Why we blocked Ekiti funds – Nigerian govt

Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun

The Federal Government on Thursday said the January allocation from the Budget Support Facility (BSF) to Ekiti State was suspended because the state failed to comply with the basic requirements for participating in the facility.

A statement by the Ministry of Finance signed by the Director of Information, Salisu Dambata, said the BSF is a conditional loan programme to state governments introduced to enhance fiscal prudence, transparency, efficiency in public expenditure and payment of salaries.

The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, had on Tuesday accused the Federal Ministry of Finance of withholding the state’s statutory allocation for January for political reasons.

“In the last three, four weeks, after the Federal Allocation Committee meeting, it is sad that Ekiti Federal Allocation for January has not been released,” Mr. Fayose told journalists in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital.

He said efforts by himself and other government officials to get explanations from the federal ministry of finance yielded no results.

He alleged that the ministry of finance was victimising the people of Ekiti State for his criticism of the policies of the federal government.

The ministry said the Ekiti government failed to comply with the required conditions for the payment, and was not the first state to be denied the funds on such grounds.

It denied the claim that the ministry of finance withheld any statutory allocation due to Ekiti State, or any other state in the country.

“This is not the first time of non-compliance by the Ekiti State Government,” the statement read.

“His administration defaulted in meeting the conditions specified and agreed upon by the 35 state governments that are participating in the programme as contained in the Fiscal Sustainability Plan (FSP) and the Ekiti State Government was warned formally of its failure to comply with the full requirements vide a letter on August 5, 2016, with reference number HMF/FMF/ASG/1/2016.

“The failure of Ekiti State Government to comply with the requirements and conditions for the Budget Support Facility (BSF) resulted in a letter sent to the chief of staff to notify him of the suspension of BSF for Ekiti State and it was conveyed to Mr. President before payment to the Ekiti State Government was reinstated.

“The Ekiti State Government and all the other participating states are aware of the consequence of failure to comply with the full conditions and it is not the first time that a state would be stopped from accessing the facility due to non-compliance.

“In the course of its normal duties, the ministry of finance has the right to query, suspend or withhold funds as part of the conditions of the Budget Support Facility.”

The Ekiti government described the explanation as an afterthought meant to mislead the public.

Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose
Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose

The Special Assistant to the Governor on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, said the state signed up for N14.4 billion and had received funds monthly in the last seven months from the ministry of finance.

“So when did they realise that Ekiti State did not meet the conditions? Mr. Olayinka asked. “Or did they send the allocations in the last seven months in error?”

He also argued that there was no warning letter or notification from the ministry of finance before the governor raised the alarm, else there would have been no need for the governor to write a letter to the ministry demanding explanations on the non-release of the funds.

“If they sent any letter, maybe they sent it today, because the governor was there yesterday and before then no one knew the reasons why the funds were not released,” Mr. Olayinka said.

“As I am talking to you, we have not received any letter from the ministry, if they sent any letter, maybe they sent it today. This explanation is an afterthought.”

Mr. Olayinka also said he was aware that the funds was earlier sent to the Central Bank of Nigeria along those of other states, but was later recalled and the name of Ekiti State removed from the list of 35 states.


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  • Don

    Bunch of liars. What are the conditions?

    • Julius

      Fayose just like all the other governors knew the conditions. Why don’t you ask fayose ?

      • Tundeji

        If you know the conditions, tell us! The Ministry of Finance who put the conditions there should have told us the said “unfulfilled” conditions if they would be sincere and transparent enough.

        • aisha ani

          Makes no difference, Ekiti people will still not enjoy the money anyway so who is fooling whom?

        • Julius

          You asking me about the conditions ? Am I the governor ? are you serious ?Is Fayose the only governor in the country ?

  • Precious Onaimo

    Don’t worry Ekiti. No fulfil your obligations, make you think say somebody go gloss over your inadequacies. No more kid gloves for you!

    • new republic

      Listen to yourself,you lack comprehension,for the past seven months,Ekiti received thier allocation,Is it by error?Because Fayose is vocal and apc is a deceit and that ASHAWO finance yeye minister.

      • jiddah

        Bro, for the rest of your miserable life, you shall, emphasis on “shall” not equate her standard any which way, and so you resort to words like “asha..” Can’t even spell it out, to display your crudeness, gutter upbringing, hate, brainlessness, truancy and poverty..we can only but pray for you..

