Recovered N3 billion: Angry neighbours mock ex-NNPC boss Yakubu

Money Found in Ex-NNPC Boss, Andrew Yakubu House, Kaduna.

Residents of Zaria Road, Sabon Tasha, a poor suburb of Kaduna, have no sympathy for their neighbour from whose house the staggering sum of $9.7million and 74,000 pounds was recovered last week.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, last Friday announced it recovered the money (about N3 billion in total) from a house in Sabon Tasha belonging to a former Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Andrew Yakubu.

Mr. Yakubu, who reportedly admitted owning the money, has since been arrested and is in custody of the EFCC.

The Federal High Court in Kano presided over by Justice Zainab Abubakar on Tuesday gave an interim order for the forfeiture of the money to the Nigerian government.

When a PREMIUM TIMES reporter visited the area on Tuesday, the residents generally expressed shock and outrage over the discovery in their neglected community.

Many of the interviewees spoke in a mixture of English and pidgin.

Grace John, a private school teacher, first directed her anger at petty criminals she said daily terrorise ordinary residents of the area instead of going after the likes of the former NNPC boss.

“There is a street nicknamed ‘Black Street’ in this community. There is no kind of crime that does not happen there. Why is it that they didn’t discover that house where this money was hidden?” Ms. John said.

IMG-20170210-WA0022“They should have gone there instead of breaking into the homes of innocent people who struggle everyday to survive the harsh economy caused by people like Andrew Yakubu”.

She could not restrain her disgust for the embattled former boss of the state oil firm.

“The man is wicked. I pray that nemesis will continue to catch up with his likes,” she said, snapping her fingers.

Blessing Luka, a fruit hawker, pointed morosely at the irony of the discovery in a neighbourhood she said is without water, good road and hospital, and has a large number of unemployed and vulnerable youth.

“Yet, the money that would have been used to solve these problems and many other social and economic problems were stolen by one corrupt person and hidden under our nose”, she fumed.

Ms. Blessing, a widowed mother of five, said she knew Mr. Yakubu and had made several attempts to get him to support her trade.

“His boys will tell me come today, come tomorrow. Asheh plenti dollar dey for the house. Na wah ooo, rich people wicked oo!

“Wetin pain me be say this man for give me N10,000 to use am sell orange take feed my children and pay for their school fees and house rent before government collect everything!”

Florence Udogu said she felt bad when she heard the news of the discovery. She said even though it was a stolen money, it should have been invested in establishing an industry.

“He even has the dirty mouth to say it is a gift or a donation. Who is he fooling? He brought all these stolen money and hid it within our reach and left us in poverty and illness. But our God is alive and will continue to expose these corrupt politicians and government officials,” she said indignantly.

“We hear say the man dey save the money to contest Governor of Kaduna State, when even we wey dey stay near him house dey hungry. God catch am. Na for that prison him go die put” Jacob Dominic, a commercial tricycle operator who took our reporter round the slump, said.

“Na so bad name go dey follow him family. Ole! That is why dem wan kill Baba make him no catch them go prison.”

Andrew Abdul, a private legal practitioner who resides in the area, said he was shocked at the the level of corruption in the society, even as he awarded a pass mark to the EFCC as a corruption fighting agency.

The bundles of cash recovered from Former GMD of NNPC, Andrew Yakubu's residence
The bundles of cash recovered from Former GMD of NNPC, Andrew Yakubu’s residence

He said all stolen money recovered should be invested in the economy and infrastructural development, especially in communities such as where Mr. Yakubu’s loot was discovered.

“The discovery of such huge amount of money hidden in an unexpected location has further exposed the level of selfishness, self-centredness, indifference and greed of some Nigerians”, the lawyer stated.

“Whatever is the source of the money or reason for saving the money is questionable. As a public officer, any money collected as gift should be declared publicly at the point of collecting it,” he said.

He advised the National Assembly to enact a law setting a ceiling on amount a public office holder or an individual could keep in their accounts without investing it into an economic venture.

“If somebody has that kind of looted money or even if it is a gift as Mr. Yakubu claimed, why can’t he help the poor community where he stashed the money?”, said Idibia Gabriel, a journalist who resides in the area.

“Some people said that if they had known about the hidden loot, they would have struggled to get something for themselves before the long arm of the law caught up with the former GMD”, he said, chuckling.

“Some said if they were Mr. Yakubu, they would have invested the money for people to benefit rather than keeping it,” he said.


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  • Watch man

    Quite sad!

  • marc umeh

    The man wan be governor or president. That money na for election.

