Buhari requested indefinite extension of medical vacation, Senate says

President Muhammadu Buhari watching TV

The Senate on Tuesday confirmed the receipt of President Muhammadu Buhari’s letter to extend his 10-day vacation in UK.

Aliyu Sabi, spokesperson of the senate, made this known to journalists in Abuja on Tuesday.

Mr. Sabi said that the letter did not specify when the president would return to the country.

“You will recall that we received a letter from President Muhammadu Buhari before suspending plenary to attend to the budget.

“In the letter dated January18, he informed the senate that he was proceeding on a 10-day vacation and for medical checkup.

“He also stated very clearly that in his absence, the Vice President will be in charge of the affairs of the country.

“We are also in receipt of a second letter informing us that he is extending his vacation because in the course of the routine checkup, his doctors recommended more checkups,“ he said.

Nigeria-senateMr. Sabi said further that he was not privy to when the letter was transmitted to the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki.

He said that he was briefed about the letter shortly before the media briefing.

The spokesman said that the senate would deliberate on the letter upon resumption on February 21.

It is not clear if the senate would still proceed with the deliberation should the president arrive before then.

Mr. Sabi urged Nigerians to exercise patience with the present government as it was making efforts to provide succour to them.

He also assured Nigerians that the senate was not relenting in helping the executive to boost the nation’s economy.

Mr. Sabi’s statement comes amidst apprehension over Mr. Buhari’s health, despite repeated assurance by the presidency.

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo said on Monday that he had a successful telephone conversation with the president, whom he described as hale and hearty.


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  • thusspokez

    Mr. Sabi urged Nigerians to exercise patience with the present government as it was making efforts to provide succour to them.

    What does this man think that he is? An ordinary Senate spokesperson acting as if he is the president or minister. I suggest that he reads his job description again.

    • Sean

      You’re a clown! Who wrote this for you? Lol! The Senate spokesperson released a statement and you condemned him for speaking? Do you know who a spokesperson is? So the ministers and the President must always address you? You must be living in a cave and bereft of ideas.. wtf!

      • thusspokez

        You’re a clown! Who wrote this for you?

        Typical Nigerian response to mask a lack of logic and a deficiency in debating skills.

  • Fairgame

    Indefinite extension! Oh God deliver Nigeria from this clueless evil Nepotic government.

  • Dazmillion

    Buhari is a sick baby, the issue is why the silence and secrecy when it is human to fall sick, especially at his age

  • thusspokez

    Yemi Osinbajo must now watch his back

    I fear for Nigeria because I fear for Yemi Osinbajo’s life, because this is the closest that the head of the Saraki crime family will ever come close to power — just one step away. I hope that Buhari returns to Nigeria alive, but If doesn’t, Yemi Osinbajo will be in grave danger.

    Guess who will be in-charge if Yemi Osinbajo accidentally kicks the bucket? Of course, the head of the Saraki crime family then also becomes the head of state of Nigeria. No doubt, he will be the number one suspect given that he would have the means, motive, opportunity. This may all lead to possible military coup in response to the chaos that would follow.

    • Teju Olawale


      I can now believe that indeed President Buhari is hale and hearty, as
      reported by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Only sick people stay in Nigeria
      where there’s no electricity supply. Hale and hearty Nigerians go to London
      hospital indefinitely. President Muhamadu Buhari is hale and hearty. Any
      suggestion to the contrary is wrong. I will like to send my best personal
      regards to President Buhari who is on indefinite leave sick leave at the London
      hospital. I want to assure him that I shall vote for him in 2019, even if he
      remains in London hospital on indefinite leave at that time.

      • Pointsblank


        • 2000millenium


          Yes O! The zero megawatts Minister, Raji Fashola, is a complete failure. Electricity darkness touches everybody. That is why it is possible to organize nationwide protest. The protest march on Monday
          was massive and very successful. On Thursday another round of nationwide protest will be launched by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). It is now compelling to protest the uselessness of the Buhari government on daily basis nationwide. Nigerians look determined to sustain this struggle because
          life has become totally impossible to live under this fumbling government of Muhamadu Buhari.

          • thusspokez

            Electricity and Protest

            For goodness sake, how are these issues related to the topic of discussion and my comment on this forum?

