What I discussed on phone with hale, hearty Buhari – Osinbajo

Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo Addressing Press Men on Buhari's Health Status

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has assured the nation that President Muhammadu Buhari is hale and hearty and would return home as soon as he completes the necessary tests recommended by his doctors in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Osinbajo, a professor of law, gave the assurance on Monday when State House correspondents approached him for a chat shortly after his reported telephone conversation with the president.

“Let me first say the President is hale and hearty. I spoke to him just this afternoon and we had a fairly long conversation, he is in good shape and very chatty,” the Acting President said.

He disclosed that the conversation was focused on the economy, the budget and goings on in the country.

The President was “interested in knowing about the budget process and how far we had gone,” especially with efforts aimed at taking the country out of recession.

“As you know we had a meeting today with the private sector on the economic recovery and growth plan and he was interested in knowing what was happening with that, with the economic recovery and growth plan and what we are doing with the private sector.”

“And of course I informed him of what we are seeing, the protest matches and some of what the feedback is, what people are saying about the economy and all of that,’’ Mr. Osinbajo added.

On when the President would return to Nigeria and his present health status, Mr. Osinbajo said “just as he has said in his letter to the National Assembly, he needs to go through a cycle of tests and once the test results are seen, he will receive medical advice. We should expect him very soon.”

On the health status of the president, Mr. Osinbajo noted that at the appropriate time Mr. Buhari be able to discuss it, especially as he is currently running tests.

According to Mr. Osinbajo, “before you determine your health status, you must be able to run the necessary tests, and do what doctors have asked to be done, and await the outcome of that before one can talk about any kind of health status.’’

The Acting President also dismissed insinuations that he was under pressure to resign.

“I was voted for by the people of this nation, myself and Mr. President, and the people of this nation have never asked us to resign.

“So, I am absolutely under no pressure, and the truth is that there has been absolutely no pressure from any source.”


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  • Otile

    VP Sir, with all due respect you are not convincing to those of us looking forward to your leadership at this juncture. To say that you spoke with Imam is not enough for us, please release a snippet of the conversation. We know your conversation with him is not top secret nor would its’ disclosure compromise the national security of the Federal Republic of Nigeria otherwise you would not mention the existence of the conversation to the Nigeria people. There is nothing sacrosanct about hearing the voice of our Imam, Sir. Let us hear his voice to assuage our fears. We have been through this road before during the time Yar’Adua and we were constantly lied to and deceived by Turai and the cabal. Please let us hear the truth from you, you are a man of God, you cannot mislead us before God and man.

    • musa aliyu

      Otile, so what if Buhari dies? That’s the will of God. Nigeria go better, with or without Buhari. U I will join hands to make it great, greater, greatest AGAIN.

      • H. Seer


        The mood of the nation is such that it is better for Buhari
        to die. His odious presence on earth stokes protest, riots, and, strikes.
        Buhari is the most useless president Nigeria’s ever had in history.

        • musa aliyu

          Sane humans are talking pronto a runaway madman escaped from the dungeon. A beg, go take ur pills.

          • H. Seer

            @disqus_XU7l5Bu6Ch:disqus: But what will Nigeria lose….if Muhamadu Buhari quickly joins his ancestors?
            I don’t seem to get what you are angry about here. The whole country rose against Buhari.
            Should Buhari continue to wait on earth until the United Nations rises against him with bombs?

    • Al

      Mumu, go after your ward councilor na him be your level instead of things that pass your imagination

      • elvis

        Stop insulting people. Use your brain if you still have one

  • Decimator

    “Let me first say the President is hale and hearty. I spoke to him just
    this afternoon and we had a fairly long conversation, he is in good
    shape and very chatty,” the Acting President said. PT

    Know it Mr. Osibanjo that should this statement of yours turn out to be false at the end of the day, it is enough to garantie you as a self-proclaimed pastor , a direct ticket to Hell Fire. To that there is nothing more to add.



