Nigeria declares senior Customs officials wanted over importation of rifles

pump action rifles

The Nigeria Customs Service has declared two of its senior officers wanted over the importation of 661 pump-action rifles into the country.

The arms, which were intercepted at the Lagos port, were concealed with steel doors and other merchandise good.

The wanted officers are Abdulahi, I, an assistant superintendent of customs (ASC), with service number 44483 and ACIC Odiba Inah, with service number 133386.

An alert issued on Tuesday evening by the Deputy Comptroller General, Enforcement, Investigation and Inspection, Dan Ugo, requested that the officers should be arrested wherever they are seen and taken to the nearest customs formation.

The Comptroller-General of Customs, Hameed Ali, had on Monday said that the Federal Operations Unit, while on patrol, intercepted a Mark truck with registration number BUG 265 XG conveying a 40ft container with number; PONU/825914/3 along Mile 2 Apapa Road, Lagos.

The comptroller-general said the truck was immediately taken to F.O.U. premises for physical examination and 49 boxes containing 661 pieces of pump action rifles concealed with steel doors were revealed.

Mr. Ali said the rifles were under absolute prohibition, adding that its importation was illegal.

Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Hameed Ali speaking at the interception of the Pump-action rifles

“Such deadly contravention of the law is even more unacceptable considering the fragile security situation in some parts of the country.

“Already three suspects have been arrested in connection with this illegal importation,” NAN quoted the comptroller-general as saying.

The suspects are: Oscan Okafor (an importer), Mahmud Haruna (a clearing agent), and Sadique Mustapha (accompanying the consignment to its destination).

Mr. Ali said initially the consignment was said to have originated from Turkey, adding that there was a mix-up in the document which finally revealed that the consignment originated from China.

He said Customs officers who were involved in the clearance of the containers were in the custody of Comptroller Mahmud Haruna of FOU Zone “A’’.

Mr. Ali said the seizure underscored the determination of the service to enforce all laws relating to importation and exportation of goods into and out the country thereby contributing to the economy, security and well-being of the country.


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  • Mamapikin

    Igbo kwenu!

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Abdullahi is Igbo? Odiba is Igbo also?

      • Mamapikin

        Ndigbo Kwenu.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_


        • haaaaa!

      • Powerlessconscious

        The importer?

        • Smart

          Please let’s forget about tribal sentiment, these people were apprehended, let’s support the security agencies by cheering their efforts, so that our country become secured.

          • Curious

            Dear EDITOR,
            You have reported a suicide bomber detonating her bomb in Bornu…the story has also been hurriedly removed from sight so people don’t see the tragedy of the present times.The following questions are also pertinent.

            1. Has any parent declared his/her girl child missing? If not (As is always the case, aren’t they accomplices?)
            2. What is the state of origin of the suicide bomber?
            3. What is her address?
            4. Who was she last with as a ward?

            Remember that charges have already been bought against the Mosque attacker in a Canadian court. He has been named and his address and all other details made public. Why is Nigeria different? Or do the “suicide” bombers in Nigeria have no names and parents?

            —- If we don’t prosecute Islamist Terrorists who use the weapons and kill people how can we prosecute those who import the weapons?

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            Good questions.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          yes he. is but this report is about the officials of the customs who are complacent in the crime. and they are from where? look Nigerians you all have your crimes you commit and all regions have crimes that are inhumane and eveil the devil would deny making them do such. over 97% of Nigerians are Horrible people simple.

      • amisphy11

        The duo are conspiring with your IPOB members to cause havoc in Nigeria. Mr. Okafor is the real supplier of these arms.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          that is not true. They are criminals and arms business is what they have been doing since. FYI simple logic is this, criminals and cabals have always sponsored people to enter our security agencies. they are termed spies or assets. And i am not with IPOB neither am i with you guys the other failed barbaric backward primitive Nigerian hateful tribes. All sides should please fight abeg and stop mouthing off. Coward tribes. Once you all start your fight i will then have a reason to attack all sides and conquer you all. the UN would back away because i will term it Peace keeping to protect the Nigerian women and Children. I will also destroy many of the men mostly your traditional and religious rulers. later we shall remove traditional rulers from the constitution. Bye bye Caliphate rulers, bye bye emir of kano, bye bye sultan, Bye bye Saudi Influence, Bye bye Chiefs and Kings, bye bye pastors and imams etc. Nigeria can then become a peaceful and successful country

      • Julius

        You know yall use other people’s name to commit fraud/crime.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          Like your fake name here too? fake names so you guys can insult people with the notion of “He doesnt know my real name or my residential address”. Laughable. Ever heard of digital footprints? its swarm intelligence, like ants leaving pheromones for other ants. a web of connections. You and i are connected because our devices have shared data so finding you isnt hard one single bit. so You see your claims above is general to all Nigerians and black people.

