Buhari is “well, hale and hearty,” Nigerian govt insists

Audu Ogbeh, Babatunde Fashola, Lai Mohammed and Okechukwu Enelamah briefing the media after the Federal Executive Council meeting today

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has reiterated the federal government’s stance that President Muhammadu Buhari is not sick, despite seeking an extended medical vacation.

Mr. Mohammed stated this while briefing journalists at the end of the weekly Federal Executive Council meeting.

He said the fact that all the ministers were working optimally was an indication that the president was “hale and hearty.”

“Do you think we will be consulting our business like this if Mr. President is ill?” the minister asked rhetorically.

“He (pointing to Minister of Power, Babatunde Fashola) was in Anambra last week, I was in Kwara yesterday, all our ministers are busy doing their work. Mr. President is well and is absolutely not in danger,” he said.

“I can say without any hesitation that Mr. President is well, is hale and hearty. No question about that.”

Mr. Mohammed’s statement comes two days after a similar statement by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo who said he spoke to the president on phone.

Contrary to the federal government’s stance, other public officials like the Adamawa State Governor, Jibrilla Bindow, have asked Nigerians to pray for a sick Mr. Buhari.

President Buhari had on Sunday written to the Senate to extend his 10-day medical vacation. The Senate later confirmed to reporters the extension was indefinite as the president did not indicate his return date.

The information minister also reacted to publications recalling his position when the late President Umaru Yar’Adua was ill.

Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua

Mr. Mohammed, who was the spokesperson of the defunct opposition party, Action Congress, at the time, was quoted to have said the handlers of the president should be giving Nigerians hourly update on his health status.

He said asking for the same update now is simply like “comparing oranges with apples”.

He said unlike late Mr. Yar’Adua, Mr. Buhari is not in admission or in danger; adding “there is no need to give anyone, any bulletin about his health.


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  • Bigtin

    Chemical “Satanic” Liar Mohammed!

  • Otile

    This man has taken al-Taqiyya to another level.

  • Rommel

    What has the absence of PMB denied Nigerians?

    • emmanuel

      Nothing jare, afterall Buhari was never in the pictures of Nigeria happenstance for over 1 year now

      • Malik Isah

        na turu, you are very smart

    • Daniel

      You will soon know when Osibanjo decides to rejig this uninspiring cabinet.

      This is a cabinet that is causing poltical upheavals and must be dissolved to unite the country.

      The budget is about to be passed. And the hawks riding on Buhari’s amnesia cannot wait to share the ” national cake”.

      Osinbanjo needs to be fully ‘SUBSTANTIVE’ to take bold decisions.

    • Really

      It has denied them the praises being showered on him and his Tyranny by the Nazi glorifier Eugene Erwin Rommel.

      Or are you distancing yourself already from your beloved Hero, even before the Cock Crows three times?

      So soon Rommel?

      • Otile

        One by one all them traitors go deny him.

  • Dazmillion

    Buharam is a dangerously sick baby. The issue is why the lies from Mr Lai, is it not human to be sick at certain intervals, especially at Buharam advanced age? The constitution states that the VP takes over if the president to incapacitated so why the lies.

    • emmanuel

      I dig you now, you have commenced abusing Buhari, because you think he will not come back so your Yorobber brother would take over.
      Na lie you dey talk, you must carry the burden of your indiscretion of helping a blank braine old man lead Nigeria. Hunger go finish una, you never know anything.
      The wailing wailers have stopped wailing, because we now interswitch between La-Liga, EPL, NPL and APC Soaps. All for free

      • Dazmillion

        Please dont misunderstand me. Buharam is sick, that we can all agree. Do I want him dead, NO because we all die some day.

        My point is why all the lies when he has handed over to the VP and is currently going through his medical tests.

        Will he not draw sympathy from Nigerians if he is open about his condition. Nigerians are very forgiving. Only a wicked person will want an elderly man to die

        • Daniel

          O treachery! Why hath thou been so unkind to me?

          And Buhari weeps…

          • Otile

            This is the best comment of the year so far. God bless you, Daniel.

  • Gary

    Everyone but Buhari himself says he’s hale and hearty. Thou doth protest too much, methinks.
    When did our President lose his ability to speak for himself? Lying begets more lies.

