Suicide bombers attack Maiduguri, ‘11 Killed’

FILE PHOTO: Bomb explosion scene

At least 11 persons were killed as suicide bombers attacked Maiduguri, the Borno state capital on Thursday night, witnesses and security sources said.

Nine suicide bombers were among the dead, they said.

Multiple explosions echoed across the city at about 11 p.m. on Thursday as three female suicide bombers detonated their explosive belts near Muna Garage, a popular bus station that has suffered many of such attacks in recent times.

The explosions killed two residents, witnesses said. But police said only the suicide bombers were killed in the attack.

Several commercial vehicles that were on queue for a trip to the border areas the next day were also razed in the explosion.

A witness, who identified himself as Ayuba Ibrahim, told journalists that seven Civilian-JTF operatives were injured, while all the suicide bombers died.

“But most of the trucks that were loaded with goods for export to Chad and the border communities were destroyed and commodities worth millions of naira may have been destroyed,” said Mr. Ibrahim, a businessman from Taraba State.

Civilian-JTF operatives said few hours after the Muna explosions, soldiers at Muna Dalti, a location about 1 kilometre away from the first explosion, shot six suicide bombers who were attempting to sneak into town at about 2 a.m.

Some Boko Haram gunmen who were riding on motorcycles accompanied the six suicide bombers, they said.

The Borno State police command confirmed the Muna Garage attack.

The spokesman for the Borno command, Victor Isukwu, a deputy superintendent of police, said only the suicide bombers died in the attack.

“Yesterday at about 2318hrs, a suicide bomber sneaked into the midst of 13 pick up trucks loaded with goods along Maiduguri/Mafa road, said to be awaiting departure to Gamboru Ngala early hours of today and detonated IEDs strapped on self,” he said.

“The resulting Explosion razed down the parked vehicles beyond recognition. EOD/Police patrol team was promptly deployed to the scene to restore safety & normalcy.

He also confirmed that soldiers had in the night spotted some persons on motorcycle and opened fire in their direction.


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  • NAME of Suicide Bombers pls!

    Dear EDITOR,
    Once again you refuse to name the suicide bombers.

    What are the
    — State of Origin
    –Names of Parents
    –Local Government Area of Origin

    of these ‘faceless’ suicide bombers? Are they really faceless? El-Rufai knows many of them because he pays some monthly or at least by his own admission periodically.

    Nigeria has become the BEST country in the world to be an Islamic terrorist. Why? No body ever investigates you and your family…and no body investigates the sponsors. We just report the incident and wait for the next one to happen. The men and women who do it are simpy called “Suicide Bombers”. Nigeria is a hell on earth!

  • NAME of Suicide Bombers pls!

    ” Civilian-JTF operatives said few hours after the Muna explosions, soldiers at Muna Dalti, a location about 1 kilometre away from the first explosion, shot six suicide bombers who were attempting to sneak into town at about 2 a.m. Some Boko Haram gunmen who were riding on motorcycles accompanied the six suicide bombers, they said.”

    1. How did the Soldiers know that the 6 persons were suicide bombers?
    2. Why were they not demobilized so they can be quizzed?
    3. Since they are all dead, why not NAME them? Who are they? Who are their parents, brothers, friends etc?

    This is becoming more of comedy. How can a news medium even report a story like this as though it were simple tales?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Boko Haram has truly been defeated by certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu (alias Customs and Exercise and President Michelle of Western Germany) Buhari!!! Yeye dey smell.

    • Papa Ogihwriodo


      Please who are the people called ‘suicide bombers’?
      I have not heard that name before here in Warri. When their
      mothers born them, did their mothers born them for only one man called
      ‘Mr. Bombers’? So that the surname of all these people throwing bomb is
      the same name. Even if that is the case, how come all these people also
      bear the same first name as ‘Suicide’?

      The federal government
      must look into this issue. If only one family of Mr. Bombers is the
      cause of bomb every day why not go and arrest the man? That is the best
      way to capture all his children. How can only one family be so difficult
      for Nigeria Army to fight, only one family of Mr. Bombers and his
      children all of them called ‘suicide’? Just go to Maternity Birth
      registry first. Look for how many people were born by Mr. Bombers
      since the people throwing bombs have no real name and no other
      name when they were born. In the registry you will see the address too
      and the names of all the women that born children for the Mr. Bombers.