      • Akiika

        At least read and understand the story nah! this isn’t about allocation.
        This is why I don’t blame women for terminating some pregnancies, the world will be a saner place without those kind of kids.

    • AryLoyds

      This is purely retribution for fayose , he will eventually get the funds , even the non viable states in the NORTH dont dserve to get bail out money. Which conditions are we talking about ? Did all other states meet the conditions?

  • Message66

    God will judge you people. In the name of politics, you turn yourselves into demigods, denying millions of Ekiti people their right to development and poverty reduction. Again, God will judge you Finance Minister, Buhari and the rest of you lots.
    What were those obligations that needed to be fulfilled? Are we not in the same country, why this divisiveness? Are Ekiti people not Nigerians? Why wont the Finance ministry work with them to meet the required obligations? Why shouldnt government allocations be all inclusive? If its corruption why not say it and let us know. You lots are terrible and responsible for the current under development.

    • Malik Isah

      the people ‘you’ want God to judge

    • Peter_Edo

      this one needs to be “thinned” from the herd…

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Well, thank God, God is not a Democrat.

  • Benny

    This cabal in the Presidency are just pure evil. This is not a military government where you cannot have alternative view.The money being shared belongs to the Nigerian people and the Finance Ministry is just holding the money in trust on behalf of Nigerians.

    • Arabakpura

      The PDP government of Jonatham also excluded non-PDP states from the ecological funds! This government is fairer on this issue; believe me!

      • Tundeji

        Bros, you just lied. This is not good for Nigeria’s progress.

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn, the money is a loan with conditions .

  • joe

    Did you meet the conditions stipulated for the disbursement of that fund or not? Are you aware of the consequences of non-compliance? If you are aware and chose not to comply, then It is irrelevant if it is an afterthought or not., you breached the contract between you and the people “feeding” your state. You cannot be running a state like you would run a motor-park. If you have challenges with following rules and honouring an agreement, then go back to driving commercial bus!

  • To say the fund is denied Ekiti state due to politics is wrong. Is Rivers state not an opposition state and in tuff with the FG? The fund is a bail- out, and a privilege NOT a right. What we should be asking Gov. Fayose is what has he done with all the monies he had collected, the seven months bail out inclusive? Ekiti state people despite their level of education and exposure, remain backward and poor among the other 5 South-West state.

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    Go and fulfil the conditions like other states. The days of financial impunity is gone. If FG wanted to punish you, you would not have been enlisted at all. Continued participation is subject to accountability of what was previously allocated, not free fund as the PDP is used to.

  • Otile

    Shango nibo? Buhari is using this frog-looking woman as a castrating knife on Ekiti people. Where is justice in this land? All we get from this certificate forger is vindictiveness. Does Buhari not see the catastrophic effect of his recession, why does he choose to add more hardship to the hardworking people of Ekiti at this time?

    • Williams Johnson Fortune

      What a shame. It get to a stage in a man’s life when what he write and say can be used to define our true identity. Otile is not matured enough to be on social media.

      • Otile

        You are horrible to say that federal monthly allocation is a privilege not right. Until you change the law it remains the law of the land. Buhari cannot use it to favor his friends and relatives then punish his opponents, that’s injustice. What is it that the Governor did not fulfill which merits this kind of collective punishment on the people? Buhari is a goat.

  • Alpha

    Why the confusion from the Ekiti state? Is it the state’s statutory allocation that was withheld or some other palliatives as described by MoF? That’s the Germaine question for both sides to answer. If it is anything other than the statutory allocation, then, the embedded conditions must be fulfilled.


    The pictures released on Social Media recently showing Senate President, Saraki and other dignitaries in a courtesy visit to Buhari in London on Wednesday, according to a PDP member Babasola Kuti, is an old picture dated back 2015.

    The photos from President Buhari’s meeting with Saraki and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, in London yesterday, were taken in 2015. Only Jehovah God can save us from these Fulanis ati Yorubas in charge of the Affairs of Nigeria now——with their Ibo surrogates–dancing around the Fulanis in APC——–Separation is the only way out—–of the mess we are in today–The lies are becoming too dangerous and unbearable for our souls in the south——-Now being turned into grazing land by Malians ati Chadians and Cameroonians doubling as Fulanis from Sokoto-

    • aisha ani


    • Akiika

      If your comment is true, may your life prosper in the name of whatever your believe in. But if you are here knowingly peddling lies, may Sango, Esu, Amadioha combine together to strike you with thunder together. Anofia!

