How Buhari is encouraging quackery in medical profession in Nigeria

File photo of Resident Doctors

The Nigerian Medical Association has said the dissolution of the board of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, MDCN, two months into the life of the Muhammadu Buhari administration without reconstituting a new one has worsened incidents of quack doctors in Nigeria.

The NMA, therefore, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to constitute the board of the MDCN to enhance professionalism in the healthcare sector.

The President of NMA, Mike Ogirima, made the appeal in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, on Monday in Abuja.

Mr. Ogirima attributed the increasing number of quacks in the medical profession to the dissolution of the MDCN.

He said the dissolution of the regulatory body by the federal government along with other governing boards of federal parastatals, agencies and institutions on July 15, 2015, had affected the smooth operations of the council.

The Buhari administration was inaugurated on May 29, 2015.

The NMA president noted that the absence of a regulatory body for the council had increased the rate of quackery in the profession.

He listed some of the functions of the body to include monitoring, discipline and adjudication of reported cases of alleged quackery and non-renewal of licence by doctors, among others.

He lamented that the council had become handicapped and ineffectual with the dissolution of the regulatory body, giving rise to incidences of quackery and professional misconducts among doctors.

Mr. Ogirima noted that in the council’s efforts at arresting the trend, it constituted a monitoring committee comprised of the NMA and Director of Medical Service at the federal and state levels.

However, he said that the committee had not been as effective as expected as it lacked the bite due to the absence of the regulatory body.

Mr. Ogirima described quacks as unlicensed persons who either did not undergo medical training in medical school or who failed to complete the programme within the stipulated time or period.

The don said that the influx of these quacks had further increased the nation’s disease burden, mortality rate as well as maimed a lot of innocent people.

“Based on complaints we receive as an association, I think quackery is on the increase.

“Because of economic recession, patients cannot afford the high cost of medical bills from orthodox hospitals; they revert to alternative care, spiritual homes and places where they cannot get quality health care.

“And at the end of the day they are maimed as a result of wrong approaches or wrong treatment given to them.

“These are some of our findings during the course of investigating complaints regarding fake doctors.

“Before a person is labelled a medical doctor, that person must be licensed to practice and having underdone adequate training in that field,” he said.

Mr. Ogirima attributed failure by some doctors to renew their licences on logistics challenge.

“Some doctors are reluctant to renew their licence because MDCN is not forthcoming.

“For 20 months now that council has not been functioning just because of one careless circular from a former Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Health,’’ said the NMA president.

He, however, disclosed that there was an online renewal method currently being put in place to address that.

He regretted that the council’s regulatory body remained non-functional when “other non-medical and health regulatory councils like COREN and NUC have been functioning.

“The council is not a board but a regulatory body, so its dissolution is the main reason why we are having piled up of cases to deal with because there is no tribunal to deal with such issues.

“NMA is insisting on making the regulatory bodies in the health sector perpetually functional even when there is change in government,’’ Mr. Ogirima said.


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  • Cry Nigeria!!!!

    Premium Times Editor,

    Cry for Nigeria under BUHARI

    By analogy President Buhari
    will rather withdraw criminal charges against notorious criminals, like
    Bukola Saraki, than press for justice. I am not aware of a mentally worse
    bereft government than the APC party of near-illiterate rabble-rousers who,
    having displaced a mediocre government by election, prove far worse in thinking
    ability and basic morality than the mediocre government they replaced. Now, caught
    empty-headed, the APC retards tender plethora of excuses for failure and expect to
    be roundly applauded as idiots for destroying Nigeria with their Islamist ignorance.

    IT IS SAD that after boasting that he has trained EFCC lawyers in prosecution skills
    the result has been more appalling than when these lawyers did not undergo the
    legal training organized by Professor Itse Sagay. It is not known how much was
    taken from the treasury by the Professor Sagay training team for that purpose.
    Nigeria can never develop at this rate because there is always double loss for
    Nigerians who do not get money for value or get or sense a sense of justice.
    One has not reached the conclusion that funds were merely wangled in ruse
    or that fraud was committed but, prima facie, nothing has been achieved.

    • Nkem2

      MY PEOPLE,

      Follow me, please! Petrol per litre is how much today in Nigeria under BUHARI,
      after Buhari increased the fuel price early this year? It is 145 Naira per litre.
      For 5kv generator, how many litres do you need per day to generate
      your own electricity,

      for just six (6) hours? You’ll need 10 litres. That is how much? It is 1,450 Naira per day.
      Now, since the zero megawatts Minister for Power Raji Fashola has no knowledge of how
      to supply electricity to Nigerians, how much will you need per month, to get six hours of
      private electricity a day for yourself? You’ll need ₦44,500 a month.

      What is the minimum amount you need today to cook a pot of soup for your four children,
      as a family? The minimum is six thousand Naira – with minimum ingredients. So multiply that
      by 15 days, if you will manage the pot of soup for two days. What will you get?
      You will need 90,000 Naira a month to feed a family with four children.

      That means Naira devaluation by President Buhari plus the petrol tax by President Buhari
      have now made life impossible in Nigeria. Just to eat and have six (6) hours electricity for a
      family now cost 133,500 Naira a month, without doing any other thing, not even going out,
      or, even going to school. How many Nigerians earn ₦133,000 per month?

      Answer me, please!

      • Roberto


        The increase in petrol price early last year was a final straw which ruined the Buhari government
        and tipped Nigeria over the precipice into severe economic recession once it was followed up
        by 64% devaluation of the Naira. If Buhari was not being led by the nose he is responsible
        for economic destruction of Nigeria today, with barely one hour electricity supply a day
        in Nigeria’s commercial capital city of Lagos. Nigeria was never so mired in poverty.

