EXCLUSIVE: I won’t return until doctors are satisfied — Buhari

FILE PHOTO: Muhammadu Buhari with APC Chieftains, Bisi Akande and Bola Tinubu in London

President Muhammadu Buhari has said he would only return to Nigeria when his London doctors certify him well enough to do so.

“… I am extending my leave until the doctors are satisfied that certain factors are ruled out,” Mr. Buhari said in a February 5 letter to the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, informing the National Assembly of the extension of his vacation.

The letter was exclusively obtained by PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday.

Although snippets of the letter were publicised by the presidency and the Senate on February 5 and 6 respectively, this is the first time the entire text and copy of the correspondence would be made available.

The President wrote, “Further to my letter dated 18th January 2017 in which I notified the Distinguished Senate of taking part of my annual leave.

“During my leave, I took the opportunity to have routine check-ups and consult my long standing doctors in London.

“In the course of the routine examinations, certain test result indicated the need for a course of medications and further appointments have been scheduled for next week.

“I am therefore notifying the Distinguished Senate that I am extending my leave until the doctors are satisfied that certain factors are ruled out. In the circumstances, the vice president will continue to act on my behalf.

“Please accept, Distinguished Senate President, the assurances of my highest consideration.”

Mr. Buhari had on January 18 written the National Assembly, notifying the legislature that he was proceeding on a 10-day leave and temporarily transferring presidential power to Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo.

The leave was supposed to last 10 work days, between January 23 and February 6, according to the letter transmitted to both chambers of the National Assembly.

The President, whose real medical condition remained unknown, was expected to arrive the country on February 5 for resumption of work on February 6.

But the extension of his vacation means Mr. Osinbajo will continue to exercise presidential powers for days or weeks to come.

This is the third time Mr. Buhari has transferred power to Mr. Osinbajo since the two leaders were inaugurated in May 2015.

The first time was on February 5, 2016 when the President embarked on a five-day vacation; and the second was in June 2016 when Mr. Buhari travelled to the United Kingdom for treatment of what the Presidency described as ear infection.

A formal notice to both chambers of the National Assembly on the president’s intention to proceed on leave and hand over power temporarily to the vice-president is in compliance with Section 145 (1) of the Nigerian Constitution.



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  • Höly Wähala

    Mtchwww… boring!
    Osinbajo is doing just fine and is more visible as Ag. President than all of Buhari’s didinrin presence at Aso Rock Villa…
    May the doctors keep him there until Nigerians recover from the economic mess his experimental leadership style has plunged us into, and may he make a full recovery of whatever ails him asap. Amin!

    • Julius

      Yes, at least he is going around the country, being visible . We shall see whats going on and whats coming next.

      • Höly Wähala

        He commissioned the UNEP project in Ogoni, went to the SE to commission things, has been doing 3 peoples’ jobs as head of the EMT and VP as well so, what has Buhari really been up to since assuming power if not cronysm and tacit support for his corrupt buddies in Govt? Make e go siddon jor, his didinrin leadership is why Nigeria is caught in a quicksand. Left to me I would say he should be declared incapacitated to continue on as President of Nigeria… No sense patching up a basket with many holes. LoL!

        • Julius

          I agree , that’s why I said we shall see whats going on and whats coming next. I pray for the president anyway. I remember the advise given to Obama when he first came into the office and the economy was in a bad shape. The people in the know told him to travel the country, be visible, talk to the people so that they will know he cares. He did it and calmed the nerves. I thought Buhari should have been doing that before his “medical vacation”. The VP is doing that now.

        • Iskacountryman

          dem go set up oluwole letter

    • Foreign Bulletin


      “In 2015, Buhari won the Nigerian presidential election
      with a campaign that promised to right the wrongs of the previous
      administration. Less than two years later, a lot of Nigerians are regretting
      their decision. Fuel subsidy has been removed, the cost of living has more
      than doubled, unemployment is on the increase, and in 2016 the country officially
      went into recession. Business owners and individuals are groaning under the weight
      of a forex situation that has seen the naira exchanging at N500:$1 in the open market.
      The government has also implemented a number of economic policies which have done
      little to alleviate the situation. Meanwhile President Buhari, who was supposed to return
      from a 10-day medical leave in the UK on Monday has extended it indefinitely,
      fuelling speculations that he is either very sick or dead.”

