PDP Crisis: Jonathan backs Sheriff as Chairman

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday declared support for Ali Sheriff as the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party.

The former president spoke after a meeting with Mr. Sheriff and some members of his group in Abuja.

Mr. Sheriff, was affirmed the party’s national chairman by the Court of Appeal, Port Harcourt Division, last week.

Those at the meeting held behind closed doors at the former president’s home in Maitama District of Abuja were the Deputy National Chairman, Cairo Ojougbo, the National Secretary, Wale Oladipo, the acting National Publicity Secretary, Benard Mikko, the Financial Secretary, Adewole Adeyanju, and the National Youth Leader, Dennis Alonge-Niyi.

The meeting held while the Ahmed Makarfi-led faction of the party met at the Ekiti State Governor’s Lodge in Abuja where it resolved to challenge the judgement of the Court of Appeal.

Mr. Sheriif had on Sunday met with a former military president, Ibrahim Babangida, in Minna, the Niger State capital.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Jonathan, who had referred to Mr. Sheriff as “my chairman,” said there were no factions in the party though members could have disagreement.

“We are not factionalised. We are one. There are bound to be differences in politics. We cannot run away from that,” he said.

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan and Ali Modu Sheriff
Former President, Goodluck Jonathan and Ali Modu Sheriff

“It is the way we resolve these differences that make us human beings and that is what makes us leaders. I have met with Sheriff. And I have met with others. I will still meet with others, so that we will be able to do what is expected of us as a political party.”

Also speaking, Mr. Sheriff said he and his team were at the home of the former president as part of the moves to unite the PDP with a view to providing credible opposition to the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

“We are putting everything together to ensure that the party is united,” he said.

“We are not fighting and this is no time to join issues with people. We want everybody to come back to the party. Very soon I will get back to you when I finish my consultations. I won’t tell you anything before I finish consultations.”

(he national chairman insisted that the party’s constitution does not have a place for a caretaker committee, saying, “There is only one PDP and there is only one national chairman. A group of people has the right to sit and discuss as only a group of people but not as PDP. If I go down to their level to exchange words with them, then I would not be different from them.

“We don’t have anything like caretaker committee in our party. As father of the party, I will make sure everybody is united. I will make sure that everybody gets what they want in PDP.

“By the time I finish my convention, Nigerians will know that we mean well for the party.”


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  • kayode Olufade

    GEJ surprises me, in all this confusion he and Murray Bruce have shown some wisdom. As long as the courts have granted modu sheriff chairmanship of the party then all should support sheriff, there are internal democracies to remove sitting chairmen. They can now remove sheriff democratically. It save the pdp but greed and ego will not allow them think straight. Also, the makarfi section should atop blaming apc for their woes and face their challenges squarely

    • isiaka

      thanks my brother, PDP can only stand if some greedy, selfless and No future ambition people can leave the party completely.

    • thusspokez

      GEJ surprises me, in all this confusion he and Murray Bruce have shown some wisdom. As long as the courts have granted modu sheriff chairmanship of the party then all should support sheriff

      Previous court had also granted Ahmed Makarfi the chairmanship. So was the failure of GEJ and Murray Bruce to acknowledge the previous court’s judgement an exhibition of foolishness, i.e., the opposite of wisdom?

    • George

      GEJ is a confused person what would you have called MKO who died seeking for worthless mandate that never existed

  • Sarah Ebun

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  • thusspokez

    Jonathan backs Sheriff as Chairman

    Here are the list of the ‘who is who’ at the GEJ’ meeting

    Deputy National Chairman
    the National Secretary
    Acting National Publicity Secretary
    Financial Secretary
    National Youth Leader

    Compare to:

    Ahmed Makarfi faction
    Governors Forum
    Board of Trustees (BoT)
    National Assembly Caucus
    Former Ministers Forum
    Former Lawmakers
    State Chairmen

    The PDP under GEJ lost the last election. He is therefore bad news for PDP; and many Nigerians rightly or wrongly blame him for the corruption in the last government. Now for a party that needs to revive itself to get any chance of winning the next national election, it is bad judgement for the PDP to continue to allow GEJ to play a pivotal role in the party. His presence and role in the party can only remind the voters of the PDP corrupt past and also make voters wonder if the corrupt PDP that they know has changed at all.

