As consultations continue, Nigeria records 58 per cent decrease in pipeline vandalism in Niger Delta

FILE PHOTO: Acting President Osinbajo speaking at the Niger Delta town-hall stakeholder's meeting in Rivers State. 13th Feb 2017. Photo: Novo Isioro.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, said on Thursday that it has recorded about 58 per cent reduction in cases of pipeline sabotage.

This was disclosed in the Corporation’s monthly Financial and Operations Report for December 2016.

According to the report, only 18 cases of vandalized points on downstream pipelines were recorded in November 2016 as against 43 in the previous month.

The downward trend in the cases of pipeline sabotage, according to the report, was due to sustained engagement with stakeholders by the Federal Government and the NNPC.

The federal government has been engaging leaders and stakeholders in the Niger Delta to ensure security of oil and gas facilities as well as development of the region. Last year, President Muhammadu Buhari met with a delegation of leaders and public officials in the Niger Delta. The presidency, led by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, has since followed that up with visits and consultations with stakeholders in the oil producing region.

The NNPC report also indicated a 13.4 per cent rise in oil and gas sales in December 2016 over sales in November 2016.

A total export sale of $195.40 million was recorded for crude oil and gas in the month under review as against the sum of $166.18 million recorded in November 2016.

“This is $20.22 million higher than the preceding month’s performance. Crude oil export sales contributed $100.37 million (or 51.36 per cent) of the dollar transactions compared with $96.31 contribution in the previous month”, the report stated.

The report put the total export sales of crude oil and gas from January to December 2016 at $2,445,451,363 (over $2.4 billion).

The report also indicated that the total export proceeds of $175.04 million for the month of December 2016 was “remitted to fund the JV cash call for the month of December 2016 to guarantee current and future production”.

In the downstream, a total of 1,392,154,486 (1.39 billion) litres of white products was distributed and sold by the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (PPMC) in December 2016 compared to 1,248,831,982 (1.25 billion) litres in November 2016.

According to the report, of the total volume of 12.67 billion litres of white products distributed in 2016, petrol accounted for 88.07 per cent.

The report also revealed that about 9,493,640 barrels of crude oil were processed under the Direct-Sales-Direct-Purchase, DSDP, scheme in November 2016.


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    Buhari’s Government

    of Propaganda and No Substance. In it he mentioned the nine media

    assistants to the President before dropping the bombshell that took

    everybody by surprise: “In addition”, Professor Kperogi revealed, “the

    President has about 40 paid journalists, bloggers, media analysts,

    commentators (whose names I have but will leave out for now), working

    under the BMC (Buhari Media Center) in Utako, Abuja. The Buhari Media

    Centre is a well-furnished one-storey building with expansive premises. It

    has security guards, clerks, and cashiers. The team members are paid a

    monthly allowance of between N200,000 and N250,000.”

    It is not the presence of the media centre that is the problem. As a

    President, Buhari has come a long way, far from the pristine days of TBO

    when we only relied on our columns in newspapers to write features on his

    project, something that led to our sack by the Trust after the 2003

    elections. The problem is that while in those days we never wrote anything

    with the intention to smear anyone or lie about the achievement of Buhari,

    the Buhari Media Centre, to my shock and as Professor Kperogi reported,

    has a totally different mandate. Hear him:

    “They are mandated to react to all media contents critical of the———————–

    President, write favorable news items for the president, and

    attack/demonize/smear people critical of the president. They also work

    with government agencies such as the EFCC to push narratives to deflect

    attention from the ineptitude of the government. They work behind the

    scenes and use pen names in extended articles, and pseudonyms on social

    media. Almost all the members of the APC Presidential Campaign Media

    Directorate operate from the Buhari Media Centre, with the exception of

    those with appointments. And this excludes Lai Mohammad’s well-oiled lie


    • Augustine U. Ibe

      @tunde008:disqus :

      The next problem in Nigeria

      There is another problem. The Court of Appeal decided in December 2016 or so that the Muslim Hijab
      face cover is a fundamental human right and therefore no teacher or headmaster in Nigeria can follow school
      uniform rule where Hijab is concerned. What sort of nonsense court is that one? When did school become a
      religious place for pupils to come and show their Islamist religion?

