SSS says man accused of laundering billions for Alison-Madueke working for Buhari govt

Diezani Allison-Madueke
Former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke

A man the State Security Service said was working for the interest of the Nigerian government was actually a money laundering suspect named in the mismanagement of about $118 million public funds, an investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has shown.

In its controversial report to the Senate last year, the SSS said Stanley Lawson, a former Group Executive Director at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and an ally of ex-petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, was, “in actual fact, working in the interest of the Federal Government.”

The report was signed by Folashade Bello on behalf of the Director-General of the SSS, Lawal Daura, and addressed to Senate President Bukola Saraki on October 3, 2016.

Its details became public after senators said they relied on it to reject Ibrahim Magu as chairman of the anti-graft EFCC.

Mr. Daura said his investigation revealed that Mr. Lawson was “falsely accused by Mr. Magu” for “personal reasons.”

The claim was amongst several findings the SSS said it uncovered while investigating Mr. Magu’s activities.

But contrary to the claim by the SSS, not only was Mr. Lawson involved in the controversial deal, he also returned his share of the loot to the EFCC, PREMIUM TIMES learnt.

EFCC Operatives
EFCC Operatives

A highly placed source at the EFCC told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr. Lawson’s name popped up when the EFCC in 2015 commenced the investigation of the alleged $118 million public funds Mrs. Alison-Madueke was accused of looting for electioneering purpose.

Anti-corruption officials said Mr. Lawson made a payment of $25 million (N7.7 billion) into Fidelity Bank and also facilitated the purchase of Le Méridien Ogeyi Place in Port Harcourt for Mrs. Alison-Madueke, who is currently under EFCC investigation for alleged involvement in large-scale corruption while in office.

When operatives traced the funds to him, he was arrested and subsequently made to refund N94.5 million he received as commission for his role in the purchase of the luxurious Port Harcourt hotel.

It is not clear if Mr. Lawson knew the funds were looted when he agreed to the deal, but EFCC investigators found he received exactly N94,516,000 from Mrs. Alison-Madueke as service charge for facilitating the deal that led to the takeover of the sprawling hotel.

PREMIUM TIMES also found that Mr. Lawson was never placed on any watch list by the EFCC after returning the N94.5 million.

This contradicts the claim by the SSS that Mr. Magu placed him on security watch list “in a bid to settle some personal scores.”

EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu
EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

It remains unclear how the SSS arrived at the conclusion that Mr. Lawson was working for the Nigerian government in the controversial deal.

The secret police did not explain what tasks the former NNPC handled for the Buhari government in that transaction and why it became necessary to shield him from investigation and even clear him of any wrongdoing.

The SSS does not have a media contact who could have been asked to comment for this story and provide clarifications. sss_agents2

Mr. Lawson, who now serves as the managing partner at Financial Advisory and Investment Consultants Limited in Abuja, could not be reached for comments between Monday and Tuesday.

His office assistant told PREMIUM TIMES he was not available and provided the email contact of his associate, Don Lawson, for further contacts.

An email sent to Don Lawson with specific details about our enquiries was not returned more than a day after.

Wilson Uwujaren, the EFCC spokesperson, did not also respond to calls and sms seeking the agency’s official position on Mr. Lawson.


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  • musa aliyu

    Sahara Reporters talkam since the last six months that the cabal don’t want magu nominated because one of them collected sums of money from one close to diezieni, and they are forcing magu to release one of the culprits on bail. Wonders shall never end in naija!

    • On3Lov3

      …and now we are seeing the handwriting

  • Osakue

    Go out into the field and find this man live and ask him questions on camera take the risk that’s is true journalism and stop all these text and phone messages

    • you;ve tried that already, many times.

  • Gbola

    Why dont DSS leave this case for the court to decide.
    They claim Magu FALSELY ACCUSED Mr Lawson. And that Mr Lawson is actually working for the government.

    Since when did the DSS become a court as to judge a case Magu is handling ??

    If it is true that this suspect returned 94 million Naija, how can DSS now turn around to pronounce this suspect as being innocent.

    In fact,
    Why does it seem as if the DSS is trying to free this suspect of ANY charge by Magu.

    DSS should know where their jurisdiction enda.
    And they should leave Magu and the EFCC to do their Job.
    DSS is free to serve as a witness on behalf of the suspect and testify AGAINST EFCC if they’re so desperate to free him.
    But they should stop interfering in a case handled by EFCC (Magu).

    It is very worrisome that the DSS can be against the ERIC and be siding with a suspect.
    Very Worrisome !!

    • Babso

      Yes, you are right. Daura is one among the cabal Aisha spoke about last year. He may end up been PMB nemesis and time to act on him is now.

    • On3Lov3

      it is getting clearer that there is an enemy in the house. All is to rubbish the corruption campaign.

  • westman

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  • Sir Demo

    By this letter Daura has jeopardized the operation if any. Is the man an agent?

    • Gbola

      Baba Demo,

      Can you believe this ??