          • R.Ess. Kay


            To be blunt, your discussion is on likely removal of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo by impeach or assassination by any means; fair or foul. Not everyone wants to discuss such dreadful topic.
            What folks like @2000millenium and @pointsblank are discussing will resonate with more
            people because it is the current hardship. What you want to discuss is futuristic scenario.
            The problem of Nigeria today is too crushing and compelling to make the life or status
            of Yemi Osinbajo more important than the lives of the other 180 million people dying
            in installment in burning heat of power outage without a single minute of electricity.

          • thusspokez

            What folks like @2000millenium and @pointsblank are discussing will resonate with more people because it is the current hardship. What you want to discuss is futuristic scenario.

            OK then, in that case, let’s talk about your sex life. I am sure it will interest more people than the topic we are given to discuss on this forum.

          • K.N.T


            Hahahahahaha! I like this thread….the best….the funniest…..yet very educative!
            To me BUKOLA SARAKI is irrelevant in Nigeria. Even if he’s the only Nigerian left after
            rapture has occured or after a serious nationwide influenza, he can NEVER be president
            of Nigeria. The word is NEVER. Let the retired military generals backing him try it, they’ll
            see the battle of the stinging bee. It will be the last gambit of Nigeria’s notorious thieves.

          • By Popular Demand

            “In the President, in whom much hope was invested and misery was reaped, the man died.
            In the President, who made promises of alleviating poverty during campaign but rather
            exacerbates the level of hunger in the land, the man died. In the President who
            promised to declare his assets but goes to odious lengths to explain why he
            could not do it any longer, the man died. In the President who promised to
            reduce the cost of petrol but ended up increasing it astronomically,
            the man died. In the President who promised to increase the
            value of our Naira but rather devalued it beyond recognition,
            the man died”.

            ………………..Remi Oyeyemi

            (January 3rd, 2017)

          • UOU

            Are you the moderator here? this is an open forum, like a market place or mall so stop that your notice-me attitude. This is not one of the places to practice your arrogance (political attitude). Most of you blame politicians for high handedness but see how you are making yourself look like a real dictator, on a making. Control yourself, the world is moving on faster than you can imagine, do not pretend you can control anyone else

          • thusspokez

            If you have ever sat an examination or presented yourself for an interview and you are asked questions on a subject (say) computer science, will you give history answers?

            This website is full of news on a variety of subjects on different pages. If it follows your way of thinking, then it would use just one page to report all its news.

      • thusspokez

        Could you take your response elsewhere, as it has very little to do with my comment here?

    • Omo Eleniyan 2

      @thusspokez:disqus: If the Buhari government did not fail
      there will be no reason at all for you to fear for Yemi Osinbajo’s life.
      Think hard of the causes of things and you’ll be just fine – the Buhari government has failed.

      • thusspokez

        the Buhari government has failed.

        This is not the essence of my analysis. The question is: would you have rather the head of the Saraki crime family replace them? And that is my point!

    • Otile

      Does it mean that if the Fulanis kill Osibande Saraki or another Fulani will inherit the throne?

      • Rexo


        Bukola Saraki is least qualified for public office besides that he’s from time to time docked
        in a criminal court for uncountable offences. He doesn’t have the mental sagacity for any
        public office, not even in a local government, given his heavy moral burden – never mind
        criminal liability, for laundering 60 million U.S dollars in Panama.

        That’s not the portrait of a creature who should ever be or remain in public office on those credentials
        but Nigeria is quite abnormal and so insane amongst a community of nations. It is for that insanity that
        crooked creatures like Bukola Saraki messily reproduce asexually like amoeba.

        • thusspokez

          I often get frustrated with people like who fail to read and
          understand comments before writing responses.

          What makes you think that I am not aware of Saraki’s criminality or fitness for high office? If this is what you think that I am saying in my comment then clearly, you have failed to understand the salient points in that comment.

