UPDATE: Why Buhari extended vacation indefinitely

President Muhammadu Buhari watching TV

President Muhammadu Buhari has written to the National Assembly, notifying the lawmakers of his intention to extend his vacation in the United Kingdom for medical reasons, the Presidency has said.

Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, in a statement on Sunday, announced the new development.

Mr. Adesina said the President wrote the National Assembly “today, February 5, informing of his desire to extend his leave in order to complete and receive the results of a series of tests recommended by his doctors.”

The President had planned to return to Abuja this evening, but was advised to complete the test cycle before returning, said Mr. Adesina.

Mr. Buhari had in January written the National Assembly, notifying the lawmakers of his vacation and temporary transfer of power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

It is the third time Mr. Osinbajo will be leading Nigeria in acting capacity since he and Mr. Buhari were inaugurated in May 2015.

In the initial notice to the National Assembly, Mr. Buhari was to be away between January 23 and February 6.

“The notice has since been dispatched to the Senate President, and Speaker, House of Representatives,” Mr. Adesina said of the new development.

The notice of extension came up amid rumours and anxiety over the President’s health.

Mr. Buhari had been rumoured to have died or been facing critical health challenge, but the Presidency denied such rumours.

At different times, the Presidency released pictures of the President in a bid to show he is hale in London.

However, in the new notice, the president did not state when he will be returning to Nigeria to resume duty.

Mr. Adesina declined comment when asked when the President would return to the country.


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  • Otile

    Adeshina should not give us the impression that this is a terminal leave for Imam.

    • abodes_124

      Sadly it may be but hopefully not.

  • Ken

    They should continue to lie!

    • SAM .A

      This is not Momo Peace , alias Lazarus who was resuscitated, on theatre table several times in German Hospital , but at the end came back to Nigeria , and threw the multimillion Naira bash to thank God for sparing her life .
      However Adeshina should come clean and tell Nigeria the health status of PMB . We must be spared the darkness that surrounded Late President Yar’Adua , the dirty politics , the tension and his eventual demise . Nigeria deserve the RIGHT to know the status of the health of their elected President .

  • Ken

    I sincerely pray for the quick recovery of Buhari




  • Abu. S

    “In a few days, the tenure of acting appointment of justice Onnoghen
    will expire. Going by our extant constitution, the acting CJN will be
    disqualified from appointment as the substantive CJN unless the NJC
    resubmit his nomination to the president. Already, many analysts view
    this action as ploy to deny a southerner his right to succession based
    on his seniority in keeping with the appointment protocol observed
    the NJC in making the appointment.

    In the event of
    this occurrence, the NJC must not forward any other name nor should the
    senate confirm any other nominee. This will serve to check the excesses
    of this (Buhari) administration and reinforce the unity of the nation
    which has already been pushed to the precipice by the
    recruitment and appointment policies of a government
    which tends to favour the north in violation of the federal
    character provision of the constitution.”

    ……..Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar

    (Former military governor of Kaduna state)

    [February 2nd, 2017]

    • Jon

      Nothing will happen if the nomination elapses and a Northern is nominated and senate approves. Heaven will not fall. Southerners are cowards especially the Southwest. The actions of the Southwest are what emboldens the Hausa/Fulani.

  • This act of levity from President Buhari is unacceptable and a valid ground to demand his resignation or face impeachment. President Buhari is not a private citizen. Nigerians deserve to know the health status of their president for goodness sake. Sending a letter to NASS is a slap on our faces. We demand to know the diagnosis, ongoing treatment and the prognosis. Buhari never loved our country. We condemned this act of levity.

    • Jon

      Until the medical tests are completed, diagnosis will not be known. So, what are you talking about.

      • emmanuel

        Nor be only test.we recall how Yar Adua dead body was rejected by Saudi Arabia.
        Otile is too forward. He mentioned how the Cabal and Adeshina would say the man has left for lesser Hajj, based on that they are now waiting for test result.
        Where is Garba Shehu?

    • You demand nothing and you will get nothing, in this country you’re conceded nothing.

      Biafra await you.