  • Dazmillion

    It seems Duara as a village in Katsina is producing a lot of persons that cannot function in office due to low IQ and primordial mindset

  • Gbola



    Buhari has lost this war.
    And it’s a damn Shane.
    I remember both of us fighting for him to win on the media-forums.

    It’s just sad to see him degerate into a pulp.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Lol, Gbola, I won’t say he’s lost the war, just yet.

      However, he has lost too many battles in the war against corruption and his lieutenants are not battle hardened for the war and are more like saboteurs in his war.

      Buhari has made too many compromises for the sake of not being seen as a dictator. Again, a big mistake.

      Many of us who supported him were not looking for a deal maker, but an uncompromising fighter against corruption. Hopefully, Buhari will wake up before it’s too late and realise that corruption may kill his political personae before it kills Nigeria.

      • Gbola

        I doubt if he would ever wake up omo-iya.

        He’s not even sleeping.
        It would have been good if he was sleeping.
        Buhari is in a Coma.

        He’s Done !!

        He doesn’t have what it would take to resurrect.

        For him to resurrect, he would have to sacrifice his aides (especially Daura).
        And so far, he’s bent on shielding them.

        By this single act alone, he’s given fire-power and validation to the erats and opposition alleging him to be witch-hunting.

        And that’s where he lost the battle.

        You can’t claim to be fighting corruption BUT be shielding the corrupt.
        That’s a no-no.

        • Guest

          eh ya!
          Next time study the candidate and his antecedents very well before you cast your vote for a fake messiah, whose preoccupation is religious bigotry and nepotism ( reasons for his appointing and protecting grossly incompetent and corrupt persons into his govt) covered with a thin veneer of ‘anti-corruption’ to lure in unsuspecting voters to vote him in in order to execute his real agenda (Ethno-religious hegemony)
          Ever wondered why he just does’nt give a damn and presses on regardless?? Wait till he comes back next week and see more of his worse sides!

          • Champ

            Proff… take am easy

          • Intrepid

            Absolutely on point. He never came to lead,but to hang on to the center, to promote fulani and Islamic supremacy. Nigeria is sliding back to the nineteenth century, bereft of ideas.

        • Babso

          I tend to agree with Kay that PMB still has ample time to do the right thing and hopefully, very big change is expected on his return from vacation. I am giving him some benefit of doubt.

        • Opekete

          Members of his household are his enemies. That was why they are looking for ways to do away with Aisha. She has become a torn in their corruption ridden flesh.

        • Netanyahu

          This must be a different gbola. Some impersonation here?

      • David Adeniran

        My brother sometimes these days I wonder whether Buhari knows what he is doing again?

        • Powerlessconscious

          If he act as a dictator, he will be accused. Have you not seen how our judiciary are using laws content to twist cases against the wish of the president. In this era of DEMONSTRATION OF CRAZINESS called democracy, what do you expect the president to do? Let Nigeria turn to military ruling and you will see action.

  • Peter_Edo

    gbam… (sad gbam)

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  • Höly Wähala

    …and don’t forget, so mnay of his Ministers. Buhari is a fraud, his niece was illegally hired by the CBN and he did nothing about that, and the scandal of hirings at the NPA… Buhari is a dud cheque indeed. Lol!

  • Aminu Baba

    What of the facilitation of mobile Kero scam by Capital Oil and Diezeni where billions of Naira were stolen in the name of subsidy for Kero under the nose of PPRRA headed by Stanley Lawson? Was he also working in the interest of the Nigerian government?

  • chinedu

    Nigerians should watch out for the close relationship between the attorney general and the DSS. The present impunity being exhibited by this department has its source as the office of the A.G. Unfortunately both offices seem to be under very incompetent hands. This is responsible for the results from these bodies presently. We are still watching.

  • NAME of Suicide Bombers please

    Dear EDITOR,

    You have reported a suicide bomber detonating her bomb in Bornu…the story has also been hurriedly removed from sight so people don’t see the tragedy of the present times. BUT as usual you have not told us the name of the so-called 10 yr old girl (Suicide bomber). The following questions are also pertinent.

    1. Has any parent declared his/her girl child missing? If not (As is always the case, aren’t they accomplices?)
    2. What is the state of origin of the suicide bomber?
    3. What is her address?
    4. Who was she last with as a ward?

    Remember that charges have already been bought against the Mosque attacker in a Canadian court. He has been named and his address and all other details made public. Why is Nigeria different? Or do the “suicide” bombers in Nigeria have no names and parents?

    Why do good people die and the evil live? Most

  • AbdulHamid Adiamoh

    In 2015, Nigerians invested in a certain type of MMM called Sai Buhari. We Provided Help in hope to Get Help, but the investment has turned sour. Apparently, Buhari is a Fonzi scheme.

    • ayoka ade

      2019 is almost here, can Nigerians learn anything from that wilful error of judgment, what is the guarantee that Nigerians should not vote again based on hate,ethnic, clannish, religious, jealousy and envy bigotry as was done in 2015 that brought buhari to presidency.

