Tuface Protest: Ezekwesili blasts Buhari, Osinbajo as civic group pledges to continue with rally

Oby Ezekwesili
Oby Ezekwesili

A former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, has berated the Nigerian government for the cancellation of the planned anti-government protest.

Popular Nigerian hip-hop artiste, Innocent Idibia, better known as Tuface, who had been at the vanguard of a much-publicised February 6 anti-government protest, cancelled the plan on Saturday, citing “security challenges”.

“Dear Nigerians, after due consultations, it has become clear that the #OneNigeria protest scheduled to hold in Lagos and Abuja on Monday the 6th of February is under serious threat of hijack by interests not aligned with our ideals,” the multiple award winning musician said.

“The point I am intent on making is not worth the life of any Nigerian. It is, in fact, motivated by the need to demand a better deal for the ordinary Nigerian.

“I therefore announce the cancellation of the planned protest. We’ll share further information in due course,” he added.

The planned protest gained traction with several public figures and civil society groups pledging to be part of it on Monday.

Tuface called for nationwide protest against Nigeria’s worsening economic crisis that has seen costs of goods and services skyrocket, with many families struggling to survive.


But police warned against the protest after initially promising to provide security. Police authorities said on Friday they had “credible intelligence” that other groups were planning a counter protests on the same day and at the same venues, saying the event could turn violent.

But in a series of tweets on Sunday morning, Mrs. Ezekwesili, a vocal member of #BringBackOurGirls campaign group, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to allow Nigerians cry out their pains.

On her verified twitter handle, @Obyezeks, she tweeted, “Mr. Pres @MBuhari Mr. VP @ProfOsinbajo Allow the people of your Land CRY OUT their pain on Monday. LISTEN, EMPATHIZE & RETHINK POLICIES.”

Explaining further, the former minister decried the claim of Nigerian Police that it could not secure participants at the protest.

“Mr. Pres @MBuhari Mr. VP @ProfOsinbajo Your Govt CANNOT SECURE YOUR CITIZENS THAT WANT TO GATHER AND SPEAK THEIR PAIN TO YOU? Haba. Haba,” Mrs. Ezekwesili said.

“Mr. Pres @MBuhari Mr. VP @ProfOsinbajo The people of your Land are CRYING OUT in PAIN. Ask God for WISDOM to GIVE THEM A GOOD ANSWER,” she added.

She also implored the Nigerian government to listen to citizens’ plight and not bully them into silence.

“Mr. Pres @MBuhari Mr. VP @ProfOsinbajo When the people of your Land CRY OUT in PAIN saying, “Lighten our yoke”, you listen NOT REPRESS,” she wrote.

In its reaction to the announced cancellation by Tuface, a civic group, Enough is Enough Nigeria, has said it will proceed with it without the pop star.

In a tweet through its official handle, @EiENigeria, at 11:19 p.m. on Saturday, the group announced its resolve to go ahead with the protest without Tuface, adding that it respects the artiste’s decision.

“We respect @official2baba’s security concerns but the marches in #Lagos & #Abuja will go ahead. #IStandWithNigeria #OneVoiceNigeria,” the group said.

Meanwhile, mixed reactions have trailed the cancellation announced by Tuface.

Ogo chris, a twitter user, said: “2baba was just a voice. Nigerians are stronger than the forces that be. Common Nigerians we can!”

Toni bliss, another follower, tweeted, “thanks for the leap. will never take tubaba serious for anything in my life. the protest must GO ON. #ISTANDWITHNIGERIA.”

Another user, opposed to the rally and tweeting via @Woye1, said ” no March again. Better go to ur office on Monday. Security officers should do d needful. Go and make money.”


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  • kinsly

    Oby tweeter, organise your own protest na, or rather organise your tweeter fans

    • Sam

      I tire o . The fact is a lot people are really angry now and many saboteurs are planning to capitalize on that to create mayhem. It is better to avoid the violence that is eminent Abi na her children go lead?

