Buhari’s lawyer gave ‘corrupt’ Nigerian judge N500,000 during certificate controversy, Witness tells court

Buhari campaigning
President Muhammadu Buhari campaigning at the last presidential election

A witness in the corruption trial of Justice Adeniyi Ademola has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari’s lawyer gave the embattled judge N500,000 while his certificate controversy was pending before Mr. Ademola.

Some persons had filed a suit challenging Mr. Buhari’s candidacy prior to the 2015 elections, alleging the president had no secondary school certificate as required by law.

The witness, an official of the State Security Service, said the money was given by Mr. Buhari’s former lawyer, Kola Awodeyin. He said the information on the payment was provided by another senior lawyer, Joe Agi.

The witness, however, said he does not consider the money a bribe.

Mr. Ademola is being prosecuted by the Nigerian government for alleged corruption. He has denied the charges and requested accelerated hearing at the trial in Abuja‎.

The federal judge is being prosecuted alongside his wife, Olubowale, and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Joe Agi.

Details later…

Editor’s Note: This post has been edited to reflect the accurate statements of the witness. More details will be provided in the updated story.


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  • Spoken word

    Justice Ademola is not that cheap.

    • umar a a

      mumu talk never with buhari please find another evidence this is purely a greatest lair of the century

      • Tanko Maihula

        Good one.

      • Spoken word

        N500k pere. When did Justice Ademola become a beggar.

        • Otile

          Poor logic. The question is, did he receive the money, yes or no, not when did he become a beggar. E gbo?

      • Gabriel Olasebikan

        Is he a prophet or a sahabi?

    • ayomi

      That is good

  • George

    APC which way.

    Dasuki said he gave Buhari two jeeps and $500k during his infamous lying of Boko Haram attacks, they said its lies now 500k to a judge the witness said he doesn’t consider it bribe.

    We are listening carefully.

    • oyoko

      if you believe this, then this man, Buhari has gut to still take these people before the law to account for their wrong doing. We need to praise him. He has won my confidence

  • TC

    Lmao…common PT……. 500,000 naira only. This type of labarin angwa is not credible.

  • KBE

    Every judge and lawyer that had large sum of money transferred to them are on trial. All the lawyers that transferred money to a judge are suspected of fraud and being tried. But PMB is above the law and can’t be suspected or tried. The EFCC is daily eroding its credibility and has become a laughing stock. Different strokes for different folks.

  • Romberg

    No, can’t be true. Is it Mohamadu Buhari that gave the bribe by himself or another Buhari from the pit of hell on behalf of our dearest Mr Integrity!?

    • longben

      Not Muhammadu but “Momodu” Buhari gave the bribe. One owns only a mud house in Daura and the other an estate in Abuja. One is squeaky clean and incorruptible while the other one is the president. You can pick and choose

  • Omo’oba Ifedayo Adebayo

    To buy groundnuts?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    The only way Muhammadu Buhari can convincingly deny this allegation is to present his WASC to the public before he dies in London.

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Who is the first to die, you or Buhari?

      • Otile

        Are you therefore wishing Buhari a slow death, are you going to suffer the excruciating pain with him?

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You, like Buhari, are an illiterate.

        • blueeyedkitten

          answer the question moron. are you scared of death?

  • Etomi

    It is a lie!

    He wants to implicate Buhari o!

    Don’t let anybody hear this one o!

    Buhari is a saint….holy saint!!!!

  • lubem


  • Akatikpo

    The prosecution has bungled the trial of Justice Ademola. All their witnesses are balderdash with no depth. I have read most of their hollow testimonies. When the Judge sets him free, the public will shout corruption. Meanwhile the judge acts on evidence before him and not conjectures. I have not seen a serious direct evidence or a compelling circumstantial evidence linking him to graft. No wonder they introduced a second charge which is illegal possession of firearms which in itself is hollow. The defence team is so sure of themselves and that was why they applied for accelerated hearing. I see Justice Ademola being discharged and acquitted.

    • Broadway2

      Why was the judge having so much money at home?

      • George

        The same reason why Tinubu the apc so called leader is richer than Lagos State

        • Broadway2

          Any proof?

