Buhari meets Saraki, Dogara

FILE PHOTO: Senate President, Bukola Saraki and Speaker, House of Representatives meet President Muhammadu Buhari in London

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, and Speaker of the House of Representative, Yakubu Dogara, have met President Muhammadu Buhari who is on an extended medical vacation in the United Kingdom.

The Presidency on Wednesday posted photos showing the three men together, hours after the National Assembly leaders, alongside the Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawan, left Abuja to meet the president.

One photograph shows Mr. Buhari seated, and another shows him greeting Mr. Lawan.

Although the motive of the trip has not been officially disclosed, there are indications that it has to do with Mr. Buhari’s health.

The trip is coming a week after the president called Messrs. Dogara and Saraki said they had spoken on phone with the president, and that he was in good spirit.

Mr. Buhari departed Nigeria on January 19 on a 10-day leave.

He transmitted a letter to the National Assembly to extend his vacation on February 5, fuelling speculations that his health had deteriorated.

President Muhammadu Buhari receives Senate President, Bukola Saraki; Speaker, House of Representatives and Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawan in London
President Muhammadu Buhari receives Senate President, Bukola Saraki; Speaker, House of Representatives and Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawan in London

The images released Wednesday triggered another round of controversy online, with some Nigerians saying they were doctored.

But in a swift response, the Special Adviser on Media to Senate President, Yusuph Olaniyonu, denied the claims.

Writing on penpushing, a social media platform, he said “The pictures are authentic. We sent them out from our office some minutes ago”.

“There were only three of them at the meeting with President Buhari. Senate President Saraki, Senate leader, Ahmed Lawan and Speaker Yakubu Dogara”.

He later confirmed the post and photographs to PREMIUM TIMES.

Senate President, Bukola Saraki and Speaker, House of Representatives meet President Muhammadu Buhari in London
Senate President, Bukola Saraki; Speaker, House of Representatives and Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawan meet President Muhammadu Buhari in London


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  • henry

    What next wailers?

    • Alao


    • aisha ani

      Dogara, this middle age spread is very unbecoming. Waa! Waa! Waa!

      • Otile

        See him laughing at us. Aisha, what Dogara is doing to us is like a rich fat man eating his stake in front of hungry poor people. It is unkind.

        • aisha ani

          I don’t see Nigeria getting better anytime soon.

  • olaoluwa

    Only doctored guys will raise dust! Only wailing will satisfy them!


    So, the standard now for a Nigerian president is to show that he is alive? That’s a very, very low bar.

    Certain conditions are worse than death. We all wish all Nigerians good health, and life, from market women to protesters, to victims of Boko Haram to the president. In the eyes of God, we are all equal.


    When you check the total amount of money spend so far on each visit by various groups, politicians and political office holders, and funds that came out of the cofers of FGN, you will see why our country may not really come out of recession soon. Such funds can adequately equip Aso rock clinic for the president’s doctor to treat him there.
    Seat of power gradually shifting to London.
    I’m just thinking about positive change
    May God help naija o.


    What a phoney country, a country where being in power is all that matters , a country once governed by a corpse for more than two weeks because the north did not want to accept the loss of political power to natural mortality. All the grandstanding and photo ops displaying a very ill old man who should be concentrating on taking care of his health will not bring good governance or progress nor will it make life easier for the suffering masses.

    • share Idea

      Does it mean the President changes his residence in London as last time pictures had a glass centre table while this one shows a wooden one. I could not remember other details off hand.

      I said it that APC and cabals in presidency are running out of ideas (lies), very soon they will come clean on Buhari’s health issues.

  • Otile

    At first they made us to believe that Imam was from ear infection, how come the infection with sore has affected his left hand? My suspicion is that he is suffering from leprosy, otherwise why would they keep him in Isolation?