      • abodes_124

        I wonder why saboteurs never capitalise on the pro Buhari demonstrations. Does it say something about how non violent the opposition is?

        • Powerlessconscious

          With biafrat agitator, NDA, pdp and looters,. These saboteurs will hijack the protest.

          • Höly Wähala

            Yoro bigot… Go and take a bath, you’re stinking up this thread. Dirty man, dirty mind… Dirty Pig!

          • Galantman

            Yibos wanted to hijack it, cause commotion and claim one million people have been killed. We know biafrauds antics very well. . 2face have just deflated there tyres before take off and the biafrauds are livid with anger.

          • Galantman

            True bros

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          men bro you just said it all. 100 points to you.

  • Man_Enough

    Orby, you can cry out your pains without assembling others and putting their lives at risk. With biafra, avengers and looters bearing their fangs, any such protest is inimical to peace. Even you should know better.

    • Say the truth

      You are a coward and not man enough. You are a shameless zombie may your life be hard, painful and stressful the same way your party has made Nigerian life hard.

      • Man_Enough

        Truth hurts badly.

    • Buhari d daft cow.

      Must u always reason with ur ass cos u are gay,We are tired of londonhari with his uesless policies.

    • Höly Wähala

      So, this is now about Biafra and not Nigeria buried in economic recession by incompetent Yoro mis-managers abi? When in the history of Nigeria did the citizens demonstrate against economic policies of our government? The sole problem remains lazy, poorly-educated and very dirty Yoro people in this administration who know nothing about running a govt… but everything about stealing from GoN. Dirty stinking pigs, when Biafran Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was running your economy did anyone call for protests due to hardship? Clwon!

      • Powerlessconscious

        What is the prerequisite to todays hardship?

        • Höly Wähala

          Quit grandstanding with cheap grammar here… suffering and hardships are unfortunate situations for folks and come without prerequsites, they are not departments at any universities hence, have no statutory pre-conditions for admissions… if that’s what you truly want to know. Go siddon!

          • Abe Lawrence

            Here you’re Osu boy!! By your words your identity shall become known

          • Höly Wähala

            “By your words your identity shall become known.” – iMoron

            So, what is my full name since you claimed the above? You are a poooorly-educated Aborgine from our slimy creeks, a tout dependent on govt. handouts to survive. Monkey, just swing home to your habitat in your polluted ND enclave before I clip your long tail short. Anu ohia. Drunkard!

          • Powerlessconscious

            Hahahahaha. Lol. You made me LAUGH. HAHAHA KIKIKIKIII

    • abodes_124

      I agree with you that they should cry in pains at home to the extent that they will now not be slaughtered tomorrow like the ‘biafrans’ you mentioned and the Shiites you did not . My advice to the protesters was and remains do not go protesting against Buhari . His soldiers and police will shoot you dead, bury you alive or lock you up indefinitely for ‘treason’ and nobody will speak up for you. Join the #I stand with Buhari demonstration instead and get free T shirt, free ‘transport money’ and free pure water and of course no one will shoot you dead.

      • Powerlessconscious

        Hahahaha. Lol

  • Sera Adebayo

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  • kayode Olufade

    Already other forces have taken over the planned rally. The gentleman showed suchbgreat humanity “The point I am intent on making is not worth the life of any Nigerian”. He showed great maturity and respect for human life unlike some others. He hasn’t shown cowardice but rather extreme courage and when the protest actually happens it will have so much meaning and the required effect. God bless us all

    • emma

      Tuface was referring to politicians since 1999 so the protest is also again Ezekwesili and others. Cancellation is a wise move because politicians opposed to the govt of the day have hijacked the protest Ezekwesili, Fayose etc when Ezekwesili was minister of education she should have taken education to remote parts of the country so that the now Book Haram members would have been educated. Fayose is busy making noise instead of working hard like other governors not to depend on FG. Tuface’s profession does not need bad publicity, this pretentious sympathetic politicians would have just used him and dumped him. He is wise to have cancelled it. Let Ezekwesili etc suggest solutions instead of been critics which is the same mistake the APC made in the past. Way forward pls!!!

