Buhari not seriously ill, not in hospital – Presidency

President Muhammadu Buhari alighting from the plane on one of his trips

Despite extending his medical leave abroad, President Muhammadu Buhari “is not in any serious condition to worry about,” his media aide, Garba Shehu  told PREMIUM TIMES Sunday.

The explanation came hours after the president wrote to the National Assembly to inform lawmakers of his intention to extend his medical vacation in London.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has written to the National Assembly today, February 5, 2017, informing of his desire to extend his leave in order to complete and receive the results of a series of tests recommended by his doctors,” presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, said in a statementon Sunday.

“The president had planned to return to Abuja this evening but was advised to complete the test cycle before returning. The notice has since been dispatched to the Senate President, and Speaker, House of Representatives.

“Mr. President expresses his sincere gratitude to Nigerians for their concern, prayers and kind wishes,” Mr. Adesina further stated.

The news sent Nigerians speculating that the president was gravely ill and may not return anytime soon.

But Mr. Shehu, while explaining today’s development to PREMIUM TIMES, said the president is not in a hospital but in his residence at the Nigerian High Commission in England.

“I just spoke to the president’s personal doctor, and he told me President Buhari is not in any serious condition to worry about,” Mr. Shehu said. “He is not in hospital. He is in the residence at the Nigerian High Commission.”

Mr. Shehu further stated that the president was ready to return home with his delegation but for the arrival of some test results which indicated he needed further tests.

“He and his delegation were ready to come home today but for the delayed test result which came in today which necessitated that he delays his return.

“There is nothing to worry about as far as his condition is concerned,” Mr. Shehu said.

Mr. Buhari departed Nigeria on January 19 on a 10-day vacation and handed over to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

The latest is the third time he would embark on vacation since assuming office two years ago.

The president’s absence has continued to fuel speculations that his health had recently deteriorated.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, recently issued a statement to counter rumours of his death.

Mr. Mohammed also on Sunday debunked reports that he said Mr. Buhari could not return to Nigeria because of a faulty aircraft.

In a statement signed by his media aide, Segun Adeyemi, the minister blamed “purveyors of fake news” for the reports and urged Nigerians to disregard it in its entirety.

“Our attention has been drawn to a report quoting the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, as saying the President’s return to Nigeria may be hampered by a faulty aircraft.

“The Minister has not spoken to anyone on the issue of the President’s return, hence this report is another from the stable of the purveyors of fake news and should be disregarded,” the statement said.


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  • FreeNigeria

    Water don pass garri for my country again oooo. E be like say Aso Rock don chop another Hausa man oooooo.

    • yukkmouff

      Shey be dem want power by fire by force, na so the villa go dey consume dem one by one, nonsense!

  • Lanre

    There is no hope or redemption for Nigeria. In 2010, when Umaru Yar’adua was sick and the Nigerian Government and the Cabal (apologies to late Dora Akunyili) were lying about the whereabouts of Nigeria’s sick president, I suggested that the Nigerian National Assembly open a full inquiry into the details surrounding the illness and death of Yar’adua. But like every other thing Nigerian, I was wishing for too much. Not only were Tax Payers funds spent and not accounted for, no Nigerian Facility was capable of treating its president. Fast forward to 2017 and the same situation. Lies, deceit, subterfuge, cunning, innuendoes, blackmail, harassment, threats. Meanwhile, the ordinary person out there has no clue what is going on; how ill the ruler is; if the Acting Chief Justice will be confirmed or not. Nigerians are the modern day guinea pigs of the world and just like Americans are today reading George Orwell’s 1984, I recommend the book to all those seeking the truth about the Animal Kingdom (called Nigeria).

    p.s Add Animal Farm by the same author. Happy Reading.

  • emmanuel

    Nonsense, Does he have gonorrhoea or syphilis?
    if he is not in any grave condition and he is just there waiting to do test, then he must resign or be impeached. In fact the test can be run here.
    Alternatively, they must set up a video FEC meeting on Wednesday where he will declare the meeting open and can watch. Any thing outside that is not accepted.

  • Mamman Bako

    TIME WILL TELL, you don’t have to put up a strenuous defense for your principal Mr. Garba.

    • emmanuel

      Guy we nor get time, there is no money, no food, no electricity, no Forex, no goods to buy, N5,000.00 unemployment benefit is a fraud, SOuthern Kaduna, abuse of court judgements, Justice Onnoghen, USD1.00 equal N499.00, Capital market dead, when 50 Nigerians are employed 1,000 are sacked from job, inflation over 152%, interest rate at average of 30%
      what more time are we waiting for?