    • aboki

      The very sadistic mind.
      They can’t discuss issues but hatred and ill wishes.
      It’s now afield DAY to abuse and names calling of PMB.
      They think they give or take life WAILERS ke nan.
      They are in disarray especially the IGBO YOUTH with no respect to their ELDERS AND worship money.
      They thought DONALD TRUMP would actualize their dreams because of their ignorance of INTERNATIONAL politics.
      They have forgotten their negative vices including ROBBERY, BABY FACTORIES Operators FORGERY and DRUG PUSHING.
      They are arrested on daily basis all over the globe for various offences in the quest for money.
      There are more IGBO in diaspora especially NORTHERN NIGERIA and living peacefully in that Region.
      You better join hands with your elders in TRAIN tagged FORWARD NIGERIA and stop thus uncultured behaviour.
      You can’t intimidate NIGERIANS with this kind of behaviour!
      Nigeria we hail thee!

      • systematic

        good comment

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        Ease of on the tribal bashing. every Nigerian tribe is a failure, barbaric, Hateful, Envious and primitive. The tribes you all carry above reason and science have contributed nothing to human development in history. This ICT you are using to voice out your ethnic hate is the white man’s culture and tribe knowledge. Fyi not every Igbo or SS person gives a shit about who’s president and who isnt, I dont wish death for our president either. I personally have never gained anything from Nigerians besides a knife in my back and Nightmares. So if you bash any tribe i will join you to bash that tribe and equally go further to bash yours and every other Nigerian tribes because i dislike our primitive tribes and cultures.

        • Otile

          God bless you. Tell them as it is, those holier than thou hypocrites.

  • Otile

    At first they made us to believe that Imam was suffering from ear infection.

    come the ear infection has now affected his left hand with sore?

    My suspicion
    is that he is suffering from leprosy, otherwise why would they keep him
    in Isolation?

  • Lanre

    I keep saying it. Nigerians are the modern day Guinea Pigs, Nigeria, George Orwell’s Animal Farm. So what is the point in travelling to London to visit Buhari? On whose money? Does Buhari contribute to the NHS? Britons on this site. Please help me out with this question. Who is paying for Buhari’s upkeep and all these irritating laughter we are seeing. Thank you in advance.

    • dareolu1

      I guess those who own you also don’t care for you, how how do we explain you saying how does a Country’s ex-leader and current Leader get to undertake Medical check-up in London cos of it’s expenses…..guess you think other people don’t Value their own people like you are probably been undervalued from your side……your statement seems to be a perfect reflection of what you expect others to do to you when in such shoes as this…..

      • Lanre

        Omo ale yooba. Eru Fulani, pele o.

        • dareolu1

          Hahahahahahahahaha……I am an entrepreneur sir, I don’t understand what you mean about slavery, I live my life and get what I want without any obstacle except God, I dictate my own way with the help of my heavenly Father, we are cool……….but guess you depend on Government for your own survival, okay, now I understand…

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Buhari is paying his own bill. such medical treatments are not on the NHS free services for Non citizens

      • Lanre

        Thank you for the explanation. So the Nigerian Tax Payer is footing this bill. Have a nice day.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          Yes we are. But we must. he’s our president. The Chinese or French wont pay for us.

  • Okokondem

    The way I see it fighting corruption and cozying up to Saraki (and Dogara, the budget padding connoisseur) are mutually exclusive, which can only mean one thing…Buhari has thrown in the towel on fighting corruption. If you can beat them, join them.


    He is cozying up in exchange for support from these kleptomeniacs for his bizarre proposition to borrow $30 billion that our children will still be owing long after we gone.

    Either way, the optics is contradictory.


    Only Yoruba and Fulani people say they see am.

    Unless a good Igbo see, I no go gree. And Joe Igbokwe doesn’t count, he is a Yoruba man. Yorubakwe, as they say.

    • persona

      Na you near pass, you sef no count abi no be so?
      How you dey?


        I dey like I no dey.

  • Intrepid


    Read how the yariba runs with the hare and hunt
    with the hound. So chameleonic are the yariba. Treachery is their other
    name. They will go into the thicket pull and cut, and come out to the
    path and ask who was in the thicket. They will wish someone death and
    blame others for the rumours.