  • Dazmillion

    What did you expect from a man called two face. Of course he was going to chicken out. he loves the good things of life that he is enjoying. Truth be told, 2face problem is that the recession has made Nigerians stop buying his CD. The man has 7 children for goodness sake. With 4 baby mamas on his neck and with private school fees of 7 kids to pay, 2face don see red.

    My question for emergency activist 2Baba, why did you not protest for the common man when Akpabio was dashing you brand new jeeps as wedding present, which he bought with money stolen from the good people of Akwa Ibom. Why did you not make a big fuss back then?

    • Tunsj

      Couldn’t agree more. 7 Children and 4 Baby Mamas? That’s a lot of bread coming out of his pocket.

  • Julius

    I really don’t know why the FGN will get involve in this. Let them protest as long as they obtain the permit . Send a minister out to make some comments after, that the government understand and some changes will be made. That is how you deal with stuff like this without all these wahala !

    • forestgee

      …extreme poor performance by the government means they are afraid of even their shadow!

      • Julius

        Yes. I believe somebody somewhere was trying to flex some agency muscle . You know how bureaucrats do their stuff. Poor performance indeed !

  • Powerlessconscious

    Exactly what tuface said. Now the protest has already been hijacked. For obi, she is a ……

    • Comr Akawu Jacob Jerubbabel

      2baba is a business man, they secratly called him and gave him his own share while u people are here wasting ur time discussing.
      Do u think d police threat can bend 2face? Think again.

  • David Aku

    Editor Premium Times,

    Premium Times is violating 1999 Constitution

    I have noticed something in the past two weeks. I am beginning to suspect that President Buhari
    is the real publisher of Premium Times. I know why I am saying this thing out. I am a very smart
    person. I always read between the lines and I have never been wrong. Let me explain further.
    Since two weeks ago that President Buhari dis-appeared from Nigeria Premium Times has
    kept quiet as if they are afraid of Buhari. They don’t want to say anything on the matter.

    There are many questions Premium Times can raise on this issue which it refused to do.
    With that stubborn goat attitude Premium Times violates the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria.
    The constitution says every journalist inside Premium Times must IMPART INFORMATION.
    Has Premium Times imparted anything to me and to the public at large since January?
    Am I supposed to go to beer parlor to get the news that Buhari will not return tomorrow?
    Am I supposed to be going to food canteen to know that Buhari has speech problem?
    What does Premium Times exist for if beer parlor is where someone like me must go?

    • ‘Sho’


    • Lorgne

      Who is the promoter of PT? If you can’t answer this question, you cannot read lines not to mention reading between lines.

    • Kevin Peter

      You may be right indeed! But Buhari does not own PT. It may be the war of words between Buratai and them that led to the sudden marriage. The recent arrest of their personnel may have equally sent shivers down their spines leading to this unholy alliance.

      • Clem404


        Premium Times Editors and reporters are to intellectual solid to fear anybody – not even BUHARI.
        What I believe is that Premium Times Editors know more than they let on in this Buhari illness saga.
        Perhaps for security concerns Premium Times is holding its horses, but that will send wrong signals.
        @David Aku is correct to disbelieve that Premium Times hasn’t any news but wrong on proprietorship.
        By tomorrow if @David Aku is proved correct, and Buhari doesn’t return, Premium Times must speak up.