      • Akatikpo

        Bros, there is no law against keeping your money in cash at home. If I have a phobia for the banking system, I can buy a big safe and keep all my money there in any currency of my choice. What the law requires is for me to reasonably prove the legitimate source of the money. I bought a property for less than 500,000 Naira in an area. Within 6 years the same property appreciated to 50 Million Naira and I sold. I can decide to convert the money to dollars and keep it under my bed. It is nobody’s business. You can bring in any amount of cash even into USA. They only require you to declare it at the point of entry. In criminal trials, the prosecution needs not only to prove his case but to prove it beyond reasonable doubt. That is why a thorough investigation needs to be carried out first before arraigning suspects. Our investigative agencies are always too much in a hurry to play to the gallery that they are fighting corruption. In the western world they take their time. They can investigate a suspect for more than 5 years before arresting and prosecuting. They build water tight cases. In Nigeria, it is not the same.

    • ayomi

      You make too much sense for this platform

  • Broadway2

    Has Buhari ever called himself a Saint? I wonder why so many comments here are busy calling him Mr Saint.

  • Kamalu

    If the witness does not consider the N500,000 as bribe, what was it for? There is no reason of speaking from both sides if the mouth. Law deals with facts and he who alleges must provide convincing proof. It’s over to President Buhari’s lawyer who allegedly gave the money to validate or invalidate the claim of Justice Ademola’s witness.

    • Gbola

      But that lawyer has to be at least charged to court for bribery.

      And until Ademola reports the crime to the EFCC or the NJC, this remains a distraction.

      The court doesn’t prosecute.
      The court renders a verdict to a criminal being prosecuted.

      To have Buhari’s lawyer prosecuted, they must make a formal complaint to the EFCC, the media OR the NJC.

    • government

      The witness,a DSS official coulnt have been Justice Ademola’s.I think he is a prosecution witness.

  • Otile

    In Taquiyya parlance the money is not bribery, it’s a token of good will. Buhari’s WAEC is equivalent to Masters degree as we are told. Lairs

    • Alhaji

      Well, F9 in WAEC and in mathematics is equivalent to Masters degree in Fulani and Hausa. That is why Nigeria is “progressing.” Very soon $1 will be #1000.

  • Oskirin

    Baba…pls come home 4rm uk 2 defend urcef on ds.

  • Moh’d Maiha

    This is not a new thing in Nigeria, normally if you are fighting corruption, get ready, definitely corruption would fight you back, so the only thing do not be discourage…

    • Oskirin

      and show proof say d tin wey dem talk na lie….



  • Black Pope

    The same kind of lies the SC justices said about about amaechi initially then they were arrested. Corruption is really fighting back


      Tell that to the dogs, this is an accusation made under oath. Buhari is just another Nigerian politician involved in corruption, lies and mass deception.

      • Joseph


      • 0racle

        Correction, it is not an accusation made under oath, it is the prosecution witness (a DSS officer) who admitted this under cross examination by the defense lawyers.


          The DSS officer cannot go into the witness stand without an oath.


    It is now obvious that Buhari did not pass his WASC because he would not bribe a judge if he did have his certificate, secondly this allegation is straight and uncomplicated, If indeed this accusation was made under oath, Buhari would have been exposed as a first class hypocrite and liar .

    • Gbola

      Ia it that youre not aware that people always lie under oath ??

      Or are you a learner ??


    When the Fulanis from Cameroon and Niger Republic in Nigeria———steal certain 9jas from the old regions of the country often claim it is a new style——————Buhari has houses in London—-Nigerians operating under the flag of the Tripod kept quiet—Bingo Buhari ati Aisha Buhari–his baby pancake Yawo–ati Amariya serving the elites in Abuja–has Mansions in abuja–while pretending he has no roof over his Fulani head———9jas pretended as if we knew nothing about the 27m he said he borrowed from first bank–to pay for his nomination fees in APC————Again–he has not school certificate–the Yorubas told us even if Buhari presents s NEPA Bill–as his certificate it would be accepted-able to INEC——-Besides–if the alleged bribery of judges with 500,000 by Bingo Buhari had been organized by Ijaw man Jonathan—the drug addict called Magu in efcc–who is currently working for the Apes in APC———– would have alleged the money came from the purse of Deizani –Dudafa or Etete————————-The truth of the matter is that the money was given to the judge to enable Bingo Buhari escape from being prosecuted——-period——————-There is no hiding place for him-Bingo Buhari—who is yet to account for the missing 2.8b he stole from the SS————————–Again-whether dead or alive Bingo Buhari must be put in the dock—ONE DAY——–So let him continue to play hide and seek with our conscience and crude oil resources in London—–if he has any–Bingo Buhari is a thief—and a certificate forger——————-and must be made to pay for his sins against his adopted country Nigeria———-period-