      • Saladin Cassandra


    • No-Comment

      ……………..(2) Yemi Osinbajo must now watch his back

      “The first witness presented by the EFCC to testify at the
      trial of Senate President Bukola Saraki, Michael Wetkas, told the Code of
      Conduct Tribunal that the Personal Assistant to Senate President Bukola Saraki
      made N600,000 to N900,000 deposits into his personal account 50 times in just
      one day. According to The Cable, Wetkas said Saraki made the deposits during
      his tenure as governor of Kwara state”.
      (April 2016)

      “Mr. Bukola Saraki’s 2003 asset declaration documents reveal his astonishing wealth with no explanation
      of how he obtained it. He and his companies had more than N51.5 million in Nigeria when he submitted these
      forms to the Code of Conduct Bureau in 2003. Mr. Saraki also had cash assets, under his name or those of his companies, of at least 2.9 million pounds sterling and $400,000 dollars in 2003.

      In addition to his cash assets, Mr. Saraki was also the registered owner of at least eight properties in Nigeria, calculated in 2003 to be worth more than N2.2 trillion. Mr. Saraki was also the registered owner of eight (8)
      properties in London, which he purchased roughly during the same time. By 2003, according to Mr. Saraki’s assets declaration forms, he owned properties in the UK worth more than $12.6 million”

      ……………….Sahara Reporters

      (September 17, 2015)

  • Kevin Peter

    May God heal our president. But imagine if it were a common citizen struck with a disease that requires extension of time to heal in the face of deteriorating health facilities in the country and lack of money to pay the bills….

    • Otile

      Yeah, but has any living Nigerian seen Imam alive since he left the shores of Nigeria on January 19, 2017? God show light.

  • Bigtin

    Hale and hearty but undergoing further medical checkups. Very funny!

  • emmanuel

    Nigerians are really idiorts. How can a man who budgeted millions for Presidential clinic perpetually receive treatment abroad? In a country of about 200 million people, and over 24,000 hospitals there in not a single one that he can go to. If our Nigerian hospitals are not good enough for the Ministers, Lawmakers, Police and Army chiefs etc and their families then who are Nigerian hospitals meant for? …and nobody is on the street to insist that Buhari relocates to Abuja General Hospital or Specialist hospital in Katsina or Akwa Ibom. Instead the same public so despised by the political class are the same people praying and encouraging others to pray for Buhari’s recovery in London Hospital. What an irony. It is therefore not surprising that a Buhari will have the guts to ask for an indefinite extension of his medical leave. We are simply not a country.

    • Lanre

      You’ve said it all. Nigerians are idiorts. Nothing to add.

    • Okokondem

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • UOU

      Had it been that, buhari is in UniJosTH or UniMaidTH or UCH or ABUTH or UNTH, I tell you majority, if not all, nigerians will express renewed yet sincere sympathy with him even if he would die (after all, death is the leveller, no big deal about it, all of us with life must die), it would have been a turning point, A REAL HONEST NATURAL CHANGE. Perhaps that would trigger a new beginning, a sober reflections for everyone, both those for and those against. however, we are all looking at another begging opportunity, being wasted due to the same thing that has held down the polity, MISCHIEF. It would take more than the grace of God, to know what would actually happen if Buhari comes back or not, but for me, let buhari just resign, upon returning. he can take along his VP if that would be a problem, then hand over to the Judiciary or to a committee of eminent non political elders from all the 6 zones. They should bring out all the reports, of all the past Political Conferences, let’s have a review and mount a new human face constitution, A PEOPLE’S constitution, that would allow everyone to feel a sense of belongings instead of, a challenged book that conflicts with everything towards a better living for human being. The 1999 (Supra 1989,1979 constitutions), drafted and approved by various military government only, marched an unhealthy war between, the North and the South, the West against the East, Majority against Minorities, Rich against the Poor, the Average against the very poor, Christians against Muslims, unbelievers against traditionalist, Military/Ex Military against innocent civilians, overfed insatiable Elites against the down trodden, sections against Sections, everything against all things and everyone against everybody. The constitution represents nothing but only conflicts, yes , conflict and all about conflicts. The constitution encourages, injustice, deceit , lies, oppression, propaganda, hypocrisy and hate hence no need to even talk or expect any future. Yesterday it was PDP, a certain evil group of people, today it is APC, in another level of devilish level, tomorrow it may still be a different type of satans, on throne. This is a time to stop all these, so that there would be a restart, for a nation founded in considerable affection and appreciation by its citizens. God please, let buhari come back alive and redeem himself, for this is his last chance, resign, be a statesman and lets start afresh. It is better to halt, while on a wrong way, go start again, on a right path than continue a wrong way when you know you are heading no where. The malice in country is unprecedented, if buhari dies it may compound everything but it’s undoubtedly, glaring buhari cannot continue. The New Constitution must be built on absolute justice, fairness and rule of law. Nigerians have gone through alot in the last 56years that they would not be found wanting if every voice is heard while rebuilding, with a new workable constitution. Without this, this same circle ill continue, even our grand children may still be stuck on this same road. I rest my case