      Unfortunately for people like the pastor, we analysts don’t have to wait for more data to make a declaration, based on known facts; I don’t believe the guy. He is a liar. And I don’t give a damn if he goes to hell or not, even to the hottest part of it, I simply don’t want him to deceive Nigerians anymore. Enough!

      A lot of people relied on his title to lend credence to this administration, and they have yet to tell a single truth to Nigerians. Their incompetence can ONLY be by design. Nobody can fail so woefully, on all fronts, so fast.

      • Osakue

        You no dey stay here so pls leave this matter to us living here in Nigeria

        • AFRICANER

          you nor know where I dey stay, so shut up.

        • Gbola


          Di man dey ajegunle dey carry load for garage.

    • Al

      Why are you always doubting? bcuz you are already program and oriented on a negative platform, ryt? Kindly plz Alway try to give others benefits of doubt talk less of your leaders

      • Mosley

        My friend, there is no secret under the son. Mr President have people with him there, so info must leak. People trust the grapevine than all these structured official briefings.

        • Osakue

          Abi. Someone must be assisting him some kind of house help even our London embassy staffs know more about his health than the VP

    • Osakue

      You think bbc no get hidden camera before e happen Na bbc go first know and trust them dey no go hide am

  • GbemigaO

    We heard this before ref !

  • paul irumundomon

    The cabals wanted jonathan to resign, they think the country, is a piece or property, that they move and change they way they want. This one is going through the same mess all over again.
    They don’t need to tell us anything about buhari, since they own nobody any explanation, according to those half baked aso rock staffs.

    • PolyGon2013

      Jonathan didn’t understand our laws, this VP does. Besides, Nigerians are now wiser, so they won’t tolerate any nonsense.

      • Apostel

        Your first sentence is ok, but your second sentence; well, I have considerable doubts.

      • Osakue

        This is a listening govt far far better then the rest. I wish oil was over $100 and those ibori boys stop the bombing.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Acting president Osinbajo, has done his utmost best to explained to the doubting Thomases from South-South/East regions of Nigeria.They are of no consequences if they believe the acting president Osinbajo, or not.Nigeria, is moving forward already without them.

    • Mosley

      The SS/SE have nothing to benefit from death of Mr President, it is the SW that are heir apparent to the throne. So, why bring SS/SE into the fray which is absolutely a struggle between Yoruba’s and Fulani/Hausa in the event of Mr President exit.

    • Intrepid

      Amateur babalawo.

    • Gbola

      Gbam !!

  • Lanre

    Look at these retards. Why couldn’t anyone of the journalists ask Osibajo what kind of medical tests is Buhari undergoing in 2017 that cannot be conducted in Nigeria? Are we this stoopid as a people? What kind of animals and slaves are these?

    • Osakue

      Name one of the best hospital you know in Nigeria.? 16 yrs of pdp wasted.

    • Ken

      A rest that would make a whole president to stay in London indefinitely. A test that can’t be brought to Nigeria; a test that have no definite period for results. Nawao I

  • Mosley

    So Mr President is no longer watching TV to see what is happening in Nigeria as they told us earlier.

    • Ken

      Exactly! I never believed that Osinbajo would be so carried away. May be he spoke with Buhari ‘s brother. We pray for his quick recovery. Look somebody who is almost like a vegetable, who can’t walk can even speak but we are eager to see the man.

    • Beach Comber

      ………………..In three days time….Justice Walter Onoghen will become permanently dis-qualified……..
      ………….unless his name is sent to the Senate for confirmation…..as the chief justice of Nigeria…………
      ……………..I suspended disbelief that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo did not discuss this key issue………
      ………………….but rather said he was discussing money to be spent (anyhow) with Buhari………………..
      …….This statement by the Vice President shows that he (Yemi Osinbajo) is a frivolous buffoon…….

