Nigeria Army denies killing Biafran protesters, labels IPOB ‘criminal gang’

Biafra Protesters

The Nigeria Army said on Sunday that it will no longer condone any form of false allegation of brutality by its personnel from Biafran agitators otherwise known as Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

The army also described the secessionist group as a “criminal gang”.

This warning came from the 6 Division of the Nigeria Army, Port Harcourt, in response to allegations by one Emma Powerful, who claimed to be the media and publicity secretary of IPOB. He alleged that soldiers shot dead 11 IPOB members on January 20 during a solidarity rally in Port Harcourt to celebrate the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.

The spokesperson of the Division, Aminu Iliyasu, said soldiers deployed to ensure peace on the street restrained themselves from firing a single shot despite provocations from the protesters.

“The allegation is false, malicious and existed in the figment of his imagination,” the colonel said.

“We therefore wish to warn Mr. Emma Powerful and other like minded mischief makers that the Nigerian Army will no longer tolerate such spurious and unfounded allegations that are injurious to the hard-earned image and reputation of the Nigerian Army, its selfless and dedicated officers and soldiers by any group of criminals regardless of their appellation”.

The army spokesperson said on the day of the protest, “members of the group were mobilized from Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Imo and Cross River States for an alleged rally with dubious intent of molesting innocent citizens, intimidating passers-by and wrecking havoc on commuters thereby disturbing public peace, safety and security”.

Nnamdi Kanu
Nnamdi Kanu

“The choice of Port Harcourt (the Garden City) as the epicentre of the protest has left much to be desired. It is however worthy to restate that one of the constitutional responsibilities of the Nigerian Army is to come to the aid of the civil authority whenever the need arises. In line with this constitutional mandate, troops of 29 Battalion Nigerian Army, were deployed in conjunction with other sister security agencies to prevent any loss of life or property with strict adherence to the established Rules of Engagement.

“Despite all provocative attempts occasioned by the stoning of security agents and the smashing of commuters’ windscreens by the violent protesters, troops refused to be cajoled into the criminal gang’s trap to fire a single shot. This is indicative of the troops’ total compliance with their Rules of Engagement. The violent protest was subsequently subdued with the use of tear gas and arrests were made by a sister security agency with no casualty recorded on either side.

“It is however worrisome and disturbing for anyone to falsely accuse troops deployed in support of civil authority who conducted their duty professionally under the beaming lenses of cameras of allegedly killing 11 citizens of our great country. A well observed trend of this criminal gang is the malicious posting of old videos and pictures from their archives on social media platforms which has no bearing on their claims to attract public sympathy and whip sentiments among the citizenry.

“To this end, Headquarters 6 Division Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, wishes to inform the public that the allegation is not true and should be dismissed as mere propaganda by the separatist group. We wish to restate our total commitment to the protection of lives and properties within the Division’s Area of Responsibility.

“We therefore solicit the cooperation and understanding of all peace loving citizens and further enjoin them to join hands to help eradicating all forms of criminality within Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Delta States. This will no doubt enhance mutual co-existence, peace and socio-economic development of the region”.

IPOB is one of the Igbo groups dedicated to the creation of an independent Biafra country. The leader of the group, Nnamdi Kanu, is in detention where he is being tried by the Nigerian government.


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  • Waandu

    The army has spoken the truth.

    • BenAri22

      What truth? Based on what? Park your APC registration card and your ethnic, religious biases.

    • Moweta Tony

      Fulani army

  • BenAri22

    Listen, silly soldiers, it is you who have no credibility. Wasn’t that two of your thugs beating a crippled man in the East the other day? Or was it our imagination? Wasn’t that you killing unarmed Shiites in their hundreds? I saw with my own eyes in the 80s you thugs killing my fellow Unilag students and random civilians with no justification. You are only tough guys with defenseless civilians, especially women and children. Face hardened insurgents or a professional army and you disappear, to surface looking to defraud the government on arms contracts or harassing civilians at roadblocks.

    Why not try to eliminate rogue Fulani herdsmen who are killing and raping with abandon? That would be useful. You are a waste of time!

