Fresh violence erupts in Taraba, 10 killed

Picture of communal clash used to illustrate the story [Photo:]

At least 10 people have been killed and several houses burnt in fresh violence that erupted on Tuesday in Taraba State North Eastern Nigeria, witnesses say.

But police said six people died in the clashes between the Fulani and Mummuye ethnic groups in Lau Local Government area of the state.

Since last Friday, there have been pockets of violence and reprisal attacks in some communities in the area.

Between Friday and Saturday, eight persons were reportedly killed during communal clashes between the Mummuye and the Fulani communities of Lushi, Sakuwa, Hore Ladde and Garin Dogo.

The latest killings and destruction of properties, including farmlands and domestic animals, is coming barely a week after the state governor, Darius Ishaku, was quoted in the media as urging Christians across the country to rise up and defend themselves against terrorists before they are annihilated.

The governor made the call in Jalingo during a thanksgiving service organised by the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) to celebrate new year and to pray for victims of Southern Kaduna massacre and other victims of terrorism across the country said.

‘’The people must wake up from their slumber and defend themselves. You can’t just lie down and allow yourselves to be annihilated by other groups. You have a constitutional right to self-defense and now is the time to use it. The government alone cannot do it,” he was quoted as saying.

Locals say Tuesday’s violence started around 2 a.m. when a village, named Bonja, and Mayo-Kunga belonging to Fulani ethnic group, was attacked by suspected Mummuye youth.

The attack on the Mayo-Kunga village led to reprisals attacks on neighbouring communities.

The Police Public Relations Officer for Taraba State, David Misal, said only six people were killed in the conflict.

“Since the Friday attack between the Fulani herdsmen and Mummuye farmers in Lushi, there have been reprisal attacks.

‘’For now six persons were confirmed killed on both sides while several others have been arrested,” the PPRO said.

Mr. Misal, an Assistant superintendent of police, also confirmed that 80 houses had been torched.


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  • amazing2012

    …the result of violence statement ! Now the governor is the Satan !!

    • Okay

      What about the fulani herdsmen with wanton destruction all over the place sir?This should be curtailed before it escalates.

    • Otile

      Is Imam Buhari back from his ‘winter vacation’?

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  • AryLoyds

    At last the tables are turning !

  • Rommel

    Why are the Fulani clashing with everybody across the west African subregion?

    • Otile

      Don’t distort facts, Fulanis are only violent in Nigeria because their brother Buhari is a violent man. They see this as their opportunity to suppress others and steal their lands and belongings. Remember Fulanis are by nature parasites.

      • Rommel

        http://www dot myjoyonline dot com/news/2016/February-3rd/2-shot-dead-by-fulani-at-agogo.php

      • Rommel

        http://www dot dw dot com/en/farmers-nomadic-herdsmen-clash-in-ghana/a-19028767

      • Rommel

        http://www dot africanews dot com/2016/03/25/ivory-coast-17-dead-in-fulani-herdsmen-and-farmers-violent-clash/

        • emmanuel

          who cares? we are interested in Nigeria. For your information, the foolanis in West Africa are smaller than the rest of us. Una cup don dey full small small!
          Your master El-Rufai dreams of leading Nigeria with his satanic murders

          • Rommel

            The fulani are the largest monolithic people in the entire west Africa,your problem like most other Igbo is deep rooted bigoted ignorance

    • emmanuel

      Your people are cursed and you are working for their eventual destruction. Rejected Arabian slaves who migrated to Nigeria cannot behave better than a slave who saw power; who eventually get drunk with power and are destroyed

      • Rommel

        POS !!!

  • West

    Nigerians from SE, SS, SW and middle belts must come together come 2019 to ensure Buhari does not return to government . This will be in their interest.

    • taiwo

      Not only Buhari, but any Fulani politician must never be made to head sensitive post again. They are backward and they want everyone to be like them. The Army and Police will not bring the perpetrators to book now. Later, they will move in to calm the situation and prevent those injured from retaliating. They will start preaching peaceful coexistence as if it’s easy to live with terrorists Fulani. Why can’t the military allow Boko haram to live with them in their barrack peacefully.

  • baba

    fulani,fulani,fulani !!!!!!!!!!!
    na only u dey nigeria?

    • Otile

      But Buhari will not do anything to them. If any other tribe was carrying on this barbaric behavior Buhari would send Buratai to massacre them. Now again dumbness has struck Sultan of Sokoto.

      • because you peeps need to go after the polis who support them…once ur corrupt politicians are looked at they will go after the fulanis.

  • JOHN

    Fulani herdsmen should be declared persona non grata in Nigeria immediately before they cause war in this country.

  • Excisionist

    “clashes between the Fulani and Mummuye ethnic groups in Lau Local Government area of the state.”

    Another Christian Community under attack by Fulani terrorists under the guise of Fulani herdsmen. No doubt this was ordered by Buhari, the Muslim northern governors and northern Islamic leaders. Otherwise why are the army, the police, SSS and other security agencies folding their arms and watching. Why is the terrorist acting as Interior minister supplying arms and helicopters to the Fulani terrorists. Why is DANBAZAU sending the army, the police, and the SSS after peaceful protesters and not lifting a finger against these terrorists pillaging Christian communities across the country? Why ? why? why?

