Why we invited James Ibori — SSS

James Ibori after serving his jail term in a London Prison

Former governor of Delta State, James Ibori, who returned to Nigeria Saturday after serving jail term in the United Kingdom for corruption, has met with the head of the State Security Service, Lawal Daura.

The meeting held in Abuja shortly after Mr. Ibori arrived the federal capital from London where he was recently released from jail.

The director general of SSS, Mr. Daura, confirmed the meeting to journalists.

“He met me for a short debriefing session and way forward; also, to welcome him back to his fatherland. We are also meeting soon to discuss issues of interest affecting the nation,” he said.

An official of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, had earlier told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the British Airways conveying Mr. Ibori touched down in the airport early in the morning.

The official, pleading anonymity, said the former governor was picked up by some people to an undisclosed place.

He also said he could not confirm the identity of the people that picked him up from the airport.

Mr. Ibori was recently freed from prison in the UK after serving a jail term.

He was convicted of corruption and money laundering on April 17, 2012, after five years of trial.

The Southwark Crown Court, UK, sentenced him to 13 years in prison while his houses, luxury cars and other property items were confiscated.

The judge, however, ruled that Mr. Ibori would spend half of the jail term which is six and half years.

Born on Aug. 4, 1959, Mr. Ibori was the governor of Delta from May 29, 1999 to May 29, 2007 on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).


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  • Crimes Watch


    What next after James Ibori was deported to Nigeria?

    On 27 February 2012, (James) Ibori accused of stealing $250 million
    from the Nigerian public purse, pleaded guilty to ten (10) counts of money
    laundering and conspiracy to defraud at a London court
    ”, said international
    wire reports today. What’s left now is to put James Ibori on trial in Nigeria for
    desecrating the laws and the Constitution of Nigeria. Without putting James
    Ibori on trial in Nigeria, and jailing him in accordance with law, the whole
    country, Nigeria, would look worse like criminal abettors.

    James Ibori ran for election in 1999 and filled in his INEC election forms
    declaring he’s never been convicted before by any court. James Ibori lied in
    that declaration.

    Later in London court he was confronted with his previous certificate of conviction
    for shoplifting in London in the 1990s and he was asked if he is an ex-convict or
    not. James Ibori had no wiggle room and answered in the affirmative. That 27th
    February 2012 court records in London contain James Ibori’s admission. In effect,
    it is proved James Ibori lied in 1999 in Nigeria declaring himself never to have
    been convicted for stealing. He is therefore liable to answer perjury charges
    in Nigeria, carrying 14 years imprisonment upon conviction.

    • James Bond

      Good observation. Unfortunately the celebration of this ex-convict has made me believe that nothing will happen to Ibori. It’s a big shame but Buhari’s anti-corruption war has lost its legs and Ibori will likely join APC so he isn’t prosecuted further. Today has made me lose hope in this country. I pray God has better plans for us than this.

    • after all these years is that the best? It usually says ‘within the last 5 years’.lol

  • Arabakpura

    If Nigerians venerate this ex-convict, they will have more Nigerians attend U.K. Prisons because it will become a status symbol to be a graduate of the U.K. Prisons! Let’s be careful!

  • Ewens Lawson

    The chairman and chief executive of corruption syndicate in Nigeria is finally back home. There is no cause for alarm since Mr Integrity (Buhari) is on the saddle. I would advice Chief Ibori to be cautious of political gladiators around him.

  • Jacky

    James Ibori is a natural when it comes to criminality; that’s his habitat and it wouldn’t be long before he gets into trouble again. His very good friend, Saraki, will be happy to have him back. But the joy of the supporters of this thief will not be long lasted. By the way, he must have numerous files with the EFCC and Magu could be dusting up those.

    • who is it, Jack? That’s no surprise..lol. Bore? JI? IJ? Who is Saraki? Is that A.K. or the usual a k? alex k?

  • Sam

    Director of DSS welcoming back an ex convict ? Wow !!!

    • which again means nothing.. WOW!!! are we back to 2001 again?

    • James Bond

      I was shocked at what I read. Welcome back to your fatherland. I can’t believe it.

      • CeeCee1818

        He got a hero’s welcome, so what happened to the money from the confiscated properties and the stolen loot?

        • Tunji Olarewaju

          That’s why he was welcomed to his ‘father land ‘ by the DG of the SSS himself to discuss the sharing formula. Welcome to Nigeria

    • Man_Enough

      Daura is a big disgrace to his profession. That the man is still in that position speaks volumes against whoever put him there.

  • who is this one?? lol

  • CeeCee1818

    Next to come back will be Ms Madueke.

    • Du Covenant

      To her fatherland too!..What a messed up country.

      • Arogbo

        So true. It is a messed up country.