      • Senator D

        If ONLY wishes were horses beggars will ride… You have spoken the mind of every true Nigerian… Am particularly disappointed with the Church leadership that are supposed to be in forefront championing a national reawakening and rebirth… Moses, Elijah, Joshua, Jehoshaphat, Gideon, Samson, Nehemiah et al all championed national rebirth and were all in the forefront ready to die for truth, justice and equity in the Land…

        • UOU

          You are right, the church has plenty influence based on their followers. With such number, a lot would change if they are together. Remember, the other religious leaders must come into the same page with Christian leaders if they decide top be stable. However, every other govt since time immemorial, seems to make sure the religious leaders stay disunited so that their (people’s) interest and voice would remain divergent, just like the people who are constantly being oppressed. The Political class or rather the elite know what they are doing in using divisive means to scatter the mind of the people even as they continue to benefit from the disgraceful failures in the country. One funny thing is that, all the people cursing and insulting themselves online, may not fight instead more likely, they would embrace themselves when they actually meet, face to face. That is the “LOW” of internet Yet it’s goodies cannot be over emphasised

    • Senator D

      When will the people say, “Enough is enough”?

  • Tony

    President Yemi Osinbajo is beginning to sound so good to me, don’t you think so.

    • Olusola

      Tony you don come this night again ooh. Na you be offcial town crier abi? Nor talk ooh!

      • Tony

        Olusola this is prophetic statement from Jah.

  • kayode Olufade

    Such a letter should not be assented to. The office of the president can’t be left vacant. There is a limit to what the VP can deal with. The presidential system of government needs a person to occupy the office of the president. A date should be gotten from the presidency. If not there should be a limit of which the president can be absent, when such a date elapses he should be found unfit to occupy the seat of the president. The president’s state of health is unfortunate but the Nigerian state has to go on.

    • Olusola

      While you are right partially, but also need to know that by virtue of the transfer of power we are not exactly where we were with YarAdua. With power transmitted, Osinbajo is AG President and he wields the same power of a substantive president. Also bear in mind that President went to London not Saudi, so once the hospital realises he could not function as appropriate we will all know same day. We have Nigerians all over the UK in the medical/allied professions. I dont have fears at all so I keep praying for the president to get well. I like him for doing the right thing; transfer of power.

      • Otile

        Has any Nigerian seen him alive since he arrived Ingila for vacation on Jan 19th? We pray his tests do not test positive for leprosy,

      • Really

        He is Hale and Hearty can you not just take notice of that?

  • Otile

    God forgive sin. How did Nigeria get into this messy endless loop? It is going to take experts 4 months to get results of Imam’s tests, and
    may take another 5 years do the required surgeries, procedures and
    follow-up therapies. In that case we are looking at the tail end of
    Imam’s second term, in the mean time nothing will be achieved. Is this
    how Nigerians want to waste their future?

    • Decimator

      No, No, No, the future will not be wasted.

      Since the Nigerian Enclave now has a president on indefinite medical holiday, meaning at the same time having an indefinite acting president and an indefinite acting Chief Justice.

      If we add this up with periodic releases of Model photos of Mohammadu Buhari watching Channel TV or taking stroll in Buckingham palace and occasionally writing the Senate to make the Indefinite medical holiday permanent, then the Nigerian Enclave will be running itself.

      If all these could be achieved in barely a situation of hopelessness, then all is OK I should presume.

      Meanwhile let’s take the back seat and watch as events unfold.