          • Julius

            Nope, my name is not a fake name nut, this is not about me. Is it ? Its a fact that your criminal minded people do use other people’s name to commit fraud/crime all over the world, talk less Nigeria. Abi na lie ? Ibo boi got caught in china with a Yoruba name passport , an Ibo drug mule was caught at the MM with a passport with a Yoruba name and when exposed claimed somebody gave it to him in Onitsha. Even your women are into it. Should I go on ?

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            well all the Nigerians who were arrested in the UK for credit card and bank scams between 1996 to 2007 were mostly yoruba boys and a lot of them went to OSU ago iwoye, with my sister. We all lived at canada waters, I had a good innovation hub work at vauxhal and chiswick and had a good lavish salary. In our high rise water-front apartments we had Canary Wharf workers, Stock brokers and tech entrepreneurs and then these Yoruba boys. These boys dont go anywhere but will go out at about 2pm and come home with goodies and brand new car almost everyday. they usually sold the cars. parties every weekend with girls and guys. we the professionals wondered if they were Black Musicians until the day Met police came for them. one was caught sleeping drunk in his porsche outside a club, a search of his car revealed over 15 international passports, Then we knew they did scames in death cert and insurance, credit cards, passports, bank transfers. sharp tech people are always thinking nah. so, studying their case, evidence and crime procedures Helped me and the guys consult on chip and pin for cards. made a cool cash from that gig 😉 So Everywhere in the world all Nigerian tribes are involved in all manner of crimes. except terrorism which is strictly the gig of Nigerian Muslims, Mostly of Northern Origin.

          • Julius

            I bet you those other people be it Yoruba or Hausa did not use Ibo names in committing those crimes.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            dude are you hearing me? one had over 15 passports with his face which means? 15 different names!!! clap for yourself. Case closed.

          • Julius

            15 different Ibo names ?

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            trouble maaaker. it was British male names.

          • Julius

            lmaooooo, u dey craze.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            i know. if you meet me you go laugh and adore me at the same time. No forget say steve jobs sofu kpe awon mad scientist bu nde ara

          • Julius

            Laugh, have fun, beer drinking contest .. yes, adore you, nah ! lolz Yes oo, true talk jare.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            Ha beer drinking contest? Nigerians are the world champion on boozing. i no fit try you oh. I will take a cue from the French in world war 2 and go “I surrender oh”

          • Julius

            Hahahahahaha, why u think say we no get sense ? . The whole damn country is alcoholic, we drink at breakfast, lunch and dinner !. lolz we good bro. God bless !

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            lmfao lwkmd lol i no fit stop laughing. No problem we go celebrate soon. i dey live for Abuja.

          • Julius

            Cool. I’ll keep that in mind. Man must laugh jare.

    • Tunji Olarewaju


    • still trying mr ff?

    • Julius

      Nyinba nyu !!!,Lmaooooooooo

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    They should be handed over to the customs? what kind of country is this? they should be handed over to the police because the police are those tasked with such prosecutions. And it was outside the ports so this makes it a police jurisdiction. Nigeria i salute thee fuckups

    • blackdove

      Police cannot be trusted. They are 500 times worse than customs

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        i totally disagree. There are Nigerians in all the forces. because the customs jurisdiction is at the ports and i doubt you are an importer because if you were you would be insulting the customs more than the police. Experience = judgement. we experience our Nigerian in The NPF daily because they are civil law enforcement agency.

    • Abdulkadir

      My friend the first place to take them to is the NCS. The Nigerian Customs Service is created by an act of parliament, hence can discipline its officers.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        But what they committed was a crime and not indiscipline. and usually once outta their jurisdiction they have no prosecuting powers. Lets not forget the items were found outside the ports on the streets of Nigeria and that is the jurisdiction of the police.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        But we know this one has gone beyond disciplinary action. This is treason and compromise to national security. 660+ guns isnt a small number. That is treason and such weapons in circulation would take the lives of so many Nigerians. 660+ guns = 1 gun/10 people killing probability X 660+ = total rise in mortuary and coffin cost and sales. The SSS are supposed to prosecute here but where are they?