    The Northern Patriotic Assembly on Monday raised an alarm over what it
    said were plots by some individuals to exploit the President Muhammadu
    Buhari’s health saga through paid protests and media propaganda, and
    thereby undermine the Buhari’s Presidency



    Gentlemen of the press,

    Thank you for honouring our invitation to this all important
    press briefing necessitated by the turn of events in our dear country.
    The recent weeks have been dominated by the health of President
    Muhammadu Buhari in a development that has been grossly exploited to
    further undermine the stability of the country. One can best appreciate
    to depth to which those peddling the evil stories about the president
    sank to when they began the wicked insinuation about his demise – this
    is most unkind and is sharply at variance with all known cultures of
    Nigerian nationalities.

    Mr President clearly, in keeping with the constitution, wrote to
    the National Assembly that he was proceeding on a medical leave. He
    further communicated with the National Assembly when he has to, upon the
    advice of his doctors, stay back longer than he initially anticipated.
    Tragically, since the first letter announcing President Buhari’s holiday
    there has been too much of efforts deployed to making him look
    incapable in staying on in office and to consequently edge him out.

    We are not Mr President’s personal physicians neither are we the
    doctors treating him but we have strong belief that these underhand
    dealings are undermining his health. The hullabaloo over his health is a
    deliberate scheme to deny him the space to enjoy his vacation and
    privacy with his physicians. There have been suggestions that the undue
    attention is meant to overwhelm President Buhari with stress so that his
    health would be further compromised.

    We have reliably gathered that the inhumane rumours about the
    President’s health are calculated to cause a sense of uncertainty when
    he eventually returns to the country so that there would be apprehension
    about the veracity of any decision taken by him and for Nigerians to
    see him as someone whose body may not pull through the rigours of state
    functions. The plot in this instance is to trigger nationwide protests
    similar to the Yar’Adua era asking him to abdicate. Fortunately, no
    human being is God to be able to correctly predict the outcome of
    schemes undertaken in pursuit of inordinate ambitions.


    We have taken our time to observe who is saying what and with how
    much sincerity. We have trailed stories to the sources that leaked them
    to the media and we have tried as much as possible within our
    capabilities to know the hands pulling the strings and controlling the
    unanimous social media space and who has been allocating resources for
    the sustained campaign against President Buhari.

    Following from this exercise, one can see clearly that much of
    the stunts about the health saga were pulled by those within the
    presidency. Some of these people have sponsored others to whip out the
    ethnic card that was earlier unsuccessfully unleashed on the structure
    of the number one citizen even by his party men. The grouse of this
    category is that they are desperate to feed their greed and pitiably
    feel side-lined and not being part of the inner cabinet of Mr President.

    It is on this note that we call on Nigerians to mentally review
    the activities of the following set of people in the past weeks and see
    for themselves what the source of the problem is:

    Disgruntled Characters in the PDP

    Yesterday men in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who are still
    smarting from their loss of power at the federal level will not pass on
    any opportunity to deride Nigerians for being brave enough to call time
    on the sixteen years of unfortunate rule of the political behemoth that
    set the groundwork for the hardship that Nigerians are going through

    Seeing the futility of crying wolf each time someone from their
    fold bites the dust in the anti-corruption fight and having exhausted
    the limit of gullibility when ethnicity and religion are used as to
    political advantage, this set of detractors have teamed up with unlikely
    allies to make political gains out of the current situation.

    Their foot soldiers have been making many funny calls about
    President Buhari’s health even as they abuse the social media to spread
    lies, including the sick rumours about a death.

    Ibadan convention

    Participants at a meeting recently held in Ibadan sometimes last
    year for political realignment of south west blocs against the northern
    bloc in the All Progressives Congress (APC) cannot absolve themselves of
    being culpable in driving the mass hysteria over the health of Mr

    Their idea of burying the hatchet is to undo other ethnic
    nationalities with the reasoning that the Vice President, being of their
    own ethnic stock stands in line as the beneficiary if they can force
    President Buhari out of office on health grounds. Such treachery is not
    alien to this collection of two timing politicians.