      • Otile

        @Quest, leave him alone, he did not pray for Imam to get sick neither did he ask the presidency to lie about it.

  • Oluwole T. Obadina


    But you people forget something. Nigeria has an Acting President. Under the 1999 Constitution
    an Acting President has 100% of the same powers as an elected president. So, what am I saying?
    For all the things going wrong in Nigeria since 20th of January, YEMI OSINBAJO is to blame.
    Yemi Osinbajo has not taken any policy decision since 20th January or solved a problem.
    You people should not blame Buhari who is on his sick bed for Yemi Osinbajo’s failures.

    • August

      The north are using Yoruba to promote lies. Yaradua used Segun Adeniyi, Buhari is using femi Adesina. But u are more educated now.

    • Enyidede

      When PMB was in Nigeria and pretended to be in control, it was the 5 Northern cabals in actual control Buhari’s kitchen cabinet also confirmed it.
      Similar Northern cabals operated during the Y’Aradua era until Dora forced them to give up.
      The 5 Northern cabals want to continue to control Nigeria now Osinabjo is in power, that is why the media are afraid
      to publish the truth. The cabals are also threatening Osinbanjo to resign.
      Truface would have made a difference but he has been tthreatened to silence.
      Currently the media blocks correct news from being circulated around the net since most Nigerians are ignorant of the true situation. No power, no broadband and news cannot freely flow in Nigeria without being blocked just as some overseas are being blocked as well. But overseas have alternatives.
      Never mind the truth will be covered up for a while BUT can never be forever.
      Remember DSS embarrassed Suleiman, 30 lawyers volunteered for him, soon after the DSS director is dead and the same covering up for Buhari and his cabals could not/did not remember to cover up the death of the DSS director.
      Nigeria is greater than Buhari and the 5 Northern cabals. Very soon God Almighty will take full control from them and
      save suffering Nigerians in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

  • Kevin Peter

    May God grant our president quick recovery. However, it’s clearly known now that this government has been running on falsehood right from the time they took over till date, clearly indicative of incompetence. The way his health status is being handled talks much to be desired.

  • SAM .A

    Mr.Femi Adeshina must come clean about information on the health status of our President . W e the people elected or hired him , we have the RIGHT to know . Nigeria can no longer treat health problems of his elected officer a secret file.

    • emmanuel

      Adeshina is a fake prophet. He is now the tool in the hand of the cabal churning out lies.
      The truth is that there is an end to everything.
      It is the sensless cover up that made them allow Buhari walk to the Iarcraft himself the day he left Nigeria – my wife told me that the way she saw the man walk to the Aircraft, she was certain his health was in terrible shape and two days after we heard of the death rumor.
      If not for their shameless cover up, the man should have left in an air ambulance and his health may have been stable.
      Anyway, we are not interested in someone who has nothing to offer, yet he is there wasting our money, creating confusion every where because of his ethnic and religious agenda. Does he think he will have peace?
      My Bible says there is no peace for the wicked – Onnoghen, Herdsmen carnages without response, The woman that was killed in Kano, Abuja and carpenter in Kano who was mobbed because he ate while muslims fasted, Southern Kaduna masacare and he said peoples religious leanings were not respected etc.

  • abodes_124

    Surgery for chronic ear infection involving the mastoid is usually straight forward . Could it be that things were left rather late contrary leading to spread to the brain meningitis/encephalitis.? We are in for a bumpy ride again.

    • Otile

      It can never get any worse, unless the Fulanis get mad at their brother’s demise and invade others.

  • Decimator

    One should just take special notice of that expression “Indefinitely”.

    To that there is nothing more to add since a hail and healthy man on normal Vacation to London, according to the presidency, is now suddenly on indefinite medical vacation.

    Very Interesting.