  • ANONYMOUS because of Police


    Is President Buhari really sick?

    Excuse me please!
    My neighbour just told me that Buhari is not sick at all. He just went into hiding so that
    the nomination of Acting Chief Justice Onoghen will expire. He told me that in another
    five days Justice Onoghen will become disqualified from ever becoming Chief Justice
    of Nigeria when his nomination has expired. He said Buhari will now nominate a new
    Justice of the Supreme Court from northern Nigeria who is working under Justice
    Onoghen to become the confirmed Chief Justice of Nigeria and become the boss
    of Justice Walter Onoghen who is a Christian and a Southerner. I was not there,
    I did not see Buhari planning this type of thing. I was only told by my neighbour.
    I am saying this thing so that the Police in Nigeria will understand me better.

    • Ken

      The unfortunate thing for them is that Onoghen would be given another 3 months in that capacity. If he is not submitted by tomorrow , NJC would extend the expiry date.

      • Johnson Akpah

        ……….His neighbor may be correct…….because there’s no way Buhari can stay inside Nigeria….
        ………and explain why he did not submit Justice Onoghen’s name for confirmation as Chief Justice…….
        …The only way is to look for excuse to be abroad….until Justice Onoghen’s deadline has passed……..

        • Gbolly Millenium




  • Ken


  • Right Minded

    The hausa/Fulanis are the cursed ethnic group of this nation. None of their leaders ever to have ruled dis country completed their terms. Either they were sent packing, assassinated, or got killed by their regular killer diseases. They are really a curse to this nation Wallahi!

    • Your father the igbo-biafra man is never being sick or his father before him never died? The greedy administration of GEJ was co-op by the igbo-biafra although GEJ was not igbo and did not speak nor understood igbo, together they rob the country blind, we the people say never igbo-biafra again.

      • Otile

        Leave him alone jare, he did not pray for Imam to get sick neither did he ask the President’s handlers to lie about it.

  • Ken

    These spokespersons don’t even know how to lie. They confirmed that Buhari would return only for them to say he is waiting for test! They are jokers!

    • emmanuel

      After the test na lesser hajj, thanks to Otile a new prophet in the house. Who in this FG team ever sound intelligent to you?
      The Acting President and the Federal allocation minister did tell us that recession was a word,

      • yukkmouff

        Lol @ Federal allocation minister.

    • CeeCee1818

      If he’s not seriously ill he should come back home then.

  • Psalm Baba

    Shut up there, are you people not the ones who said Buhari is not sick but traveled to rest? then you said anybody can fall sick and receive treatment, if he is dead do I expect you peope to say so? or do as Yaradua officials did cus of fear of losing their jobs? Remi Ojo and Reuben Abati were liars to protect the interest of their governments but they were professional about it, all Buhari’s spokesmen are a disgrace to the journalism profession, they insult their own citizens who pay their dairies, tell spurious lies, insult former presidents, etc I have never in my life in the history of this country seen a more incompetent government than this Buhari APC government, we have an acting CJN whose tenure expires in a few days time and there can be no vaccum, Nigeirans is more important than Buhari life, stop all this nonesense and rubbish.

  • Paul Irumundomon

    You said last week, you and buhari don’t own Nigerians explanations, who really cares now, what ever way you want to soften your tone. Keep your damn stories to yourself, CO fussed fake staffs.

    • emmanuel

      See, Adeshina is a confirmed faeke prophet. We do not need any explanation from Buhari or him on his absence, Nigeria will ask for their non-existing president from tomorrow – Enough is Enough. Remember that green symbol?
      Na who be 2face? the man wen wan put im face for serious business? Nor be mistake o nor be woman business.

  • Fantastically

    Can the acting president come forward and speak to the nation. Can the leadership of APC also say something. Enough of all the contradicting information among the president’s aides. This thing is no rocket science. I wonder why Nigerians love needless political intrigues. These people should stop drooling. They are only feeding the strength of their distractors.

  • Peace Forall

    Mr. Bubu is dead and the rogue and criminal elites want to find an arrangement within
    to continue fooling the general public with their 1 useless nigeria
    establishment because they knew that if no arrangement is found between
    the north-west-east and the news released, there will be a big choas in
    the country. That thing that they are hide to the general public will
    eventually comeout to daylight. Nigeria must break.

    • Fantastically

      Na you kill am!

  • tony H

    Buhari not seriously ill, not in hospital – Presidency

    The earth is flat and the sun rises from the north – Naija Presidency. (Hey, the Presidency has spoken that’s gospel and it’s good enough).