      ………….African Indepent newspaper

      (South Africa)

      • Höly Wähala

        @Reno Omokri…
        You are the same fraudulent pfool writing as, @Ilesanmi Dunjoye, @Eric Olsen, @Pointblank, etc…
        The trick to catching you is a click on those monikers comes up “blocked access” to info about the author. It was what you did during the campaigns and a style you continue to use till date. I strongly believe until and unless your fraudulent ass is hauled into gulag like FFK and Abati, you won’t learn to live a responsible lifestyle as a mature adult. Chump, your crumbs-giver Dr. Jona Dumbo is gone, live with that reality and stop this nonsense of faking comments in disguise. Get lost jare, I believe I’m done with you and your drunken cousin, @Deri Orbuka, forever after I flushed your client out of our presidency. Today is game-day and I’m watching footbal and would appreciate some peace of mind… you hia me so? Wendel Simon Simlin aka, Reno Omokri… Itsekiri-born bastard and common tout. Oloshi!

        • 2000millenium


          I have been suspecting him. It is like you took the words out of my mouth!

          Reno Omokiri cannot change. Nothing can make him change in this world.

      • Iskacountryman

        that letter is oluwole…that is not buharis signature!

    • Iskacountryman

      the brigade of guards has been changed…

  • Ilesanmi Dunjoye

    It is the right of the president to attend to his health challenges, even it takes the whole of 2017 to do so. Nobody should stampede him to return home, after all Nigerians are not missing him.

    • Pointsblank



      • Wiki


        This Buhari health issue should be taken seriously. Doctors will not insist on extensive checks without
        the preliminary tests suggesting a chronic disease. Buhari is best advised to go through all procedures.
        At age 74 Buhari cannot expect his body to be near the optimal functioning level. He should understand
        that his health will naturally deteriorate at this age. He is the one to tell himself the truth in his condition
        if he has the mental and physical ability to continue in office and resolve Nigeria’s economic recession.

        • Iskacountryman

          buhari did not write that letter…compare his signature to the ones on record!

    • Mike A. Elliot


      But what me I don’t understand is this. Vice President Osinbajo said he talked to Buhari
      and that Buhari is “lively and chatty and hale and hearty”. If that is the case why should
      London doctors ‘arrest’ hale and hearty Muhamadu Buhari? Is that not kidnapping too?
      It is not only when you take someone inside forest that there is kidnapping. You can
      take someone to Sheraton hotel as kidnap vistim too. I think SSS should look into
      this case. We cannot take things for granted if our president has been abducted.
      We must not accept that sort of thing. Let us first of all declare our president is
      missing. When we do that the government of United Kingdom will have to act.

      • Asking Questions

        Will President Buhari return to Nigeria before INEC nominations close for 2019 elections?

        • Otile

          Not likely.

      • Iskacountryman

        and after that he sent the army packing from aso rock…

    • Otile

      How about our money? Do you know how much this dubious medical self exile is costing us?

    • Iskacountryman

      the letter is not genuine…

  • Darlynstar

    Stay in UK till 2019 if you like…no one can do anything, you have already informed the nass and handed over to your VP to act as President…so buhari enjoy yourself in london till the doctors clear you

    • Otile

      Is that the change you voted for? What is this deception all about?

  • AryLoyds

    I wish PMB good health and quick recovery, Nigeria is in a BAD shape , so it dosent make any difference if he comes back. If i were him, i will just do the honourable thing and step down, am going back to my arsenal vs hull match:)

    • Eric Olson


      Muhamadu BUHARI’s corrupt double standard

      The Buhari regime must be stopped, not just called to order,
      but stopped in its tribalistic tracks. President Buhari is giving impunity to Muslim
      northerners who stole huge amounts and were caught by law-enforcement. It is
      not only the 1.4 trillion Naira scam at Central Bank of Nigeria under Sanusi Lamido
      Sanusi that the corruptly compromised President Buhari sweeps under the carpet
      several other cases of thefts by Muslims from northern Nigeria are now being swept
      under the carpet.

      Ahmed Saleh, the registrar of the Supreme Court of Nigeria,
      is a northern Muslim. He was found to have diverted 2.2 billion Naira. He acted
      in concert with two other northern Muslims; namely, Muhammed Abdulrahman Sharif
      and Rilwanu Lawal. They were in a confederacy of high crimes of theft.

