Nigerian authorities intercept 661 pump-action rifles imported through Lagos port

FILE PHOTO: Pump-action rifles intercepted by the Nigeria Customs Service

The Nigeria Customs Service intercepted 661 pieces of pump-action rifles from China, concealed with steel doors and other merchandise goods, which came in through Lagos port, an official said.

The Comptroller-General of Customs, Hameed Ali, made the disclosure while briefing journalists on Monday in Lagos.

Mr. Ali said that the Federal Operations Unit, while on patrol, intercepted a Mark truck with registration number BUG 265 XG conveying a 40ft container with number; PONU/825914/3 along Mile 2 Apapa Road, Lagos.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the consignment was cleared from Lagos port.

The comptroller-general said the truck was immediately taken to F.O.U. premises for physical examination and 49 boxes containing 661 pieces of pump action rifles concealed with steel doors were revealed.

Mr. Ali said the rifles were under absolute prohibition, adding that its importation was illegal.

“Such deadly contravention of the law is even more unacceptable considering the fragile security situation in some parts of the country.

“Already three suspects have been arrested in connection with this illegal importation,” NAN quotes the comptroller-general as saying.

The suspects are: Oscan Okafor (an importer), Mahmud Haruna (a clearing agent), and Sadique Mustapha (accompanying the consignment to its destination).

Mr. Ali said initially the consignment was said to have originated from Turkey, adding that there was a mix-up in the document which finally revealed that the consignment originated from China.

Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Hameed Ali speaking at the interception of the Pump-action rifles
Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Hameed Ali speaking at the interception of the Pump-action rifles

“Investigation has already commenced and I have directed that the drag net should be wide enough to fish out all persons involved in the importation and clearing of the consignment, ‘’ NAN quotes Mr. Ali as saying.

He said Customs officers who were involved in the clearance of the containers were in the custody of Comptroller Mahmud Haruna of FOU Zone “A’’

Mr. Ali said that the seizure underscored the determination of the service to enforce all laws relating to importation and exportation of goods into and out the country thereby contributing to the economy, security and well-being of the country.

The comptroller-general said that the seizure was commendable and represented the new normal rule in the service “where most officers and men are on a daily basis ensuring that illegalities are not allowed unchecked’’.

He commended the Comptroller in charge of F.O.U. and officers and men who were involved in the seizure.

Mr. Ali, however, urged the media as well as meaningful Nigerians to help the service with information that would assist the service perform its statutory responsibilities in the interest of Nigeria.

He said the seizure would be handed over to the appropriate authority.



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  • Rommel

    The people involved should be locked away forever

    • OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

      UNfirtunately, rule of law will not allow that. aND THE CASE WILL DRAG ON TILL ETERNITY….. Imagine if this was a country govern by decree? … should tell you how messy a democracy can be to nigeria……

      • Gary

        Yes, it is indeed very messy for those of you who voted for Buhari to rule by decree and just order the execution of anyone he adjudged as corrupt or threat to national security.
        Until they come for you and your kinsmen. Ask the Shiites or Southern Kaduna people how they are faring even without Buhari ruling by decree.
        I hope it’s the persecuted now resorting to self-defense since the government has refused to protect them from killers roaming free with AK-47 assault rifles and getting paid by the State Governor of Kaduna. A wiseman once noted that those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable.

    • sab

      Welcome back mr Rommel. Now it is about your sworn enemies and you just surfaced. Where have you been all this while when the heat is on your masters?

    • emmanuel

      And free all Boko Haram insurgents, foolani herdsmen and those who killed Mrs Bridget …………in Kano and the RCCG Pastors wife in Abuja?

  • haba mallam

    Oscan Okafor is getting ready for Biafra war 2

    • he-they would lose again! Nigeria and Nigerians ‘will’ have peace.

      • Obika Ezego

        people need to be armed. period. not only the corrupt army, police, fulani cattlemen, and criminals.

        • No country-nation tribe or community has 100% able body people what about the infirm, children, pregnant women, disable, elderly, come what may Nigerian and Nigerians ‘will’ have peace, not blood shed.

          Any group who want out are free to go nobody has ever or would ever stop anybody from moving back to their own region but killing and blood shed NO.

    • Hope not.

  • Man_Enough

    Only the devil knows how many have passed unnoticed. This is the result of allowing too much illegal wealth in the hands of few individuals.Corruption will fight back to any level; even if it means reducing Nigeria into rubles so that they can go scott free.

    • emmanuel

      foolani herdsmen is corruption fighting back? deceive yourself.
      Tempers are flaring by the day and it is now clear that Christians have decided the way to go. It is a matter of weeks or days and the bubble will burst

  • debbeljo

    On Biafra we stand. No going back!

    • Dazmillion

      Is it pump action gun you want to use to fight civil war against the Nigerian army?

      • Peacemonger

        Is Nigerian army a fighting force? Has it even been? Visualize the civil war without British and American support to Gowon-led Nigeria and let me know your thoughts.