      Where will peace come from now? All Christians in the country have now become entitled to carry a long Cross to any school – whether the school is Ansar-ud-deen grammar school or St. Anthony’s college, and to wear Choir’s dress to any school every day. All traditional people too must go to school frm now on with raffia leaves on their
      waist and with chalk marking on their face. Once Hijab is now a fundamental human right the Cross has become
      a fundamental human right. And any masquerade whatsoever is automatically a fundamental human right.


    It is sad that the Fulani ati d Yoruba controlled government of Bingo Buhari is not interested in the Satanic conditions under which the people residing in the oil bearing communities now live—-They do not care if the oil spills troubling the creeks dwellers–which have gone on to reduce the fishes in their rivers and land which they cannot farm on–Because the political institutions under the control of the Apes in APC are here–to play the blame game—Tag Ijaws residing in the creeks of the Niger delta as pipeline vandals—–but have no name for the Fulani cowhands that have been killing Native Northerners as if they are goats in the Fulani controlled North————————-Yes because the crude oil resources of the people of the Niger delta has since 1956 been used to sustain the 36 penniless—oiless zones of the federation————-until the recent discovery of some few gallons of oil in Lagos and Borno state—–Yet have refused to have us split———————while the Tripod goes about chasing former Ijaw Oil Ministers like Deizani–Etete–and seizing their properties which are later sold off to the Fulanis–Yorubas and Ibos in APC——-what a country—————————what a shame—Freedom is our goal——————————-regardless-

    • ozimba

      Wic izon man u de talk abt, all u guy did in the struggle (amnesty proggam) was money in your pockets, nothing was done bcos all u wanted was monies to drink and carry girls live luxurious live. Izon pple didn’t fight for roads, bridges, schools, even better drinking water rather it was all money. That y noting to show wit regard s to infrastructural development, now money don finish eye clear u sa na pipeline u wan blow so money go come again, na lie u talk!!!! Continue to blow d pipelines when the oil finish u tell tell us wic struggle una tag or name una go use to agitatate take fight govt again. Mi wer de talk so be Uhrobo man we taya for una Niger delta talk.

  • tunde008

    Buhari should go see things for himself. Buhari should visit SS and SE and you will see the big change.

    • Izon REDEEMER

      Hope u are not one of those paid writers for the Apes in APC—? Besides what type of change are u talking about Yorubas man——–?—That Ijaws are now like Yorubas in charge of their oil wells or what-?——U the Yorubas have Falawiyo in control of yr oil wells in Badagry–is that what we see or have in the SS–or the Niger delta–Ijaws in charge of the oil blocks in their backyard?—-The presidency of Osibanjo does not change anything for the Ijaw Nation—————-let him go and take care of the Ilaje Ijaws in Lagos and the Arigbo Ijaws——in Ondo state first————-Osibanjo is not dead he is alive–and well while Magus goes about chasing Ijaw oil Ministers like Deizani and seizing her properties for the Fulanis—-abi—–? Animals——————-Freedom is our goal

    • The Econometrist


      IF OIL EXPORTS stabilize at 2 million barrels a day Nigeria should need less than the $29billion loan
      President Buhari wants to seek in this financial year. It is feasibly difficult for Nigeria to get such loan.
      Egypt itself lately realized how tough it is when it settled for less than $13billion IMF loan last year.
      A worse performing Nigeria would find it doubly difficult despite World Bank’s $2.5b loan advance.
      Nigeria has $11.47billion external debt which will shoot up to $18.9billion once that World Bank
      loan is advanced and added to the ADB loan agreement of $5billion – once disbursed.