  • Truthmaster


    The lies and lies of Yemi Osinbajo

    I don’t know why the Vice President wobbles and fumbles. Someone said his adviser,
    Babafemi Ojudu, is his stumbling block. But even if Babafemi Ojudu is empty and sloven,
    the Vice President owes himself self-advice to be honest and convincing on public affairs.
    So far he’s fallen short of both standards, and here, he sounds far more hilarious than true.

    His (invented) narrative has many holes because a conversation with Buhari is 2-way street.

    At no time could Yemi Osinbajo report one thing – anything – the gravely ill Buhari said to him.
    This narrative then sounds lot silly because the Buhari he said is chatty must have said a lot.
    Yet, Yemi Osinbajo cannot remember anything that the Buhari said to him all through on phone.
    Lies don’t fit a church Pastor no matter how they spin it, lies annoy and repel intelligent listeners.

    • Adekunle

      What exactly are you saying?

  • Intrepid

    Hale and hearty but cannot speak to his subjects. English language na wa oooo!

    • ??????questo



      • Lolade Adubi

        Me too, I always wonder why we do things in the last minute. We don’t plain in advance.

        This is why Nigeria looks like a forest today…darkness everywhere..blood on the streets.

  • Sam

    Does anyone notice the physiognomy of the man wearing tie?

    • Point Blank




      • Crimes Watch


        Buhari’s passage will pave way for a honest war against corruption. Buhari made a true war impossible.
        He stood behind his corrupt appointees who became career criminals. Once it is confirmed that Buhari
        is dead Bachir Lawal (Secretary to government) must be arrested and jailed for pocketing 250 million
        Naira as cost of cutlass to cut grass at Refugee Camp of Boko Haram victims – most of which refugees
        (comprising women and children who escaped Boko Haram attacks) were bombed to death recently by
        Nigerian Air Force jets. Next, the Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari must be arrested for numerous offences of
        influence peddling and racketeering, including his alleged involvement in MTN’s bribe-for-fine-reduction.

        • Holy Seer




      • TTT news centre

        “Less than two years later (after electing Buhari) a lot of Nigerians are regretting their decision.
        Fuel subsidy has been removed, the cost of living has more than doubled, unemployment is on
        the increase, and in 2016 the country officially went into recession.

        Business owners and individuals are groaning under the weight of a forex situation that has seen
        the Naira exchanging at N500:$1 in the open market. The government has also implemented a
        number of economic policies which have done little to alleviate the situation.

        Nigerians took to the streets on Monday in peaceful protest against the Muhammadu Buhari administration. The planned protests, which took place in the capital Abuja and in Lagos,
        were attended by thousands of citizens. Smaller groups of protesters also marched
        in various cities across the country.

        Meanwhile President Buhari, who was supposed to return from a 10-day medical leave in the UK
        on Monday has extended it indefinitely, fuelling speculations that he is either very sick or dead. ”

        .……………..Africa Independent

        (February 7th, 2017)

    • Julius

      smdh !. You serious ?

  • isaac

    “Hale and hearty” Mr. Vice President. If these are your words, then you need to tell us when you visited him last and established that he is “hale and hearty”. Remember that you are a Pastor and you are not suppose to lie in the name of politics.