  • Excisionist

    According to the Global Terrorism Index, Fulani militants were the fourth deadliest terrorist group in 2014, using machine guns and attacks on villages to assault and intimidate farmers.. Over 1,200 people were killed in 2014 by different groups of Fulani herders. In 2016, more people died in clashes with the herdsmen than in Boko Haram attacks

  • Odus

    War in the East, War in the West, War up North, War down South!
    Can you imagine UN troops to calm the situation in NIGERIA because the Feds can get a grip on thins?
    May God save His people.

    • Otile

      Which war is going on in the West? Fulanis have no intention of looting the West as long as the West supports them in everything.

      • Odus

        Just in case you don’t know, every part of the country is experiencing some form of war. There is war against education in the west. Colleges and universities shut down for months, private schools are not affordable by the masses, the religion universities built with the contribution from the poor faithful are beyond their reach. Their so called leaders are sending their children to UK and USA for premium education.
        Civil servants are owed months in salary, landlords have not been paid by tenants for months, the south western preacher are getting tired and speaking out of government interference in the religion organization and speaking out against the killing of innocent lives and getting threatening for arrest just because, ritual killings in the southwest, and the beats goes on and on ; and yet you said there’s no war.
        I just pray that it doesn’t boil over.

        • emmanuel

          Ehen, Aregbesola dey destroy school to built shopping mall, how schools nor go close down forever? I heard a foolani herdsman killed your brother for N30.00 in Ikotun on Sunday night, are you now so cheap?
          Ah ah ah, mulla o ti kpa omo yoba ni. ha ha ha.
          Na so dem do born fire and go their houses go eat Amala after

          • that’s his brothers problem for committing crimes. no one told him to except the thugs.

        • it’s boiling..over the pastries.

  • Chym

    Self determination is your right use it.

    • Otile

      Parasites will always see your self-determination as a threat to their survival.

      • Chym

        That’s the situation in this cursed country.

      • they’ve said it themselves “if we let them go we will cease to exist”, but I say, if what you were doing is legal you wouldn’t have to worry.

  • Amn

    So the governor is the one that encouraging & sponsores the crisis in the state what a terrorist man that mistakenly b governor .

    • Abe Lawrence

      Your comment is unfortunate. So people in the North should not defend themselves right? You guys are just too wicked. You think you own Nigeria?? Ok time will tell

    • emmanuel

      Aminu, You must have realised that the music has changed. All other ethnic groups pitched against foolani muslims. You will be shocked when even other muslims in the North turn wholly against you soon.
      Seld delusion can be an incipient state of madness you know?
      The DSS has attempted to muscle others from speaking up against your evils, well the worst stage will be when all begin to talk in codes, then the end has come

      • lol. you’re being watched now so you best use codes.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Why is it that these murderous herdsmen have become so violent since certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari became President?

    • Kiliwi




      • Austin Eze

        Why is Premium Times not looking at the issues that are killing the common man?
        Do you know that we don’t have light – no electricity at all for seven days now in Lagos?
        And yesterday the useless NEPA people brought us bill of 8,000 Naira for total darkness!!

        How can we pay eight thousand Naira for no light? Premium Times doesn’t see this big issue?

        Why are you people not helping to save us from this crime against humanity? Please help us!
        We are in total darkness inside Nigeria and now we must pay Buhari and NEPA 8,000 Naira for it.
        Help us tell the international community that this Muhamadu Buhari is a big crime against humanity.

        • Gary

          What do you want a newspaper to do for you? Help you organize street protests to draw attention to your plight by the government you freely voted into power?
          Where were you when the journalists were arrested and detained by the Police?
          As you make your bed so shall you lie on it. Sai Buhari! Next time vote wisely but until then call your legislators to complain or join those calling for protests next week. It’s called citizen action and guaranteed under the constitution.

          • Ademola J.


            Thank you jare! Premium Times must NOT allow beggars to use
            this website to beg for alms. These people said they wanted Buhari, right?
            And they got Buhari, right? If they are now dying under the ignorance or
            corruption of Buhari, it is the people’s duty to die quietly, and without
            making any noise to disturb those of us who told them that a man without
            Wasc/Gce cannot have any knowledge to know right from wrong or to know how
            to do the real economics that can save Nigerians from mass poverty. These type of
            people who come here make me laugh. They are calling Premium Times to bring
            rice, beans and yam for their families because Buhari has spoilt Nigeria, as if it is
            the work of journalists to pay damages for the criminal sins of a very useless
            government of Muhamadu Buhari.

          • then end in your economic knowledge and stop yapping here.

        • emmanuel

          All these feeding bottle social media pikin, wen dey whinned you in 2014, you beginn post comments anyhow, the chicken has come to roost.
          I beg pay your N8,000.00 make we see road. Nxt month will be N16k.
          Na to buy data and talk?
          Liar Mohammed, Amaechi, Fasho, Tinubu and co are now enjoying proceeds of those lies and propanda and here you are crying.

