Nigerian govt recovers $151 million, N8 billion looted funds through whistleblowers – Minister

The bundles of cash recovered from Former GMD of NNPC, Andrew Yakubu's residence

The Federal Government said it recovered another $151 million and N8 billion looted funds from three sources through whistleblowers.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, disclosed this in a statement issued on Sunday in Lagos.

Mr. Mohammed said actionable information given by whistleblowers to the office of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation led to the recovery of the looted fund.

He said the looted  funds do not include the $9.2 million cash recently recovered from a former Group Managing Director of the NNPC, Andrew Yakubu, also through the whistle-blower policy.

Mr. Yakubu has since been arrested by the EFCC.

“The biggest amount of $136.7 million was recovered from an account in a commercial bank, where the money was kept under an apparently fake account name,” Mr. Mohammed said.

“This was  followed by N7 billion and 15 million dollars from another person and  N1 billion from yet another.”

The minister reiterated the position of government that there was a primitive and mindless looting of the national treasury under the last administration.

Lai Mohammed
The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed.

He said the whistleblower policy has started yielding fruit, few months after its adoption by the government.

“The whistle-blower policy is barely two months old and Nigerians have started feeling its impact, how a few people squirreled away public funds.

“It is doubtful if any economy in the world will not feel the impact of such mind-boggling looting of the treasury as was experienced in Nigeria.

”Yet whatever has been recovered so far, including the $9.2 million by the EFCC, is just a tip of the iceberg,” he said.

Andrew Yakubu Photo:
Andrew Yakubu


The minister appealed to Nigerians with useful information on looted funds to continue to provide the authorities with such information, saying confidentiality will be maintained with regards to the source of the information.

He also reminded Nigerians of the financial reward aspect of the policy.

”If there is a voluntary return of stolen or concealed public funds or assets on the account of the information provided, the whistle blower may be entitled to anywhere between 2.5 per cent  (Minimum) and 5.0 per cent (Maximum) of the total amount recovered,” he said.

Mr. Mohammed did not name the whistleblowers or how much each would get from the recently recovered sum.

The new whistleblower policy was announced by the federal government in December.


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  • Freedom Bini

    Tales by moonlight

    • Say the truth

      Gbam. Any whistleblower ‘may’ be entitled to……….

    • Africa

      What other evidence do you require? There are pictures of the looted funds everywhere. Give goodness a chance!

    • Night Crawler

      To you because all your hero’s are been caught after stealing public funds

  • Arkhuma

    The most rewarding career now in Nigeria is to be a whistleblower. Please anybody knows where one can take the course?

    • Kevin Peter

      Yes start from the kitchen cabinet of Buhari!

    • Night Crawler

      You don’t need to be just expose one public official who stole tax payers money

  • Daniel

    The EFCC is a disgrace to this country.

    For trying to distract us from asking questions about the missing president, I Shudder in Disbelief.

    The APC has been recovering billion since it came into office, yet they go cap in hand looking for loans and Eurobonds to finance the budget.

    They have turned governance into a ping-pong ball, entertaining the Buhari bigots and shallow minds.

    What a shame of an institution and country!

    • Proudly Nigerian

      Insanity pls find out the meaning

      • Daniel

        What makes YOU proudly Nigerian?

        Give me some education or highlights.

    • Say the truth

      You are such a smart thinker waoh. How come you got the drift so fast. Lai Muhammed is a propagandist and he has decided to take attention away from the president with this news. But na lie. WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT.? #WeWantThePresidentBack#. Government of propaganda by propaganda for the gullible.

      • Daniel

        Lie and his house of lies are a shame to humanity.

        I want to see Buhari.

    • Patriotism

      You are a disgrace, why can’t you commend efcc even if this is the only good thing you will do in your life.

      • Daniel

        Clap,clap in poverty and lack.

        Where is your life-support President?

        Shallow mind.

      • Daniel

        Slavish mentality. You commend those making your life a waste.

        Come to the real world that works out here.

    • Peaceometer

      Your thinking is awkward

      • Daniel

        Shallow mind

  • Kevin Peter

    Up Lai Mohammed! This new information would last the next 6 months repeating same as a mark of camouflage to conceal the failures of this government in achieving the so-called change they promise. However, this is a good development in the country.

    • Africa

      Change is gradual my friend, the government will deliver on its promises..Good people should rejoice everywhere whenever the guilty/criminals are brought to justice.