    • Höly Wähala

      …and I must be Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. The man is in coma, the rumor is likely true that he will come home in a bodybag. The lies are annoying and the Vice President, Osinbajo, ought to speak to the nation (as a pastor ) on the true state of his, #Oga@theTop.

      • tony H

        As a pastor – in other clime that implies some credibility. Credibility was the first item sacrificed at Naija altar. We’ve been here before, the villains the last time got away with it, without any consequences. “Osinbade” is at mercy of the Fulani cabal.

        • Höly Wähala

          Like you said, “we’ve been there before” and should use our previous experience to instal Osinbajo as President instead of going the whole nine yards allover with them Fulies… no shaking, Nigerians are now much wiser than you can imagine. Nonsense… maybe, this is a precusor to restructuring as denial of Osinbajo his right will finally reel-in the unstable Yoro ethnic group about what everyone else in the South already knows about those arid clowns up North… that they are not born-to-rule Nigeria. Shikena!

  • Dazmillion

    Buharam is a sick baby, I dont know why all the lies. It is human to be sick especially in old age. The man is above 80 years thats why he not responding well to stimulus.

    • emmanuel

      Na lie you dey talk, Buhari must lead until 2023. He is da best we ever had.
      Why are tacitly trying to join the wailing wailers – the most intelligent and discernible set of Nigerians? We do not want block heads in our midst please

  • Höly Wähala

    Anything short of a video message to Nigerians to douse their apprehensions about the health of the President is unacceptable given that lies have been used to mask his true state of health… all these statements of denials are empty words in the wind if President Buhari fails to address the nation within 24hrs. Who waits four months for test results biko? Why can’t his doctors drop off the said results with the Nigerian High Commission in the UK whenever they’re ready? Fact is, given the number of statements the presidency issued complete with fake pictures, one is inclined to believe there is meat in the rumors. A man waiting for his doctors should not have difficulty speaking to his kin back home… nah? Honestly put, I truly believe the Doctrine of Neccessity should be activated immediately and President Buhari declared incapacitated to carry on as President… he has been nothing but a major impediment to peace and progress of Nigeria with his meddlesome and obstinate style of leadership, say nothing about his ethno-religious biase against his perceived enemies and, his divisiveness and insensitivity with his appointments.

    • Otile

      My brother, the devil has taken the hindmost.

  • adekenny

    This is exactly what is good for Nigerians! Confusion unpon confusion; problem unpon problem;we have not seen anything; this is just the beginning! Unless we have change of heart and always act GOD way! No fear of GOD ;no peace

  • Angry Niaja

    “I just spoke to the president’s personal doctor, and he told me President Buhari is not in any serious condition to worry about,” Mr. Shehu said. “He is not in hospital. He is in the residence at the Nigerian High Commission.” Total nonsense, why speaking to Buhari’s personal doctor and not Buhari himself, if he’s not so sick as you claim. Would having further tests prevent Mr President from appearing and speaking to Nigerians, it does not add up, again Buhari left on 19 January for a 10 day holiday, today is the 5 February that’s 18 days already, these people have started their abracadabra, Very soon, delegations of so called men/ women of calibre will pay him a visit and assure us he is hale and hearty. I wish the president speedy recovery, but all this secrecy will only fuel the rumours that have been circulating for sometime now. Mandela before his death was hospitalised, his government gave constant information etc, in Nigeria we play hide and seek!!!!

    • tony H

      I Upvoted your comment minus the “I wish the president speedy recovery…” . I wish Zakzaky speedy reunion with his family. I wish my aunty speedy recovery from that undesirable place called hospital in Abuja. I wish all pensioners speedy recovery since they can’t fly to London ati Germany for medical vacation. I wish my 74-years-old neighbor’s dad a speedy recovery, because his family can’t afford his medication.

    • Höly Wähala

      The man is in coma don’t mind them… it is one thing to photo-shop people together but quite a difficult ballgame to get them to speak even if you’re good at cartooning. Femi Adesina is a bonafide clown, likewise Lai Mohammed hence, only a vodeo proof will douse the rumours and tensions created by President Buhari’s vacuous leadership. Nonsense!

  • Darlynstar

    How can the president be resident at the Nigerian High Commission as claimed by this media adviser….are there no hotels in london for him to stay

    • Otile

      Is there a morgue there?

  • Muhammad Kano

    Wishing him quick recovery.