    • Julius

      lolz, you wan make the police chop ?. You know that will be the end of it. C’on , na Naija we dey oo

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        The police have convicted many criminals havent they? the facts is these organizations are still managed by Human Nigerians and all their flaws. But in the end we all need to support what is right. If the customs prosecute they can cover up other things or people involved. The items were found outside the port premises which makes it the jurisdiction of the Police, EFCC and the DSS only. Customs are meant to only and i repeat only supply documented evidence. If it was found in the port premises then the customs own the prosecution jurisdiction

        • Julius

          I would hope the police has jurisdiction anywhere a crime is committed . Their job is to investigate and submit their findings to the prosecutor and testify if need and in most cases they will testify.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            do we have that UK CPS system here? i doubt. the police here have lawyers. I have met many CP legals and the are in court prosecuting, and there is a mock court room in the FHQ abuja in the legal department. so i believe they are the ones to prosecute then customs use their findings from the prosecution to discipline them.

          • Julius

            Then the power to prosecute should be taken away from the police . You shouldn’t be allowed to be the arresting officer, investigator, prosecutor , jury and the judge. Hope you do agree.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            i have always supported that the prosecution power be removed from the police. They cant handle that against civilian lawyers. But unfortunately it hasnt happened yet, so till then we must insist things are done right in the manner the constitutions establishing these forces and the law courts.

          • Julius

            I’m with you on this.

  • Otile

    Religious hatred is deadly. Why can’t these people allow Igbo to go their way? Whenever Northerners or yorubas commit crimes they dishonesty blame Igbo. Since yesterday @aboki, haba Mallam, amazing2010, and a great number of yoruba Muslim touts have been abusing Igbo people falsely accusing them of this arms importation. Separation is the answer.

    • Open you eyes and close your mouth the truth will surface, the igbo-biafra used forged passport passing themselves out as other.

      Who sold you the fake phone card = igbo-biafra
      Who sold you the fake medication = igbo-biafra
      Who sold you the fake … on the bridge = igbo-biafra

      Who smuggled in guns for the seek of imaginary i would never move home dream, igbo-biafra they imported this guns.

      • Julius

        Don’t waste your time on that faggot. He speaks thru his nasty, hideous anus !. He is a cursed individual. A pervert,fake and a fraud. Everything to his wasted, irrelevant life is all about the Yorubas and religion. The topic could be about the raining season, he will blame the Yorubas and throw in religion and if you dare disagree with him, he will tell you he is ‘educated’ and call you an illiterate. He has no life outside the internet, the only avenue for him to feel important and relevant. The fag need help.

        • Otile

          I did not say that omo tout Quest is illiterate. You are the uneducated one. You are the inarticulate dummy who’s bereft of sound logic. You drag in unrelated issues, generalizations, and senseless phrases all in desperate attempt to express yourself. Give up and start listening to educated people. E gbo mi Nkomo?

    • Haba mallam

      Baboon from the creek has spoken. This coward has no shame.

    • NigerDelta.

      Abeg, no mind those barbaric islamic foolani beheaders and their ”yoruba muslim touts”. We will HAMMER sense of disintegration into their islamic slave skulls.

    • Aminu Mahmoud

      I thank GOD for exposing the container ferrying 661 guns to a destination unknown to security outfits as at now.However,my earnest prayer to the Management of Premium Times is to follow this case to end so that Nigerians will know who are the owners of these arms.There should be no mercy as to the fate of all those involved no matter how high placed they might be.Only God knows how many containers with arms found their destination through this kind of reckless and unpatriotic ways of doing things.My second prayer is for OTILE to concur with me on the need for those that would be found guilty of importing prohibited arms, funders of importing the arms,clearing agents, corrupt custom officials that cleared the container should be brought to justice.

    • Julius

      You are a fake, a fraud ! Everything to you land on the religion door steps. You are not a religious man at all. Your whole life is a fraud. Period. I’m glad other people are seeing that daily.

  • abodes_124

    Bribery and corruption? That is impossible under GMB. This arms importation and all the arrangements were made under GEJ. All those involved are PDP members.

