Rivers Rerun: Nigeria Police recover N111 million from 23 ‘corrupt’ INEC officials

Picture of cash used to illustrate the story

The panel constituted to investigate the electoral and other offences perpetrated during the December 10 Rivers Parliamentary re-run election has said that it recovered N111 million from 23 INEC officials.

The Chairman of the panel, Damian Okoro, made the allegation while presenting the team’s report to the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, in Abuja on Tuesday.

He alleged that three senior electoral officers collected N20 million each out of the N360 million given to them by Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers, while the remaining officers received N15 million each.

Mr. Wike has denied any wrongdoing despite an audio showing he may have compromised some INEC officials financially. The Rivers Governor also accused the police of bias and refused to cooperate or allow state officials cooperate with the police investigation team.

Mr. Okoro, a deputy commissioner of police, further alleged that there were some cases of misconduct on the part of some electoral officers, who were compromised in the line of duty.

“By this investigation, this panel has diligently unravelled what went wrong with the re-run election in Rivers, the details of which are contained in the report.

“We discovered that failure of leadership and followership rather than law enforcement was responsible for the political upheaval in the state,” he said.

PREMIUM TIMES reported the violence that characterised the elections leading to the death of a yet to be confirmed number of people including at least two police officers. Security officials have also been accused of complicity for their roles in the electoral violence.

Mr. Okoro added that the task given to the panel was challenging because of the tense political and security atmosphere in the state.

He said lawless elements targeted political opponents of their sponsors, and law enforcement agents, especially the police.

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike
Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike

He attributed some of the violent acts to inflammatory statements by some narrow-minded politicians.

“Apart from their utterances, politicians in their desperation for power, also armed thugs who unleashed terror on their opponents,” he said.

He said that six police officers, who were indicted, had been tried and dismissed from the force.

Speaking, the inspector-general of police, said that a report and recommendation would be forwarded to the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice for his advice.

He said appropriate action would be taken against indicted persons to serve as deterrent.

“We are going to take appropriate action in conjunction with other security agencies to put an end to this problem,’’ he said.

He urged Nigerians to have confidence in the security agencies and believe the panel report.

Mr. Idris alleged that Wike refused to cooperate with the panel even when the team visited him in Port Harcourt.

He said that the investigation would go a long way toward ending electoral malpractices in the country.

“We will be failing in this country if we allow this to continue,” he said.

He said that the money recovered would be paid into government coffers.

It will be recalled that the I-G on December 22, 2016, constituted a 15-man special joint investigation panel to investigate electoral and other offences in respect of the Dec. 10, 2016 re-run election in Rivers.

The membership comprised 12 police officers and three officials of the Department of State Services.

The panel was, among other things, mandated to thoroughly investigate the various infractions, incidents and violence that marred the election.


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  • T-Rex

    Okay o

  • Akiika

    A River resident too will also cry of hardship and blame Buhari, while Wike can dish out N360 million to bribe INEC officials. Una never suffer enough! when the suffering reaches a threshold, y’all will redirect your brain to face your real enemy.

    • Peter_Edo

      Thank you!

    • Alpachino Roar

      Orchestrated publication…..12police officers and 3 dss officers in the panel…..fed govt panel members. Who them go support. What of the SARS commander and his boys in the video.

      • Sean

        You’re a buffoon and a murderous thief like WIKE! Repent or you’re hell bound! Ethnic jingoism has destroyed the fabric of your existence..shame on you! It’s your great grand kids that you’re mortgagging their lives. You back a looter and a murderous thief based on ethnic affiliation. It’s better for you to commit suicide rather than live a false life..go and bury your head in the sand! Shame on you as truth is alien to you! O mase ooo..You’re a walking corpse Mr Orchestration!

        • Tunsj

          Well laid out, Sean. This is exactly why Nigeria is doomed. I’m still trying to find out what planet these type of people come from.

          • kinsly

            They are crooks who have been living all their lives on handouts from rogue politicians like Wike. Shameless people.