    • Michael O. Asabe


      Here’s the real PROOF that BUHARI is hale and hearty

      Somebody phoned me from London with London number starting with + which made me to know
      that it’s really London. The person said somebody was jogging past his house very fast and that
      when he looked outside the winter, he now saw it was President Muhamadu Buhari. I am happy
      that President Buhari is jogging all over London very fast. The way he’s going he may even jog
      up to Manchester (which my friend told me is five hours by road if you are driving fast). We must
      be happy that our president is not dead. He is hale and hearty and jogging very fast from London
      to Manchester. His enemies can accuse him of truancy, but he is not dead, but maybe just a truant,
      who is hale and hearty and refuses to go to work. That one I will accept, but Buhari is not yet dead.

      • Ayinde

        Delusion, please keep deluding yourself. Simply say his fine why embelish it by saying his jogging . Haha enough of this lies that is synonymous with this administration .

        • BenAri22

          Ayinde, Gary’s post is tongue-in-cheek. C’mon now…

  • tunde008

    I still do not support his going abroad for medical check up.So Nigerian doctors can not check our president medically.It is a big unpatriotic gestures to leave your people for such a long time.I have not heard of something like in the whole wide world.where a president will leave his country for medical check up.This is very irresponsible to the poor masses.


      Hausa-Fulani do not regard themselves as Nigerians. They think they are Arabs that conquered Nigerians. So, when they go to what you refer to as “Abroad”, they actually think they left their occupied territories, and went home; be it Dubai or London.

      You find the same phenomenon with Ethiopians, who do not think they are Africans like me and you.

      So, the ultimate goal will be to disabuse these invaders of this complex.

      We need a WAR!

    • Julius

      It baffles me as well. All the money that they are spending for medical overseas can be used to establish a 1st class hospital, staff with Nigerian doctors. Bro, the Nigerian drs are all over the world doing their job brilliantly. Just as good as these oyinbo drs they are running to. I don’t know what to say anymore bro.

      • Gary

        There are a couple of first rate hospitals in Nigeria that our Big Men, including Mr. INTEGRITY himself, refuse to patronize because they are not run by Oyinbos. The same Oyinbos who welcome Nigerian doctors with open arms.
        Go figure.

        • Julius

          I agree. My Dentist has a patient that flies in from Nigeria every 3 months for check-up …his wife included. I wont mention his name.

          • Otile

            We don’t dentists in Nigeria as such, don’t blame the family.

          • Julius

            ‘We don’t dentists in Nigeria ” or we don’t have dentists in Nigeria ?. I’m not blaming the family. I’m blaming our government/leaders .

          • Otile

            You are right, it should read – we don’t have dentists in Nigeria…

          • Gary

            Sorry, I disagree. I went to school with some damned good Dentists still in practice in Lagos. I can’t speak for the rest of the country of 180 million Nigerians and how much our people are educated on good oral hygiene to care about seeing a Dentist unless they have toothache.

          • Guest

            Your Dentist divulged information about another patient to you???????????
            Illogicality and lies comes naturally with Buhari and most of his supporters, hence they make a mess of everything they touch.

      • emmanuel

        Even Lasuth of the APC now suspend surgeries for lack of drugs, Aso Villa Clinic now sends patients back. That is caused by the wailing wailers who are not happy that the last Government lost in election. Meanwhile, the price of Crude has doubled since the last PDP FG.
        Are you sure you and your masters are not cursed?

  • segun

    The truth about Nigeria is, no matter how much he lies he may still become the President of the country tomorrow. Our leaders can afford to be pedestrian because no one holds them responsible for their actions in the future.

  • emmanuel

    Another mumu talk by Liar Mohammed. What does it take to enter official car, blow siren and go places, stay in luxury hotel at tax payers bill and avoid calls to confirm Buhari’s true state of health in Abuja?
    If Liar was young when Yar Adua died, we were not. This was how it played out. They even brought religious clerics to Abuja – they did not see Yar Adua, so they just acted maturedly in the media and went back home. But the man died.
    Adesina don fire the first salvo already; as in i nor talk to am – just like Dora of blessed memory.
    Adesina has dined with the devil already and whatever comes from his latest must be borne by him.
    Afterall, you lied to us in the first instance

    • Julius

      I’m really at a lost for word why you folks live with hate in your heart. Its sickening and sad.

  • Atatikolo

    I have long concluded that it is not Liar Mohammed who has problem but the Nigerians who listen to the deviant and unscrupulous elements in our society parading themselves as politicians. They are people who become useless outside politics. There is just nowhere else they can go. So, if it demands they lie to remain relevant they will. My prayer is for Liar Mohammed to be afflicted with this Cancer that is affecting all Nigerian politicians so that he too can be admitted to a hospital.

  • Ladium

    Just look at the faces of the men who claim to be running things in Nigeria. Shame!