      The three men were arrested
      and charged for stealing inter alia. But in a highly corrupt about-face
      President Buhari’s attorney-general (another northern Muslim) withdrew all the
      charges against the troika of thieves, to go free with their 2.2billion loot. But the Justice
      of the Supreme Court found with millions of cash under his bed, Sylvester Nwali Ngwuta,
      a Southern Christian, was slammed with more charges at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.
      This is how Muhamadu Buhari destroys Nigeria with rabid Islamism and brazen tribalism.

      • Eric Olson

        …….(2) BUHARI’s corrupt double standard

        Within 60 days of resuming office on May 29th, 2015,
        and with civil servants owed 6 months’ salaries in at least 22 states, President Muhamadu Buhari
        went to the Central Bank and carried away one billion Naira – all within 60 days of resuming office!
        President Buhari then stuffed the whole one billion Naira into the pockets of his crony –
        Brigadier Buba Marwa, with a whisper and with Buhari’s forefinger firmly on his lips,
        signalling that secrets be kept secret. That first heinous decision in office burnt
        the borrowed robes of ‘integrity’ that some Nigeria’s un-thinking journalists
        had dressed up Muhamadu Buhari in.

        • Alkaliimaam

          • ₦38.23billion developed legs and got missing in Central Bank under Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
          • ₦160billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido at the Central Bank for self-determined spending.
          • ₦1.12billion was taken as spent by Sanusi Lamido on lunch for 12 CBN police guards
          in one year.
          • ₦1.12billion was taken in cash and entered in the account as paid to a non-operating airline
          for charter service.
          • ₦240billion was discretionally doled out at will as ‘donations’ by Sanusi Lamido.
          • ₦1.97billion was paid out in cash and entered on Central Bank accounts as “inexplicable
          expense” by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.
          • ₦20billion was paid out in cash as Legal Fees by Sanusi Lamido to persons unknown.
          • ₦3.086billion was taken by Sanusi Lamido and written off as expense ostensibly to promote
          Central Bank image.

      • Pointsblank


  • mike kunle

    If this is official letter from Mr President to the House, it should not be Addressed to individual ” Bukola Saraki” the letter was to be addressed to the entire House. Directing the letter to Saraki makes it unofficial. I personally doubt the integrity of this copy of letter; possibly not signed by PMB.

    • Ibere



      • Otile

        The signature is nebulous, it reminds one of his fake WASC results. Why has the devil done this to Nigeria?

      • Iskacountryman

        it is not his signature….and buhari does not type….oluwole boys…after tinubus visit, i knew they were going to make a move…

    • Iskacountryman

      that is not buharis signature…and it should be addressed to the senate…it is a forgery !

      • haaaaaaa!

        • Iskacountryman


  • ebexonusa

    I agree with you Mr. President. Your health first since we don’t have a single good healthcare facility to take care of you. I think that your government should use this opportunity to revamp healthcare system n the country and build or fully equip the existing ones. Nigeria have the resources both home and abroad, I challenge you personally Mr. president to see that the country’s healthcare system is up to the standard so that we don’t have to take our money abroad.

    • Gary

      All rational and people of goodwill wish the President well and pray for his full recovery.
      His presence in London is a matter of personal choice and NOT proof of the state of healthcare in Nigeria. Let’s stop mixing up issues.

      The Aso Rock Clinic is definitely not under-resourced and if he wanted, the President could have flown in his doctors or even Nigerian medical specialists to treat him at home. That is an option that our bigwigs are yet to consider.

      We also have a few, not many, well equipped medical facilities in the country that can become the hub of top notch specialist healthcare by simply inviting foreign and Nigerian specialists in Diaspora to visit on medical missions for complex procedures.

      It’s not rocket science and there are few human problems without any solution. What is missing is innovative thinking and personal willingness of our leaders to rid themselves of their inferiority complex towards anything foreign. They go abroad and wind up being treated by the same Nigerian doctors they run away from at home.

      So if the difference is the facilities and not competence, we MUST currently have up to six or eight referral hospitals in Nigeria fully equipped to handle advanced medical care. Then build out from there to have one in every state in four years.
      Every state now has a federal university and can establish a medical school and teaching hospital that will provide top-level referral and medical care.
      Problem solved.

      • Tunsj

        You win the internet today because of your comment. Well said.