  • Al

    Presidency are only creating tension for themselves, i didn’t see any reason for too much explanation, its unnecessary bcuz the noise makers are not doing so in good faith only trying to make trouble out of president bed rest. Even if you explain hundred times still oppositions will find nonsense to talk. God bless Nigeria

    • Powerlessconscious

      Thank you my brother. It is just that God will not answer the prayer. I would have prayed God separate this people out of us. They are rooted in evil. They have sold their souls to hell.

  • Mentus

    Is the president then a sciver, people don’t stop work just to await the result if their tests. That can be sent to them electronoically particularly as his health condition is said not to be serious.
    On the hand the British doctor will want to milk his health situation to extract as much money as possible, after all he the president of Nigeria.
    It will be interesting to have an idea of his medical bills seeing it is being paid for by Nigerian citizens. It is part if the British govt agenda to prop up NHS by charging huge medical bills to so called ‘Health Tourists’ and who better to milk than the president of Nigeria. They will not be in a hurry to discharge him, that is why he is not giving any dates.

  • Decimator

    I have always maintained that one of the most difficult things in life is lying; for one ends up being consistent in inconsistency.

    Do these people even know that there so called London is like second Lagos with hardly a hospital without a staff of a sought from the Nigerian Enclave? Now that they have ended up boxing themselves into a tight corner in this digital age, maybe they need some help.

    Mr. Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu; A hail and healthy president of a country like the Nigerian Enclave that could nonchalantly postpone resuming his duty indefinitely for routine but endless medical tests has nothing to look for in such a serious position of governance.

    Presuming it to be so, he has through this his nonchalance simply proven that he prefers staying in London to his carrying out his official duties and should henceforth permanently stay there. You had better not allowed the situation degenerate to outright mockery.

    Explicitly Mohammadu Buhari that seizes the slightest opportunity he has whenever he is out of the country to denigrate his Citizens, calling them criminals, unruly and affirming that they are fantastically corrupt is today being rumored with all sought of things, and all he can afford to do is to publish vague pictures as if he is a model according to Robert Mugabe and write postponement letters to the National assembly which anybody could have also done on his behalf.

    Very Pathetic indeed

    • Otile

      It is called al-Taqiyya.

    • Pete

      You are wrong here. Neither Buhari’s lies nor the lies of his Media reps nor even the lies of Liar Mohammed are as repugnant and insipid as the lies that Nigerians tell themselves everyday that Nigeria is a country. No lie can be worse than this. If Nigeria were a country then there is no way on earth that a man like Buhari will ever win a Presidential election. Jokes apart, this is a fact.

      If you place all Northern states (Fulani speaking and/or Hausa speaking) as a single country and present candidates to the Northern public for election there is no way a Buhari will ever emerge. Impossicant! A real leader of the North will emerge. Same will happen if all Yoruba West, Igbo East and Niger Deltan South were to conduct elections as separate countries. But when you bring all countries together as one Nigeria, then misfits like Buhari will emerge via religious, ethnic affiliations etc…BOTTOM LINE is, we need restructuring like yesterday!

      • Netanyahu

        God bless you. Yorubas would never have voted a buhari to rule over them if they were a country of their own. But to teach Ibos and Jonathan a lesson, they were prepared to vote for a donkey to be president. They have all kept quiet. There are quite some number of them that are rational and reasonable but majority of those in their rural areas like mugu Ola, gbola, maria, rommel, success killer etc are still so crude and hateful. Their worry is when will Ibos go to their Biafra so they take over their houses in Lagos. That is all. Shame.