  • Patriot01

    Just look at the road adjoining the street to his house..smh

  • Bishop

    His people have betrayed him, they are to come out and protest that government is witch-huntin their SON who is NOT a thief. Or are they better informed abi educated?

    • Dejandon

      They are not from Delta State – (un)fortunately lol

  • Otile

    A. Yakubu Gowon, see what they are saying about you.

    • Kevin Peter

      Please, stop cursing innocent people. Gowon is out of this issue

      • Otile

        Does he therefore condone this kind of theft, can’t he say something to these cheated people? The people are hurting.

  • Rommel

    The day Nigerians realize that these people they celebrate everyday are also the very same people who have kept them in the situation they are in today,things will begin to change

  • Bright Henry

    A good name is indeed better than money. Look how this man destroyed his name. Any time he is sending he will be called a thief.

  • sammyctu ode

    Nnpc in general is the most corrupt oil company in the world. They were the one who sold Nigerian oil workers to the IOCs and also let the IOCs ripped off Nigerian oil. We in the industry have no atom of respect for any nnpc staff cos they are beggers, very corrupt and shameless. We the IOCs give them everything and they are all over us begging to attend overseas courses so i am not surprised at what yakubu did. Obaseki spent billions of Naira living in nicon noga just cos he’s GMD of nnpc, oniwon and all other GMDs stole billions pf dollars. The contracting procedures of nnpc is very corrupt where by a contractor is chosen for a particular job then he/her collects signed letterhead papers of other contractors then pays them off certain amounts and gets the job. A job of N5M suddenly turns to be N30M. That’s how nnpc have been ripping nigeria off for so many decades till date. If Nnpc total staff strength is 24, 000, then there are 23. 999 Yakubus in that corporation. Nnpc is more corrupt than the police and Nigerian military.

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

    What a pity, instead of criticizing and fighting these corrupt bandits, we are busy shouting fake news on the death of our PRESIDENT, Naija na wa ooooo

  • AyPoint Blank

    Thank God this money was not stolen by one of our brothers in the South south or South East. Wike would have stopped the EFCC from carrying out their operations and the suffering community would have turned his prison custody a carnival, demanding for his release! We still have some normal human beings in Nigeria!!!

  • Kevin Peter

    Some people are saying that Gov El-Rufai leaked the secret to the hidden treasures to prevent the culprit from contesting for governorship come 2019. But whatever may, a criminal is a criminal!

  • thusspokez

    Angry neighbours mock ex-NNPC boss Yakubu

    ““The man is wicked. I pray that nemesis will continue to catch up with his likes,” she said, snapping her fingers.”

    With these neighbours, there is hope for Nigeria. Compare these reactions to the Yorubas, Igbo, Urhobos, etc thieves in news on Nigerian websites and when posters criticise them. If the olè [thief] is Yoruba, Yoruba posters will mount a strong defence of their tribes-person and insult anyone who dares to criticise their crook. Likewise, If it the ‘Oh-Nye Oh-shi’ [thief] is Igbo, Igbo posters will equally mount a strong defence of their tribes-person and insult anyone who dares to criticise their crook.

    The reactions of these Nigerians to one of their own should put the tribalists on this website to shame! Clearly these Kaduna people have superior moral values that the tribalists here.

    • Stargazer

      You are not smart.! Check the names of the respondents in a majority Hausa/Fulani neighbourhood. It appeared to me more than coincidental that the reporter only spoke to evidently non-natives. Let him speak to Yakubu’s REAL neighbours and kinsmen then you’ll better appreciate when we say Nigerians suffer and smile!

      • Isyaku Mukhtar Gwarzo

        You don’t seems to know Kaduna State.

      • Hamza

        Mr Man you are highly ignorant. Must you comment on smth you have not the slightest idea about? Didn’t you know that Andrew Yakubu is from Southern Kaduna which extending to Plateau State is predominantly southern kaduna tribes people? All those interviewed are somehow related to the man. They are his brothers and sisters in terms of tribe and religion. It just shows you that those people (northerners are they) are more objective and completely unlike the SS and SE people who defend their people. The people are not hausa as you ignorantly tried to claim. Even the hausa do not defend a corrupt/crooked public official. The North generally do not depend evil. You don’t know anything, don’t say anything about it. Keep your mouth shut!

    • Mufu Ola

      I have not come across any situation where Yorubas will support a thieving public figure. Very rare. Pls check!

  • Adam Abbas

    Now everybody knows why the naira is continuously crashing against the dollar. They don’t use naira any more. Every naira that comes they buy dollarvwith it. Up till now this stealing is going on.

  • Maria

    May thunder fire this Yakubu….