    • George Ager.A

      Go back to Babasola Kuti’s time line and see his apology for mis-leading the public. He later apologised and said that the pictures are authentic. Go there and see it so that your ignorant fingers will stop spreading lies!

      • I sigh

        After Islamic DSS threats, he apologized.

    • Fadama

      Shame on you that you claim wisdom, but have allowed yourself to be cheaply deceived and rolled over. Olodo!

    • Abubakar musa

      Your comment describe the high level of your lunacy.If you hate your president,try to be good patriotics to your mother’s land.abii?

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Men Dude slow down with This nah. I am more south east than any south east person here because i am contributing more to its progress, same as i am doing for fulani people. You keep forgetting one underlying thing. All of you have red coloured liquid in your veins that keeps you alive and whatever kills them will also kill you. Me? i will survive any apocalypse. I am not a fan of our president and my reason is based on Generational difference. His generation all over the world have failed the human race. Their father fought against tyranny to make sure we are all not dead and the special races left would all not be speaking Nazi today. that aside, PMB is our president. My president and his good health and well being is priority to all Nigerians. he hasnt destroyed the country so why wish him ill and death? Use the ballot box to voice your discontent in a civilised manner. or move down to the SE and contribute to ending the crime rate so investment would come in too. Abi no be Ebonyi and Akwa Ibom people just butcher 20 of themselves last week? You have not quantified the disaster that would occur if we were to loose our president at such a fragile time. Mostly these particular President. Please Say “long live The President and the FRN”. I will also say God save the queen. Sorry nah, Loyalty dey me blood.


    We warned Nigerians about the dangers of having the Satanic vindictive Spirit of these fake certificate less Generals from the Fulani North in Aso Rock—but they will not listen-Aware some of these evil traits are all part of the demons working overtime in the mind and hearts of the Apes in APC—–Yes—-the Apes cloned by the Fulanis told us the fraudulent meek looks of Bingo Buhari is what is best suited for the kind of docile Nigerians we have from the old regions of the country——So the CIA under Fulani Obama—bought into the lies of Obj–Soyinka–Bakare –Tinubu–ati Falana –Now Nigerians know better————If Bingo Buhari had been in Aso rock-right now——-the Yoruba Minister of Finance working from the weak laps of Chief Tinubu——would have lied to us–again that it was Fulani Buhari who ordered————–the payment to Ekiti to be stopped——————Again I ask—-who would have come to the protection of Fayose if the Yorubas had gotten their Oduduwa Republic——————–? The Ijaws or Ibos————————-? Black man trouble———————————-called African mentality———-has no cure—in d world——That is why we blacks are evil to a fault———–

    • Abubakar musa

      You will die under the ruling of Fulani people.If you oppose it you better be excile.


        At least u have Cameroon–Mali–Chad and Niger Republic to run to–we have our waterside in d creeks of the Niger delta–right inside Nigeria——See d difference?——————–Yes Fulani rule—check the list–from Balewa—–Shagari——–Buhari——-then Yara Adua –then in comes another Fulani Buhari again—dont u know the Fulanis are cursed——————–?–Where is bingo Buhari—today?——————-Must Yr allah mohamed come down to tell u yr ppl are cursed—that the spirit of MKO ABiola and Kudirat-ati Bola Ige whom u killed–is chasing them all over the place—- animals

      • okun

        This kind of infantile comments betrays a lack of comprehension of modern state governance. Any student of of conflict will tell it is more difficult to win the peace than to win the war. Momentary triumph only buys trouble for the future. Triumphalism is a degenerative disease that plagues the ‘winner’ or conqueror. Let us elevate the discourse and leave aside this primordial ethnic disposition. if after 50 years we are still playing the ethnic card and crass nepotism, you can under stand why blacks are not welcome or are second class citizens world wide. Nigeria remains the hope of Africa but we must jettison archaic governance mentality of recruiting mediocre into government just because they are our people. Unfortunately maybe apart from OBJ every other president is guilty as charged. But this present administration has put is worst foot forward in the trying times. If Goodluck messed things up he has been roundly punished by the electorate, now it is time for the present administration to put on its thinking cap. The time for looking back is past now it has to roll up its sleeves and get to work. The economy cannot be restored by sloganeering, we must now do things differently from the past. the continued lamentation of the past government is an admission of failure and reflection of ineptitude. Thank you Nigerians