        • Mike

          The MiGs and howitzer 122mms were supplied by the Soviets :), not fair to forget them. But kill the pipe dreams tho, that was ’67. The Nigerian state might not have a developed military industrial complex but they have air power and artillery. What Biafrans do not have :). This time it will be ‘police action’ in name and in deed. :)))

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          Yes they arent a fighting force like others due to the genocidal and ungentlemanly manners, and illiteracy and inexperience of the likes of western and North African soldiers, but they got the fire-power and blockade advantage, with some support from chad, camerron, Niger. what has the Biafrans got? And before you think am with the other guys, i am from Imo/Rivers state (still under dispute but we live in harmony). Long story not in the mood to tell. so am not with the others plus my SE/SS primitive inconsequential tribes. I am wa futurist. Anyway, except you (Biafrans) have Fighter jets, attack Helicopters, Tanks, Artilleries, ALT’s, APC’s, RPG (Nigerian Armed forces)? Then why are we here? Reality Check, in Such a warfare you will need equally the same calibre of weapons and non border restriction, Special Forces. Basically, from the list above you have to your advantage the following included ATGM’s, SAM’s, Gunships, ASM’s, Destroyers, Submarines. Baifra doesnt have, and i repeat would never have those weapons systems for a fight any-time soon so lets stop being delusional. Those who havent seen or fought in wars crave for it. Biafra could win the fight if you guys have a Tony Stark. Even if you do, am sure he’s spending his time working, looking at the bigger picture of this experiment called Nigeria and its potential swift super economic power status. Numbers plus Non religious Good Governance today equals Success.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        Lol. The delusion is even surprising to “isn’t surprising”.

    • When would you ‘all’ be moving back from other region to your beloveth biafra?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    When will they intercept the arms and ammunition being imported by Fulani herdsmen?

    • aboki

      We know THEM by their CHARACTERS and ill wishes on Nigeria.
      Nigeria we hail thee!

      • emmanuel

        We need guns in Nigeria now. The National Assembly should quickly pass a bill into law for owning of riffles in Nigeria. Come to my farm, i fire you.

    • omooba okoro ha, evil is evil regardless of who the perpetrator are, how do you know their passport-identity is not fake, for instance look at you even your name is fake.

    • Yooba Ponbele

      Very possible the arms were imported by Fulani herdsmen.

  • share Idea

    Government diversionary tactics. The other it was two helicopters imported by unknown persons even when the government knew exactly what happened.

    Today is a case of arresting dew people just to show that NCS is working. I am mot in support of unauthorised people importing arms. However, I know that the practice is normal in Nigeria even with this seizure, the only difference is that the stakes will go up now for the real cabals.

    • aboki

      A you justifying illegality?

      • Deansmart

        Are you asking the evil man from jungle of ccongo that questions? criminality is the way of life, am not surprise the name of importer is one of the canibals

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          Ethnic Bashing again? Smh. Children, Young species and their insolence. Crime has no tribe because money and greed has no tribe

    • tundemash

      D@ft as usual !

  • Paul Irumundomon

    Nigerians need these guns, so that those who have no money, the oppressive systems, won’t take advantage of them anymore. You ain’t see anything yet, China will destabilize Nigeria before you people wake up. The Chinese who give loans and name the interests they want, is going to turn Nigeria to a country, never seen before, these Chinese have who is who in nigeria military that they are untouchable in Nigeria today, under this old man adminostration.

  • westman

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  • Impulse400

    Chinese where recorded to used deadly force, using pump action guns , at Ghanians some years ago.

    These look like crates used to transport Huawei’s telecom equipment.

    But before I speculate, an Okafor was involved.

  • tundemash

    You wonder how many more passed through undetected; scary !

  • Any group of people who plan to destabilized this nation regardless of the ethnicity ought to be lockup, kanu, gov orji, fulani herdsmen, gunrunner they all belong together.

  • Paul Irumundomon

    As notorious as the Chinese, is there any nigerian, who can name one jail, where they are serving. Go to china, ordinary visa violations, Nigerians are serving more than five years in china jail.

  • lassko

    The guns are not for Biafra anything. He wanted to sell them to armed robbers and make money. He should face firing squad with one of the guns.

  • Ibukun Bandele


    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      God bless you. Its like you are the only one who understood the report well.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    The more you look at Nigeria the more stupidity you find. The customs service is supposed to be a paramilitary outfit where employees appear to work in designated uniforms. But look at that animal who calls himself comptroller in what appears to be night gown to work

    • Kallah Bature

      Is the dress your problem or his efficiency in doing his job?I don’t care what he wears as long as he can do his work and keep us safe.

      • Gary

        Rules and regulations, like due process never seem to matter to you folks when you find it expedient. But imagine, if two years ago, an official in the same position had turned up for work in Ijaw dressing as Comptroller of Customs?
        As a member of a government full of Ijaw people?
        Would there not have been an orchestrated public and media uproar?
        Every day you folks show your rank hypocrisy and diminish your credibility with the Nigerian people. Keep at it.

        • Baka

          petty Gary, left to irritants like you who hang to sentiment like a life crutch, the President and Commander in Chief should also be seen in uniform. The present custom boss is a performer who is making arrest and have suuceded in increasing the the service revenue collection.