  • Riseup Nigeria

    Please join me as i pray for our nation to rise again.
    Oh Lord our God, though art the maker of nigeria,it was by your divine power and authority that you created us the citizens of this nation from the east,west,north and south.
    you joined us together through the workings of men and women from the foriegn land and amalgameted us into a nation called nigeria.
    we have lived together under this one roof called nigeria for more than a century and yet the citizens of nigeria are not happy,satisfied,fulfilled nor hopeful of a better nation.
    you have given unto us rulers and none of them have ever led us in your fear and admonitions.some have brought pain,sorrow,death etc to the citizens of nigeria,while others have looted our nation and left our land in poverty, shame, turmoil and disgrace.Our citizens have resorted to self help and have found themselves indulging in occupations that are evil ,satanic and debasing.
    some are languishing in prisons in foriegn lands,some are excecuted,some are dead while trekking through thousands of kms through deserts and oceans to escape poverty and destitution brought upon our nation by our wicked leaders,
    many citizens are today in IDPcamps not because of natural disasters, but for the evil manipulations,satanic conspiracies and wicked manouvers of our leaders.
    nigerians are today completely cast down,trumatized, badly wounded for the reasons of the painful yoke brought upon them by the wicked and heartless leadership.
    Oh GOD arise now and save us, Oh God arise now and deliver our nation,Oh God give to nigeria today ,that kind of deliverance and salvation that you gave to your children ISREAL from the evil yoke of pharaoh ,may those who have brought pain,sorrow,disunity,fear,hunger,death etc on nigerians be destroyed as you did to Pharoah , his horses and his riders.may they be overwhelmed by your great power.
    May those who specialized in blackmail,lying and falsehoods as instrument to govern nigeria ,be put in utter shame and disgrace.
    May those who use the power you gave to them taunt ,cheat,marginalize,short change,oppress ,discriminate and trouble and kill nigerians ,be completely overthrown and overwhelmed by your power.
    may those who gained power and position through lies,falsehoods,false promises,pretensions,hypocrisy,bigotry and cunning craftiness ,be overthrown by your power and be put to shame .
    may those who are using their position to avenge,victimize,oppress,marginalize punish and murder nigerians ,be made to loose their places and positions for those who loves and fear you to take, Oh our GOD
    May those who took power with a hidden agenda against some parts and some citizens of nigeria, loose shamefully for sincere citizens to take and use for the overall good of nigeria .may you give nigeria God fearing leadership that shall be just,fair,equitable, love and shall see the whole nation and her people as one nation and one people without discrimation, unfairness, injustice, marginalization and cheating .
    save our nation OH God and bless nigeria.amen.

    • Netanyahu

      Amen. God has already answered our prayers. Think of all the people who misruled Nigeria how they ended up: Babangida, Abacha, obasanjo, buhari etc. I knew it that God will intervene at the right time and he has done just that. Praise be to Him for ever and ever.

      • Kudo

        How did obasanjo end up?

  • Isi Agwo

    Read between the lines:
    1“I just spoke to the president’s personal doctor, and he told me President Buhari is not in any serious condition to worry about,” Mr. Shehu said.

    So, the illiterate terrorist only has seriously poor work ethic and gets paid while not working.

    2. Mr. Shehu further stated that the president was ready to return home with his delegation but for the arrival of some test results which indicated he needed further tests.
    “He and his delegation were ready to come home today but for the delayed test result which came in today which necessitated that he delays his return.

    So, his first test results show Bokohari needs further tests. How did this almajerin doctor and media adviser come to the conclusion that Bokohari’s condition was not serious?

  • Immanueli

    Editor Sir,

    I want EFCC to shine its eyes very well. A lot of stealing will be goin on in government.
    The same thing happened when Yar’Adua was sick People working for him were just stealing
    anyhow. To be once beaten is to be shy two times or more. Let EFCC have sense for the first time.
    Count the money Buhari left behind in the drawer and in the wardrobe. They will be new notes always.
    Their number must follow each other. Don’t let one criminal worker there exchange bundle of one thousand
    currency with bundle of hundred Naira notes. EFCC must rush now to count the money everyday to be sure.

  • ThΦrn-in-Đ-Ŧlesh

    “Buhari not seriously ill, not in hospital”– Presidency……..but the fact remains the President is ill.So who is fooling who?….your guess is as good as mine.

  • Otile

    What are you talking about? How do you wish your mortal enemy speedy recovery to come back and deal with you?

    • Angry Niaja

      I do not have a mortal enemy.

      • Otile

        Wonderful, no mortal enemy, even the devil loves you. E ku rire oo.

  • The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK

    Garba, We have heard you o.
    We are waiting for RADIO LIE of Abuja to give us the latest broadcast……

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun


  • Ebunlee

    I want to be President. I must be President.
    If I am not president I shall release Boko Haram on all Nigerians, police, Army, Customs, Immigration and even Prisons…
    And then release Boko Haram on all Nigerians at Markets, Motor Parks, School Dormitories, Churches and Mosques…
    Until I become President…

    And then I shall tell them to drastically reduce attacks.
    But the Herdsmen must expand from Ilorin and grab more grazing land.
    They must fill the streets with the Blood of the Dogs & Baboons.
    Yes! I must be President because because I know nobody will complain.

    O yes, nobody will tear his Green Card,
    Oh sorry, I mean Nigerian passport because I said I will spill blood or because I don’t care when blood of innocent Nigerians are spilled
    Like the blood of protesting IPOB members and Shite Muslims
    Like Musa, I can die here. I am not very sick. I want to be President. I must be President. That is what matters

    • Otile

      You must understand that it is one thing for you to be President and quite another to enjoy it.

