PDP Crisis: Makarfi’s faction blames APC for Sheriff’s victory, heads to Supreme Court

Ali Modu Sheriff

The Ahmed Makarfi faction of the Peoples Democratic Party has said it would appeal Friday’s Appeal Court judgement declaring Ali Modu Sheriff as the authentic national chairman.

It also accused the ruling All Progressives Congress of manipulating the victory in favour of Mr. Sheriff.

The faction stated this through the PDP Twitter handle @OfficialPDPNig shortly after the judgment.

The Court of Appeal, Port Harcourt, Division, had declared Mr. Sheriff the authentic chairman of the party.

Three justices presided over the case. While Justice B. G. Sanga and Justice A.A, Gumel ruled in favour of Mr. Sheriff, Justice T.S. Orji-Abadua ruled in favour of Mr. Makarfi.

“The Judgment has finally shown that the ruling Party, the APC is out to create a one-party state in the country,” the Makarfi faction tweeted immediately after the court ruling.

“The party is proceeding immediately to the Supreme Court to file an appeal against the ruling of today’s appeal court judgment.”

Also speaking at a press conference in Abuja, the chairman of the PDP Governors Forum, Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, said the party believed in the ability of the judiciary to do justice to the matter

He appealed to members and supporters of the party to remain calm and should not take laws into their hands.

Crisis broke out in the PDP last May 21 when Mr. Sheriff, a former governor of Borno State, was removed as the national chairman at a national convention in Port Harcourt.

The party then and appointed the caretaker committee led by Mr. Markarfi, a former governor of Kaduna State.

The committee was mandated to organise a fresh convention within 90 days to elect national officers of the party.

No fewer than four lower courts in Rivers State and Abuja had given judgements on the leadership crisis in the main opposition party in the country before the matter was brought before the Court of Appeal.

Sheriff not a threat

Meanwhile, the Chairman, Board of Trustees (BoT) of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Walid Jubrin, has said that the Appeal Court’s confirmation of Mr. Sheriff would not threaten the party.

Reacting to the judgment Mr. Jubril said the judgment would bring the party members together.

The BoT chairman, who was speaking to journalists in Abuja ,expressed confidence in the judiciary, but said that the party would go to any length to resolve the leadership tussle.

Mr. Jubrin urged PDP members to be calm and not defect to other political parties, saying that the party was consulting with its various organs to ensure that it remained strong.

Such organs, according to him, include PDP former and serving governors, senators, House of Representatives members, former and serving ministers, chairmen of state chapters, the youths and the women.

He assured that the party would come out with a statement about the judgment by Tuesday.

“I am sure that very soon everybody will smile. Those who are crying today will laugh.

“Those who are disturbed and worried will smile and PDP will one day become one party as we know it.

“All these is a question of time,’’ Mr. Jubrin said.


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  • Suleiman Alatise

    PDP, obituary.

  • suleiman

    You can blame APC all you want. You are the architect of your own problem. Sheriff has been ANPP all through his political career and having been paid by APC to come and destroy your party you elected him Chairman because of the money! You killed and buried your party so blame no one. You will not win at the Supreme Court so don’t waste your time. There is no judiciary under the current dispensation; we are back to the dictatorship of the Mid 80s to the late 90s. APC would love to see the death of PDP so they can win in 2019, but don’t you worry, neither PDP nor APC will be around to contest the elections. APC will soon die a natural death and we will bury both parties. Enough of the old cargoes killing this nation. We need fresh blood and this we will do by 2018 to unseat these monsters and thieves of APC and PDP!

    • Powerlessconscious

      You said “There is no judiciary under the current dispensation”
      So there was judiciary under gej and PDP 16years. Where big thieves are never questioned?
      You are the PRODUCT of your Statement.

      • sab

        Are the ‘big thieves’ under the present govt being questioned? If PDP sinned before and you cried out against it and Nigerians supported you to edge them out and now you are doing thevsame thing, who is worse?

        • Powerlessconscious

          Liar. Biafraud opinion. Which government in Nigeria has ever questioned the number of politicians and office holders being questioned under buhari? You can only deceive people of your kind. You are the PRODUCT of your DECISIONS.

      • suleiman

        I guess you people love the Banana Republic where the monkeys rule. Knuckle-headed Nigerians prefer dictators to democrats. 40 years of military rule has made you people zombies and therefore you don’t understand what true democracy is. The Judiciary is an independent branch in a democratic dispensation but when the Executive manipulates it whether under PDP or APC then we don’t have a democracy. Currently the Judiciary is in the hands of Executive and this is why a court grants bail and the president would say he cannot honor it because of flight risk of high profile cases. There you go, GEJ did not say or did this!

        • Powerlessconscious

          Mad Dog. The monkeys that ruled are YOU are those who spend 16years without anything yo show for it. Mind, dictatorship is not bad. As we have good and bad dictator, we also have good and bad democratic president. America and other great countries up to singerpore and China USED Dictorship to lay the foundation of progress in the country because human being like you are stubborn. So it is only a dictator that can call you to order.
          Every other things, you have written, it is PDP education in your brain that made you to be ranting. You cab still go to otuoke so that gej can continue to rule you. God bless buhari/osinbanjo.