      • AbdulHamid Adiamoh

        I agree that Buhari isn’t getting things right, but I disagree that he was voted into power riding on the tide of hate and bigotry. No, Buhari became president because of Jonathan’s egregious betrayal of Nigeria. Corruption was so bad under Jonathan, Nigerians would have voted for any donkey to get rid of him. It’s necessary to point this out.
        And let me make it clear that while I believe Buhari is failing, I don’t think it’s beyond redemption, I think he still has a fair chance to get things right. What I don’t know is if he cares.

        • ayoka ade

          Please can you specifically tell me and Nigerians the exact examples of that very bad corruption that would have made Nigerians to vote a donkey instead of Jonathan? Please be unambiguous in your reply.
          Again can you please show in plain ways those areas of government where buhari have stopped that perversive corruption under Jonathan in his own government and the savings that accrued to Nigeria from such stoppage.
          Again are you aware that in 2015 presidential polls ,there were more than 10 candidates apart from buhari and Jonathan, if your claims are truth and factual, can you tell Nigerians your reasons for gluing your mind only on buhari not minding his age,health and education even when there were better alternatives.
          Finally, can you show by sincere illustrations how buhari presidency have fared better than Jonathan in any sector.
          Please be clear,no abuse,no ambiguity ,so we can have a healthy debate to educate our brethren on this forum.

          • Nkem

            Jonathan was terribly corrupt apart from being unpardonably irresponsible. Under his nose $20 billion disappeared from NNPC and when he was asked, he said “America will know”. Under his nose Stella Oduah stole billions and used some of it to buy exotic cars for traditional rulers. Under his nose Abba Moro scammed poor job seekers to the tune of 600 million and Jonathan simply looked the other way. Right inside Aso Rock, they concocted a brazen and unprecedented scheme to loot $1.1 billion through Dan Etete Malabu which they later shared among themselves. As far back as 2014 some of us already heard that Dasuki was the father Christmas of Abuja, but we didn’t even imagine the scale of the loot until they were voted out of office. Do you now realise why we could have replaced Jonathan with anything working on two legs?

          • ayoka ade

            Nkem now ,I like you for your boldness to put your self forward to defend this repeated lies which was used to scam guilible Nigerians into allowing jega the free space to shortchange Nigeria with APC presidency.
            First your $20b dollars fantacy was a scam in the similitude of dasukigate of $2.1b fraud,
            Let me inform you that it is not possible for nnpc to warehouse that colossal sum for it to be stolen by any body,the total monthly sale of crude is below $4b ,now ask yourself if you can remember any month of between 2010 may to 2015 may when FAAC did not distribute or share monthly faac allocation to states in Nigeria. Again which bank in Nigeria can warehouse $20b for it to be stolen,was stolen and kept where,was stolen in hard cash,cheque or what.
            OK supposing that it was true,buhari has been here for almost 2years now, how many people have he arrested for stealing such a horrendous amount and how much of it have he retrieved and in which account is the proceed kept.
            Bros that information was a big part of highly crafted fraud and conspiracy on which bases buhari was used to scam Nigeria.
            Stella odua have no immunity as we speak,she is a senator of the republic, if she stole what you accused her of,why is she still walking about free and not prosecuted by any body.
            The much maliciously trumpeted bullet proof BMW cars was bought by the NCAA for the use of the ministry but the enemies of Jonathan used it to truncate the awesome transformation work that Odua was marshalling in the airports of Nigeria.
            The Dan etete malabu incident happened under yaradua and yet to confirm the lies ,you presented as though it was under Jonathan just to smear his image.
            The dasuki matter was an over exaggerated conspiracy against PDP and Jonathan to tarnish their good works and belittle their efforts in the fight against boko on which wings and conspiracy APC won the 2015 polls.
            To prove my points, buhari after 2years of falsehood peddling of 2.1 b dollars dasukigate is charging dasuki for only less than 40 billion naira fraud.
            Ask yourself the percentage of 40billion to more than 1 trillion naira.
            Abba Moro case was a good intention wrongly managed. The ministry of interior intended to do a free and fair open recruitment of immigration officers devoid of the type of secret fraud of recruitment of workers under buhari where only sons and daughters of buhars,relations,children, friends ,wives and concubines are secretly employed by agencies of government. But their intention was not properly managed given opportunities to enemies of government to induce stampede that killed Nigerians.
            Friend Jonathan by all means was not perfect, there were many areas that he would have improved if allowed to finish his good works ,but what we have today is completely worst than Jonathan in every ramifications. Nigeria and Nigerians are far worst today than during Jonathan. Only a born liar and a hypocrite shall argue this truth.

          • yes he is.