  • emmanuel

    Ahaaaa, i knew a saw a photo of Aisha seating on a side stool with her had bag on the floor, Buhari seating on a chair supposedly an intensive care ward receeption, with a Doctor holding a syring with an apron worn and gloves, a Nurse at the doctor which looked like getting someone who was in coma or critical condition to do some photo shoot.
    We did also see Yar Adua lifeless by propped up on a seat on two occasions to pose that he was alive. I recalled then how we told them it was made up and the then cabal argued, but the man died!
    Indefinite leave ke?
    Unfortunately, the weakling called Jonathan never queried the fake supplementary Budget Turai and the Cabal forged and made payment?
    Anothey cabal is on the prowl again, they were given mandate to act the Foolani leders of thought who gathered in Kaduna two weeks ago to work out their plan B, while pretending to suggest solution to the low pace of development in the North.
    For all we care, the UK can make him honorary consul General there any day he wakes up, so that Osinbajo go kuku send us into our dooms day – jead of economic team that tell us the philosophy of how we are already out of depression without any action

    • suleiman

      Remember Gen. Dabazzau plotted it all! He is the current minister of interior and can therefore shut down the Abuja Airport to bring another corpse in the dark of night. They are the same people, only the key player is no long Turai but Aisha. They are all from Katisina. Nothing new, so let’s just watch the drama unfold once more.

      • emmanuel

        I am getting the gist ooooo, Hey. We don enter another one chance. But i talk am since the days of sai baba say na ritual murderer’s danfo we enter.
        See na, Katsina people don come again.

  • suleiman

    From the president is sound and healthy to the president is not in hospital. From God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh to the president is resting. What do you want us to believe? Adesina should be ashamed of himself for spreading the charade and falsehood about the president. Please tell Nigerians the truth. We demand the truth. It is our right to know the state of health of the president. This is what they did with Yar’adua, spreading falsehood until he was brought back comatose! When will Nigerians learn to be honest? What is the big deal about telling Nigerians the truth? They did this with Yar’adua until they emptied the purse and blamed Jonathan for incompetence. Bongos Ikwe, the singer told us that “what goes up must come down.” So whether they like it or not, Nigerians must soon know what is going on with our president. Rana ba ta karya! (tomorrow never lies)

    • Nwabude Nwachukwu

      Thanks too for this post. The are simply Full time deceivers.

  • tony H

    Why are Yorubas buying rice ati aso ebi ati beer in large quantities?

    • Olusola

      E never reach my corner oooh! What are we celebrating? Tony yearn me the “owambe” now make I prepare.

      • tony H

        I am trying to get the scoop myself. But, it has something to do Veepee ati hospital ati dead man walking. That’s all I know for now.

      • emmanuel

        If Awolowo nor chop President, him son in-law don near am. After all, If anything hapin, na Buba and Shokoto dem go dey wear for Villa and every Friday and saturday na owambe. Unfortunately, Owo da go dey Abuja streets and every corner of Nigeria.
        Sola, é ma gba gbe mi o!

  • Tijani

    Since Osinbajo’s acting presidency expires at midnight tonight, and Buhari’s letter to the Senate President and the Speaker is silent on who should act as president, from midnight VPinderella Fake Pastor Yemi Osinbajo reverts to Vice President. He should not bring any forged handover letter.

  • emmanuel

    Forged letter like the one forged for Yar Adua. Jamisis Ibori, how far, you see Yar Adua for London? Sowore and Olorunyomi the investigative Journalist per excellence, you are cowards and liars if you cannot investigate with 48 hours and tell us where Buhari is.

  • emmanuel

    Onike where is your President. Make you go comb am out for London. All these fake followers of Buhari who lie in the nae of Allah, the ball is in your court.

  • Lanre

    Nigerians are hard of learning and Yorubaland will be free from slavery. In 2010, when Umaru Yar’adua was sick and the Nigerian Government and the Cabal (apologies to late Dora Akunyili) were lying about the whereabouts of Nigeria’s sick president, I suggested that the Nigerian National Assembly open a full inquiry into the details surrounding the illness and death of Yar’adua. But like every other thing Nigerian, I was wishing for too much. Not only were Tax Payers funds spent and not accounted for, no Nigerian Facility was capable of treating its president. Fast forward to 2017 and the same situation. Lies, deceit, subterfuge, cunning, innuendoes, blackmail, harassment, threats. Meanwhile, the ordinary person out there has no clue what is going on; how ill the ruler is; if the Acting Chief Justice will be confirmed or not. Nigerians are the modern day guinea pigs of the world and just like Americans are today reading George Orwell’s 1984, I recommend the book to all those seeking the truth about the Animal Kingdom (called Nigeria).

    p.s Add Animal Farm by the same author. Happy Reading.