    • sab

      Last year 2016 Aso Rocl Clinic got the highest budgetory allocation. Same thing for this year 2017. Then how comes this same facility cannot run tests on the President or treat his ear problem? Or should we still continue to blame the PDP government?

    • DeeBabs

      I agreed Nigerians need quality and world class medical facilities, but, have you ever thought of giving a typical Nigerian a good orientation about infrastructure & attitudinal management. Part of the revamped teaching hospitals during OBJ administration are now shadows of themselves except UCH which still maintains a fair % of that infrastructure. We quickly blame our leaders without looking in the mirror to check ourselves. A word is enough for the wise.

  • emmanuel Azodoh

    I am certain that the letter head I am seeing here is in no way that of the presidency it is a fake by exclusive news paper,please can you stop this nonsense, the more you try to confuse and deceive the poor masses the more you create loop hole can we keep quite and wait for arrival of Mr president death or alive he is still our president

  • Fiery Critic

    …until certain factors are ruled. Hmm. And if for factors are not ruled out? Why not come clean and tell Nigerians what is really wrong with you? You owe them that, you know? They gave you the mandate. So let’s stop all these hide and seek.

    • Otile

      My friend, let the sleeping do lie. How can you expect Imam to come clean about his medical condition, do you know whether he suffers from leprosy, do you want him to embarrass his wife and kids? You don’t wish him well.

      • Eluba Inas

        One thing for sure we all agreed on is your mental leprosy.

        • Otile

          There is nothing like mental leprosy. Get good education, western education is not haram as you deceiving moslems teach.

  • Watch man

    Scanned copy of a photocopy.The movie continues!

  • Spoken word

    This is a honest president

    • The facts

      What is honest about not revealing what is wrong with him? What is honest about saying you’re on medical leave? Have you ever heard medical leave before?

      • Spoken word

        I know you told everybody when you caught gonorrhea

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President Muhammadu Buhari, is a very straight forward,honest,transparent and patriotic leader who would not keep anything in hiding for the Nigeria-public. As a human being mr president Muhamadu Buhari, can fall sick or incapacitated hence, president Muhammadu Buhari, deserves to listen to his doctors, and follow through whatever the direction his doctors may direct him.If he is alive,hail and in good health then he could continue to lead Nigeria, toward fiscal prudence,economic progress and infrastructure development.
    Some naive and ignoramus in this forum will continue to display their common-sense-defect and stone-hearted-comments in this forum because, they are not human beings.

    • Galantman

      You said my mind. Thanks

    • Sanssouci

      I don’t know of any 3rd world leader that has ever been more transparent than this. Nay sayers want details when the doctors themselves need to run tests. The bottom line is that those who think negatively will always say what they want even if Buhari were to beam back home a 24 hour live streaming

  • new republic

    I don’t think we need this man again here ,let him enjoy his Holiday till 2019?the people that will miss him much,are the govt Inside the govt in aso rock,since he left things are runing well,and Bbbachir lawal of this world and Buhar’is familly in the villa are confused now,they are the one turning Nigeria upside down,not Buhari,they only use Bhari’s name,Buhari say this, Buhari say that,their days are numbered in the villa,quote me anywhere;

    • musa aliyu

      But even U have ur days numbered.

      • Otile

        Were you not alive during the time of Yar’Adua? Didn’t you see the same pattern of deception, and in the end Musa died and we lost a lot of money?

        • Tunsj

          So what’s your point? When you hate someone you do not know based on their political views, it says more about you than them. Go figure!

        • Eluba Inas

          Because we ended with the buffoon, Jonah Badluck.

          • Otile

            Don’t blame Jonathan for Buhari’s medical exile. How can you be hale and hearty, but your doctor keeps you in the hospital? al-Taqiyya is evil.

  • mybros

    His Excellency PMB, I wish you quick recovery and pray that the Almighty will grant you more healthy years to fulfill your destiny on earth in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Otile

      Have you noticed that since he left for medical exile there has been no massacres in SS SE or Zaria? May he never come back to oppress his perceived enemies. Gbogbo ile say amen.

  • Nigerian guy

    Why are some words written in Pen? I guess the letter was typed by an aide who didnt pass WAEC.

    • Tunsj

      You’re sad, Nigerian guy.

    • Fred Oxone

      That’s the way such official letters are structured Sir. Salutations in ink.