          • Dgreatest

            Summary, Jonathan failed and Buhari is failing

            Buhari and the other thieves u are defending are all the same, drinking from the same cup of corruption that’s why they won’t be arrested cos his fight against corruption is a sham if not Jona and Patience , and other APC and PDP thieves should be in jail by now

          • omoregie osawe

            I like your analysis and logic. Unfortunately only few in this space can evaluate your comment and make objective critique of it. Have a great day

          • Sanssouci

            If Jonathan is guilty of allowing Stella Oduah steal billions under his nose, what does it make Buhari under whose nose Stella is thriving unperturbed as a senator of FRN despite not having any immunity? If despite all the allegations she’s still free as a bird then it means either the allegations are false or at least grossly exaggerated, or the “anti-corruption” agencies are equally fraudulent. Ayoka Ade has advanced some very pertinent points, I’m not a Jonathanian neither am I a Buharist but truth be told the corruption and inefficiency under GEJ has been extremely sexed up by the same propaganda and PR machine that sold us a Buhari in Isi Agu and tuxedo. I will leave you with food for thought, if the corruption under GEJ was so devastating how come the customs service under him still outperformed (by far) The current “new and improved, zero tolerance for corruption” Customs?

          • chris

            Buhari remains the best thing that have ever happen to this country you may not want him now because there is no more free meal but sooner or later you will attest to the fact that Nigeria does not have any problem other than corruption. Corruption is fighting back in every way but Nigeria will overcome. Because of Corruption Nigeria for over years of thieves in Government we cannot boast of meaningful megawatts of electricity, Because of corruption all industry are killed, because of corruption we cannot refined the crude oil that we have, Because of corruption our public school are in comatose. All over the world except Nigeria that politicians are the richest in cash and wealth everybody who had the privilege to serve in the previous administration had one mandate “siphon the treasury”. You might not agree with me because you may be hungry now but thats the truth. Buhari is building Nigeria of tomorrow

          • I don’t know who Buhari is but all of your problems could have been solved years ago, you chose the wrong path. Don’t blame others.

          • ayoka ade

            I agree with you that corruption ,tribalism and ethnic bigotry is the major problem of Nigeria, but the irrefutable truth is that buhari is supervising the worst corruption ladened government ever in the history of Nigeria nation.
            There is no sector of Nigeria where buhari is sincerely fighting corruption, all that we have is buhari replacing petti thieves from one end of Nigeria with highly crafted and sophisticated robbers from another end.
            If buhari become sincere and truthful in fighting corruption, Nigeria would have been seeing light at the end of the tunnel by now instead of all this propaganda and media posturing.
            If for example buhari have been fighting corruption in the oil industry ,why are Nigerians buying kerosene at 400, now from 50 naira when there was no fight against corruption, why is round tripping of dollars making naira to be at 500 to a dollar from 220 to a dollar when there was no fight against corruption.
            My brother look well this buhari war against corruption is a big fraud against Nigeria. There is no truth and sincerity in it.that’s my opinion.

          • Dgreatest

            Jonathan failed and Buhari is failing. Simple

        • paul irumundomon

          He is just not smart. We all judged him, based on the job done by Idiagbon, may his soul be blessed. No one NigeriN, knew who buhari was, even and including his wife. It was a wrong choice. We have the donkey now, where do we go from here. When you cut your nose, you spite your face, this time, is the future of nigeria that is at stake.
          I call the vote bad-belle, must buhari rule nigeria for a second time, is he the only one with that righr, we all have see what bad-belle can produce. Two more years of this mess, you will be seeing workers begging on the streets, I imagine what the unemployed would do.

        • Do not insult Jonathan if he’s Wahala! If he’s not Wahala then you need to vote Wahala for pres!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Wrong score, Ayoka.

        As bad as things are turning out with Buhari, Jonathan was never going to be a viable alternative. He was a mistake we corrected in 2015.

        Whilst Buhari has not proven stellar in the fight against corruption – which was my main reason for supporting him – I cannot, at this stage, say I would be voting against him unless there is indeed a credible alternative.

        It is my opinion that his government is presently not even shadow-boxing corruption anymore, but is slowly rebuilding our infrastructural foundations.

        Either way, let’s get to 2019 first, God willing.

        • ayoka ade

          My friend I never expected anything different from what you have written in condemnation of Jonathan and in your defense of buhari.
          Kay soyemi ,if you will be truthful and sincere to your conscience which only you and God sees,you must be very certain that the only reason why you voted for buhari against Jonathan was for Yoruba to regain the position which they lost to the ibos in Jonathan government. Let this truth be said without fear or favor.
          The mistake you alluded to Jonathan was the mistake that Yoruba betrayed buhari who gave tunde bakare VP and voted a Jonathan whom Yoruba said that he placed them at no 30 in political position.
          I am yet to see that mistake you are talking about that warranted the backward movement and the error of judgment that brought in buhari to destroy our nation.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Normally, I’d ignore this, but anyone who has been conversant with my comments on this fora would never have tagged me clannish, no matter how subtly done.

            Your religion, name, tribe or colour is of no more significance than the colour of your eyes to me.

            Just so that we are indubitably clear about this, OBJ being President did not add a single peanut to my garri, neither does the fact that Buhari’s VP is a Yoruba.