      • Owoeye Gbenga

        This govt is trying to divert our attention from their incompetency and cluelessness.They are trying to romp Rivers state Governor.We all know their tactics. We know where they are coming from and we know where they are going.How do you want the panel set up by APC govt to exonerate Gov Wike from blame? How do you think it was not the APC gangsters that frame this lie just to nail the Rivers state governor.Nobody can convince me of this blatant lies and propaganda. It is a big time lie.Let them frame another lies but they should stop diverting our attention from the state of the economy and the state of our president health condition.

        • iwe paul

          Thank you my brother,the police evidence must be tested in a law court. Otherwise,it is actually worthless. All that money on display to me is just for show and means absolutely nothing. This our police can do and undo. I am sorry that i can hardly believe them for anything.

      • kinsly

        You didn’t read that 6 police officers were dismissed?

    • iwe paul

      So you truly believe this story?? THIS same police that collects bribe daily on the road,that we all see,that cannot arrest kidnappers and abort their operations with all the GSM and GPS technology available to them now. Only a judicial testing of this panel’s report will convince me ,and that is all the way up to the SUPREME COURT . As far as i am concerned,this is a very biased,and partial panel because the police itself unfortunately where themselves key actors in all the shenanigans that occurred during the election. So who investigates the police? Probably the courts i presume! I am not moved by the cash on display,for all i care it might just be stage managed. PT,IF YOU HAVE MORE FACTS,PLEASE TELL US. Its like a comedy on display,as sad as this whole RIVERS ELECTION RE-RUN WAS. We all know that WIKE is a marked man by thIs administration,so the very vital need to be as much as possible fair,verifiable,and honest on this issue. THIS PANEL”S REPORT BEGS URGENTLY FOR A PROPER JUDICIAL COURT PROCESS. Are you guys following Justice Ademola”s trial?

      • Sean

        Another sponsored write up by pro-corruption imbeciles! Lies and deception only for the fickle hearted and daft illiterates… we are waiting for the second epistle according to pro corruption

        • kinsly

          Gbam. After they start crying about recession.

        • iwe paul

          YOU are to be pitied,and i am sorry i cannot do that. I just raised some poignant issues,if you address them we will all be fine. You just might be the pro-corruption imbecile,too lazy, and too rustic to engage in an inelligent and intelectual discuss. Your likes are in real danger in NIGERIA. Why should i believe this NIGERIAN POLICE over even you? Are you an infant?This police that were active participants in the whole mess during the Rivers re-run elections! I have only asked for the evidence of our police to be tested in court,and you call me a pro-corruption imbecile! i tire ooo!!!

      • Broadway2

        Shut up. Your comments make me feel sick!

        • kinsly

          Thank you.

        • iwe paul

          That will never happen while i breath. Please address the issues i raised. is it so difficult to do? Please proove to me you are intelligent,so i can learn from you.

      • kinsly

        With fools like you as citizen we have no hope in this country. People like you are the exact reason we are behind as a country. May God deliver you.

        • iwe paul

          I will not go as far as to disparage you for i know you not. You might be exactly what you call me,and their is certainly hope for this country with people like me,i presume. I only asked for a judicial review of this panel’s report because the police were part and parcel of all the election criminalities in Rivers state and considering that they are always tele-guided by the federal government in each dispensation to do their bidding,their reports/evidence will always be tilted to suit their paymasters. If this makes me a fool,so be it! I live in NIGERIA,and we all have interesting and dissapointing experieces with the Nigerian Police. A JUDICIAL review in a proper court in case you might not know,might even turn up to support your view so disparagingly espoused in your reply to my comment. Without a judicial review in a law court,this will just be a worthless report which cannot be used to convict anyone. If you don’t understand this, then you certainly are what you called me.

      • Akiika

        Sigh! you really don’t have any evidence to disclaim the report other than these illogical rants? Nigeria is in real trouble with this kind of mindset!

        • iwe paul

          Nothing iilogical about my so called rants. I only called for a juidicial review,which will ultimately involve a review/investigation of the role of the Police in the elections. What’s illogical about that?