  • I’m coming home. I’m not coming home. I’m not sick. Doctor says I can’t come home. I did some tests. I’m taking medications. Even Queen Elisabeth revealed her medical conditions when she was sick. We prayed for her. Trump’s physician released a medical report and talked to reporters. Buhari is not a private citizen. God what did we do to deserve this?

    • El Kada


      The reason MUHAMADU BUHARI became a disgrace in Nigerian history is GREED.
      How can a man with Primary Six education apply for the job of Managing Director of
      a bank? How? Buhari did not stop there. He applied for the job of President of
      Nigeria, with his Primary six. He is a greedy man who just wants the money and
      the key to the treasury, not to do the job he couldn’t competently do anyway.
      He could never have performed on the job. He lacks ability to understand the
      issues. He has no sense of proportion and he took on a job far above his head.
      Only greed can explain that – not ambition, because ambition must be realistic.

      • bjay

        Please primary six during buhari days is far better than you that is professor,thieves

  • Say the truth

    Obviously prepared letter by someone who knew ab initio that the President will need more than ten days earlier demanded to prevent speculation. Observed that the ’05’ of February was in pen and an obvious imposition on the original, then ‘dear distinguished senate president’ was written with pen. ‘Yours sincerely’ was added in pen by the fellow that signed the letter on behalf of the president. The name of the President was an imposition as well. Whatever is the case #WeWantOurPresidentBack#

    • Fred Oxone

      The features you described are usually written in pen in such official letters. Your point is taken, but your “evidence” wrong brother.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    It’s no surprise at all! The earlier message was only a prelude to this one. The whole event has become a network and trail off lies and lies! And the radio announcer in this whole drama is the president’s media man. Why can’t these cabal members tell Nigerians the truth? Is it a crime to be ill? There’s really something these people are not telling the nation.

    This has gone to confirm that this administration and the party hosting it are no better than any other Nigerian party; so they must stop presenting this face of holier-than-thou to other political parties.

    Meanwhile the liars have gone back to trench to design another spot of lies which would be spewed and then come up with another counter-lie that would continue to deceive Nigerians. In my view, what is holding Buhari back is no illness because illness is not something to be ashamed of.

    This government is a brood of liars! It must never be trusted now and in the future!

    • Freedom Bini

      Why no Subject or Heading for the letter?

  • Ken

    This is from somebody who is hale and hearty. They should continue to lie. He is waiting for test results. Now he must be okay first. All for a man is hale and hearty and charty

  • Lanre

    Why should you return? Oyinbo doctor no dey use candle perform operation. Abeg stay in London on Nigerian Taxpayers Money. Abi. Shebi you have heat to warm your home, paid for by Niger Delta Oil Money. Imagine. Nigerians have no electricity to cool themselves from heat, talk less of warming themselves from cold. Please continue to enjoy your stay in London. Has Theresa May visited you yet. Or she is still enjoying her honey moon with Donald Trump. Yeye.

    • Wiki


      This Buhari health issue should be taken seriously. Doctors will not insist on extensive checks without
      the preliminary tests suggesting a chronic disease. Buhari is best advised to go through all procedures.
      At age 74 Buhari cannot expect his body to be near the optimal functioning level. He should understand
      that his health will naturally deteriorate at this age. He is the one to tell himself the truth in his condition
      if he has the mental and physical ability to continue in office and resolve Nigeria’s economic recession.

      • ‘chronic disease’ really?

        • Dokita Omowe


          No doctor will take a president of a country out of work and out of his country
          without medical evidence of a very serious illness. No doctor in Britain will do
          so without evidence of severe illness. That’s standard medical procedure.
          Lai Muhamed is uncivilized and un-educated to say Buhari is not sick.
          Vice President Osnbajo and Speaker Dogara are similarly un-informed.
          Worse is Bukola Saraka who claims to have graduated as a doctor.
          One expects Bukola Saraki to know better but he’s just as empty.

          • Would ‘rest’ also be categorize as chronic disease?

            You’re diagnosing and analyzing a man who medical record you’ve never seen with a medical degree you never got, whoa you and Saraki who need help the most?

  • Kickboxer

    Who still doubts that brainless Buhari is, well, brainless. He lies that he is fighting Boko Haram while in actual fact he armed some Boko Haram to roam and attack farmers across Middle Belt, SE, SS, & SW.