            If tribal nomenclatures rock your boat, let it float on by all means, but it does nothing for me.

          • ayoka ade

            My friend why I have become a torn on the flesh of some on this platforms had been because of their open hypocrisy and desire to cover the face of Nigerians with cunning crafty lies.
            I challenge you Kay soyemi to show in a clear and unambiguous manner,to prove without any reasonable doubt ,those areas where there were massive corruption during Jonathan and now under buhari the corruption have stopped.
            Show me ministry, parastatal ,or organ of government were buhari have tamed corruption and Nigeria is now reaping the fruit of buharis labour.
            Let’s stop pretending, buhari is only governing Nigeria with high level propaganda, lies and falsehoods.
            Nigeria is worst off today than between 2010 to 2015 in every material index.
            Let’s stop pretending and say the truth .

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            I believe you and another member of this forum already went down this route.

            I read both yours and his response. Do you not get tired of repetitive games?

            It is said by our elders that two people in a conversation are never taken in by the same lie i.e. if the listener doesn’t know he or she is being told a lie, the teller surely knows it.

            I leave you to your opinion of Buhari’s government whilst I hold onto mine. Fair?

          • Powerlessconscious

            Danzuki gate, immigration job (#1000 application form from nigetians). Otedola case, police pension scam, fayose gate, alamesiga, inec bribing, south Africa money laudring, Alex badeh case (dollars in soak away), enriching criminal gangs of Alhaji Asari Dokunbo and Tompolo and others, fake bokoharam intervention etc CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION: Where is all the dollars made from high oil price of over $100usd per barrel?
            As for feeling the good effect of Nigeria government, you will need to be patient as the PDP mess is not what can be cleaned with magic withing short time. Buhari has a mandatecof 4years and not 18months. God bless baba.

  • AbdulHamid Adiamoh

    In retrospect, I’d say Buhari 2015 was a variant of MMM into which we invested. Apparently, Buhari 2015 was a ponzi scheme. Little regrets however, while Buhari isn’t the leader we expected, he’s still better than Jonathan, who by now would have sold Nigeria and shared the proceeds with his thieving lieutenants.

  • ayoka ade

    For many years to come nigeria shall regret buhari presidency.
    I as a patriotic citizen of this great country, am really suffering great pains thinking about my beautiful country and the fate that have befallen her since independence , as far as leadership is concerned. this country is a great nation in every material index, our problems is not natural but human made problems.
    I want Co compatriots whose minds are free to join me in ruminations about the future of my nation, if we continue threading this self destructive paths, what hope do we have as a nation.
    how many Nigerians are sincerely happy watching the unfolding unfortunate drama playing out in our nation.
    fellow citizens, are we cursed as a people or are we the cause of our predicaments, is there any citizen satisfied with the pace, growth and development of Nigerian nation today, considering the great resources in both human and material ,that Providence have graciously afforded us.
    why is it that out of over 100 million adults, out of more than 20 million well educated, well informed, well resourced citizens of vibrant and energy dripping age, only a man like buhari, an 80 years old sick, weak, tried, retired, sleep walking, frail, uninformed, less educated, clannish, reclusive, demented, near deaf old man, that is qualified to lead Nigeria at this point in time.
    I am sore sorrowful and very sorry for my nation.
    if we insist on traveling on this path of self destruction, because of hate, tribal,ethnic,religious bigotry, who then can save our nation.
    how could a nation blessed with most competent, resourceful, well informed, properly educated, well exposed, well experienced, modern trend compliant, energetic, broad-based, liberal young people, like Peter obi, oby ezekwesili, Charles soludo, magnus Kpakpol, shehu Umar, atiku abubakar, okonjo iweala, ADB Adeshina, Pat utomi, emir Sanusi, nuhu ribadu, dangote, elumelu, Jim ovia, even Tinubu, Fayemi, Amaechi, oshiomole, Coscharis, Godswill Akpabio, Donald Duke etc etc etc, found our selves in a situation where a clueless failure like buhari is our president.
    why must this nation continue with a very sick, dying and near the grave president, when there are better better alternatives.
    any wonder that Nigeria nation is today very sick, weak, tired ,terribly down and is only surviving via the life support of highly crafted and sponsored lies, propaganda, brainwashing, coercion, intimidation and blackmail.
    let’s stand now and say never again will Nigeria allow recycling of dead woods ,tired, demented, blind old dwarfs as our leaders.
    2019 is here with us, may God deliver our nation through sincere efforts of Nigerians.
    if buhari is no longer capable of sleepwalking around, he should better resign and allow Nigeria to recover from the deep pit where his myopia, incompetence, vindictiveness, hate, tribal ,clannish and ethnic bigotry have cast our nation.
    enough of ruling Nigeria from the stretcher and grave yards.
    Nigerians must decide to give power to young, energetic, properly educated, intelligent ,vision ,dream turbocharged and liberal citizens ,who shall see and take all parts of nigerian nation as his constituency without regarding some as 5%and others 97%, to lead our nation out of this deep pit where buharis incompetence have dumped our nation.