    • OkoAbeni

      Another name for Animal Farm is 1984. So you are still talking about the same book.

    • Nwabude Nwachukwu

      Thanks for this piece Lanre. I just hope Nigerians begin to liberate themselves from this kind of enslavement. And let it be know that there are no true “elder states person” in Nigeria. All of them are self-centred bigots.

  • Thank the good Lord PMB is sick, dead, old, now the igbo-biafra’s agenda can be fulfilled it was this bad man stopping them the Yoruba’s who love them so much would give them all they want and welcome them with open heart i mean purses.

  • Analyst

    Fayose warned you guys, you never listen.

  • Okokondem

    In the spirit of the acclaimed fight against corruption that is the hallmark of the Buhari administration and adherence to transparency, not to mention that Nigeria was on this road not long ago, would it not have made sense for Buhari and his handlers to produce a short video of him addressing the nation.

    Here we go again.

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Why are you guys worrying yourselves? The man is about to die if he is not dead yet. Shikena.

  • Analyst

    How do we know it is Buhari that wrote the letter and not another person?

  • Analyst

    Is it in the constitution that a president can go on leave INDEFINITELY?

    • taiwo

      Abeg help me ask o. Kitchen cabinet member playing politics with Nigerians

  • Okokondem

    Correct me if I’m wrong didn’t these same group of people in the administration of Buhari tell us the man was on vacation?

    A quick way to put some of the ambiguities to rest is for Buhari to address the nation, even from his hospital bed. Nigerians will understand since no one is beyond getting sick.

    Americans would tell you it isn’t the act that would get you in trouble, rather covering the act would.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari is about to die (if he isn’t dead yet). It would be good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • poly

      correct man

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    It would be interesting to know how much of our national patrimony is being wasted on Buhari – who will still die soon, anyway.

    • Genusa

      Please stop such comment. Let him take care of his health and come back. At 70-80 years old, there will certainly be health challenges. It’s not easy. Pray you get to that age yourself.

  • Okokondem


    Where are you? You attributed the rumor about Buhari’s demise to what you termed “Biafra sympathizers”.

    • Otile

      Unfortunately the day Buhari will be carried to the grave thusspokez and his gang will invade Igboland. May their ways be sleepry, they they perish in the attempt, may they stab one another. @thusspokez say amen.

  • new republic

    Hope Nigeria is going the off road?

    • Boogie man

      Put down the crack pipe you are smoking bros.

  • Dr. Peter Ejirika,CPA

    Nigeria, the land of absurdity, your president died upon arrival to the hospital and by the Riverside he met the three thousand seven hundred Biafran Children he assassinated since he became the president of Nigeria hence Lucifer called him home where he will have a nap with the proverbial seven Islamic Virgins of Daura Republic but Nigerians can cloawn Buhari’s lookalike because Nigerians are fraudulent by nature. He who lives by the sword shall in like manner rest by a Physician’s Scalpel. Aboki Buhari Salama Leku Allah Karuba

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      What a benevolent president Buhari has turned out to be..left to me you’ll talking about 37m biafools children executed. Idiota absoluta

    • Abakaliki-Son

      Buhari was also directly responsible for the Abakaliki massacre of 1967. His victims are waiting to say bye bye as he descends into hell.
      “The evil that men do lives after them” Mark Anthony in Julius Caesar

  • Original_Raskal

    How about the London pictures? I thought they said he was not sick?

    10 days has expired and the bubu is no where to be seen! What next? Country remain on sultan control? I thought he spent over 50bn on aso villa clinic in 2016? He didn’t buy equipment for blood test out of the 50bn? So bubu looted the 50bn?

  • emmanuel Azodoh

    All the lairs in the high place in this country will die for deceiving the poor masses in the expense of their greed and selfishness God will judge all of them