    • Arabakpura

      Two APC members named Wike and Fayose recruited Sheriff to destabilize PDP so that they will mock PDP!

      • jallo

        I concur

      • suleiman


        • Arabakpura

          It has buffered you if you have identified your words in mine but to go all CAPS is to show anger!

    • Patriot

      Was it APC that made sherif PDP party chairman? Were you hypnotized or absent minded when Fowlyose and saint Wike were shouting up and down that no one else can do it except Sheriff, it is either Alimodu Sheriff or nobody? Now that you have shot yourselves in the ankle, your eyes suddenly opened and you are shifting the blame on APC. Pls PDP, face the wahala you created by yourselves for your yourselves

      • suleiman

        Patriot, I guess you have a hard time understanding simple English. Please read my post again. I said PDP has no one to blame but itself, is that not simple enough to understand or do you need an interpreter? I write in simple primary school English so that dunces like you can understand yet you still cannot. Did you complete your elementary school at all?

        • Patriot

          If you are well trained from home, u will not call another person a dunce

    • Patriot

      You said there’s no judiciary under d current dispensation
      May I remind you that it was under this dispensation that Wike and other South South governors worn their Election petition against APC at the supreme Court without any interference from the FG? Even when a PDP member later confessed that they paid the justice to coach PDP lawyers what to say to pervert justice, the Fed govt still did not do anything to reopen the cases for a fresh look.
      Now under the last PDP dispensation:
      1. Justice Ayoola was removed by GEJ bcos APC won against PDP in his court. The man went to court and he was cleared of any wrong doing and should be reinstated, did GEJ obey that court order?
      2. When Obanikoro was to be sworn is as a minister the second time, Saraki reminded David mark that there was a court order against such, and that it should be put on hold until the court case is settled. What happened? David mark obeying order of GEJ went ahead to clear Obanikoro as a minister ignoring the fact that it’s an issue already in court.
      So please stop lying against APC or the present administration. You are free not to like them but don’t lie

      • Dan

        You are really a patriot. Thanks

      • suleiman

        Can you count the number of election court cases that GEJ honored? True, I do not like this government and am not lying, neither did I like the PDP government. You may like because you benefit from it, but you remember that APC and PDP are all thieves! No one should claim holy here. Has the looting stopped under this government, say yes to your shame!

    • jon

      You are angry and is blinded you fresh blood now not fresh air he was only in his 40s had no shoes came from the most deprived area yet not one town in his state has 10hrs electricity hospital or good roads but billions of dollars was made from the oil young as he is after 6 years his people still results to blowing pipe lines and kidnapping .my dear fresh blood now I think you are on your own Buhari Is the pathfinder and after him most things will be in place so channel your anger right don’t be left out

      • suleiman

        Sorry Jon am not angry and blinded by fresh blood because am not young anymore. By fresh blood I do not mean age. I mean people who love this country and can deliver. This has nothing to do with age. You are suggesting that GEJ should have skewed development to the Niger Delta. That is not patriotic of you. In fact, you are still playing tribal politics that has brought us to where we are today. Nepotism has been the bane of Nigeria and many have accused Buhari of being a despot. I do not want to live in a country where such is practiced! BUHARI MIGHT BE YOUR PATHFINDER, BUT HE IS NOT MINE BECAUSE I HAVE ALREADY FOUND MY PATH. SO WHERE IS YOUR HERO NOW? WHERE IS YOUR PATHFINDER NOW? IS THIS WHAT YOU WISH FOR THIS COUNTRY? DO WE EVEN KNOW IF HE IS ALIVE? I GOT NEWS FOR YOU, THIS GOVERNMENT HAS INVESTED ZERO NAIRA ON ELECTRICITY. THANK GEJ FOR WHAT HE DID IN THE POWER SECTOR, THE FIRST TO CHANGE THE NATIONAL GRID SINCE THE GOWON ERA AND THIS IS WHY YOU EVEN HAVE THE SIX OR MORE HOURS OF ELECTRICITY TODAY! please don’t be blinded by the rhetoric and lies of this government.

        • Patriot

          Surely you are just a sycophant, you don’t know what you are saying. You tried to hide it but the tone of your comment gave you out as just another jonathanian who cannot balance his view based on reality, objectivity and fairness. Hence there’s no need arguing with your mind is already fixated. Ride on with your falacies. I wish u luck

  • Black Pope

    The worst thing that can happen to a person is to tell him or herself lies. PDP should accept the judgement and quickly reconcile and move on. Lots of destinies in Nigeria depends on them as a credible opposition. The two camps can share offices, with markafi team becoming deputy chairman

  • El Patron

    Sore losers

  • otunga

    The busiest supreme court in the world where even councillorship elections are resolved!

  • Ken

    The Panel has set a bad example. Two of them Hausas and favoured Sheriff while the Third an Ibo favoured Markfield. This is politics.

    • jamajake

      is Markafi not Hausa?

  • front man

    Why blaming Apc for problems

    • jamajake

      Nobody to blame

  • front man

    Pdp is dead simple

  • front man

    The markafi faction should stop the blame game and move on pdp destroyed this country with there useless policy allowing those Bastard to loot all money meant for Nigerians