  • Du Covenant

    Nigeria is truly a cursed country. How can anyone contemplated suggesting that this thief is welcome to his ‘fatherland’?, what signal is the SSS sending to such elements in our midst?, It is an affront and a disgrace, we are too sympathetic to criminals for whatever reason as a result our development has since been arrested by a few greedy. Ibori could not be arrested by EFCC, he had a group of touts to protect him until he flew into the arms of a more serious system ‘British law enforcement’, he pleaded guilty of stealing as governor and the SSS is welcoming him to his fatherland?. Very interesting indeed!. Is it any wonder why over 54 yrs post independence Nigeria is far worst off than when the British were here?.

    • Sword of Damocles

      Now Nigerians are starting to see “the forest from the trees”. DG Lawal Daura is a, (shall we say) “complex”/duplicitous figure. The primary reason for his placement in that position is to guarantee the viability of current administration. And that was he was doing when he met with the deported thief. 2019 is around the corner and elections cost money. My President showed his hand long time ago. There are UNTOUCHABLE looters in “Hobbesland”, and that is a non-starter with me. Here is the catch 22: because the treacherous ruling elites have bastardized the rule of law to entrench their genetic kleptomania, development/advancement of the Nigerian state is an IMPOSSIBILITY (remember mission impossible?), making it more likely that a leader WITH MY DISPOSITION will emerge at some point. And then, the “fireworks” shall commence in earnest……..

  • thusspokez

    “He met me for a short debriefing session and way forward; also, to welcome him back to his fatherland. We are also meeting soon to discuss issues of interest affecting the nation,” he said.

    Red carpet treatment for an ex-convict and first-class criminal? Nigeria, you disgust me!

    • Pete

      …it is like a dumb and daft like Buhari who despite his not meeting the requirements for contesting an election (Presentation of certificate) was given a ‘red’ carpet reception at the office of the Electoral commission and permitted to contest the 2015 presidential elections. The end result of allowing an academic misfit with little or no education is what every Nigerian regardless of age is suffering today. For the same reason several families have lost their loved ones either from the bullets of trigger happy Soldiers or from the Fulani terrorists or their brother is Islamic terrorism, Boko haram – a people who are never named and never prosecuted. If these don’t disgust you except Ibori’s benign entrance, then one might conclude that the midwife who assisted in your coming wasted her time after all.

      • thusspokez

        If these don’t disgust you except Ibori’s benign entrance, then one might conclude that the midwife who assisted in your coming wasted her time after all.

        Why don’t you piss off fóól. You are so immature. Indeed a lot of you are so mentally undisciplined and therefore incoherent and incapable of focusing on one or few related issues at a time. No wonder, the country is in a big mess.

        What has Buhari and the last election got to do with what people are discussing on this forum? Did you not see the numerous times posters have discuss these other issues on this website?

        So, you want to talk about things at random, what else would you like to add to this discussion? Maybe, how you cheated in your exams or how you were accused of rape, theft, etc?

  • factfinder

    What a fantastically corrupt country. A country where criminals are celebrated. Where official armed rubbers are more VVIPs

  • Drama-King

    Come on people!!!! This guy just served his jail term. He has been punished for his atrocities. Shouldn’t he live a normal life afterwards? Some of us are worse than him. On this platform we have local thieves, rapists, cultists, kidnappers, terrorists and even murderers. I am even sure some ex convicts are here calling for the head of Ibori. Nobody holy pass i beg.

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    How does a people who celebrate state criminals make progress in the midst of unbridled looting of public funds to the detriment of the same celebrants? Nigeria is far away from decency.

    • Whistleblower


      The SSS Director himself
      does not have the modernity he was pretending to, by saying he met
      with James Ibori to welcome “him to his homeland…and be debriefed on the way
      forward”. Even if he intended that hogwash as a cover up for what was actually
      discussed, it is not the duty of SSS to go and welcome a convicted thief of
      Nigeria’s treasury “to his homeland” after serving a jail term and disgracing
      Nigeria overseas. The duty of a state security service is to hold James Ibori
      in jail until the next court date for fleeing justice in Nigeria.

  • Anonymous

    Why was he not arrested? The criminal need to do more time in prison.

  • javscong javscong

    Will someone please tell me that this statement attributed to Mr. Daura who heads Nigeria’s State Security Service, is NOT accurate.An ex-convict, just deported from the U.K. being met by the “supremo” of our intelligence service? How many ex-convicts from the U.K. have been welcome back to their fatherland byMr. Daura or even a middle ranking official of that agency? Well, if what is published is true, there is absolutely no hope for Nigeria in its touted wish to fight corruption. The nation is doomed!!!!

    • Dazmillion

      It was clearly attributed to Mr Daura. The problem is that the village of Daura in Katsina is famous for producing persons with primordial mindset that cannot perform in any official capacity. Another son of Daura is currently holed up in a hospital in London

  • Arogbo

    I’m still waiting for former President Jonathan and Chief Edwin Clarke reaction to the News of James Ibori return back to the country.