    • Angry Niaja

      That’s how the governor of was it Taraba State, Suntai even though no longer with his senses after the plane crash, was allowed to complete his tenure, ( Theophilus Danjume and co responsible for that abracadabra) so he could continue the drain of our national resources and of course all the paraphernalia of office thereafter. Nigeria is a very complex country, anything is possible

    • Senator D

      We are on autopilot!

  • Mentus

    Besides being absent from his presidential duties, all theses endless tests and check-ups are yet more drain on Nigeria’s floundering economy. Medical costs in Britain for visitors are astronomical and they keep increasing the amount everyday in an attempt to plug the gaping hole in the National health service costs.
    President Buhari and his like make good customers for them, unfortunately the common man bears the cost.

    • PLAN A

      Brother,dont worry,Fulani Herdsmen have already paid.

      • Powerlessconscious

        So the money is your own problem. When corruption drained the resource, that is normal to you? but the president that is fighting for you and your unborn generation is taking care of himself, then you called it drain resources. So Irrational Complain.

        • UOU

          How much are you earning for all these, replying everyone and everywhere, especially openly canvassing and trafficking on hate against a particular tribe. A grace ful tribe that does not know you exists more so, a great tribe which you have benefitted from, one time or another? how much would they have paid you that, you will vouch to leave nothing for your conscience or soul? Hope you don’t end up like your types, soon..look at abacha, before you know it, cardiac arrest

          • Powerlessconscious

            Biafraud. Don’t be angry. We know everything about you guys is fraudulent. Or do you want end like Alamieyeseigha? So be careful o.

          • UOU

            Mpama, your pay will stop soon, very soon, its coming as it has started, very very soon, you will eat sand

          • Powerlessconscious

            Ehya biafraud. You don’t need to respond like a mad dog o. Everything about biafraud is fraud. Well, we know who has been paid by going around to lie against our president.

          • UOU

            Ozu, treachery master, everyone is biafra for you, oluwole deceitful failed marked man, God is already punishing you, the fire is coming close to you

          • Powerlessconscious

            You are funny. The fire is only coming close to you enemies of the country. Mind you, every tribe have biafraud representative. They are the image of the pdp. They are the enemies.

          • UOU

            Keep deceiving your pathetic self, half and half, maybe pitying yourself to misery level. On that, no pdp, apc, ac, ad etc, will save your life. The fire is fast burning close to your evil stand. See you, see hell fire. The fire will burn you, violently

          • Powerlessconscious

            Dont worry. Keep blabbing. I am already seeing you in the hell fire. The fire will burn you violently and the burning might never finish. Mind you, a party will always be in charge of any country as leadership. There is nothing you can do to that.

          • UOU

            Ewe, you will burnt alive as it is unloading, i warn you, looting pdp, looting, ac not criminal apc will not save you nor your insatiable greed. Poor treachious soul

          • Powerlessconscious

            Igi gbigbe. You will burn alive and the burning will never finish. I mean, you will burn VIOLENTLY and gnash your teeth. Back to your stubborn brain, a party will always Be In charge of a country at leadership level. There is nothing you can do about that. So you can continue to respond like a MAD DOG.

    • Powerlessconscious

      So the money is your own problem. When corruption drained the resource, that is normal to you? but the president that is fighting for you and your unborn generation is taking care of himself, then you called it drain resources. So Irrational Complain…

  • Michael O. Asabe

    Dear Editor,

    Somebody phoned me from London with London number starting with + which made me to know
    that it’s really London. The person said somebody was jogging past his house very fast and that
    when he looked outside the winter he now saw it was President Muhamadu Buhari. I am happy
    that President Buhari is jogging all over London very fast. The way he’s going he may even jog
    up to Manchester (which my friend told me is five hours by road if you are driving fast). We must
    be happy that our president is not dead. He is hale and hearty and jogging very fast from London
    to Manchester. His enemies can accuse him of truancy, but he is not dead, but maybe just a truant
    who is hale and hearty and refuses to go to work. That one I will accept, but Buhari is not yet dead.

    • Saladin Cassandra


      Anything is possible
      after Muhamadu Buhari’s death, including a very bloody military coup. There is no
      obvious path of keeping the Buhari legacy 0 since there’s none, and now, because
      APC party has no zoning of office clause, serious commotion is guaranteed.

      • ::????????