    • ayomi

      Of course, the Yoruba are responsible


        The Yorubas–WHO -are also part of the TRIPOD————— helped the CIA impose bingo Buhari the artful dodger on us–in Aso rock

  • Gbola


    Anyone who Makes an allegation in court must prove it.

    Since the witness alleged that Buhari “bribed” justice Ademola with 500,000, the onus is on him to prove what he just stated.

    He claimed that Buhari sent the money through his lawyer to Justice Ademola.
    Did The meeting where the money exchange took place occur at his chambers or his house ??

    This Judge basically dug himself a hole.
    He basically just told the entire world that he took and does take bribe from people whose cases are pending in court.

    If this was true and he wasn’t the corrupt type, he would have reported the matter to Jonathan who was the one at the helm at that time.



      Justice Ademola cannot present a phantom witness under oath because he knows the legal implication . Buhari has been presenting a fake front to gullible Nigerians as a saint alas all wrong.

      • Gbola

        If Ademola was a justice with integrity, Did he REJECT the bribe ??

        Why Did it take his prosecution for corruption for him to leak out this supposed allegation THROUGH A WITNESS ??

        You get sense pass dis one naw.


          He accepted taking the money and it takes two ie the giver and the taker. The logic to be derived from this is that the judge has sealed his case before presenting such a witness under oath.

          • Gbola


            Why didnt justice Ademola report the bribery to the relevant organization within the Judiciary ??

            This supposed bribe wouldn’t have been alleged or revealed had he not been charged to court.

            And since he is alleging that Buhari bribed him, the onus is one him to prove the allegation he’s making.

            You can’t just make an allegation and not prove it.
            Otherwise, whats to stop him from saying he accepted a bribe even from you.

            The court isn’t a place where you report a crime.
            Its the place where prosecution of a crime takes place.

            So go and tell Ademola to report the crime to the relevant authorities so that charges can be mounted.


            There is no statute of limitation plea here, the judge has chosen this platform to expose the bribery and so be it.

          • Gbola

            And you’ve already taken his account to be true without any shred of evidence supporting such.

            Ademola wasn’t one making this allegation, its the defense witness who of course is attempting to help the case of Ademola.


            Cambridge would have given Buhari a certified copy of his WASC had he applied and the court case would not even be heard secondly he did not and has not tendered a certificate to date. Buhari is most probably a certificateless corrupt leader who bribed a Judge to kill a civil motion brough against him.

          • defash1

            Why are you fighting teeth & nail over Buhari?
            Both Buhari & Ademola do not worth anyone’s sweat, just keep your fingers crossed & watch the drama that unfolds.

            This is Nigeria where anything goes.

          • Gbola

            Where is the “teeth and nail” ??

            Do I need your permission to make an opinion in this media-forum ??

            You are free to keep mute and watch as the drama unfolds BUT don’t expect everyone to be without an opinion like you.

            This is a discussion forum where people air their opinions FOR or AGAINST a given issue OR topic.

          • Doffi Atoshi

            Did he report this to NJC?


            That does not make his accusation invalid, he has chosen this platform hence the court will hear him out, it is left for the witness and judge to prove their allegation.

          • Gbola

            Thank you.

          • Adebanke Obafemi

            Why is it that most of you yoruba muslims are full of empty brain?
            None of you thinks properly as human beings.

          • Gbola

            Ademola has been charged with corruption.
            What a sensible defense must do is prove that he isn’t corrupt AS CHARGED.