    • Arkhuma

      I’m really amazed by the level of
      absurdity that some Nigerians show. A catchment of arms has just been luckily intercepted and all you could dredge up or contribute to the discuss is some mundane talk about the cloth the man is wearing and a hint about ethnicity. Why not ask yourself some hard questions our even pretend to be concerned about the issue rather than ignoring leprosy and hunting for the cure of ringworm. I supposed you would have been happier if the Comptroller is kitted from head to toes, sit in his office all days and not make any tangible interception such as this. Please my friend, substance matters and that’s what drive development. For your information, the man is a retired service man and can’t be decking now in the manner you just wished he should. Why not ask yourself who owns the catchment, where is it heading to, where there other containers which evaded the seizure, since when has such been hastening? And so on…..

    • Abubakar Haske

      It seems you ( ukoette) and your like are more sentiments than patriots. Why failed to acknowledge the achievement.

  • Wale

    I don’t really care how many pump action rifle they have; it takes more than rifle guns especially (pump action) to win a war;
    1967 is about to repeat itself, but this time it’s going to be brutal.
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it now.

    Let’s fight it out, winner takes all.

    • Mr Begy

      Do not hallucinate about the wars you see in movies. If you have e witnessed any serious war, it will be difficult to dream of another. It is not pleasant to wake up a sleeping tiger.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Stop calling for war. It wont favour any side. Its the children and women who would suffer, get rapped and die mostly. And i dont like to brag, But if you guys were to fight again, it wont be like the 1967 because today is different, science has advanced and if i am pissed off, I alone can defeat this countries entire military including The Biafra fighters. I am from the SE/SS but i am not on the side of Biafra or with any other sides. I would rather destroy all Nigerian adults from the ages of 18 upwards so the innocent kids from 17 down to 0 would be safe from those backward unfriendly primitive failed illiterate ancestral Nigerian tribes. After all the corrupt, murderous and evil Nigerian adults have been wiped out the kids would inherit and make Nigeria great.

      • kazkaz

        I will not mind joining your cause if truly you’re neutral.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          I am Neutral, Very very neutral because i have no sentiments or emotion, so i see on a wider spectrum. I think Human race not human states, language differences or tribes.

  • Otile

    Imam Buhari ought to be back from his 10 day vacation. Lair Mohammed and Osibande lied to us, 10 days have come and passed not Imam. These apes in APC are deceiving themselves not us.

    • scimitar


  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Whoever those pum-actions rifles are traced to be the importer/s must be arrested,prosecuted and jailed for a long jail-term as such importers must be the sponsor of various armed robbery and assassination squad, operating secretly in Nigeria.
    Or the importers must be the sponsors of Boko Haram insurgency who must be put away in an indefinite prison sentences.

  • sammyctu ode

    Okafor what is your intention of importing these dangerous weapons to Nigeria, why do you want to kill and maine your fellow Nigerians through armed robberies, kidnapping and other criminal activities? It’s sad that we have greedy custom officials who do not think peace for Nigeria but just want to enrich their pockets. Don’t our custom officials watch Australian border security or the American one on DSTV, why are they so useless and corrupt and why is it they don’t have any allegiance to the Nigerian state? All those arressted deserves death penalties cos thousands of lives of innocent Nigerians could have been lost if these arms were to be in the public domain.

    • scimitar

      Yes,agents of death should be put to death.

  • Toughie Man

    These containers were going to Southern Kaduna. El rufai knows something about them.After the ship conveying them moved from port to port without questing and finally berthing @ the Lagos port, security agents in those countries who have impounded them. It is a bad deal between the clearing agents and the custom officials the brought about the arrest. Wait and see if anything will be heard again about this case. An order from above will soon come and all the rifles will quietly disappear and arrive safely at its intended destination. Should Hammed Ali, the Comptroller General, insist on doing his job according to laid down codes without let or hindrance he will be roped and unceremoniously and ignobly sent out.

    • scimitar

      Okafor is the name, not Rufai.

      One gun per shopkeeper at Alaba. We have reasons to now roast your ass.

      Okafor should not be allowed to be poisoned by his accomplices.

  • systematic

    indi igbo the problem of this country is igbo people anytime u here about illegal u will see that is igbo man y ?

    • aboki

      I concur with you!
      They are unorganized and advocates of Religious and tribal war i.e. INGBO AKWENO
      They are involvedfew. in negative vices like DRUG PUSHING, FORGERY, BABY FACTORIES Operators and 419 actvities to name but few i.e. INGBO
      They live more in diaspora and constitute nuisance to their landlords i.e. INGBO AKWENO.
      They think and believe to have the monopoly of everything i.e. INGBO AKWENO
      The DAY of reckoning is glaringly apparent!

      • williams odivbri

        you are jus talking out of sentiment. i am not an igbo person …. but from the story its obvious where this rifles are going to. igbo pple like business, they dont care where the thing is going as far as it gives money. who is the clearing agent? …. thats Mahmud Hassan, who is accompanying the good to the destination? …. Sadique Mustapha…. so what does that tell you???? its so clear… Mr Okafor is only involved to make money… that an igbo man for you…. so the clear truth is that this thing is going to the north.. and i suspect Katsina state…..