        • just wear more blankets. isn’t it warm there? rub two sticks together and make fire.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_


    • emmanuel

      how else should a man on the path of self-destruction behave (Boohary anf his foolanis)

    • but they’re laughing as they run.

    • musa aliyu

      IMO Ita, but they are the ones attacked here. Read the story again! Olodo hater!

  • Major Gideon Okar


    How many more lives have been lost to the Hausa-Fulani butchery since our execution in 1990? Obviously they run into their tens of thousands. We knew this would happen and that was what we wanted to prevent. Because of the possibility of failure we wanted to leave the message which some termed unacceptable and others, premature.

    Nigerians can be forgiven for failure to understand the necessity of excising those states in 1990. But now, how many millions of lives, how much destruction of property, infrastructure and places of worship will it take to convince skeptics that excision is the only way to stop it.

    We, that laid down our lives to save you:
    Major Gideon Orkar, Captain Empere, Captain Dakolo, Capt Nonju, Lt. Akogun, Lt. CN Odey, Lt. Cyril Ozualor, Lt. NEO Deji, 2/Lt AB Umukoro, 2/Lt EJ Ejesuku, SSgt Julius Itua, Sgt Martins Ademokhai, Sgt. Pius Ilegar and over a hundred others.

    • they do not care about you, they care about themselves and laugh at you behind your backs. now is the time to get them out. you won’t be blamed, someone else will! lol

  • emmanuel

    Theophilus Danjuma, goodluck to you. As old as you are, you allowed the foolanis use you in 2015 and we did warn you that your people will pay for it. How sweet?
    Your Oil blocks are more important than your people?
    Boohary has renewed for you and now killing your people. Shame!

  • I did it 4 Love

    I believe in attacking the attackers first before they attack you simple. Anything that look like herdsBuhari, herdsmen, herdswomen, herdskids, herdsperson or face marks like Magu of EFCC should be shredded.

  • WHy are they laughing as they run? Are they having fun? Yes, now and the next 3 days will be the time to defend yourselves and get rid of the terrorists. They will not have a fun superbowl. I don’t know if you watch it actually.OH, the IRONY!

  • musa aliyu

    Now because it is Fulanis that are attacked, look at the title. If the Fulanis have waited for another day to attack the vicious media would have Carrie”suspected lani gunmen attacked….”

  • westman

    This has to stop now. Too much killings.
    Unbelievable! When people complain they have registered in ultimate cycler for wks without getting paid I wonder. In our group of ultimate cyclers which is the best in Nigeria, people register today with 12,500 and get paid 50k in 5days. A lady who registered 4days ago got paid 50k yesterday &she is now in level 2 for #100k. If u want to make quick good cash with us join now. Whatsapp +2348063667191

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  • Danjuma

    “Locals say Tuesday’s violence started around 2 a.m. when a village, named Bonja, and Mayo-Kunga belonging to Fulani ethnic group, . . ”

    What on earth are Fulanis doing in here. Their place belongs to the Sahara desert. They should not be allowed to go from place to place driving local farmers away and claiming towns and villages as their own

    • Yunusa umar

      That is what the Mumuyes have been fooled into attempting. It is yet too early to speak the way you are doing; but one thing is certain, no tribe or group of tribes can eject the Fulanis from any locality in West or Central Africa. A trial will convince you anywhere anytime. The Fulani belong to anywhere and everywhere they choose to settle as a right and they lay their lives proudly defending that God given right.
      Those of you sitting in the comfort of your homes and offices with access to the internet which you use to fuel the fire cannot lay your lives to help eighther side.
      In fact, the violence that errupted at Lushi only shows the eagerness of some xstians to carry out the executive orders of Darius to kill muslims, because the incident over which they claim they are reacting has amicably been resolved between the two communities and no one directly involved seem to object to the resolutions reached as such is not a new thing in the history of their coexistence. The new thing is the Mumuyes carrying guns and shooting Fulanis to kill. It is pertinent here to note that the SSG that ditched that order to kill muslims on behalf of Darius is a Mumuye desperately seeking for relevance in a government that rates an individual by the degree of hostility of himself and his tribe towards Fulani/Muslims.
      My advice to both sides is, stick to your tested and trusted ways of resolving your issues (they are still the same old issues of Farmer/Rearer); dont be fooled by empty and useless politicians.

      • Oladele

        You started wrongly finished fairly well. Read your own comment again and If as a Yoruba man in Kano I am telling you I can live anywhere anyhow I want on my own terms….how does that sound? Most people dont have issues with Fulanis, but this attitude you displayed brings up sentiments. There are Fulanis in my town and we live together, the town Fulanis have acculturised while the nomadic ones foment trouble especially during dry season when their cattle carelessly graze on crops. But in the last 10yrs the ones in the town have found a way to ensure the nomads at least show some civility. They apologise and both farmer and herdman move on. What was the issue before: arrogance! his cattle ate half of my farmland and he is still threatening me, will you take that Umar?