  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    When patriotic citizens warned Nigerians about the impending doom awaiting Nigerians if Buhari takes over the leadership of Nigeria, some satanic agents, lied against their souls and conscience by claiming that a completely weak, tired, demented, archaic, expired man is capable of giving usen bolt a run for 200meters race.
    Nigeria have fallen into a ditch with Buhari yet this liars are not yet remorseful but are inventing new lies daily to keep up deceiving themselves and others.
    For close to 2years now, our presidential seat have become a sick bed and old peoples rehabilitation home for Buhari, today stomach trouble, yesterday ear infection, tomorrow leg pain another day body odour.
    While Buhari is busy sleepwalking, fumbling and tumbling around, Nigerian nation is busy going down with the speed of light.
    Nigerian nation is now more sick than even Buhari.
    The question is, are this nation going to die with Buhari, is Nigeria cursed or are Nigerians the curse.
    How can the future and destinies of a nation of 180million people be tied to the physical, mental and emotional conditions of an old man of about 80years who in conjunction with his peers are responsible for undermining the growth, future and well being of the same Nigeria.
    Nigeria must now determine to ask Buhari to resign, go home and treat himself and use whatever he has looted out of Nigeria for years that he has been moving from one position to another to help himself so that he wouldn’t be an obstacle to Nigeria March to greatness.
    Buhari have really slowed down our nations progress and reversed our prosperity and sent Nigerian economy back to abacha era.
    Nigerians must look for young, intelligent, energetic, resourceful, clear minded citizens to help us out of buharis mess.
    May God deliver our nation from this buharis calamitous ineptitude that have wounded our nation.

  • Daniel

    Nigerian Vice President is NOW the minister for information or Presidential spokesman. Also, Buhari who is “Hale and Hearty” cannot brief the Nigerian state. Similarly, Buhari who is “hale and hearty” and “chatty” no longer watch TV, read the cartoon section of our newspapers and VP is the one bringing him up to speed to happenings back home NOT his aides and assistants. Okay, Nigerians over to you people: judge for yourself these barrage of lies stemming from a highly exalted office of the VP…

    • Oladele

      Democracy does not work like “one man business” who still makes decision on his death bed. From the moment you are sick and in the hospital you ought to transfer power. President George W Bush did same in America even though it was a simple medical procedure he went for. Some of these drugs have different side effect on different people and the lives of 160Million people cannot be toyed with. PMB did the right thing, by transferring power and there was no need to appear on TV. It is all naivety!

    • Julius

      Why are you trying to be smart by half ? The VP was talking to the press and explain what he discussed with the President. That sounds like an Information minister to you, how ? If he hasn’t talk to the press you will be saying something else. C’on !

  • I dey look


    Wait, you people, wait, let us even say Muhamadu Buhari can die or has died,
    does it mean he cannot wake up after three days? Those of you who are Christians
    should answer me this simple question. Are you saying Buhari cannot wake up again?
    People should stop talking anyhow as if there’s no God. “Diaris God O!” Patience Jonathan
    said the other time. She was very correct, because she was the first person to warn Nigerians
    not to vote for Muhamadu Buhari because “him brain don die patapata!“. Is she not right, now?

  • A single TV appearance or ordinary video of him will put the rumor to rest. Hale and hearty but on indefinite leave

    • Julius

      So that the haters can tell us its all fake ? . Let just wish him well and come back healthy to resume his duty to the Nation.

  • Olly Olly

    hmmm, I hope this man who is believed to be the last hope for the masses have not been hijacked by the same group of deceitful cabal, if yes, what next?

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  • habibu

    For those who wish death,weather you pray or not what will be will be. Remember that you didn’t own your life, death knows the nooks and cranny of rooms and house of every one of us. And even if president died today your father wouldn’t to be appointed as president, so relax my friend don’t celebrate someones death because you could be the next person. I wish my president quick recovery.

    • Julius

      Amen !!

    • Really

      Quick recovery from what? Did you not read the article at all?


      Why do you wish a hale and hearty man quick recovering ?

      Very Illogical

    • David Adeniran

      Many people who want the man dead are of course going to die before him.

  • thusspokez

    Let me first say the President is hale and hearty

    Excuse me, but how does one determine that some other person is “hale” on the telephone unless the conversation was done on camera phones or maybe Mr. Yemi Osinbajo is a psychic.

    Mr. Yemi Osinbajo must resist the temptation to turn himself into a Lie Mohammed, One Lie Mohammed is enough in the Buhari government.

  • Senator D

    Dear Nigerians this is your captain, welcome aboard flight 234-NG, kindly fasten your seat-belts as we have now engaged Autopilot… Enjoy your ride!