    When his iniquities gathered THEN Brainless Buhari ran away to England where he lives on taxpayers’ funds and telling Nigerians that he would not return unless his ” VOODOO DOCTORS” give him clearance, lol:

    This is why Boko Haram hates northern-rent-seeking Islamists like brainless Buhari. They preach that Allah giveth & taketh life but when they are sick, they become ATHEISTS, abandoning belief in Allah for human doctors. Brainless Buhari ran for the presidency for what he gets out of it: Using taxpayers funds to vacation abroad.
    What a hypocritical bunch of Northern Islamist semi-literates with their Yariba slaves who out of cowardice support these sub-humans!

    SO SAD for impoverished 140 million Nigerians, including millions facing starvation in IDP camps.

  • Funbi

    Mr. President, please take good care of yourself. I wish you all the best. Now, Nigerians need to sip it! The VP is the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and let’s get back to work. The stupidity of Nigerians in Nigerian is beguiling. My goodness, this is not about PDP or APC, it’s about the progress and development of Nigerian. Y’all coming here and spitting your ridiculousness. Stop it, people! The high rate of illiteracy in Nigeria is astonishing.

    • Ibitoye

      Which President? A ghost? How can the dead be presiding over the living? What else do Nigerians want as proof before they believe that Buhari has his died?

  • Funbi

    Mr. President, please take good care of yourself. I wish you all the
    best. Now, Nigerians need to sip it! The VP is the Acting President of
    the Federal Republic of Nigeria and let’s get back to work. The
    stupidity of Nigerians in Nigeria is beguiling. My goodness, this is
    not about PDP or APC, it’s about the progress and development of
    Nigerian. Y’all coming here and spitting your ridiculousness. Stop it,
    people! The high rate of illiteracy in Nigeria is astonishing.


    If Ijaw man Jonathan had left the shores of Nigeria-with the type of ailment troubling Bingo Fulani Buhari, who clearly hails from Niger Republic –But now thinks he is the president of the Fulani emirate–in Aso Rock—and not Nigeria—-certain 9jas from the old regions of the country which Lord Lugard created———–in 1914 would have asked that Good Old Jonathan be impeached—-or like Bakare once declared given the late Gaddafi treatment——Meaning beaten to death–by Fulani officers from Mali———-and his remains thrown to the sharks swimming around the Ocean floors of our crude oil polluted sea waters in the South south——————–The truth of the matter is that we have had enough of the RULE by the cursed spirit of Fulanis————–most of whom are not even Nigerians————–So why should Nigerians continue to fall for the biggest 419ners on earth–the Fulanis?———————From Balewa came the civil war-which left more than 3m humans dead—–Shagari another Fulani ushered in of Bingo Buhari—————Yara Adua—-also a Fulani—————-died on the throne———-Now Fulani Bingo Buhari—with tonnes of blood dripping down his dirty luciferic spirit—–So–why then do we still yearn for the rule of the Fulanis ati their Yorubas surrogates again——and again?——–Separation is the only way out–Sayeth the Lord of Host–and not another Fulani ati Yoruba rule—

    • OSINBAJO -for- President

      @Olu from South Africa

      How can the Senate verify that a living being wrote that letter? Did Yar’ Adua not sign 2011 budget even when he was already dead? Who in the Senate can be certain 100% that it is Buhari who wrote and signed that letter? Does the dead write? Nigerians demand a simple LIVE BROADCAST even from the moon. We just want to SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE him and verify that we are not having a dead man as president until they find poison for Osinbanjo.


        Did the Fulanis through Dambazua not forge the signature of Yara Adua on his budget———–in far away Saudi Arabia ————-? Is Dambazua in prison for forgery———Is he not the Minister of Interior who goes about importing Fulanis from Cameroon into Nigeria-? These Fulanis are nothing but professional lairs–ati master dribblers————–Imagine how Bingo Buhari enlisted into the army with a letter of recommendation—–and was able to get away with it————Now the same Fulanis who are not even Nigerians are holding the Yorubas to ransom——————–while romancing quietly with the Ibos—–at the same time——–in the south east via Obj————————————-separation is the only way out–

  • Toba Aribilola

    Mr. President please do not listen to your kitchen cabinet that want your early return without having better treatment because of their own power influence. please take good care of yourself and let the your health sound better before you come back to the country.