    • Apostel

      If you had not always looked out of the window at school, you could have been president

  • Otile

    Where is Rommel, is he on indefinite ‘medical vacation’?

    • emmanuel

      Rommel is dead too. Kay Soyemi is admitted at a sanatorioun, Julius is thinking of what to do with his life – no benefits after election, no re-imbursements for dity jobs done, all hopes for something happening is now going through the drains. What a miserable life.
      Only the cabal will loot until air hearse return its content to Nijeriya

  • Kickboxer

    LOL…..Brainless Buhari has nothing to offer. He is using “sickness” as a ploy to cover up his incompetence; he wants to teleguide Nigeria from London with his Slave masters;

    all this SHOW is a waste of time. SE and SS must rule Nigeria for 16 years in totaL YARIBA SLAVES & HAUSA-FULANI TERRORISTS MUST COME TO TERMS WITH THIS REALITY

  • Local Observers

    Premium Times Editor,

    The Buhari sickness and matters arising

    Muhamadu Buhari’s indefinite medicals abroad will more likely throw
    Nigeria into a depression because Acting President Yemi Osinbajo does not
    say Buhari picks his calls to enable him decide if his proposed steps are in line
    with Buhari’s own preference as the substantive president. The effect of that
    missing link will be a gridlock in the governance of Nigeria. And that may have
    become noticeable last week, with more massive retrenchment occurring in the
    communications business of the private sector, without government intervention
    or preemption, to avoid further deepening unprecedented poverty of the people
    of Nigeria.

    • Ebinezeri

      @Local Observers,

      Ah, well, in that case, if Buhari is not talking, then Acting President Osinbajo should forward the name of

      Justice Walter Onoghen to the Senate as Chief Justice of Nigeria. If he fails to do so before the deadline

      he alone will be blamed. Buhari has created alibi to protect himself abroad that he has afterall handed

      over power and gone on sick leave. If Acting President Osinbajo does not forward Justice Onoghen’s

      name to the Senate for confirmation, nobody in this world will trust in his ability to hold the job of

      Acting president.

  • Otile

    I am glad the news about Imam’s heath came up otherwise the dullard julius will be online insulting me.

    • Netanyahu

      No, all those idiots have taken “medical vacation” too. Gbola, mufu ola, julius, success keu, maria, so many of them. They too will not come back to this forum until PT completes a “test cycle” on them. It’s not that those fools believe in the dullard, but just not to be seen to agree with Ibos on anything, they prefer the devil to reason with the people they hate with so much passion. A case of cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face. So pathetic.

  • Teflonjones

    My condolences to the wife. He had a chance to get right with God but he blew it. May the Lord rest his soul.

    • Valentino


      Which person soul are we talking about again? I have already said prayer two days ago that
      may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Which person is going again so I can join my own
      prayer to escort that person? This die-die country sef don tire person. No happiness at all.

    • Bilisi2000

      @teflonjones:disqus: If the man should die now how will we remember him since he didn’t
      achieve anything in office? What sort of thing is this for God sake? Are we
      going to say here lies the worst president Nigeria has ever had? Or are we
      going to say here lies the remnants of a man who promised change and made his
      country worse than he met it? This thing is too painful for me to bear. I just
      wish it could be different. Look at all the people that have already died
      because of this man!

      See Femi Falana stammering all over the place – no confidence again. See
      Wole Soyinka doing Wolexit out of his own country at age 84. What sort of this
      thing for God sake? Can he not struggle not to die and achieve at least one
      good thing? Economic recession is not an achievement now – it is a disgrace!
      Even if he dies now the people that will carry him to the grave will be the
      very crrupt people in society. So, will that mean corruption killed him too, since
      he could not kill corruption?

      • Arewa Cries

        …..You are correct….Buhari has to wait and achieve something….he’s so far been a failure…..
        ……he struggled for 12 years for a job he could not do…he threatened his country with violence……
        …if he was not elected…he vowed that dogs and baboons will soak in blood….he killed 300 Shiites….
        ………..even after he was elected by underage voters in Kano….his credentials are too bloody…….

        • Arewa Cries

          …..You are correct….Buhari has to wait and achieve something….he’s so far been a failure…..
          ……he struggled for 12 years for a job he could not do…he threatened his country with violence……
          …if he was not elected…he vowed that dogs and baboons will soak in blood….he killed 300 Shiites….
          ………..even after he was elected by underage voters in Kano….his credentials are too bloody….

          • Alfa


          • Otile

            Heaven is not for mass murderers.