    • George

      GEJ isn’t a trouble maker only want peace stated by PDP writing constitution.

      jealousy will kill you people Yorubas the Mallams slave

  • thusspokez

    “We don’t have anything like caretaker committee in our party. As father of the party, I will make sure everybody is united. I will make sure that everybody gets what they want in PDP.

    Nonsense, how does GEJ intend to accomplish this, when he had just openly declared support for one faction of the party? He should have acted like a statesman and stayed away from the dispute or even better, go away and find himself something to do outside politics. His continual presence in the PDP is detrimental to the party’s revival.

    • George

      mONKEY from baboon kingdom the man speaking wasn’t GEJ your suppose enemy but Ali himself.

      You Yorubas are doom

      • thusspokez

        Obviously, you are a juvenile and reŧard; in a country of over 350 ethnic groups, you insult the Yorubas, presumably because your arrested mental development thinks that anyone whose views clash with yours, must be a Yoruba. I feel pity for you!

  • thusspokez

    If I were a PDP member in-charge of its revival

    Here is what I would do:

    The PDP’s Achilles heels is corruption — the main sin which many a Nigerian associate with the party. And GEJ is often blamed rightly or wrongly for it. So the party’s main focus should now be in formulating strategy to reverse or amend this bad reputation.

    We have seen so many ex-PDP defections to the APC. This could be used to the PDP’s advantage. For example, the PDP could discredit these former members as corrupt and dodgy and that their departures to the APC mean that, there are now less bad apples in the PDP but more bad ones in the APC due to the defection to the latter.

    As a result, the APC has now overtaken the PDP as the party with the most Nigeria’s A-class looters and thieves. The PDP could use these defection as proof that its cleansing itself of the rotten dad apples of the GEJ era. This is the message that the PDP should be selling to the Nigerian people over and over again.

    Indeed everytime there is a defection from the PDP, PDP spokespersons should quickly go on the offensive in the media (newspaper, radio, tv, social media) and play the above message repeatedly. The PDP needs to turn every defection to its advantage. i.e., as clearing the rotten apples of the GEJ era.

  • Rommel

    Hahahahahahahaha perhaps GEJ is also now working for the APC hahahahahahahaLol!

    • aboki

      GEJ may be APC agent n trying to destroy PDP

  • share Idea

    APC is confirming in every way that they are manipulating the problem in PDP. PT as the mouth piece of APC, just gave a quote ‘Chairman’ without stated in the conversation where GEJ referred to Sherrif as Chairman. What is even evident to people that watch the propaganda video from Sherrif camp was that GEJ referred to to Sherrif as a leader and never used the word ‘Chairman’.

    It is only matter of time and Supreme court will determine the final position on the case. We should not worry

  • Solomon Brown

    While the leader of the APC is holed up somewhere in the UK after failing to fulfill even as little as a third of the promises made while campaigning. The joke is on you.

  • Segun Adeoye

    Why are you guys at premium times misrepresent Goodman Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. GEJ is the authentic leader nethe Pdp and he has to embrace and attend to all the parties involved! He said what he ought to say so as to pacify both aggrieved parties!
    Jonathan is a Goodman and you just can’t take peace simplicity and humility away from him!
    God bless Goodman Goodluck Ebele Jonathan!
    God bless our great party the Pdp!
    God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    • thusspokez

      Why are you guys at premium times misrepresent Goodman Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. GEJ is the authentic leader nethe Pdp

      When your are the head of a political party that is voted out of power, you should automatically resign and piss off! Go and find yourself something to do outside politics. For example, give speech for fees; write books; set a museum, private library; be a farmer; spend more time with your family, etc

      All that Nigerians are seeing and reading are the same old PDP corrupt brigade. Nigerians want to know if all the PDP can offer them is the same failed politicians and the same old policies.

  • Solomon Brown

    FYI His absence doesn’t count for much, because while he was on the job, most of what he actually got done is go against the very institutions you think are working (flouting court orders). I didn’t challenge you because I wanted to, I did so primarily, because I had to bring to your attention, how childish you sound when you choose to call people names.