  • Emeka Ndukwe

    Nigerians, in my honest opinion Buhari is not our problem. We are just carrying for nothing,our real problem is the National Assembly. Where on earth will people be paid to do nothing. Everything happening, none of them is saying anything. Workers not paid, it does not concern them as long as those of them who have retired more than two times keep getting their pensions and salaries. All the killings, fighting’s, the National Assembly are all business as usual. How much money will anyone us take with us when we die?Buhari is battling for his life, he will rather leave all the money he has and be well. Those who are calling names should think twice and deal with the National Assembly.
    I believe the best thing for the protesters to do is to occupy the National Assembly. The police should be told that it will be in their interest if do not hinder the protesters. The National are quiet because their salaries and allowances are paid without interruption. If they are for masses, they should do something, say something. I beg you Nigerians to face the National Assembly and ask them to do something.

    • Ekwekwe


    • Gary

      Here we go again..you now want to deflect to your favorite target. Pray tell us what the NASS has to do with the President falling sick and indisposed?

      All the issues you just raised are within the purview of the Executive branch i.e Buhari and now Osinbajo. His APC party has the majority in both Houses of the Assembly, a fact most of you conveniently ignore.
      The APC would not have won the 2015 elections without the defections of the PDP members. It’s these same folks APC hypocrites now complain about in their campaign against the National Assembly.
      Sorry, you cannot eat your cake and have it at the same time. You invited Saraki, Amaechi and Atiku to join and bring (corrupt) money into the APC.
      Having done so and given you victory, you folks now want us to help you get rid of them? Mba, we no gree. They belong to you now, so live with them and whatever baggage they brought along.

  • Grace Kensington

    f at this stage all these ends up being a lie.. the presidency has gone too far and i dont believe Tinubu would lie about such. Now let the President address his citizens in a video message to prove himself and douse the fear of his citizens. plus if we had such hospitals here. we would have our president with us. when will the vp bid well the president with a visit to the U.K.

    • News Aggregator

      “Buhari has finally [acknowledged] that he is sick and has extended his stay
      abroad [indefinitely]. It is now clear that Nigeria is in trouble,” Fani-Kayode
      said in a statement. “Nigeria is now on auto-pilot. Pray for Osinbajo.
      Pray for Nigeria … An ill wind is about to be unleashed.”

      ……………….Femi Fani-Kayode

      The AFP
      news agency few days ago reported that “…Buhari and his All Progressives
      Congress (APC) have been unable to shake off persistent rumours that he is more
      seriously ill than is being made out. The PDP claimed during the 2015 election
      in which Buhari defeated Jonathan that he had terminal prostate cancer — one
      of a series of smears designed to show he was unfit for office”.

      According to Reuters
      news agency, “..News of the president’s medical leave sparked a flurry
      of talk in Nigeria that Buhari, 74, was unwell, and potentially very sick.
      Those claims have been fueled by a previous illness, when he spent nearly two
      weeks in London last June treating an ear infection”.

      The worry expressed by these two biggest news agencies shows how
      seriously Buhari’s unexplained illness causes global alarm. But so far the
      Nigerian government officials want Nigerians to believe President Buhari is
      not even sick at all but “hale and hearty” – which in turn fuels more suspicion.

      • Igoh


        The overzealous enablers of counter-intuition who argue that Buhari is hale and hearty

        whilst at the same time on intensive medical examination to discover the causes of the
        illness he manifests to the doctors treating him, must go and look for something else to do

    • okenwa

      The president and acting presidet without a vice president cant be out of the country at the same time.

  • FuzzyLogic

    I won’t return until doctors are satisfied — Buhari
    …Nigeria can go to hell if she can’t wait.

  • Steve

    Why not resign and take care of yourself. This will enable Osibanjo to come up with his own team atleast let’s see if something will change

    • okenwa

      That is the reason why the cabals dont want to announce his death because they fear osinbajo will form his govt and dislodge them.

  • Sarah Ebun


  • Your good health is Nigeria wealth take care of yourself and be well rested.

  • Ogom

    dead guy, fooling himself

  • new republic

    They want to Osibajo to resign or kill him first,because the cabal in aso rock are afraid now,but for how long the bubble will burst very soon.

  • Wetin Naija

    Mr. President take your time, recover and be strong. Your good health is very important. Moreover Osibanjo is doing a good job on your behalf

    • abodes_124

      I concur. Please stay for as long as it takes for body, soul and spirit to fully recover. Osibanjo does appear to be doing well so far. We will give him all the support he needs.