            He is acknowledging that he is indeed corrupt AS charged and that he even accepted a bribe from Buhari.

            And this is his DEFENSE for proving that he isn’t corrupt ??

            He just dug a hole for himself.
            Believe me !!

          • Sanssouci

            I disagree, he already knows he is a goner so he is pulling down the giant so as not to sink alone

        • Sunny man

          And EFFC can arrest Buhari

        • Architect common sense

          Lol. All those ones against amechi, fashola, babachir grasscutter, e.t. c what has efcc done about them? EFCC thats been controlled by the president. It makes me remember when nuhu ribadu came to OAU when he was the efcc chairman and we asked why didn’t he arrest obasanjo when its obvious that the man is corrupt. He answered US that you can’t bite a finger that is feeding you.

      • Doffi Atoshi

        He who alleges must prove.


          So let’s give him a chance to do so.

      • Frank Abang

        To be frank with you, Nigeria is not a country. Even if M. Buhari had a certificate or even a PhD, that would still not make him a candidate anywhere else but in a warped Nigeria where anyone however iddddiotic can become a President on the dual principles of ETHNICITY & RELIGION. Were the 4 regions in Nigeria (North, South, East and West) to be countries (which they should be), would a Buhari ever win any presidential primaries? Your guess is as good as mine. BUT in a Nigeria, any man walking the street in the North just want to know 2 things – The Religion and Ethnicity of the candidate…and these 2 determine how he and his household votes. Sad. But true. Is this the Nigeria we must continue with?

        Until we begin to dismantle Nigeria’s present structure i.e., allow real countries emerge from Nigeria, Nigeria will always have misfits like Buhari in position of authority and retardation in everything will be our lot.

        • longben

          You are a WISE ONE. In just two paragraphs, you told the whole story of the LIE called Nigeria since 1914

    • Maverick

      If it was against FFK you wouldn’t need verification. Buhari worshipper! Unfortunately your god is dead!

      • Doffi Atoshi

        Even your father will not live forever.

        • Otile

          Dan buro ubankan. Shegge

    • sab

      Giver and receiver of bribe are guilty of same offence.

      • Otile

        Is Imam Buhari still a man of integrity?

    • Gary

      E-rat, hope you read the story to know that this was a WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION and EFCC OFFICER.
      He was testifying that a lawyer for Buhari gave money to Justice Ademola. The hunter has inadvertently become the hunted.
      Over to you, Justice Ademola. They either drop the case against you or you spill the beans to confirm that the Emperor has been clothed in borrowed robes all along.
      Either outcome will tell Nigerians the truth.

      • Gbola


        Oga wailer,
        Just because the witness was said to be an official of the State Security doesn’t mean he is a prosecution witness.

      • Gbola

        Oga, wailer,

        Go and read the details with names on SR.

    • Political ninja

      But if its diezani you wont ask all this? Keep using your head as dustbin for bmc. Hunger is coming.

  • Maverick

    This is no longer a case as Buhari has already joined his ancestors!

    • Doffi Atoshi

      Joined your father?

      • Maverick


        • blueeyedkitten

          after you

          • Otile

            Why are you people defending bribery, are you all this corrupt? Shame

          • emmanuel

            Blueeyed kitten. Please relocate to London where Buhari now reside. There is no place for you in Nigeria. Even Aisha has left London for Nigeria. An upwardly mobile lady who now is on the lookout for better deal.
            Only you and Rommel are on the queue. Hunger do wire all your friend online and have decamped from your Alice in wonderland Buharis kingdom

    • Tunsj

      Maverick, the only thing I can tell by your post is that you’re a LOON.

      • Maverick

        And you’re a dufus!

    • Linda Okorie

      He is talking dead man, he must defend himself o hahahahahaha

  • Pete

    Those of us with discerning mind have long opined in succinct and clear terms that Buhari is a disaster in every way. He is not only sick in the body but sick in the mind. Bribing a judge with N500,000 because he could not present his non-existent Certificate is the height of stuupidity. See where Nigeria is? The exchange rate as @today Feb 21, 2017 is $1 – N535. When this dumb came in it was $1 – 165. Just imagine how he and his Northern power hungry empty heads and their supporters from the Yoruba West.