    • nice try.

    • ha ha ha!

    • Julius

      Seriously, there were cases like this under JOnathan that were never prosecuted. I remember a case of a small “war ship”…wetin happened..Nuffin .

      • abodes_124

        don’t know about ‘there were’ . This IS a Jonathan case

  • Jide

    Better. Custom guys allow the container to clear. Few guys who are not settle quickly inform their mate to waylay the truck on the road. Where is custom job ? point of entry. Custom is culprit of the whole issue, they are not hero but junk.

    • Abdulkadir

      Always negative!

      • yinkuze

        Why not catch them at point of entry? That’s a big question.

      • Omoba1

        No he is not. He said the truth. How come the container left the wharf and was stopped in Mile 2. Somebody tipped the patrolling officers or informed the nearest patrolling officers. The container was never supposed to leave wharf. Only God knows how many gun filled containers have left wharf and are in the possession of people.

        • Abdulkadir

          You are following his reasoning with negativity. Customs officers do some inland service, so there might not be any tip off. Indeed what happened indicated that thorough check was not carried out at the wharf, and for the first time in a long while, negligent officers are called to account for their misdeeds. That deserves commendation and not condemnation.

    • Julius

      True and anybody that has had dealings with these thieves/criminals know exactly what you are talking about. I’ve dealt with them and I can tell you some oga knew what was coming and got paid. The lower level guys didn’t , so dem don vex so they snitched. Good God !

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Those custom and exercise, top officials declared wanted for importing large consignment of packed riffles which were detected by Nigeria Custom & Exercise department,It sounds very strange when those riffles-consignment were discovered because, no one nor matter how powerful could import such huge numbers of riffles without an inner conspirators within the Custom & Exercise department top officials.Those declared wanted must be fished out to face the law.

    • Osakue

      These customs officials are only been used as fronts. Well it is good they are caught so they can reveal the people that sent them.

    • burning spear

      u are a disgrace=======================let the customs———————————

    • Julius

      I agree but, stay tuned !

  • westman

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    It is amazing how Premium Times and even ALL commentators so far have refused to speak about the DESTINATION of the rifles…and this is the kernel of the matter. It underscores the degree of pervasiveness of wilful stuupidity and self deceit in Nigeria. Why should the destination be a secret? Why is this very vital, in fact, most vital information be withheld?

    — Which state was the consignment destined?
    — Which group/company/individual was waiting to receive the guns?
    — Who was ultimately going to be the one to use the items?
    — Who PAID(Financed) for the guns?

    The above are the real questions…and not who imported or cleared the items. Declaring 2 customs officers wanted is just a smokescreen and just as this story is sliding away from the website of Premium Times so it will slide away from memory and consciousness of journalists and Nigerians…and by Monday next week there will be maybe a double suicide bombing in Borno and attention will shift.

    Tell us, what is the DESTINATION of the items?

    • Tunsj

      I can guarantee you that Premium Times is still doing their own investigation.

  • emmanuel

    I have been laughing since yesterday when I started seeing comments from Nigerians. Honestly Nigerians are comedians. Declaring the officials wanted is actually part of the scam. They will never be prosecuted. I can assure you that by next week they will tell you that some faceless foreigners maybe Lebanese or Iranians are the ones who imported the items. And the story will end right there, just as the case of the Arms bunkers found in several locations in Kano. Not a single person has been prosecuted or jailed for the Arms bunkers in Kano.

    • NazirJos

      I don’t think “OSCAN OKAFOR” could be from Kano, Lebanon or Iran. And besides, the real culprit is the importer. The clearing officers and consignee could simply be accessories.

    • emmanuel

      please differentiate your emmanuel

    • Ezeaguba Benedict

      Emma, my brother, na true you talk. How can the head of a FORCE request the general public to arrest his officers when he knows where they are. Those deadly weapons will eventually get to Kono, Onitsha, and other markets. We are in serious trouble.

  • Gary

    Oga Customs, how about giving us a comprehensive report on this issue, like the importer/s of the arms, the destination or end users? That will help shed light light on the matter instead of grandstanding with declaring some of your officers as wanted. Who owns the arms? We want to know.

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun

    Greedy , shameless civil servants in uniform. They can run but can’t have a better place to hide, the law will surely get them idiots. NAIJA NA WA OOOO.