  • izujoe

    Na so Nigeria be ohh. Posting old picture and video ohhhhhhhhh. Now they have accepted that they killed earlier and denying amnesty report ohhh.

    • Julius

      Moron, when the criminals were protesting with guns and shooting at the army and the police, what da hell do you expect them to do ?


        Shameless Liar.

        • Julius

          Provide the video coward ! I bet you were under your bed ranting hail biafraud. Prove me wrong ! Next you will be suing for N 1 trillion . Right ? Scammers !!

      • izujoe

        I don’t talk to monkeys. Since I have been read all ur comments non can be established without any bias in it. Am sorry for u.

  • Nicolas

    I wonder what the obligations of the Nigeria Police are , if the Army are always coming forward to the civil duty of the police.

    • Senator D

      The police are houseboys and housegirls to the politicians…Just the Senate President has over 150-police personnels attached to him…

  • obamajack2

    The world is a small global village now, one can transmit a live coverage anywhere anytime with a click of a button. Denied the obvious fact makes them a caricature

    • Julius

      what fact ? Did you see the killings and who was shooting them ? Like you said, it’s so easy to transmit to the whole world, so kindly post it or provide the link to the coverage. That criminal calling himself ‘powerful’ should be picked up and make him show the footage of the shooting to the whole world. Nonsense!

    • PolyGon2013

      It the images were captured, please post them online. Otherwise, IPOB should stop.spreading lies. It would only lead to more trouble. IPOB reserves the right to hold rally in as much as it is not violent and does not trample the rights of other citizens.

  • Capt

    Nigerian army and hard earned image mtsheww

  • westman

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    • BenAri22

      Ultimate cycler = Ultimate 419


    They killed almost 1000 Shiites buried them secretly and denied till images started appearing then they accepted the massacre of more than 400. They never accept their civilian killing antics even when caught red handed in videos.

    • then a court case will pushed and another and another….and every time a crime is committed another one! like the angry one!

  • Mentus

    It does not matter how cleverly you explain away, deny, cover up, blame others etc for the extra judicial killings you army/police officers carry out in Nigeria, you murderers know and more importantly God knows who did what whether there is evidence or not and I can assure the individual that unless they repent God will hold them personally accountable for shedding innocent blood.
    The fact that you are in the army does not justify any form of killing except in declared war.

    • non believers don’t care so your words mean nothing to them. what may mean something is what goes around comes around as they’re more concerned with today..

  • well for such a criminal gang how come you’ve never charged them?? look within if you want to make a lot fo arrests, idiots.

  • Alfa Sanni

    After the group succeed actualization Biafran Country. As they are building a wall like Uncle President DT to separate the tribes. The rest, the tribes from both sides of the wall will be building a tall ladder to jump the fence to Onitsha whole sale market. That will be fun of another criminal group.A new business will emerge because climbing ladder will not be free.

  • Oskirin

    buhari,,,,if u are reading ds,,,,and to stop ds criminal frm disturbing our collective peace,,,kindly do d needful and give dere oga a post in ur cabinet..u go c say all ds noise of biafraud ds biafraud dt will natually die down like d way arsenal supporters melted whn dey received 5:1 bashing frm d bavarians..

    a post will do n dere life will never remain d same again….

    jona people no dey make noise again…na ds people wey no ton mo jona dey cry..make una cry well well ooooo.

    ojojumo lekun alabosi… sun lo,sun si koroba…mo fe fi we..abass mo fe fi san ra…

  • Marcus Ijele

    Nigerian Army is bundle of illiterates. They do not what is a crime and what is not. They do not know when to refer to actions as criminal acts and when not to. If they are criminals, what would they call Boko Haram and Fulani Herds men? The Nigerian Soldiers went to Gbaramatu Kingdom, rape women, steal pots of soup, steal goats and money from people’s houses, and here they are calling a peaceful and harmless people asking for their rights criminals, too bad.

    • Oskirin

      “peaceful and harmless people”…are u kidding me? d beta do dere protest dere..make dem no carry am come lagos or any part of south west…if not,,,na gbosa 4 dere head.

  • paul irumundomon

    Some of them even deny they are in the Nigeria army, they lie just the same way buhari and apc people lie.