    —Some men now keep Tubers of Yam and other food stuffs in the boot of their cars and go to work with the car in order to enforce the 1-0-1 food rationing.
    —Suicide rate due to economic reasons has risen by over 240%.
    —Dogs and Donkeys have replaced Sheep & Cow as meat
    —Inflation has perpetually remained 2 digit figure. First time since 1914

    And the list goes on and on. Nothing is working. To add salt to injury, Buhari goes to London to treat himself and possibly die there instead of going to die in a Nigerian Hospital. Why waste scarce resources in a foreign country?

    • Otile

      You see, that N500k bribe paid Imam handsomely. Without it most Yoruba voters would quote the constitutional demand and refuse to vote for Imam. Believe it or not many Yorubas still have conscience.

  • Rommel

    Let justice Ademola tell us what the money was for

    • sab

      Will you agree if he says something contrary to your view? Remember, both giver and receiver of bribe are guilty of same offence.

      • Rommel

        Justice Ademola I know will never accept 500K because he will consider it as peanuts but names were mentioned so it will be nice for us to know since it was PMB that gave go ahead for those judges to be busted

        • Otile

          Bad judgement. How much do you think he accepts for bribes?

        • emmanuel

          Mumustica. Guy collects N500k first oga will give you something juicy when things settle down. May be Ademola had dreamt that Buhari may elevate him to supreme Court. Only to gag him when he asked for his balance.
          I also suspect the SAN ate most of the bribe money.
          Rommel you are almost now a stand alone behind the dieing fossil called Buhari. When Ayo Fayose the Lion told the World that Buhari had almost crossed the borders before the election, you all abused him and asked if he was God.
          Early in the year, the Prophet Fayose said of a former President that may die this year. Is Buhari not already a former President – Osinbade having technically taken over?
          Cry my beloved!

    • Otile

      It does not matter the color of the caterpillar that runs you over.

    • thusspokez

      Just hope that before he tells you, the Buhari’s handlers have not approached him to cut him a deal on the understanding that he denies everything.

  • .RAPE on Niger DELTA

    Dear A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S,
    There is massive poverty in the Niger Delta. There is nothing to show for the wealth of the region as monies from the region are used to develop Abuja and the rest of the country. The only benefit the oil producing and resource owners – Biafra and Niger Delta regions benefit from Nigeria are :
    – Pollution
    – Neglect
    – Violence
    – Military Occupation
    – Wanton arrest of its citizens
    – Harassment
    – Sponsored propaganda to defame
    – Bypass in political appointments
    – Hate, hate and more hate
    – Etc etc, etc

    SECESSION is the only way for the Niger Delta and Biafran regions if they must achieve their potentials. Buhari can remain president of the rest of Nigeria and those of us who do not want to be associated with Nigeria in any way should be left alone to live our dreams and fly to our destination – have our own country. And this is what we must do.

    May God be with our freedom fighting comrades – the AVENGERS…and we look forward to the prayer sessions of Operation Hurricane Joshua and Jericho Wall which you have proposed

  • Pure Reasoning

    If this allegation is true, there is need to investigate what the money is for and under what circumstances was the money provided. Giving money to a judge if there is a pending case before the judge is nothing more than an act of corruption. Therefore, the public need an answer.

    • Maria

      I agree with you.

      • Otile

        Yeah, you agree with him. Are you now saying that Imam is no longer a man of integrity as was once fabled? I know you will attack me nevertheless but deep down you believe Imam is not a man of integrity.

        • Maria

          It is not about not being a man of integrity…it is about getting to the root of the allegation. Even Jesus was accused of crime.

      • Epsilon_Delta

        Stup*d Maria!

        • Maria

          You dont have to display your madness this way…get civilized.

      • Wise Head

        Wow, Maria, have you been retrenched as Buhari/APC e-Rat that sees nothing in anything Buhari does or did you honourably resign? Welcome to the side of reason

        • Maria

          I am not… I criticize with my senses.When you guys supported Jonathan…you never used your senses. The fact that I supported Buhari does not mean I cannot disagree with him. I disagree with my parents, brothers and sisters and even pastors. That is democracy…I hope you get that.