        • Somebody Call my name

          @Clem 404,

          No way! Stop defending nonsense here! How can Premium Times Editors
          be “…too intellectual solid to fear anybody” if they can’t tell us the name
          of the doctors treating Muhamadu Buhari for Alzheimer-like nervous
          sickness in London? Is London now too far for Premium Times?
          I don’t buy that kind of excuse. We know that Buhari has no
          connection whatsoever with Premium Times ownership.
          The whole country knows that one except David Aku.
          We are talking of HIDING THE NEWS crisis here.
          Premium Times is deliberately hiding the news!
          That is the real issue I am raising for you.

          • Ferdinando Ortega

            i am in a hurry. I just want to abuse the Editors hiding the news of Buhari sickness.

            When they too become sick one day, their own doctors too will hide their own illness.

          • Wolexit 2017


    • zygote

      “I am a very smart person. I always read between the lines and I have never been wrong.”

      Is there a man that has never be wrong? You must be a complete nuisance to your compatriots.

  • Chinedu

    The constitution guarantees our freedom to protest. Our laws mandates the security agencies to maintain law and order. The methods adopted by either the citizens or the law enforcers are what may cause conflict. If I was to be in government,the police and co would have been told to liaise with the protesters to work out the appropriate modus. The present development has only confirmed further the ineptitude of the present administration. And it is interesting to note that this issue is going to be a major factor for 2019. We are watching.

  • Suleiman Alatise

    The protest started on tweeter and ended there, so what’s the big deal here.

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  • PeaceMaker

    Oby would not even respect the reasons Tu-Face has advanced for the cancellation. As a keen observer of what transpired, the entire thing became politicised and, clearly, persons with interests at variance with Tu-Face’s Noble objectives were hell bent on hijacking his protest.

    She’s burning the immense goodwill that she enjoys with us. We are beginning to think that she’s shouting for something other than what we are craving for. She needs to talk sparingly and when it’s most needed.

    Furthermore, we must all learn to respect security reports from those that are saddled with the constitutional rights to issue them. Let’s stop disagreeing with security reports. The people who write them are also Nigerians and, as we have seen repeatedly of late, they are family men who can also be killed. So let’s not wish their concerns away. If police tell you stay off a particular route cos armed robbers are operating there, you are grateful. But when they advice you not to undertake a protest cause of security concerns, you abuse them. I tire o

    • ola

      Security report? The security report that cited a counter protest as the rationale for calling on cancellation of a fundamentally guaranteed right! It’s ridiculous that an institution saddled with preservation of law and order will come out and said it cannot guarantee the safety of Nigerians who want to express their constitutional rights when that institution is a creation of the constitution.

      Tuface is not an activist… I have not problem if true activists like Oby will ‘hijack’ Tuface’s protest.

      The protest must hold!!!

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    It is not easy to be a Martin Luther of Nigeria. Tu face should cover himself in shame because he can’t do what he said, he was just making noise. Leadership is not about noise making, is about taking the lead whether rain or sun. Is about saying yes even in the court room to the course.

    • Tunsj


  • Open Voxe

    Thanks to everyone that supported the struggle so far. The struggle we are embarking on is like killing a snake from the stomach. Nigerians have to unite to make corrupt people to face the wrath of Angry Nigerians. We are hungry because people who are meant to do their job sabotaged our future for their own benefit. They steal like no tomorrow and we currently paying for their robbery. Our protest should be against people that steals from our wealth, those that are still steal and those that intend to steal. Please join our peaceful march to advocate for death penalty for any corrupt officials. kidnappers and arm robbers face death penalty for their criminal offence. Hence what is the difference between those that kidnap and rob to those that steals from Nigeria. Hereby causing the system to bleed. Please support this call to save our future and let the government decree #deathpenalty4corruptofficials.

  • Adamu Ndagi

    Oby is for long a frustrated individual. Let her explain to Nigerians what she did with MDG Billions of Naira when she headed FME?

    • Otile

      Where is Imam Buhari today?

  • N.Dickson

    Nigeria is facing these issues because we all want to play safe,our generations unborn will not forgive us if we leave them to come suffer, simply because our fears where stronger than our pains.