    • On3Lov3

      corruption is what is killing Nigeria, Buhari is trying to kill corruption, many Nigerians who directly or indirectly benefited from corruption from whose leakage of Naira doesn’t come again decided to fight in support of corruption.
      Let the truth be told, Buhari as a man is fighting it but many are fighting Buhari instead of corruption. Many betrayers, many saboteurs.

      • ayoka ade

        Buhari in my opinion is not sincere in his so called fight against corruption. If buhari is fighting corruption and the likes of tinubu,fashola,obj,atiku,amaechi,ngige,fayemi,segun oni,saraki,kwankwaso,tambuwal,etc etc are still walking about free ,it means that buhari is only scamming Nigerians with the fake war against corruption.
        Please tell me any area of Nigeria where buharis fight against corruption is yielding positive results.
        Is it in oil industry where robbers have replaced thieves,CBN where we have created the abacha type of forex scam of dual exchange rates,in ministries where budget padding have replaced over invoicing, the police who are now giving motorists change of bribe on high ways.
        Please let’s be sincere to call a spade a spade.

        • it’s no different then your entire gang of thieves and terrorists going after one person, it can go both ways…hypocrite.

        • Powerlessconscious

          Buhari does not need to do it to your satisfaction. We are talking about progressive govt, where a govt kickstart a good initiative and lay some good foundation which successive govt can build upon. Buhari and osonbanjo has started the war. And we appreciate their achievement so far. You can continue to look at it in your own angle without comparing the past to the present. One has been UNSUSTAINABLE while one is surely SUSTAINABLE for the good future. God bless baba.

          • Aguluzigbo

            You are talking trash….
            No one who disagrees with Buhari’s method makes sense to you, it does not matter if his comment makes sense or not…
            This government will crash this country….. Watch out….
            It shall come to pass….

      • paul irumundomon

        Name one apc looter, who is arrested since this old man came to power. Oga name one, the country is going down and is still same people and he does not know, when things go this bad, cabinent need to change, and try something else. You just don’t sit down, why your players, are all dancing akuete, when melody song is playing.

        • On3Lov3

          APC has never ruled Nigeria before, if corrupt people need to go we will start with those who have been at the helms of affairs. i also think we don’t need to politicize it. Corrupt people investigated, identified should go

        • Julius

          So, you didn’t read about his friend that was arrested and refunded his share from Dasuki to the government ? Dude, all these your questions seems to be coming from an uninformed person. How old are you ?

          • Gary

            You can spin and obfuscate to deceive the uninformed but you will not get away with claiming the hat Buhari is untainted by corruption. He has ALWAYS looked the other way when people close to him or with family ties engage in corruption. Whether as a military dictator, serving Abacha as PTF Chairman and currently as Nigeria’s sickly old President. Fact.
            A man of integrity does not himself keep the company of corrupt associates and relatives.
            Even you gave indicted him by saying that some of his people have refunded money to government. Is that it? No media or court trial for some while others are raked through the coals by media hacks like you? I could describe certain parts of your wife’s anatomy for the heck of it like you freely bash Diezani who has yet to charged in court for any crimes but adjudged guilty by you and fellow propaganda mercenaries. But I will follow you into the gutter just to win an argument. At least until you give me no choice.

            So try as you may to deflect whenever the issue is raised: Muhammadu Buhari is corrupt and presiding over a corrupt administration. The facts are glaring to sane and rational folks. The issue most miss is that for Buhari and his kinsmen, they have a stereotypical mindset of corruption as something people from the South and Middle Belt (who happen to be mostly Christians) engage in and not their fellow Fulanis. So when they and hired guns like you talk about corruption, they have only certain sectiond of the Nigerian people in mind.
            That is why they leave out their own people who steal or make special arrangements for them to stolen funds quietly without opprobrium or trial.
            I have written the epistle not to convince you, since you are a hired gun, but for the benefit of others you are trying to sway with your vile propaganda on PT.

          • Julius

            Gary, I asked the dude a simple question and you went on an irrelevant tirade with 10 pages of comment..lolz. Na wa oo. I’ve never in my life, ever being paid by anybody politicians , group of people or government either in Nigeria or in the U S. I read the news, follow the events and make my comment. Stop trying to be everything and all knowing. I’m not trying to convince you as well, its hard teaching an old dog a new trick. It will amount to a waste of time and energy.

          • Gary

            Calling another man’s wife and mom names and sundry ad hominem attacks is your idea of civilized debate? Who made you judge and jury as to the guilt of people you dislike?
            Now that I’ve clapped back at you, you want to play victim? No kidding. Your vile name-calling and propaganda will no longer go unchallenged. So be on notice and mind your language.