        What is wrong with a bloody military coup, with treasury thefts killing Nigeria?

        What is wrong with killing about 500 corrupt people, to save a whole country?

        • Höly Wähala

          Fraudster… you are the same person responding to yourself, your is a mental illness. Clown!

          • Tony O.


            My brother. Don’t worry about him. Let’s not kill the messenger. Let’s get the message.

            What is wrong with a bloody military coup, with treasury thefts killing Nigeria?
            What is wrong with killing about 500 corrupt people, to save a whole country?

          • Höly Wähala

            What is wrong my broda is beyond you and me, it is…
            “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Remember that? There are more civilized way of ending Nigeria trust me, there are civil disobedience methodologies we can employ to put and end to all their bullshit once and for all… now, guess!

      • Powerlessconscious

        Your complain look immature. I mean childish. All of just created different personal reasons to hate the president.

  • Powerlessconscious

    May God grant him speedy recovery. You are coming back stronger.

    • Daniel


      • Powerlessconscious

        Biafraud. Welcome. I have been waiting for you.

        • Daniel

          Stop calling anyone opposed to a failed Buhari government a biafran.

          Is it only the Igbo that are suffering from a clueless government?

          That politics has expired.

          Say something else.

          I am proudly Itsekiri.

          Nigeria is a monumental mess under a life-support president.

          • Powerlessconscious

            90% of anti government are Igbo. Mind you, biafraud are those who bought into the ideas of this antagonist. So every tribe haved biafraud but dominated by Igbo’s. Go and check every forum. Check those anti government. Where 90% of them came from. Right from day, they have vow to hate this govt nomatter anything good he does. So there is nothing any biafraud will write that will be a surprise. God bless buhari/osinbanjo

          • Darlington

            The same Yorubas chose to hate GEJ.

          • Powerlessconscious

            When was that? Despite all the vote gej got from southwest?

          • Daniel

            Very much of an ostrich syndrome to sit some where and type this.

            When it takes SIX MONTHS for a president to appoint clueless ministers, what does it tell you of his capacity?

            Anyway, the man we are talking about is struggling for his life.

            Buhari only proved his critics right : NO CLUE!

            I have no beef with Osinbanjo. No matter what his education will make a difference.

        • Daniel

          And sorry, on my way to work. Do you have one?
          (two hours ahead of you).

          Go and work.

          • Powerlessconscious

            Hahaha biafraud. On your way to work and you have time to type. Everything is fraud.

          • Daniel

            Get a job, if you have none. I guess Buhari should be able to provide one.

            Yeye dey smell.

  • Otile

    When will the presidency knock of al-Taqiyya in Nigerian politics? There is no need telling us that Buhari is hale and hearty, on vacation, not in any hospital, will resume duty soon. bla bla bla. They have made mockery of truth. With budget padding, certificate saga, promise of prosperity but delivering poverty, vowing to abolish medical tourism but lying about it, this government looks like fraud. This is tragic.

    • Eluba Inas

      Busy body once again you are all over the internet. Your behavior is very much like that of a rat. Once the news is about Buhari, you spring out of your hole and start jumping all over. I personally wish I can see your face.

      • Powerlessconscious

        The guy is RESTLESS.

      • Otile

        Don’t rely on your poisoned arrow, before you point it at me I will break off your hands. I am not from Southern Kaduna where you fulanis rape women and behead people with impunity. Barawo banza.

  • Angry Niaja

    What’s the problem with these low life thieving Senathieves, the year has barely begun and they have been on recess twice already. How often they work is anyone’s guess, their working pattern is part time, yet they collect such outrageously large sums of money. That’s what labour should hold as key in their proposed strike on Thursday. These people do not have our interest at heart. Nigeria is in recession, so The Senate should be scrapped, its too expensive to run, period.

  • North/West Allies

    This is no longer a joking matter, indefinite extension you mean? While economy is crashing he is requesting for indefinite medical holiday extension. We he should resign now so that somebody who is fit and capable to work continue, no time to waste please! People are starving to death o!

    • Powerlessconscious

      Lie. It is not necessary the president is present. That is why there is vice president. I know PDP education system really affected a lot of Nigerians.