  • Rigobert (Vert) Song


    Lai Muhammed: A riff-raff yokel in the government of our times

    Those saying Lai Muhamed is too local
    and morally uncouth as a misfit are right but they’re understating a grievous
    fact that he’s also clueless on the purpose of governance. Here’s no single
    person in jail for corruption since President Buhari resumed office on 29th May
    2015. Recovery of stolen loot alone is not the penalty for stealing. It’s corruption
    itself – unless processed through the penal system and adjudicated under the
    Criminal Code for condign punishment.

    Today and since December 2016 Nigeria has been in total darkness.
    Companies are closing down and retrenching thousands of workers in effect.
    Lai Muhamed, as usual, fails to see the disaster wrought on the country and hides
    his head in the sands, without mentioning “body language” anymore as President
    Buhari’s magic wand to this chronic electricity failure in Nigeria.

    But here was the same
    mentally dissolute Lai Muhammed who jumped the gun in May 2015 to say President
    Buhari’s ‘body language’ caused slightly improved power supply at the time.
    This execrable fellow did not however say that all through the years since 1970s,
    rainy seasons help fill the dams to assist hydro-electric power plants generate
    more electricity. He is so mentally corrupt and addicted to lies-telling that
    he can’t say the entire truth of anything of his own volition. The result of
    that lies-telling proclivity is that what he hides away makes what he says
    a bunch of absolute lies.

    • aapeecee!



      • Broadway2

        130 convictions in 2016 alone. Check out the records.

  • kayode Olufade

    No doubt the policy is a good one and some genuine Intel might have come in that was useful but it is another way to steal from the coffers of the federation. Fake claims can be made like in the case of fake subsidy claims. When there is no transparency in processes the veil created thereof is to smokescreen corruption. The govt can come up to tell us so so and so money was gotten by Intel from whistleblowers and thus claims will be made. We don’t ask to name beneficiaries but the looters and amounts recovered so when an amount comes up to be paid to the whistleblowers there will be little or no questions asked

    • Elderman Manny


      Recoveries of lot higher sums of money were made under Nuhu Ribadu at the EFCC.
      There was no law inducing whistleblowers to receive 5% of recovered loot at the time.
      Let’s not be led by the nose to suggest Police can’t function without paying informers.

  • usman alhassan

    Whistleblowing is good policy and indeed it will continue bringing effect to accountability in running public funds. Kudos to federal government kudos to EFCC and Mr. Magu.

    • Night Crawler

      Well said, this is one the reason why NASS don’t want to approve him to be EFCC boss because he will expose them all, that of the wistle blower is a welcome development

  • Du Covenant

    While I am amazed Nigeria did not have a policy on ‘whistle blowers’ despite the grand theft that has bedeviled our country. Anyway, it is better late than never, this is the way to go and the AG will make sure they are protected by law and proper incentives put in place for whistle blowers in Nigeria moving forward. I am not sure monetary reward should form the bulk of such incentives, this should be seen as a patriotic duty by all citizens and I think a generous FG scholarship up to University level for all children of whistle blowers instead of wasting resources on our greedy politicians.

    • ::????????


      How did the dollar stay stable at ₦170
      to a dollar under Jonathan’s administration for 4 years with “massive
      looting of surpluses”? And why is it now at ₦510 to a dollar under the “massive
      savings” regime of Muhamadu Buhari?

      • Goxy333


        Great question. The answer is simple! APC HYPOCRISY. That’s the answer. You cannot govern with hypocrisy. Sooner or later, economic recession will result from hypocrisy. That is what is happening
        in Nigeria now. Too many APC lies have spoilt the food. Thieves are accusing other thieves of theft,
        without showing their own public accounts to prove that they too are not big thieves in real disguise.

        For example, where are the accounts of Lagos state from 2007 to 2015? On the face of Raji Fashola’s
        understated figure of total revenues, eight hundred billion Naira remains missing and deemed stolen
        in Lagos state between 2007 and 2015. Where are the Lagos state financial accounts of 2007-2015?
        Theft by the PDP makes a citizen as poor as theft by the APC because no party theft is more desirable.

        • Oghaluke1984

          @ducovenant:disqus ,

          “Only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria” said the country’s top constitutional
          lawyer, Professor Ben Nwabueze who’s concluded that genocidal thefts in Nigeria can’t be

          stopped by just preaching against it. Official thefts now reach half the budgets in each of

          the 36 states and verges close to 50% of the federal budget itself – meaning that the 160
          million citizens outside the loop of government’s corrupt influence are being wickedly forced
          into a deadly struggle with extreme poverty for scrappy assets left un-stolen by the 3,000

          rogue government officials who long decided to steal and steal until Nigeria faints and dies.