          • emmanuel

            I beg go sidon. Asewo nor know say her runs nor be work until the side of her hair begin fall down and her chest don sag, wen customers nor dey come again.
            Your are a clueless person who lack good cognitive reasoning, hence Buhari’s inability to stand for more than 10 minutes during campaign did not get your cocayam head to think.
            Now the man has turn vegetable and wears pampers like Ekun – Fayose did describe.
            Who cares if you disagree with your entiree household? Afterall, a renegade child bring pains to his/her household.
            You have brought pains to Nigeria and you want anyone to listen to your weak sense of judgement anymore? Na, you are not worth it!

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Why is this just “a witness”. He has no name? Everyone who has been given evidence we know their names. We need to hear more about this, because this is a very serious matter.

    • Dazmillion

      Behave yourself, this is Nigeria, such matters are not serious

      • emmanuel

        Yes, Ahjo of the PTF theft witness nko? Na who de man wan expose then when he died less than a week before the seating when he should appear?

    • Otile

      Do you want the witness to be murdered by the cabal for saying what he knows?

    • Taylor

      Can you please name all the witnesses in the case?

  • David Adeniran

    We need details of the evidence please!

  • ayomi

    Buhari gave this judge money? This is right out of Alice in Wonder Land, but in Nigeria

    • jason jasi

      Not Buhari. It’s his lawyer and learn to differentiate

      • ayomi

        Sir please read Alice in wonder land and through the looking glass to appreciate the irony and absurdity of these books and the current situation in Nigeria

      • uche roberts

        Read: Buhari through his lawyer gave this judge money.

  • Sanssouci

    “The witness, however, said he does not consider the money a bribe.” Am I missing something? So please tell us what it was for

    • Otile

      What else do you need money for?

  • thusspokez

    This is a bombshell. Following this allegation, the prosecution should have immediately put the judge in the dock to affirm or deny the claim. Questioning the judge another day will be too late because, I am almost certain that Buhari’s minders will now try to lean on the judge to deny the allegation in return for leniency or even promise to drop the case against the judge so that he does not confirm the allegation.

    • Otile

      Get it, Buhari does not owe anybody any certificate. He became a general without it. He married world class beautiful Aisha without it, he toppled Shagari’s government without, even as a president he has murdered many people without the certificate. Leave him alone when he is dying he will not need any certificate.

  • thusspokez

    The witness, however, said he does not consider the money a bribe.

    Well, like the defendant denying the charges, it is irrelevant whether this witness thinks that the money was a bribe or not. That is for the court to decide.



      Who wants to be exposed in public as a liar? Muhamadu Buharu had lied in newspapers and all that.
      He was publishing nonsense papers as his 1961 Waec/Gce result on ordinary plain sheet with NECO
      on top of the paper (as cancelled out with Bic biro) – when there was no NECO existing at all in 1961.
      After those lies were exposed by the brilliant Nigerians there was no option but to give 500,000 Naira
      to the Court Judge who will decide the case in public, just as down payment. Or, what other option did
      Muhamadu Buhari really have again at that serious stage to avoid eternal disgrace? Tell me, please!!

      • Otile

        O yes, he could have come out boldly as a brave General and told Nigerians that he owed them no certificate, that he had his military honor to defend. Nigerians would understand and he did not have any need to perjure himself.

  • John

    Nawah oh, wonders would never end. Nigerian youths we must right the wrongs of our fathers.

  • Ms. Thenjiwe Obong

    And the plots thickened.

  • Wise Head

    If “holy” Buhari gives a bribe, it is no longer a bribe. Remember that the witness that give this testimony is an DSS man. Remember Magu’s case; the same DSS.

  • Taylor

    We need explanations here, Mr Lie Muhammed.

  • Senator D

    Like my mother always says, “Everyone has a big tooth but if your lips can’t cover yours then you are the one with a big TEETH!” All of unah nah rotten tomatoes inside a leaking bag… Make we hear word oooooo!!!