  • blueeyedkitten

    all you mods easily getting happy or excited about all these non-issue (as far as am concern) would eat your words when the president comes back.
    the president would not speak to anybody. hes enjoying this suspense. continue feasting on a fake story.

    • Daniel

      What a suspense!

      May your household not be managed by suspense.

      Very naive comment.

      • blueeyedkitten

        you created the suspense in the first place with your baseless death-wish stories. so deal with it!
        if only you know the meaning of naive…

        • Daniel

          Haha! Sorry ooo. Learn to read more.

    • BenAri22

      Yes, because he belongs to nobody. Except his village-based cabal of course. Based entirely on the lack of intelligence of Buhari’s people and the sequence of his actions and statements, one can deduce the man is very unwell. Even if they drag him back half-alive, he will not endure the rigors of the job or Nigeria. Nice loyalty, but sorry.

      • emmanuel

        Provided he does not return a few days or weeks after to collet his medical test results and on frequent basis.
        Whoever saw the man depart knew there was a serious health challenge. May be when he died momentariy, the sickness disappeared.
        Let them swear the man did not go on life support when he kicked or almost kicked the bucket.

  • Joint Action


    We did not take part in Monday’s massive protest. We thought we should respect the soul of the departed.
    But Lai Muhamed has come out to say Muhamadu Buhari is still breathing we’ll storm the streets tomorrow.
    We are over 2,000 youths joined together by friendship in university clubs. We have had enough of this.
    Buhari government is a curse – it is the worst government Nigeria has ever had, it signifies mass poverty.
    Tomorrow’s nationwide protest in Nigeria will be massive, with Nigeria Labour Congress leading the way.
    Help us thank Lai Muhamed for inviting all youths to join in tomorrow’s mother of all protest marches.

    • Julius

      Who died ?

  • Comfortkay

    Is it a challenge to be black and also to be a Nigerian? How many super men or women do we have among us that doesn’t get sick? And what is the best thing to do for a sick person? Pray for him or her but instead of doing that we starts with speculations why was he sick and so on; sickness normally doesn’t give notice it comes and Nigerian has been blessed to have a government now that wants to put things right after 15 years of PDP outright failure.

    • Otile

      Liar Mohammed is telling us that Buhari is hale and hearty, but you are contradicting him that Buhari is sick. Do you know more than Mohammed about Buhari? As usual you must drag in your mantra of 15 years of PDP to justify Buhari’s ineptitude. Shame

      • Comfortkay

        Bros you a very prominent here and you need a checkup.

    • Julius

      Thank you !

    • emmanuel

      I listen to a black American talk about the backwardness of the blacks with real disgust and i bought into it. Someone said the Government is for four years and we should give them that time and if they do not perform, we boot them out.
      That has been the song since Buhari in the 1984 and for every government to date. So we keep waiting until eternity. Do you ever imagine that the black man is unable to build sky scrapers? and if they build anything close to it, within a short time, most upper floors become abandoned and elevators begin to fail, no water etc on upper floors?
      We believe in prayers but does all unimaginable evils, including lying about the health staus of a leader. Why should anyone pray for a man who is said to be hale and hearty.
      Comfortkay or whatever you call your self, can you hear yourself?
      That i should pray for a very healthy man, is it for him to recover from his hale and hearty state? real mumu na im you be like Liar Mohammed

  • BenAri22


    Clowns passing for politicians! Someone should buy them clown outfits so they can go and dance in Sabo market or Yaba bus stop. Better yet, they can dance naked, as befits madmen…

    So sad that simple deductive logic escapes illiterate Lai Mohammed. “We are working” THEREFORE “he must be well”. So if my boss is not well, I cannot go to work?

    Let me put forth my own illogicality.

    The sun came up and Yar’adua died.
    The sun has just come up
    Buhari is dead.

    This is every bit as logical as that illiterate, Mr. “Lie”. Actually, reading their faces, it is more logical.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Na lie. The man (Buhari) will soon die.

    • Julius

      lolz Mr .intellectual. You might die before him !. Keep that in mind.

  • thusspokez

    Lie Mohammed, is it you again? And you have come to tell us more lie, and then vex when people call you a fibster?

    • Otile

      I know it, I know that before it is over all ye traitors will deny him.

  • thusspokez

    He said the fact that all the ministers were working optimally was an indication that the president was “hale and hearty.”

    So if ministers stop work, then it is a sign that the president is not hale and hearty? Hmm something to look out for.

