PDP Crisis: Makarfi faction concludes meeting, announces decisions

National Caretaker Chairman of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ahmed Makarfi.

Various organs of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday pledged support for the party’s National Caretaker Committee in spite of court verdict affirming Ali Modu Sheriff as national chairman of the party.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the organs expressed the support during the party’s meeting held at Ekiti State House in Abuja.

The organs, including the Governors Forum, Board of Trustees (BoT), the National Assembly Caucus, Former Ministers Forum, Former Lawmakers, and State Chairmen also agreed to appeal the Friday’s judgment of the Court of Appeal, Port Harcourt.

The Chairman of PDP Governors Forum and Governor of Ekiti, Ayodele Fayose, who addressed journalists at the end of the meeting, announced that the party’s organs agreed to appeal the judgment.

Mr. Fayose said that all the groups passed a vote of confidence and expressed support for the caretaker committee led by Mr. Makarfi.

“We equally condemned the police for sealing the original venue of this meeting, the International Conference Centre.

“We are not in a banana republic; opposition must have life. Part of democracy is a virile opposition that can keep government of the day on it toes,’’ he said.

He said the security agencies were now seen as representatives of the ruling party.

Also, a chieftain of the party, Jerry Gana, said he was delighted that every organ of the party expressed support to Makarfi leadership and agreed that court verdict should be appealed.

“We felt it is unjust and that the judgment should be appealed,’’ Mr. Gana said.

On his part, Dayo Adeyeye, Secretary of the PDP National Caretaker Committee, said the outcome of the meeting was “very encouraging’’ to the leadership and members of the party.

“What I will take away from this meeting is that PDP remains one happy family and we are ready to forge ahead,’’ Mr. Adeyeye said.

He said the party had already filed an appeal for a stay of execution at Port Harcourt Court of Appeal and was headed to the Supreme Court.

He added that the caretaker committee would continue with its activities pending the outcome of the Supreme Court process.

Earlier, Mr. Makarfi had urged PDP members to rise up in the face of challenges to defend the party.

He expressed confidence that justice would be done on the leadership issue at the Supreme Court.

Mr. Markarfi condemned the action of the police in barricading the scheduled venue of the meeting.

“It happened in Port Harcourt and it has happened here again. I don’t expect that this would be the last. A journey with a thousand miles starts with a step.

“When PDP was in power it could have stopped the formation of the APC but we did not do that; we will advise them to allow opposition party.

“People should be given a choice to have two, three or four alternatives,’’ Mr. Makarfi said.

The Board of Trustees (BoT) represented by Olabode George said “no matter what anyone does, no one can stop PDP from moving forward’’.

He urged party members to go out and tell the story that “PDP cannot be shaken’’. (NAN)


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  • kayode Olufade

    What baffles one to this point is that these individuals: knowing the nature of modu sheriff, went ahead to beg him to head their party. Now that he is exhibiting his version of ‘crase’ they suddenly term it as APC plan against them. Sheriff in the PDP is a self inflicted wound they have to take care of delicately or the party will self implode

    • Taiwo Adelu

      These people are funny, if Supreme Court affirms Sheriff as the Chairman, will they go and hang themselves or they will disregard the judgement. I’m waiting to see the shame of these people who had at one time or the other be our leaders. Nigeria is in big mess if we have the set of people around us.

      • Daniel

        A new mega party will be given birth to ASAP.

        • daniel

          And why are they not suing the Police for sealing the initial venue? That would help to deepen our democracy.

      • 123141

        Until the Supreme Court gives its verdict, Fayose and co have every legal right to challenge the Appeal Court judgement. That is democracy in action. I can understand why you APC apologists want Sheriff as PDP ‘chairman’ at all means.

    • Kallah Bature

      Yes KAYODE. It is very nauseating to blame APC for PDP’so misfortune. Ali Modu Sheriff will have dealt with the APC the same way he is doing the PDP if he had remained there.

  • Fadama

    What a laughing stock of a party.

  • muhammadunfagge

    A group of irresponsible political bigots! What does APC have to do with this? Let’s call a spade by its name. We are not exonerating APC, this clearly is FAYOSE and Co’ handiwork.

  • paul irumundomon

    The police are now out to sell the agenda, to divide the only opposition party. The party in power, have no clue, when they won, what to do. The country is going great as far as they are concerned.
    Every average man and woman are hungry, Nigerians don’t know where their president is, the uniformed officers, have become so lawless, that in Nigeria today, no one knows who is in charge.
    We shall have a day, when everyone is to present their records, is fast approaching. If apc is so bent to destroy the opposition party, what will their gain be, the end will tell.

  • Nkem

    “When PDP was in power it could have stopped the formation of the APC but we did not do that; we will advise them to allow….” Just look at the arrogance of power these people still display. Anyway, Mr. Man. I am sorry to inform you that the reason you could not do that is because “we are not in a banana republic”. You said it yourself.

    • simon tor gideon

      Pdp people always clap their hands for the judiciary whenever a court decision is given in their favour,like the case of Ondo state governorship election and some other cases the courts have given in their favour.Why can`t they accept decisions of courts that do not favour them?As of now a competent court that is only next to the Supreme Court of Nigeria has ruled in this case and they have rejected the ruling and summoned a meeting with those who are in the other faction the law as of now does not recognise,yet most of you are calling the govt names,is this not violation of the law?Ayo Fayose who won his governorship through fraudulent means and even went ahead to beat a High court judge for carrying out his constitutional duties is always shamlessly championing the course of blaming the federal govt whenever judgements are not in PDP`s favour.What a pity?Were we in a Banana repiblic when he beat a high court juddge and tore his suit?PDP carried out more arogant exercises in this country than any other party yet you did not see them as turning Nigeria into a Banana republic.Was it not in the PDP era that a serving minister refused to go and answer charges of misapproprition of funds that were levelled against her and she was not sanction?May the woes of PDP continue to increase till it finally dies.AMEN

      • 123141

        The right of appeal is engrailed in the Nigerian constitution. The same constitution also recognises the Supreme Court as the last and final arbitration organ on any legal dispute, so if the Markarfi faction believes justice was not serve at the Appeal Court they have every right to seek redress at thte hest .court, ie, the Supreme Court. The last timebU checked it was Sheriff and his APC moles that took an otherwise internal party matter to the courts, so why talk of “reconciliation” now that the matter is in court?

        • simon tor gideon

          Up till now,the PDP has not appealed that judgement.Even in their meeting of yesterday they were still contemplatig of going to Supreme Court,if they can obey judgements that are in their favour without the Supreme Court passing judgements on them,why can`t they simply obey this one also and wait for the outcome of a case they have not appealed against?They would be calling APC names if the reverse was the case

  • Man_Enough

    The arrogant and lascivious fayose once said that if the “other man” outperformes, the children will call him daddy. It’s time to call sheriff “chairman”

  • I think I have been proved wrong for once, most leaders are not always wise. I just could not imagine the Numbers of Governor, ex-governors, past ministers of FGN and other appointees of government in that meeting, and no single individual could advice Markarfi and the jungle travelers that going to SC is simply a waste of time. Rather, they should form a formidable force that will take over the party at the convention, which Sheriff has promised to conduct within months.

    • mayGodpunishopressors

      You seems to be naïve. You do not know who Sheriff is and what he represents. If not because Tinubu was politically smart, sheriff could have ended APC during its formative stage.

  • ola

    Why can’t these people think straight, they only want to remain arrogant.

  • Isaac Azor

    Anyone following or believing Fayose or looking up to him for leadership is on his own! That’s my take.