      By the time Nigeria will be looking for another $22billion loan to complete its desired
      $29billion loan it would be carrying $18.9billion external debt being part of $54
      billion overall national debt, over against collapsed electricity plants + high
      level inflation of 18.4% amid consecutive third quarter economic recession
      marked by reduced government revenues and fallen crude oil prices,
      all tantamount to Nigeria’s inability to ramp up and pay $42b debt.


    President Muhammadu Buhari’s signature has been allegedly forged while Efcc looked the other way-in order

    to sell $19 million worth of crude oil in China according to a House of

    Representatives member, Ehiozuwa Agbonayinma

    Agbonayinma also accused the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

    (NNPC) of gross corruption while appearing on Channels TV.

    “In this letter here, this is not President Buhari’s signature but it was

    forged by our people – by Nigerians who wanted to sell the crude in China

    worth about $19 million,” he said.

    “I tell you the truth, the .Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) is

    also aware. We are working day and night to also do what is needed to get

    it right because he (the AGF) is the custodian of the laws in the nation.

    “So, I’m saying I must tell you that the corruption in this country didn’t

    just start yesterday. It is a cancer, and to cure cancer, you need a

    radical approach getting the radical approach in this case means you have

    to step on peoples’ toes, which might affect those that are probably close

    to you.

    “What is important is the ability to have that willingness to commit to

    the fight against corruption. This is not something that is new. As a

    matter of fact: this is a copy of the letter in which President Muhammadu

    Buhari’s signature was forged to defraud Nigeria.

  • Son of Baba


    Allow me to asseverate that now that President Buhari’s consigliere have invoked dire imprecations
    to condemn all those who opined on logical basis and bracketed Buhari and a kick to the bucket in
    one sentence shall die before Buhari, I must elucidate so as to be pellucid that for me I did not say
    President Buhari kicked any bucket or suggest he wanted to kick the bucket, and therefore, since
    I am only 32 years old Buhari must die before me, because all i stated with logical thinking is that
    there’s no way President Buhari can do better than when he was not sick at all till December 2016.
    On that logical inference I implied it would be lots better for Buhari to resign than become a burden.

    • No-Comment

      “Nigeria will never go back to the position it was before 2015. The
      foundation being laid by the government is solid. And nobody, even after the
      President has finished his eight years, can ever take us back to the pre-2015
      days. Shamelessly, they accused the President of not performing. And, in fact,
      some of them wished him dead. But I can assure you that by the grace of God, he
      will outlive all of them,”

      ……………..David Babachir Lawal

      (Secretary to Government of the Federation)

      February 16th, 2017

      • Lolade Adubi



      • Mr. Okin


        Which one you dey talk? They say somebody is in detention by London doctor and you ask him
        to take tour of south-south to see pipeline vandals and other things by himself. Who told you that
        Buhari is medically fit to do anything? Oh, because you see him standing up inside photo you now
        assume he is okay? My brother, try and think small now. Was Abacha not standing up a day before,
        and marching like soldier to escort Palestinian Leader Yaser Arafat, only for Abacha to expire and
        die few hours after?

  • Egbesu


    • Vextra


      Thank you my brother. You really got the point.Can peace even be bought with cash? The answer is no! You can only buy peace with money if you have the money to continue to pay for 100 years or more. That’s the only way
      you can buy peace with money. You can’t make single payment to angry Ijaw people and expect peace forever.

      • Public Rekord

        “The British High Commissioner’s claim that a British law is holding Governor Alamieyeseigha is irrelevant because no British legislation can overturn international law concerning immunity of persons.That claim is irrelevant and does not hold water in this case. To give you an example of what I am talking about, no British law can for instance ensure the arrest of Third Secretary of an embassy, who is no more than a level 10 officer.And the reason is that such a person is protected by the Vienna Convention for persons carrying diplomatic passports, although this convention does not cover heads of state whether president or governors, but it gives you an idea of what having an immunity does to whoever has such protection”.