        • Point Blank


      • O.K


        • W.W.W

          “In the President, in whom much hope was invested and misery was reaped, the man died.
          In the President, who made promises of alleviating poverty during campaign but rather
          exacerbates the level of hunger in the land, the man died. In the President who
          promised to declare his assets but goes to odious lengths to explain why he
          could not do it any longer, the man died. In the President who promised to
          reduce the cost of petrol but ended up increasing it astronomically,
          the man died. In the President who promised to increase the
          value of our Naira but rather devalued it beyond recognition,
          the man died”.

          ………………..Remi Oyeyemi

          (January 3rd, 2017)

  • ed

    The President’s doctor spoke to the President spokesman about his health condition. Premium Times bought that line without asking what kind of sickness the president is being treated for all this time. Why can’t we get the president to address the nation. What’s wrong with Nigerian media.

    • Oghaluke1984




      • Otile

        Or worse…

    • Otile

      Don’t kill the messenger. Do you know whether he is alive, one has to be alive to make a speech.

  • Bosede (NYSC)

    Wud it not be better for Buhari to just die and go forever so that Nigerians can have peace and be free to enjoy dividends of demoncracy? . Pls don’t insult me I am only making a suggestion or asking a question.

    The suffering in the land is just too much

    • Tony O.


      • W.W.W

        “In the President, in whom much hope was invested and misery was reaped, the man died.
        In the President, who made promises of alleviating poverty during campaign but rather
        exacerbates the level of hunger in the land, the man died. In the President who
        promised to declare his assets but goes to odious lengths to explain why he
        could not do it any longer, the man died. In the President who promised to
        reduce the cost of petrol but ended up increasing it astronomically,
        the man died. In the President who promised to increase the
        value of our Naira but rather devalued it beyond recognition,
        the man died”.

        ………………..Remi Oyeyemi

        (January 3rd, 2017)

    • Truth is bitter

      You are not God almighty to decide who lives and who dies. What you wish your fellow man comes back to you in exchange, a good Christian knows this rule.

      • emmanuel

        God never wanted Buhari to be President in the firt place, but Tinubu, Jega and Obama installed him. So nature has asked for his soul.
        Who are you to defend him against death? Abi you sef dey look for your own?
        He came On December 31, 1983 and was booted out having brought misery upon the people. For twelve years he struggled and never got near the office until the fraud.
        Please do not use yourself as a body shield against death. Buhari has no so-economic value in Nigeria, we do not need him.
        He wanted to complete Ahmadu Bello will of dipping the Quoran in the waters he does not know, so God has gagged him. Even the seas have boundaries and if Buhari thinks that nature does not have boundaries, he should go sort that out in hell!
        Seventy virgins to take care of Aisha’s other room. Na which body he want take do that one for hell?

        • Truth is bitter

          You don’t own any life, even yours, so try and guide your mind-set and your thoughts. As Buhari was booted out from office in 1985 never change anything in your life. You still look desperate and frustrated, I thought IBB has given you permanent and guaranteed living.

        • dele20

          PMB has become our president not by rigging but by free and fair election, that is to show that PMB is destined to be Nigerian president

          Kudos to Buhari

      • Darlington

        But Buhari has murdered thousands of his fellow citizens since assuming power. Wishing Buhari death (no matter how inhuman it sounds) is liking serving him with the same cup he served others with. What goes around comes around.

        • Powerlessconscious


        • dele20

          You are drunk, ogogoro is working in your upstairs

        • Truth is bitter

          He used those guns you bought for him to kill the thousands. If you are educated enough politicians won’t be using your brain to think for you. You are not qualified to be a Christian, your impression is not in the context of the Bible teaching.

  • Intrepid

    Things fall apart.

  • UOU

    Onu, ngige, onyeama and other Igbo/SE ministers, please please, do not get involved, let them sort it out between the all knowing sophisticated self righteous people and their conquering ago, group/tribes. Last time, it was Akunyili that bailed the cat, bringing more hate to Igbos, not again. The conquered are waiting for Igbos to do it again but this time, they must do it themselves or the country remain on a stand still

  • Freedom Bini

    The reason why the Health Status of President Buhari is not made known to Nigerians is fearful.

    • Enitan Awosanya


      Why Buhari government FAILED

      I notice that here in Nigeria many people won’t give a damn if the headline should read:
      MUHAMADU BUHARI IS DEAD. People don’t care one way or the other. I think he is
      hated by more people for so many reasons, the main one is that he has no pity
      for the poor and the working class and they too have no sympathy for him too.
      One university graduate told me in Abuja that he actually wants the man to die.
      I asked him why. He said because the government of Buhari is “animalistic”.