  • Okokondem

    No matter how one looks at it the British did our various ‘nations’ and people, a grave injustice with the so called amalgamation of 103 years ago. We might not have ended up with perfect ‘NATIONS’ in what is today EAST, WEST and NORTH, but those ‘NATIONS’ could not have done any worse than what we have today.

    Our insistence on keeping the amamlgamated contraption alive at all cost has proven to be futile. It has at the minimum robbed generations of Nigerians simple pleasures of basic necessities such as electricity, traveling on paved roads, access to clean water, and decent Healthcare.

    We have found ourselves confined to the unworkable contraption known as Nigeria where everyone is overly mindful and afraid not to offend each other’s sensibilities to the detriment of the country. What constitutes a crime or an act of corruption is no longer viewed as such the moment Nigerians realize the perpetrators are their kinsmen, their tribesmen, or a member of their party.

    Did anyone observe the spectacle in Delta state last weekend? I’m referring to the welcoming of James Ibori by the very same people he admittedly defrauded during his stint as their governor.

    That’s Nigeria for you. A crime is a crime, and stealing is corruption, only when the person committing it is not one of yours. You will be astounded by how widespread this mentality is shared among Nigerians. Nigerians are not nationalistic. That is different from nationalism mind you. Nationalistic means country first.

    If our people were nationalistic they would not divert funds appropriated for road construction, building schools and hospitals or paying pension to fellow Nigerian retirees, into their private accounts for the acquisition of materials they may never need.

    Someday we must be truthful to ourselves by confronting the obvious — Nigeria was never destined to be one country.

  • tony H

    Sai Buhari. Please accept my apologies for not voting for you. The best LEADER Nigerians have ever had. Sai Buhari.

    • Powerlessconscious

      What did you see?

      • tony H

        The suffering and smiling masses, especially in the SW. Isn’t that what YOU ALL voted for?

        • Powerlessconscious

          Sufferness has been in Nigeria since adoption of fraudulent system of govt which is very expensive. America feel safe because their currency is a trading currency. But since when Nigeria followed this path, suffernness began from 1999. And every tribe in Nigeria has voted in elections to sustain this system. For example in 1999, Igbo voted in emass for obj. While left ojukwu of apga. In 2008, they did same for yaradua, they did same for gej AND SUFFERNESS STILL CONTINUE. Also in 2015, Yoruba’s and Hausa voted buhari.

  • KAL

    While we grapple with the absence of Mr. President and the politics being played about his health and whereabout, we shouldn’t be mindful of the fact that the Senate is in the process of considering 2017 budget and with this unnecessary recess by the Senate till February 21 when the country is grappling with so many challenges and the budget to run from January to December 2017 is not yet passed to law. Which manner of people are we in this country? Which manner of senators do we have in this country? The budget may not be passed until March or April and anyone wondering why we are so backward and may never make developmental progress? Nigeria is in serious trouble!!!

    • Babso

      The recess is not holiday but to work on the budget and that is progressing. They will not be sitting in the chamber but will do oversight function to discuss the budget ministry by ministry.

    • Olusola

      …Just crying wolf where there is none. Aside recess to look into the same budget, last year budget is still ongoing until May 2017, so we have not missed anything.

  • Senator D

    Dear Nigerians this is your captain, welcome aboard flight 234-NG, kindly fasten your seat-belts as we have now engaged Autopilot… Enjoy your ride!

  • Senator D

    If ONLY wishes were horses beggars will ride…Am particularly disappointed with the Church leadership who are supposed to be in the forefront championing the course for a national reawakening and rebirth all across Nigeria… Moses, Elijah, Joshua, Jehoshaphat, Gideon, Samson, Nehemiah et al all championed national rebirth and were all in the forefront ready to die for truth, justice and equity to be established in the Land! Where are all our “G.Os, Daddies, Papas, GS, Pastors, Prophets and Apostles”? The time has come for you to use your pulpit to ask for restructuring of Nigeria… The time has come for you all to cry out like Jonh Knoxx causing Mary the Queen of Scott to confess thus, “I fear the prayers of John Knox more than all the assembled armies of Europe”, the time is ripe to send shock waves to those in leadership that enough is enough. We want a better Nigeria or you die!!!

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  • dele20

    PMB will surely return in peace