          • Julius

            You are shameless hypocrite !. So, you calling someone corrupt without being arrested, prosecuted and found guilty is okay but, nobody else can do the same? You calling someone a dullard, illiterate, old, unintelligent when the person is also a mom/father , by you, is not vile but acceptable and nobody else can’t same the same ?. Dude, your self bloated worth on the internet means zero to me. Your irrelevant notice is down the toilet. You slapping me down ? , you got jokes buddy!. Its funny that people like you, the saddened holier than thou, praise the Lord crowd can forget what you say and do but, jump on somebody else for doing the same just for you to be important and relevant. You are yapping like a dog on the wrong person Gay. By the way, you also know that you don’t have to read my comment, don’t you ?

          • Powerlessconscious

            That is their habbit. The gullible are very quick to insult others. They are also very quick to accuse others. We have stop educating them because they are as stubborn as goats.

          • Julius

            Yea, bunch of lousy hypocrites. Gary will call and abuse somebody, anybody that isn’t from his side but, when you do the same to his homie , he becomes an internet self appointed moral police, find Jesus and throw in the Bible. He sat in his underwear under the tree somewhere warning me..what a joke. I’m shaking in my boot..Nonsense.

          • Saymo

            I’ve noticed from several postings that this man-julius is dim witted that is obsessed with trying to appear clever. The man was never arrested, and the money refunded has never reached the country’s treasury going by the different figures the MoF and other agencies are mouthing. It seems yours is the case of where belle face…

          • Julius

            I’ve noticed from lots of posting by you that you never make any sense. You are in the habit or referring to someone you are addressing in the 3rd person. You are missing something.

          • Reginald Dandeson

            Thank you, @Gary for your intelligent rejoinder. Truth shall emancipate Nigeria and Nigerians.

          • paul irumundomon

            Older than your dad, old enough to have you as my last child. Go and check the dictiomary, read the meaning of the word uninformed, see whether you put it right in your sentence.

        • Powerlessconscious

          Go back to research. Though we know yo are still going to repeat the question on another forum.

          • paul irumundomon

            It there history worth researching. When those who raped you, are defended by you, then case is closed and I’m very sorry for you all.

          • Powerlessconscious

            You mean the LOOTERS and the THIEVES. We know them. Nigerians are still suffering of their evil impact till today.

      • joseph

        What is corruption? dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power. is Buhari not corrupt,he said no government officer will go abroad for medical checkup but he sent a letter to Senate, to go on medical vacation for 10 days in UK. what is this dishonest.need more info i give u?

    • Netanyahu

      I can shore your pains and frustrations, my brother. Nigeria, as it is today, is the SCORECARD of a bunch of clueless leaders from 1970 to date. Trying to heap it all on Jonathan alone was being mischievous and clever by half. We have had leaders that treated Nigeria and Nigerians as conquered people. The signs are all over. There is no African country that has the human and material resources this country is blessed with, yet we are where are where we are today; without basic amenities and infrastructure. We have come full circle with an administration that has no other positive attribute than propaganda and lies. We are in a serious mess socially and economically. Instead of addressing the mess they created, they keep calling us wailers. What is there for this band of misfits to celebrate? Most unfortunate.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Only you will regret. Nigerians are really happy with buhari. I do not want to write too much. God bless baba.

      • Aguluzigbo

        Paid agent, jobless man, only looking out for anyone who criticizes Buhari…
        Why not state your own point rather than just looking out for comments from anyone who disagrees with Buhari’s method of leadership…. I have marked you… I will keep a tab on you…
        Attack dog of the Fulani Janjaweed….

  • musa aliero

    DSS and EFCC are at loggerheads again!

    • On3Lov3

      One is fearful of corruption, one is fearless of coruption!

  • Nigeria…

    • Nkem


  • paul irumundomon

    Who are Nigerians to believe today. Buhari was supposed to rule with wisdom from age and if not education, where is Nigeria heading?

    • Julius

      Nigerians !. So, na Buhari fault the man was working and laundering money for the frog eyes, Jonnathan and the pdp before Buhari became the President ? Which way your logic come from self ?

      • who’s frog eyes?

        • Julius

          Look at the picture !

        • Otile

          Tinubu is the frog eyes everybody mows about.

          • Julius

            Of course to you who else could it be ? You forgot to add religion and the entire Yoruba race.

          • Otile

            Time and again I have told you that Yorubas are not the real problem of Nigeria, they are just enablers. Islamic Fulanis are the ori ejo biting Nigeria. Yorubas have many well educated forward looking awon Omo, The Fulanis are dullards. If Yorubas would quit supporting the evil Islamists the story would be different. For example during the genocide Yorubas would never invade to Biafra but the devil(Fulani) tempted them and rest is history.

          • Eluba Inas

            Hiding behind a key board and echoing genocidal diatribes will not shield you away from justice, eventually nemesis with catch up with you. Make no mistake about it. You can take this to a bank.