  • Akwaowo

    i hear. The one Amaechi gave nko?

    • Sean

      Police are not soothsayer. .give us an evidence of the alleged Ameachis loot and police will investigate and if found liable will be arrested. .but where you just made an allegation without substance to justify..it’s regarded as an hearsay! Hearsay is unknown to law

      • Owoeye Gbenga

        How will you see the evident when they are the one at the helm of affair.We know how this thing is being played my brother.Police? They know how to romp somebody into a crime. Could you believe that police can come to your house and drop cocaine under your chair just to romp you? Something you don’t know anything about?. We know this kind of tactics from our law enforcement agents.Is not happening today.It don tail.

        • kinsly

          And the tape is still made up by the Police,abi? Just train your kids well and not all this rubbish you are saying or else you gonna have another thief like Wike as a child.

      • Akwaowo

        i will give you an example, if you will take it. APC agents were arrested printing ballot papers and result sheets. They did not deny it, that they were paid by APC to do. What has become of that matter?

    • kinsly

      Find it and report to Police or report to Premium times. Oloshi.

      • Akwaowo

        Ndisime mkpo. Unam ikot. Ebot!

  • Julius

    Hope that stack will not be re-looted or shared !

  • Peter_Edo

    Wike, Weh Don Sa!!!!

  • Peter_Edo

    For the first time EVER, people are actually being made to account for electoral malpractice… Yet some will say there is no CHANGE…

    • Owoeye Gbenga

      This is a big lie.Is it the first time this kind of lie will happen? Police? They are full of lies and manipulation.Only APC blind supporters will believe this.Mind you I don’t belong to any political party but I know that this one iro ni(na lie).

      • kinsly

        And what will you believe? Wike? I pity your children and what you gonna teach them growing up.

    • Otile

      Unfortunately while we are fasting and praying hard for Imam members of his kitchen cabinet may be robbing our treasury and nobody can account for their loots.

  • Alpachino Roar

    Nigerian govt and there lies be like ehn…..when una finish the parade,make una return the money to where una borrow am. We aren’t gullible Nigerians anymore.

    • Sean

      Murderous thieves!

    • Kallah Bature

      With gullible followers like you Nigeria has little hope.The giver of this bribe must have his day in court one day.Impeaching him or forced resignation may not be an option in a corrupt climate like ours.How can other sane countries take us serious?

      • Otile

        Are you concerned that before we know the whereabouts of Imam members of his kitchen cabinet will rob our treasury.

    • Broadway2

      You are doomed!

    • Tunsj

      Really? What will it takes for a blind person like you see the facts? For the life of me I don’t know why any person will open his or her mouth and say this is not true. I can easily conclude that you are delusional.

      • kinsly

        Seriously sick.

      • Otile

        There is palpable fear that before we know the whereabouts of Imam Buhari the cabal will rob our treasury.

      • Alpachino Roar

        A panel invites people to get testimonies and get true picture of things. But they just brought money withdrawn from one bank with bank bands on it. Na how that one take happen.

    • Akiika

      Quick question for you, did you just conjure the theory that it is a cock and bull story or you inferred it from the report, or you have some information we’re not privy to? At least back up your argument with something, however weird it may seem. Don’t just latch on online media and say what you wish were true, it still will not make it true. Wike is alive, if this is a fabrication, the onus is on him to disprove it and actually sue EFCC for defamation of character. While this is still an accusation, for a career criminal like Wike with no moral rectitude, i will believe it first until it is proven otherwise.

      • Alpachino Roar

        Thank u for the part u said “don’t just latch on social media and say what u wanna say” I think that sentence is for the police panel. Thank u.

  • Tunde

    Ah! What part of hell are you from, Wike?! Am sure your level will be changed when you return there to meet your master the devil! my goodness!

  • Sword of Damocles

    Hey I got a question? what about the people who “donated” the money(stolen I bet)??? let me guess UNTOUCHABLES. Sounds proper & the correct way to do things to me: arrest the bribe takers & DO not give the bribe givers a second thought. Greatness here we come!!

  • Hah!

