you engaged in during the 2015 elections, and before. Voting for Buhari has got to be the most evil thing any group of southerners could have done. Only the devil himself could make someone do it; nobody is that naive.

    • Otile

      Don’t you think each of our Odua brothers is now saying in agony …had I known then what I know now…?

      • bbounce

        you’re on your own…

    • Kickboxer

      unfortunately, Yariba slaves are brain damaged….you have to observe them closely and carefully to understand it

    • Olusola

      Grow up! People vote based on present circumstances not ethnic decisions. Americans did same thing twice now in ten years. They booted out junior Bush because they were tired of war, they booted out Obama because they said they were tired of inactions and slow economy. Was Trump the best man for the job? more than 50% said NO! but they just couldn’t trust the next person on the ballot. Believe me, I voted Buhari not out of hatred for GEJ, but because I detest the wanton looting going on. DO I regret my actions? NO; would I possibly vote Buhari out perhaps YES! Dont take it personal. I see that most of you Igbos took it too sore, more than the Ijaws even. Look, Dr Jonathan is already back in the trenches for 2019 whether for himself or for his party. Life must go on.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        They didnt boot out Obama. he served two terms

  • Vintage

    The removal of GEJ was always a Yoruba coup d’etat .
    The Pastor President in waiting is only interested in bribing the Niger delta.
    Action speaks louder than words.

  • Say the truth

    A thief is a thief a criminal is a criminal. Whether you forged certificate or bribe a judge involved in your case you are a criminal. PMB is not a saint after all. Now that PMB has been effectively nailed the case will quietly die a natural death with justice Ademola settled by APC. Government of propaganda by liars. Tinubu, okoro-cockroacha, Amaechi the thug, Oshiomonkey, the midget El-Ruffian, Kayode Egbayee etc should now burry their heads in shame.

  • John.

    Until the case is proven beyond reasonable doubt.
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    • emmanuel

      Wao, so you nor sell cement today? Ole.

  • George

    You can’t be Tinubu friend without knowing how to give bribe.

    APC shame

  • SamPsalm

    One of three SANs in one of multiple suits challenging Buhari’s eligibility for the elections gave money to a judge. He is a SAN. Their modus operandi is to bribe judges – corrupt judges who can be bribed. Did he bribe Justice Ademola? On whose behalf did he bribe the judge if he did ( a gift of such significant sum – N500,000 – to judge is a bribe once you are a lawyer who not only appear before him but have a case before him).

    So, did the lawyer bribe the judge as a matter of course – to secure his general good will for his cases that may come before the judge? Or did he bribe the judge for the specific case of Buhari? Was his role as part of the team of defence lawyers that of securing the bribing of that judge? What does other senior lawyers on the Team who appeared ahead of him in the case know and have to say about the payment. Was that their authorised strategy or was he working all on his own as a renegade.

    Those are questions that need to be answered

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari is also a bribe giver! Lord have mercy.

  • kayode Olufade

    The allegations of the so called gift has to be investigated, as such allegations applies to Ricky tarfa. It would be surprising to find out that Buhari actually conceded to ‘gift’ the judge as these lawyers tend to do such for favours from judges and then surcharge their clients without their clients knowing what happened. The lawyer representing Buhari at the time should be questioned

  • Spoken word

    Premium times is fast becoming a tabloid newspaper with all its sensational headlines. I guess the recession has hit them hard.

    • emmanuel

      The adverts speak for itself. When medium of mass communication become a tool in the hands of despicable men and women, the reasonable in the society who patronise them for commercial business take a walk.
      Even Liar Mohammed has been badly hit, neither Nigeria public or his bosses take him for anything serious. Consequently, he has of late been everywhere telling Nigerians how the business of deceit which he prided himself in in the past has suddenly become act of terrorism or worse that terrorism.
      The shame of a decaying journalist!

  • SHAMELESS Lawyers

    Below are the names of the 13 shameless crooked so called ‘Senior Lawyers’ who were hired by Imam OLODO to thwart the course of justice and prevent his forgery case from proceeding. Interestingly some of these Lawyers are the ones who pride themselves as “Civil Society & Human Rights activists”.

    1. Wole Olanipekun
    2. Lateef Fagbemi
    3. Akin Olujinmi
    4. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu
    5. Kola Awodein
    6. Taiwo Osipitan
    7. Charles Edosomwan
    8. Emeka Ngige
    9. Femi Atoyebi
    10. Femi Falana
    11. Funke Aboyade,
    12. H.O. Afolabi
    13. Muiz Banire.

    Some like the useless Falana fought on the side of the people in similar circumstances in the days of the military and even as a University student. But today he lives in Abuja where he defends the same thieves and ruthless leaders he once led protest marches against…all because of MONEY. Judgement day will be very interesting when it gets to the turn of Nigerians especially the Lawyers. If you told me in 1999 that Femi Falana would be defending Buhari for obvious fraud & perjury, I would not believe it.

    • emmanuel

      In Nigeria, NOBODY fight for the development of the country. It has always been for themselves. From Journalist, to Lawyers, to civil right activists, to NANS Leaders, Labour Leaders etc.
      The day they get notied by eveil government and give them some carrot to eat, their voices suddenly fades away and rationalise what they would have resisted if they were still with the people.
      Remember one yeye fowl called Oshomole? who would ever imagine that a crass illiterate like him would dare take-on Okonjo Iweala as his mate to malign.

  • ??????questo


    What’s the right punishment for Judge Adeniyi Ademola?

    Corporal punishment should be introduced in Nigeria’s courts at all levels. Flogging of
    wayward judges should be the norm rather than the exemption. Flogging exists on
    the law books but it is meted out only to accused criminals arraigned.

    The Judges who take bribe are equally accused criminals and should get
    several helpings of flogging on their bare buttocks. Discrimination should not
    be practised in Nigeria anymore where only petty thieves of goats and chickens
    are flogged in the public square. Judges of courts – including Supreme Court
    justices in Nigeria – deserve flogging like petty thieves and should be treated

    We cannot have one standard for ordinary citizens and have another
    standard for rogue judges of the courts. There is no reason why 24 strokes on
    bare-buttocks every day for 365 consecutive days cannot be prescribed as
    appropriate punishment for Judge Adeniyi Ademola, in addition to ten years
    imprisonment, for example, if found guilty as charged.

  • emmanuel

    Ademola is already filing for a no case judgement. Why did that suddenly happen?
    Buhari’s scrotum has been held very firm by Ademola and the boys are now negotiating for Bokohari – Corruption is not only stealing. Buhari is mortally corrupt.
    Where is Itse Sagay the lousy looking mouth man? A cursed lawyer and sensless human.

  • Abel Wariboko