          • Otile

            Karma will always follow you murderers, you can’t escape Divine justice. Beheaders

          • Julius

            Otile, look at how simple you are trying to narrate or remember history. You conveniently forgot that Igbo were the original diehard supporters of this same folks you labeled as evil Islamists., until the killings of innocent Igbos in the North then you all came to your senses. You ran mostly to the SW for protections. Abi na lie ? Jonathan had them plenty in his administration but, they weren’t evil to you then because the Igbos were also enjoying the limelight. Now, they are evil. Be serious !. If you are interested in Nigeria history in a civil and respectful way, halla back at mi..we can even do it over some cold beer when next I’m home. The Yorubas has never been anybody’s problem. We carry our own just like everybody else. It used to be a joy, friendly and respectful and successful rivalry between the Igbo and us till Ojukwu refused to listen to reason and to do things the right way..when fully readied . Facts, my friend, facts !!

          • Dualpolemedia

            But why haven’t you identify this Fulani’s before 2015 and deal decisively with them? Why is ur blind eyes suddenly open to know Hausa/Fulani’s are the problems after losing out the power grip at the centre? I hate when people can’t stop their perceived enemy.its now u know dt Fulanis are d problems. Pls say something else i beg u.

          • Julius

            lolz, good question. Na your education him go question because you asked him the question plus where you came from.

          • Otile

            Do you think your comment added any value whatsoever?

          • Julius

            As much as yours did. By the way, you are not answering mine and his question as to when did you realize that the Fulanis are evil Islamists ?

          • Otile

            Are you happy about the sorry state Nigeria has found itself less than 2 years after Buhari and the Fulani took over? Are you happy with Mamman Daura, are you happy with Abba Kyari, are you happy with the way Buhari’s nieces and nephews are bastardizing the government?

  • Julius

    Power play !!!!!

    • Otile

      Corruption simple.

      • Julius

        Yes, that one also. !

  • North/West Allies

    When i said it that this government is also corrupt some people wanted my head for dinner, it started with Magu, Lawal, now Fashola and Amaechi is under investigation by Senate

    • Boogie man

      The Senate in a proper democracy is not the rightful body to investigate anybody.

  • hahah.. this is just the story they came up with over the years but will change when the new info arrives. lol

  • Boogie man

    Our DSS under Daura has become very political and incompetent. This Daura man should be relieved of his duties as soon as possible if Buhari wants to succeed.

    • Sword of Damocles

      But as you know in Naija BLOOD is thicker than water, and COWARDICE is a natural reflex for a lot of our elites

  • thusspokez

    Mr. Lawson, who now serves as the managing partner at Financial Advisory and Investment Consultants Limited in Abuja, could not be reached for comments between Monday and Tuesday.

    Why is this man still working in the financial sector when he should have been disqualified by the Financial Services Regulation Coordinating Committee (FSRCC). Nigeria, I despair!

  • Jacky

    President Buhari has not shown leadership qualities in the unhelpful “power play” between the SSS and the EFCC. Is Buhari actually in charge of the country? Just like in various other serious national crisis (situations) in recent times, the responses of Mr President have been slow, inadequate, hollow and mostly lacking in depth. It’s both painful and shameful.

    • Gary

      Because he’s old and sick and not in charge of the ethno-sectarian government he set up to run Nigeria in his name. Now the Aso Rock cabal is split into factions and the country is suffering as a result.

    • Aguluzigbo

      We need not be surprised with Buhari’s slow response and sometimes non response to issues that need urgent attention….
      The man is very sick and mostly aides are left to handle things for him and report back to him…and those aides know he forgets a lot of things even when they brief him or rather report back to him…
      Also when such issue is at front burner, whatever they tell him, he accepts, believing that the issue has been resolved. He has a lot of confidence in them such that he hardly bothers to cross examine them during the briefs…

      • Powerlessconscious

        What about the VP? You don’t sound educated. Sorry for that.

  • Mary


  • wazobia monk !!!!!!

    buhari,time to place lawal daura on your “watch list” …………

  • olat

    i ve my reservation on any reports by Ogundipe.

  • thusspokez

    The President, SSS and Danger of Fake Reports

    If this report were true then Nigerians should be VERY worried by the SSS. This body has not only rewritten its constitutional mandate but is terrible at carrying out even this very mandate. Most importantly, Buhari should be VERY worried, now that he would realise that he has been consistently fed FAKE REPORTS — due to fake intelligence gathering — by the SSS which he should be relying on 100% to make decisions and ensure Nigeria’s security.

    The original mandate (before it was rewritten) of the SSS was to protect and defend Nigeria against internal threats, but its activities and mediocrity now makes the SSS a security threat to Nigeria — indeed, others would say, as dangerous as boko haram.

    • princegab

      Cool truth, thanks.
      Pmb is to blame, he was warned. Hopefully it’s not too late to make amend.
      This DSS is as good as sponsors of BH and killer herdsmen.

  • ojays

    The story is disjointed. Why publish a story that is neither confirmed or disproved. It would have been better to hear from efcc and sss.

  • Powerlessconscious

    Buhari will never loose anything. Is you Nigerian that will loose. Has gej loss anything or enjoying himself. Innocent Nigerians will always loose in the game. So NOTHING CAN HUNT BUHARI.