        • Tola

          So what are you saying? Part of doing things differently is giving the state budget support facilities and gradually prodding them into adhering to some financial transparency rules. States are independent; the only way you can encourage such is to give support facilities and enforce conditions that will encourage transparency. We were told when the government instituted this. If a bank waived a condition for the first tranche of a facility it is not mandatory that they must continue to waive same. The waiver is to give time to put my books in order, if I continue to be in contravention, it could be withheld until I follow the conditions. Let Fayose put his books in order. Saying that you had been having facilities released without meeting set conditions and as such the contravention must continue is laughable.

    • sammyctu ode

      Burning deranged spear you are back again after securing some small change to buy data plan. You are so deranged you need your brain checked cos you are always talking like an illiterate mad boy.

  • kumi

    So your follow Yoruba brothers and sisters, you finance minister seize there money because of politics awolowo is going to visit you soon

  • Curseless

    This story is far from over and anyone jumping into conclusion now may be too presumptuous. In between the two lies the truth and this shall be revealed shortly

  • Rommel

    Victimizing you for criticizing the FG,he should have said he has been seeking for reasons why he failed as governor instead of such crappy stories,why has no other state contradicted the finance ministry?

    • okun

      This is gross irresponsibility on the part of the FG to think that only Ekiti state was unable to meet the conditions is at best patronising and a flight of reasoning. Government should not be reduced to such pedestrian state as to punish the good citizens of Ekiti state. The explanation of the Finance minister is an after thought and distasteful. They should exhibit some creativity in their efforts at disinformation

      • tundemash

        And how did u reach your conclusion ?

      • Rommel

        While opinions are free,facts are sacred so give us facts to back your position and not emotional outbursts devoid of rationality,how did Fayose,a governor make himself opposition leader in a federal structure? why was Nyesom Wike of River state not given same treatment if criticism of FG brought this on him, does this not show you that Fayose’s reasoning is still at kindergarten level?

        • Solomon U. Ernest Akacha

          You are a madman. You believed the fed govt when they said Ekiti state didn’t comply. But you refused to consider the states explanation that they didn’t receive any explanations from the fed govt. That all attempts to secure the money fell into deaf ears. ONLY WHEN IT HAS BECOME A PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE that the fed govt decided to offer an explanation. That the fed govt explanation was an after thought. Didn’t you read that part of the story? If not for the likes of Fayose and Wine, Buhari would have ran this country aground and turned all Nigerians to beggars. They have helped in putting Buhari in check.

        • Solomon U. Ernest Akacha

          You are a madman, Rommel or whatever you call yourself. You believed the fed govt when they said Ekiti state didn’t comply. But you refused to consider the states explanation that they didn’t receive any explanations from the fed govt. That all attempts to secure the money fell into deaf ears. ONLY WHEN IT HAS BECOME A PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE that the fed govt decided to offer an explanation. That the fed govt explanation was an after thought. Didn’t you read that part of the story? If not for the likes of Fayose and Wike, Buhari would have ran this country aground and turned all Nigerians to beggars. They have helped in putting Buhari in check.

  • Mufu Ola

    If d allocation is withheld, let us see the financial wizardry of Fayose to get out of the hole.Afterall he has always accused Buhari of causing recession. Let’s learn economic/financial survival from his stable.

    • ubong

      Anyone who will support this alleged action by the federal government will probably be a very wicked person. To create hardship to your fellow country men in the name of politics is the highest form of POLITICAL CORRUPTION, worst than looting carry out daily but our elected representatives , ministers and civil servants across party. . Federal allocation to state is not political issues but a statutory legal allocation given to each state from the federation account, for payment and other services to our parents, brothers and sisters working in each states. It is not based on political party or support and every reasonable Nigerian must speak out against this act of impunity and political rascality from any government in power. Buhari is the president of Nigeria and APC is no different from PDP, 99% of todays APC were the same people in PDP that could not give you access road, electricity and other social services, instead they were busy looting our collective wealth because they found among us people that think and reason more on political party than seeking positive governance from their elected representatives and public officer entrusted with authority. Federal allocation is not for state governors but the state citizens.