  • ‘alutacontinua’


  • UOU

    This is no more lies, THIS IS NW A BIG JOKE. I volunteer to supply this buhari Govt with Mr Clown outfits. I need no mobilisation fees, once buhari returns to Nigeria they will take delivery and pay. Liar Mohammed, should send along their names, and sizes please

  • Julius

    As long as the president is still on a medical leave or vacation, the government should be updating us about his health. Period ! It doesn’t have to be everyday but at least every other day. The press should also be pestering the government officials with questions daily about the updates.

    • Really

      He is Hale and hearty, can you not read anymore.Which health update do you want from a Hale and hearty Man?

      • Julius

        It be will fruitless having a conversation/discussion with you. Thanks !

        • Really

          SAI BABA

          • Julius

            Smdh !. Nitwit !

    • emmanuel

      Julius which report do you want? why are you disgracing yourself here? Are you God to ask that a man’s health status be fed to you hourly? Do you not fall ill, how many times have you issued report on your healt status to any anyone?
      We want you to be in the dark until the house collapses on you. If you do not know, the wailing wailers are having field day watching you all struggle with the burden of indiscretion and ignoble elevation of failure.
      They rushed Yar Adua back from Germany because the pressure was high back home, so he resumed work against medical advice and a few days later he went for lesser hajj and died there. His corpse was deported by Saudi Government (if you do not know, that was a show of shame).
      We await the arrival of Buhari this Saturday and would watch the events that follows – lesser hajj?

      • Julius

        I keep hoping and waiting for a day that you would stop displaying your ignorant thoughts in public but, it hasn’t happen yet. I do have faith tho, so me, I’m keeping hope alive. Dumb ass, I’m not the president of the country and the citizens are not paying for my medical/health bills, so I do not have to issue any report on my health. I know you don’t understand that but, that’s facts. The president of any country must update his/her health status to the country because they are paying for it and the country depends on his/her leadership. mumu, stop being hateful and your live will get better.

  • Yunana Yahaya Danfulani

    We unanimously agree that. #BABA is well.

    • Otile

      Keep hope alive bro, after all many people hope to inherit 72 good virgins in aljinat.

  • Decimator

    The president, Mohammadu Buhari, is Hale and Hearty. The optimally working cabinet members are throwing a party in his name for all the deprived and hungry Citizens of the Nigeria Enclave.

    All are warmly invited, especially those who have lost their Jobs and their beloved ones from the Tyranny and hopelessness of the past year all over the Nigerian Enclave.

    The Merry is hereby declared open in Aso Rock by all the optimally working ministers. Rice and Stew Very Plenty (RSVP).

    Do not miss out.


  • GbemigaO

    I hope someone writes a book on Lai Mohammed. This man is definitely something else. Buhari is hale and hearty and not sick but he extended a medical test vacation indefinitely. Is Lai so dumb that he does not realise how he sounds when talking ?

    • Gary

      Probably is. I don’t see how anyone with grey matter between his ears will open his mouth to say that his reporting to work is proof that all is well is with his boss, now on an extended winter vacation turned medical vacation in London.
      They just keep twisting themselves in knots of lies when all they needed to have done was come clean;
      “The President is currently in the UK consulting with his long term doctors over some health issues. He hopes to be back at the earliest possible opportunity but has handed over to the VP with whom he will remain in constant touch until his return”.

      Simple straightforward truth telling which would not have required divulging his medical issues before the rumors started and now gained traction with news of his extended stay.

  • paul irumundomon

    Mr. Mohammed, who was the spokesperson of the defunct opposition party, Action Congress, at the time, was quoted to have said the handlers of the president should be giving Nigerians hourly update on his health status.


  • tony H

    “Buhari is “well, hale and hearty,” Nigerian govt insists”

    ….And he training daily for the marathon.

  • isaac

    Yes o. He is “hale and hearty” according to one pastor and liar Mohammed. Me I no know say pastor de follow the lie !!!

  • emmanuel

    Aman that is sick cannot be hale and hearty. This is a confirmation of the recent write up in the New York Financial Times in which the writer said Buhari dead or alive is of no use to Nigeria, because he has no political or economic values and his team is worse.
    Even Nursery school pupils knows that a man who was in intensive care unti of a Hospital cannot be hale and hearty. This government needs to be disbanded.
    They are a waste of space, time and money!

  • Senator D

    They that are WHOLE have no need of a physician says the Lord Jesus… Well, if Buhari is on medical tourism/tour when he is “Hale and Hearty” then that’s truancy of the highest order wasting of public funds and subject to probe… He should return to work ASAP!