    Chai! Wicked Wike. I mean the money was donated by Amaechi abi?

  • Emmy Nwefo

    Story for the gods! Raw cash was recovered from those INEC officials. What a cock and bull story. Nigerians are not fools as the present govt wants us to believe.

    • kinsly

      So your brain will tell you to place the money in the Bank,abi?

    • Akiika

      Just curious, did you just come up with the theory that it is a cock and bull story or you inferred it from the report, or you have some information we’re not privy to?

    • wode

      It would have been good if your position has been substantiated with verifiable facts.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    This is the reason the anti graft drive is stalling. Nigerians are severely compromised regarding corruption; they see no evil in success through foul means. A nation enmeshed in sleaze this much cannot seriously be praying to an Holy God for reprieve. Shame on US!!!

  • Owoeye Gbenga

    Who will believe Nigerian Police?If it were independence investigators I will believe but Nigerian police, I can’t believe them.They are full of lies and manipulation. These are bank money meant for customers. A sitting Governor can never do such a thing because he knows the consequence.If they claimed the money were transferred into their account I may believe somehow but to give them this money by cash is a lie.Let the police tell us where,when and how was those money given to those Inec officials?In fact I will be the last man standing to believe this cock and bull story.APC wants to romp Governor Wike into this.We know the truth sha.This is politics in display.

    • Truth Konveyor

      Does it matter what you believe? You think it’s smarter to pay bribe money into the beneficiary bank accounts where the trail will be there for all to see. If Wike had paid into their accounts you would have believed the Police? Really?

      • Gary

        When does a Police investigation become a panel of inquiry? Two security agencies involved in the election monitoring set up a “panel”made up of only their own officials to probe their own poor performance and write a report to say the state bribed INEC officials to mar the polls. Despite the massive security presence, redeployment of personnel and even withdrawal of the Governor’s Police escort.
        Just doesn’t add up folks.

        • Truth Konveyor

          What is a panel of enquiry? Police is empowered to enquire about any commission of crime or infringement on the laws. They have the right to determine how the enquiry/investigation will be carried out: whether it will be assigned to one individual or group of individuals (panel). So, there is absolutely nothing illegal for Police to constitute a panel to investigate a matter.
          I would have thought that any decent man with conscience would be appalled by the panel’s discovery of Wike’s gross abuse of his office and desecration of our electoral process.

        • jude L/A USA

          You think you are smart? Just by half maybe.

    • jude L/A USA

      So it does not occur to you that, it will be traceable easily if the money were to be wired through the banks?
      My friend, please grow up. Rubbish!

  • Election

    Where will only those few inec officials keep that huge some of money that police said they recovered. I hope those suspect will not fall victim as police will promise to give them money, that is why they are showing the money, so that the inec officials will believe that they will have share, and then testify against wike. My friends (inec official) police has no friend, do not be deceived by them flashing money, in the name of making you believe you will have the money at the end of the day, so that you can agree and testify against wike. Government is a continuous process, Wike’s groups can control federal government in future, so don’t allow police to mislead you. Amaechi please stop disturbing Rivers state, other states are resting, let Rivers state have rest, or else God will never allow you to have rest, if you continue giving Rivers state stress.

  • Jiddy

    I am sorry for Nigeria,people please discern,this is a campaign of calumny against Rivers State and her people. The police lied and it is obvious.
    This present administration is evil and hates the truth and only those that fly their kite are blind. Leave Rivers State alone. Its all about money and dirty politics. I pray our eyes are opened.

  • Kudo

    Kettle calling pot black. APC = PDP

  • Ude Anaruagu

    Hold on…………..Does anyone actually believe this report? Crap!!!
    Police got themselves shamelessly involved in the election irregularities. All they can do is to harp on Wike and PDP. What happened to the videoed Fakorede??? What of the top police guy that was beheaded? The ex commisioner of power who was deeply invoved??? Shame to the us all!!! Shame to the police.

    • ndu mac

      Can’t laugh oo. Biggest joke

  • Powerlessconscious

    Biafraud does not like to hear this o.

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