        • 1984 Oghaluke

          @ducovenant:disqus: “Only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria” said the country’s top constitutional
          lawyer, Professor Ben Nwabueze who’s concluded that genocidal thefts in Nigeria can’t be
          stopped by just preaching against it. Official thefts now reach half the budgets in each of
          the 36 states and verges close to 50% of the federal budget itself – meaning that the 160
          million citizens outside the loop of government’s corrupt influence are being wickedly forced
          into a deadly struggle with extreme poverty for scrappy assets left un-stolen by the 3,000
          rogue government officials who long decided to steal and steal until Nigeria faints and dies.

          • The Revolutionaries




      • Senator D

        I agree with you…


      Very sad that we have certain Certified mumu—Nigerians buying into this witch hunt –by the Apes in APC–ati d drug addicts in efcc—Now–tagged war against corruption————Unaware—the refusal——of the Fulani clowns in Aso Rock to tell us the truth about the ailment of Bingo Buhari is equally part of the seed of corruption–the Fulanis from Niger Republic and Kwara state– are trying to sow among real-Native Nigerians———–Those being tagged whistle blowers—are the bell boys of APC—no more no less–Besides—what other honor will be reserved for the Secretary to government who stole from IDPs-in Borno state?–Yet was not asked to cough out the money he stole–or sacked by Bingo Buhari-?—-What about the whistle blower who told us about Buratai—and the houses he bought in Dubai-?——–Again the same Buratai—————-who had the relations of an army officer who revealed that the army was not being properly armed to fight boko haram——and who—suddenly had—————his family members killed in a motor accident while on their way to visit the bread winner of the family———————-a Col—- who was placed under house arrest in the gulag of Bingo Buhari? We cannot all be deceived—-Or made mad—by the Apes in APC——–in d name of some fake whistle blowers—–who could not tell us the whereabouts of bingo Buhari or the ailment troubling his soul—–


    When is Lair Mohamed of the Apes in APC– going to tell us how much was realized from the money that Amaechi–Dambazua—Tinubu——————Fayemi———————-Prof Yakubu head of INEC stole from the present administration——or laundered for Bingo Buhari———————Whistle blowers do not go into hiding—-when they reveal to us how much Aisha Buhari made from the Halliburton bribery scandal—————————-they own up to the lies they are paid to tell about Jonathan and Jonathan ati Deizani and Mrs Jonathan alone——————ati Etete———-All from the Niger delta region of the Ijaw Nation

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  • DanBlocker


    I want to say something. I’ve been keeping quiet since 2015 election. I want to talk now.
    I want to advise government officials to do a general meeting only among themselves.
    The government officials should look critically at the present situation for answers.
    If the officials conclude that Nigerian people are just animals, then animal policy
    is the solution to the economic recession. The government officials can look at
    the way Nigerian people troop out to welcome James Ibori in Oghara and say,
    yes, the people of Nigria are lower animals. Therefore, the only thing is how
    to build a big cage like a zoo. No need to appropriate any money again for
    electricity supply. Animals don’t need electricity. Nigerians too have been .
    living without electricity since December last year. They are used to it.
    Pople must be governed for what they are. No need for infrastructure.
    No need for schools. No need for hospitals. Animals don’t need them.
    But there must be water because no animal on earth can do without.

  • Tunsj

    The New Whistleblower Policy is great but 2.5 percent minimum and 5 percent maximum is not enough. Increase it to 10 percent of the total amount recovered and I can guarantee you that the whistleblowers with information will be come out in droves.

  • Arc_Deji_Alabi

    This is a government that means well and very serious about fighting corruption. Imagine if all these dollars were in circulation, the pressure on naira would have reduced

  • thusspokez

    There are numerous spokespersons and even spokespersons of spokespersons on every topic in the Buhari government. Why then pay ministerial salary and benefits to Lie Mohammed when he only does junior spokesperson’s work.

    Unlike past ministers of the Ministry of Information, e.g., the late Dora Akunyili, Labaran Maku, etc., Lie Mohammed doesn’t seem to know his duties. It is the responsibility of his ministry’s top civil servants to sit him down and go line by line of the duties in his job description with him.