    The desperation of this group is such that they readily made up with
    the incoming Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, earlier declared a
    perona non grata for daring to challenge the dictatorship of the party’s
    south west leadership. The fence mending took place in London where
    Akeredolu was made to see the possibility of being out in the cold once
    the health scare can be exploited to force a regime change.

    Osogbo Secretariat

    We have been clearly informed that the Governor of Osun State has
    set up a secretariat in Osogbo for further meetings of elders from this
    region to harness their best brains and further such alliances in the
    event that President Buhari has to continue staying back on doctor’s
    recommendation. For this purpose a refined model of the Save Nigeria
    Group (SNG) has been activated to be launched in the coming days.
    Financial mobilization for paid protesters is being concluded as we

    The product of this arrangement is the outburst of key leaders from
    this region acting under the pseudo nomenclature of Afenifere to call
    for daily updates on President Buhari’s health. The assignment has been
    further contracted to groups that appear to have national spread even
    though they answer to the south west bloc after being sufficiently
    induced with money sourced from hurriedly awarded contracts under the
    Vice President in his capacity as acting for his boss.

    The Destabilization Plot

    The greatest disservice to the nation was the destabilization
    plot that was hatched to precipitate an impasse. Information on the
    health of the President was deliberately mismanaged under the watch of
    the Vice President following which a kite was flown that a cabal was
    after him to resign his office. Upon detailed public scrutiny, as
    opposed to the expected public outcry and sympathy, it was discovered
    that no cabal existed anywhere. The dummy was hatched by the same group
    and scored by their media team to paint the north as a desperate entity
    without a space for democratic tenets. The Vice President disowned this
    scheme only after sufficient damage was done to the credibility of the

    This same group has been fingered as the brain behind the
    orchestrated protests across the country to demand for non-existing
    problems to be solved. All the CSOs that participated in this protests
    are known south-western entities. The source of their funding can be
    easily traced to the south western caucus of the APC.

    Sahara Reporters’ Publisher, Sowore, who is known to the on the
    pay roll the APC southwest leader, has basically relocated to the
    country to supervise the recruitment of thugs, cultists and all manner
    of entities under the guise of social media.

    Other organisations led by persons of the southwest extraction – CAN
    and others – have been on the offensive against President Buhari since
    the order was issued for the attack to begin and they have not relented.
    This is why the anti-Buhari protests and sentiments is for all intent
    the pro-south-west movement.

    Our Stand

    We are not going to stand for a region of the country arrogating
    to itself the preserve of deciding the fate of the rest of us. The
    constitution is very clear and a protest of ten million people will not
    change what the laws of the land say overnight.

    It is on this note that we call on those behind the harassment of
    President Muhammadu Buhari to desist forthwith. Anyone desirous of
    wielding the powers of President should put their name on the ballot and
    contest election on their own popularity to seek the people’s mandate
    to lead and not go about it in this questionable way that we have seen.

    As mere mortals, we have no control over what happens to the
    frail vessels in which we are encased so we urge the group from the west
    to face the reality of mortality. There is no guarantee that the
    healthy green tree would not fall before the seemingly dried one.

    This said, we want to put all those harassing the president on notice that nothing must happen to President Buhari.

    Hon Kwuanu Terrence

    National President

    The post Group Says Uncovers Plan to Undermine Buhari’s Presidency appeared first on Metro Watch.

    My brothers accross the Niger be wary about the yariba.

  • persona


    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      #LWKMD. i see am too

  • realist

    Buhari has turned his arena in London into ‘ Mecca’ of sort. Why everybody visiting him at the expense of tax payers. Sebi he is on leave and have delegated responsibility. Evidence of indiscipline nation and leaders.

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    Get well soon Mr President. seeing your pics makes things feel better. This is what we want to hear.