      • Alhaji

        You don’t need to go far to get their parents’ names. Their father is “Prophet” Mohammed born in Mecca in about 732 AD while their mother is Aisha Mohammed of the same address.

    • Phil Oliha


      President Buhari is deceiving himself. He has no idea of the strength of number of Boko Haram fighters.

      How can he ever know if he has defeated Boko Haram or even degraded the Boko Haram militias at all?

      The half-illiterate Lai Muhammed who claims to have read a little more books than Buhari is only as daft.

  • George

    Maybe this is the reason yeye El rufai ran out of Nigeria yesterday through MMIA. I saw him with four men following the normal passagers route instead of the VIP even the Mallams immigrations that has took over the Lagos Airport even disappointed seeing this nomadic short paint seize following the passagers route instead of the VIP route as usual.

    I learned he is going to London to counter Saraki visit to the half dead president bokohari

    • Zoologist


      I actually love pygmies.
      Pygmies are nice and pleasant things; though loud and noisy but
      harmless and fretful. Since pygmies must look up to everyone else, quite
      literally from ground level, pygmies usually tend to overcompensate by making
      noise or acting tough but pygmies are not tough at all. They just make it up.
      My knowledge of pygmies is actually deeper than this. Pygmies I have studied
      are usually mentally empty. They don’t seem to have the same reasoning ability
      as other humans of usual height. I am yet to meet a brilliant pygmy. I am looking
      forward. My point though is that I do not know the traits of all pygmies because
      I have not met all of them or ever met a bespectacled pygmy like Nair El Rufai.

      I have never actually met
      a bespectacled pygmy which Senator Shehu Sani describes the rather shortish
      Nasir El Rufai as. I cannot say if dwarfs who wear glasses show the same traits
      as the other pygmies I have met and won’t know the answer until I meet with the
      Nasir El Rufai in person. All I can say yet about bespectacled pygmies is hearsay;
      and that’s perhaps by assessing the intelligence quotient of all the known friends
      to Nasir El Rufai – such as Lamido Sanusi Lamido – for hypothetical estimate,
      since birds of the same feather flock together.

  • Ade

    You want Sharia law, what you get is BOMB!!

  • evidence

    All of a sudden, boko Haram will detonate bomb but it is only the bomber that dies .
    Demonic and lying government.

    • Rommel

      Are you sure you understood what you read,how did government come into this report? something is obviously wrong with you

      • evidence

        Whatever is wrong with me can’t be worse than what is wrong with a mindless brainless idiotic APC zombie like you.
        So the Nigerian Army and the police are no longer part of government?
        Since when will Boko Haram detonate 3 bombs and it is only the suicide bombers that dies?
        Buhari and Buratai cannot hide boko Haram carnage under their watch forever.
        They can only decieve brainless blind cheerleaders like you.
        The truth will be unveiled in due time.

  • Rommel

    Long live Nigeria,the fate of all enemies of Nigeria will be like those Boko Haram operatives who have now joined Nitrogen cycle

  • Es3

    Courtesy of the same Boko Haram that Buhari/APC had defeated?!

    • Excelsior2000


      WE SHOULD APPEAL to Boko Haram not to disgrace or defeat General Muhamadu Buhari.

      The disgrace will be too much for a whole general to be defeated by girl fighters. Boko Haram
      must know that there is God O. They can see that Buhari has already made too much mouth
      before he resumed office but has ended up disgracing himself across the board. Buhari has
      made Nigeria worse than he met it. Buhari has almost ruined Nigeria to become a failed state.

      No electricity, no water, no safety, no jobs, no money, no happiness, nothing. Buhari has not achieved
      anything good in office. He has achieved failures upon failures. Corruption is going on at the same rate
      too. Secretary to Government David Babachir awarded 250 million Naira to his own company to cut grass
      at refugee camp with cutlass. Insane stealing! If Boko Haram should defeat President Buhari on top of all
      these failures it will be a wicked act against humanity. Boko Haram must not defeat our General Buhari O!

      • 123maina_76

        I hardly reply a fish pond like you on on-line social media. I am compel to do that because yours is highly sentimental and fluid. I live in the northern part of this country, before Buhari sworn in as president, 14 local governments were controlled by boko haram. Now, non of the local government are under the control of boko haram yet Buhari did nothing! shocking!. ask southerners living in the north please, they will tell you the difference, being a fish pond, you may not know anything, only typing in your little room and spread them on-line.