      • tundemash

        Dumbo, FG owes Ekiti for just one month and you and Fayose are foaming in the mouth; how about Ekiti workers that are being owed 6 months salary as at November last year ?

      • LettheTruthBeTold

        You hv a story but still mislead people. Where did you federal allocation. It’s a loan with conditions. If you don’t meet the condition no loan. Very Simple

  • saheedl

    If it is a loan to help you and not the monthly statutory allocation, why lie to Nigerians? Fayose is a clown. Just comply with the rules of the game and stop complaining to the poor masses you cheat. He did not complain when bail out was first issued to Ekiti and some other states. If you want a reason for failure as a leader, blame yourself.

  • I sigh

    If You give the HausaFulani Islamic Herdsmen land for “grazing”, your fund will be released ASAP, folks.

  • Marshall Anthony

    Very funny explanation from the ministry of deficit and corruption. So you notified them in August last year good. Have you gone back to check for compliance? Or just now that it is a public issue that you are notifying Nigerian’s did you even send a note to inform them that you are not releasing the funds. You guys should stop taking Nigerians as fools. Opposition must be encouraged and not punished. Weather you like or hate the government in power in Ekiti should not. Be an issue but releasing their finds. Just as OBJ held funds for Lagos State despite court rulings some of. You believed it was the right thing to do. The ministry of finance under madam kemi is the worst it has ever been clueless.For fear of been sacked as incompetent the have resorted to curring favor by going after their perceived PMB enemy. God help us to stay alive until the next election when hopefully we can find a decent 40year old to lead us and not rule us

    • Powerlessconscious

      I can see your sadness. Sorry. I think you need to read the article again and interpreted it. Hint, the money is not a statuary payment. Now go back and readcthe news.

    • SOA

      It is a pity you dabble into issue you don’t have the full knowledge or basic information about. The Budget Support Facility the FG ceased is different from the monthly Statutory allocation the OBJ govt withheld for several years. Kindly read tell storyline again and deduce facts. Stop thinking from your anus instead of your modular obloganta.

  • kayode Olufade

    The fund in question is not state’s statutory allocations but a fund created to help states, part of the requirements involved include transparency of utilization of funds, a prerequisite the Ekiti govt has failed to ensure. If the state govt has all documents based on utilization and the funds are yet to be released then the state would have a case

    • MindYourself

      Fayose was busy critizising the federal government instead of facing governance. He wanted to reap from where he did not sow. That the Ekiti people are still looking at him shows the level of our development in Nigeria as whole. Because what is happening there is a refection of what could happen elsewhere in Nigeria too

      • Solomon U. Ernest Akacha

        What about the happening in Aso Rock? What are they reflections of? Good governance?

        • MindYourself

          At least, the governance in Nigeria of today does not tolerate corruption. I am sure that is the reason for your resentment. A man of corruption does not like a man who gives attention to details. Tell me how much this anti-corruption affects your business?

  • jaguar/lion

    fayose is a lier ,so becouse of support funds from federal government but not ekiti state statutory alocations you fail to pay workers there salaries for 10 months ?fayose is a clawn and a disgrace to ekiti people .please pay ekiti workers there salaries with the intervention morney given to you three time by APC government not PDP government .

  • George

    This yeye Yoruba lady will end up like MKO and Awolowo who willingly supported Hausa against their people.

    • MindYourself

      I would take your Yeye to mean “mother” so since she is a mother , you are only reiterating the obvious. When you said Awolowo supported Hausa, you did not remember to mention Azikwe name too. You could easily be accused of tribal bigotry for this failure. Or are you a small boy, who does not understand the history of Nigeria. Azikwe’ s NCNC entered into a solid agreement with NPC of Ahmadu Bello to earn him the Presidency in the 60’s and also did the same in the late 70’s , during the period of NPN and NPP. Awolowo’s offer to Azikwe for the two parties in south to partner was turned down on the two occassions. The Zik of Africa was called the bride then. Where were you in those days? So, your comment should be that Zik supported Hausa.
      Ask those who taught you histroy to prove me wrong. Nobody taught me all these, I was opportuned to be around then.

      • Adamson

        Gbam!!! For those who will undertake the most cruel and arduous task of rewriting history, you will find yourself on the other side of ignominy, disgrace and dishonour because you will repeat it. History is unforgiving. Alas, you will learn too late.