      • O’ Jose

        …….My people……it’s not looking good O……Buhari is losing goodwill very fast……
        ….more than he’s gaining it…..and now…after 18 months…..he has negatives ……
        ………..numbering enough to write a book……….from his blunders overseas… this….
        …huge suspicion… that he’s another Fulani Islamist hegemonist and northern tribalist……
        ……….but, that’s a smelly body odour to carry around…….if it also includes…… as it does…..
        …….jumping the window of parliament to forge appropriation bills…….. and merely winking….
        …at the genocide of 300+ Shiite Muslims, and, winking at the murders committed daily……..
        ………………….by the rifle-bearing mad and maddening Fulani herdsmen……………

      • Ezeaguba Benedict

        I dont know. All I know is that Nigerians are passing through difficult times. Many have lost hope in the promised change. Lets face the bitter truth, those in refugees camps feed better than most families here. Some people are commiting suicide, some have run mad and are in mentat hospitals, many are dying and no one knows where to run to…….

  • Mamman Bako

    Apart from being on an unclear mission, what really has this man gotten right since he got into office?

    • Rommel

      I am surprised that you do not wait for the man to reason for you too since all functions in the country must be monitored before people can behave,how would you describe such people? if there is no board,does a secretariate not also exist? DJ Trump has no secretary of states as we speak and we all know that secretary of states is the face of American diplomacy making it usually the first appointments that new presidents make,has this absence brought America to a half?

      • Ezeaguba Benedict

        Yes, thats America. its a different ballgame over here.

    • Point Blank




      • Abu. S


        Please tell us of any other president in this world who took five (5) months
        to appoint his Ministers – any president at all, including any other daft one?
        No other slow-thinking president in this world except Buhari did such mess!

    • Paul Irumundomon

      He got how to bias and division correctly

  • Sarah Ebun


  • Karl Imom

    NMA is quite ignorance of the trend in modern medicine. Even in developed countries such as the United States, Native Doctors (what NMA calls quack doctors) work hand in hand with Medical Professors, doctors, and paramedical officials to proffer solutions to medical problems. For example, while university trained doctors do NOT know what kinds of trees and plants that our forth parents used in treating diseases, Native Doctors (ND) exactly what leaves are used for which elements. When these leves are identified by the NDs, they are tested in medical laboratories for the presence of the said medical values; if the test is positive, the leaves are then processed and packaged by pharmaceutical companies. Those people the NMA derogatorily calls Quack Doctors have a more valuable role to play in the medical industry than the NMA whose members specialize in duping and killing nigerians.

    • Ezeaguba Benedict

      You just missed the point. All actors in the health proffesion need some regulation. NMA says government shoud put the regulatory bodies in place to perform necessary funtions, period. If you are a native doctor and NAFDAC certifies your product, use it. No nation will permit any person to use anything on her citizens without due checks and balances. Life has no duplicate, life is precious. Lives of Nigerians are dear to medical doctors. Its not pride. Its not arrogance.

  • Buharin daji

    Toh Nigeria would need life support machine indefinitely when Buhari leaves office what a tragedy at this day and time

  • ayoka ade

    For many years to come nigeria shall regret buhari presidency.I as a patriotic citizen of this great country, am really suffering great pains thinking about my beautiful country and the fate that have befallen her since independence as far as leadership is concerned. this country is a great nation in every material index, our problems is not natural but human made problems.
    I want Co compatriots whose minds are free to join me in ruminations about the future of my nation, if we continue threading this self destructive paths, what hope do we have as a nation.
    how many Nigerians are sincerely happy watching the unfolding unfortunate drama playing out in our nation.
    fellow citizens, are we cursed as a people or are we the cause of our predicaments, is there any citizen satisfied with the pace, growth and development of Nigerian nation considering the great resources in both human and material that Providence have graciously afforded us.
    why is it that out of over 100 million adults, out of more than 20 million well educated, well informed, well resourced citizens of vibrant and energy dripping age, only a man like buhari, an 80 years old sick, weak, tried, retired, sleep walking, frail, uninformed, less educated, clannish, reclusive, demented, near deaf old man that is qualified to lead Nigeria at this point in time.
    I am sour sorrowful and very sorry for my nation.
    if we insist on traveling on this path of self destruction, who then can save our nation.
    how could a nation blessed with most competent, resourceful, well informed, properly educated, well exposed, well experienced, modern trend compliant, energetic, broad-based, liberal young people like Peter obi, oby ezekwesili, Charles soludo, magnus Kpakpol, shehu Umar, atiku abubakar, okonjo iweala, ADB Adeshina, Pat utomi, emir Sanusi, nuhu ribadu, dangote, elumelu, Jim ovia, even Tinubu, Fayemi, Amaechi, oshiomole, Coscharis, Godswill Akpabio, Donald Duke etc etc etc. why must this nation continue with a very sick, dying and near the grave president when there are better better alternatives.
    any wonder that Nigeria nation is today very sick, weak, tired and is only surviving via the life support of lies, propaganda, brainwashing, coercion, intimidation and blackmail.
    let’s stand now and say never again will we allow recycling of dead woods and tired, demented, blind old dwarfs as our leaders. 2019 is here with us, may God deliver our nation through us Nigerians. if buhari is no longer capable of sleepwalking around, he should better resign and allow Nigeria to recover from the deep pit where his myopia, incompetence, vindictiveness, hate, tribal and ethnic bigotry have cast our nation.
    enough of ruling Nigeria from the stretcher and grave yards, Nigerians must decide to give power to young, energetic, properly educated, intelligent and liberal citizens ,who shall see and take all parts of nigerian nation as his constituency without regarding some as 5%and others 97%, to lead our nation.