      I asked him what that means. He said Buhari went shopping for animals
      and appointed beasts as heads of federal agencies and parastatals.
      Drunkards, drop-outs, illiterates, rapists, thieves make up the Buhari
      government, he said. He asked me to name just one person that
      Buhari appointed into any board or parastatal who makes sense,
      has knowledge and has a good reputation for honesty. I tried
      hard to recall just one person. I tried and tried but couldn’t.

      • Powerlessconscious

        He is not hated by more people. In fact it is only the looser people that hate him. They capitalised on the curreny situation to show as if they are more than those who love the president. But by the grace of God, the president will be victorious against those who wish him evil. God bless baba.

        • Damilola

          Lmfaooooooo…… amen!!! But plz also add dis one prayer…. dt he comes bk with his brain to lead as a father of the nation who wants gud for his sons and daughters and not a herdman concerned only about his cows. God Bless Nigeria

  • Decimator

    After all said and done does anybody still doubt it now that there is no Nation called Nigeria?

    Asking directly the Autocrats and upholders of the status quo once again, have the citizens of this Enclave not made enough sacrifices to help you and Gowon explicitely save the Map he never participated in drawing from looking funny.

    It is now high time to sacrifice the Map to save the Citizens from further man made calamity.

    The National assembly and all that is left of the handicap called the military hierarchy non-existing one Nigeria Unity should as a matter of urgency, start a preliminary session on separation and entrusting the different constituting ethnic nationalities of the Nigerian Enclave with their own destiny.

    Enough is enough now.

  • The oneNigeria

    Buhari is now a Masquerade who can only be spoken to thru a 3rd party . Wrong information management again .
    Wishing him a speedy recovery but when he gets back he need to sack the whole lot of his handlers.

  • emmanuel

    Thinking aloud……The foolanis have imposed themselves on Nigeria presidency for so long and nature has gone after them since the days of Abacha, only Abdulsalami who did less than fifteen months and dropped what belonged to the South survived.
    They have all gone the way of the World.
    I advice the foolani going forward that they should avoid this morbid jobs for those God gave wisdom to.
    Atiku, Kwakwanso, Tambuwal, El-Rufai etc, how far? Are you willing?

  • Alpha

    I challenge one of the chest thumping but dignified ‘press release’ broadcasting and publishing houses in 9ja to give us their own findings on this issue, not Garba Shehu’s.

    It is shameful for the press not to be able to play it’s role of educating the people on the FACTS of such grave matter as this, instead of being Femi Adesina, Garba Shehu and Lai Mohammed’s mouthpiece. They thrive only when maligning individuals for pecuniary purposes, which they branded “investigation”.

  • partafamilias trippi

    The man is not ill yet he is on on a medical vacation. This na magomago semantics o… Chinakwe’s dog must be found asap or else there will be katakataka oo…

  • new republic

    Buhari is not in London,all this is diversionary,the man is in one muslim nation,another Yar adua scenerio,Nigeria is finished ,Osibajo can not take any meaninful decision at this critical time,is a pity.

    • dele20

      Meaningless comment

  • I did it 4 Love

    Our president isn’t sick physically ouch upstairs but he has no regards for over 150 million Nigerians he was elected to lead. As far as I know, he can stay till March 2019 to enable him think on how to manage our economy while we govern ourselves until he comes back in 2019.

    I pity our people.

    • dele20

      What are you saying? ,Mr. Critic, stop your false criticism,PMB will soon return

      • I did it 4 Love

        Tell him to make a 30 seconds video and let media houses or even BEN TV in Tottenham Hale in Haringey air it simple. It’s an insult to Nigerians for keeping mute.

  • Damilola

    We’re in the regime of Stand up Comedians. Different episodes every day. Some oda days, they give us double dose. So Mallam Garba, there is nothing to be worried about on the condition of your boss whom non of you cud even talk to but his Dr? If una no even respect the charlatans that trumpeted una voodoo wand to Change everything wrong with Nigeria, at least a fear God na. Abah. And who told you we de panic? Pa what? Don’t say it again. When he was here he added no value to our lives. Buhari has been on vacation since May 29, 2015 as far as I’m concerned. If not, his absence would av been missed, from appearances to actions and far reaching decisions. Let him stay back in whatever bed he is in any country of his choice abeg. I plead with the NASS to let the constitution prevail by the end of this month and do the needful on Osibanjo’s status

  • dele20

    Kudos to PMB, we know that you are in a good condition, we all know that you will soon return to meet us in peace

    • Otile

      How soon is 4 month awol waiting for test results? Is he suffering from leprosy?