Nigeria seeks fresh China loan for Kaduna, Kano rail

Chibuike Amaechi
Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi

Nigeria’s federal and Kano state governments are in separate negotiations with the China EXIM Bank for multi-billion dollar loans to execute two rail projects.

While the federal government is negotiating for a loan of $1.2 billion for a new Kano-Kaduna rail line, the state government has asked the bank for 85 percent of the $1.85 billion it needs for an intra-city rail project.

This was revealed at the weekend during a visit by the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, to the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje.

Mr. Amaechi said that President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the construction of the Kano – Kaduna railway.

He said negotiation with China EXIM Bank on the project was expected to end this year to enable the construction begin.

“I think the president is doing that because the economy of Kano is also large in the country and between Kano and Lagos, we have about a total of 30 million tonnes of freight, and that will help in conveying some of them to Abuja, while we extend the construction to Lagos,” he said.

The minister further revealed plans to put more locomotives on the Lagos – Kano narrow gauge rail before June.

“We are trying to bring in about 100 locomotives to move between Lagos – Kano – Funtua and Port Harcourt – Gombe”.

The activities, he told the governor, would greatly impact on Kano and the national economy.

Mr. Amaechi commended the government of Kano state for embarking on the construction of several new roads and other infrastructure despite the challenging economic conditions in which some states could not pay salaries of workers. He said the efforts of the Ganduje administration were very encouraging.

He also praised the governor on his role as chairman of the All Progressives Congress Campaign Council for last year’s re-run elections in Rivers state. He said Mr. Ganduje’s leadership gave the APC the courage to confront the Peoples Democratic Party in the state.

In his remarks, Mr. Ganduje acknowledged the importance of the rail project and disclosed that his administration was also fine-tuning plans to begin the Kano intra-city light rail project.

He said the $1.85 million project would cover four routes, terminating at Bata Roundabout near the Kano central business district.

The governor said 85 percent of the project cost would also be sourced from the China EXIM Bank.

“The rail project would save our roads and improve movement of goods and services in Kano, which is the commercial nerve center of Northern Nigeria, and parts of West Africa”, the governor enthused.


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  • RAPE on the Niger DELTA

    AVENGERS where art thou? This collateral for this China loan no doubt is our Niger Delta oil. Meanwhile there is no projects going on in the Niger Delta, the only project is military invasion and occupation code named “Operation Crocodile smile”. No roads, no rails and no bridges to navigate our countless water bodies.

    From Uyo (Akwa Ibom) to Calabar (Cross Rivers) takes about 50min – 1 hr by road, this is a journey that can be done in 25mins by bicycle were there a bridge constructed between the two cities. How long can we continue to allow this rape and neglect continue right before our eyes? Elders of the Niger Delta, State Govrnors, Freedom fighters etc where art thou?

    • persona

      No vex. I thought the very first project commissioned by Buhari was in Cross Rivers that the man even had to land in the rain.
      I thought that the federal government will pay the state loan negotiated with China also.
      The Ogoni clean up is paid for using cowrie my brother.
      Even as you may have noticed, Kano economy is moving forward internally and the 13 percent derivation, NDDC, and state allocations cant even deliver portable water in Otuoke, Waterside and several other places even as mansions exist all over.
      Sir, better tell the avenger say, cost of explosive don cost with the rising dollar and na why the activity of pipeline bursting don reduce. WHile Rivers and other states dey buy jets and choppers like Osun, Kano is building internal rail network. Person wey dey vex make he continue.

  • Jedi

    Ameachi is a good choice by Buhari! I mean a good stooge who can sell his relatives to please Buhari and his fellow fulanis. In almost 2 yers in to this ‘Mala’ administration, I have never heard Ameachi talk about plans of starting any project anywhere in southern Nigeria. Its only Kano, Kaduna, etc. Firing thunder is doing push ups for him!

    • Man_Enough

      Lagos to Calabar is in the north west.

      • Gary

        When is the groundbreaking on that project? Na for mouth alone?

      • Thanks!
        They cry SS all the time but Calabar, Edo, PH … are never in their sub-conscience unless they can change their identity and turn them into biafra.

    • Jon

      That is exactly what was on my mind before I read your post. When will I hear or see railway project running from Benin to Agbor to Onitsah to far East? Or from Benin to Warri and then to PortHarcourt and so forth? When? Is it only the North? What sort of nonsense is this?

    • marc umeh

      The igbos are the only group who understands and oppose the hausa- fulani master plan.
      That is why he has never visited any igbo state and he won’t. He is even ready to clamp down militarily to contain them ( to the full satisfaction of many.)

  • elele

    Buhari is president of northern Nigeria, with money from southern Nigeria.

    • You do not stupidly presume to speak for all southerns?

  • burning spear

    Amaechi is the senior He goat in the government of Fulani Bingo Buhari and his mentors the Sultan of Sokoto—–ati emir of Kano-another illegal immigrant in Nigeria–Besides–Was this not the same Amaechi who told former President Jonathan that he should go hide his head in shame because he was not able to do anything for the people of the SS—during his tenure?————Now the question is what has Amaechi as a Minister of the Fulani led government of the Sultan of Aso Rock Bingo Buhari done for the people of the south south–with regards to the Calabar Lagos rail lines?——————–Aware it was the same Amaechi who cancelled the Maritime University slated for Gbaranmatu because the Itsekiris and Urbhobo wayos through another slave in aso rock malam Sagay declared that the land belongs to the Itsekiris—————————Sadly the rail line in question was the same one that Jonathan completed before he left office———-Now rhe Apes in Apc are using it to milk the people—-of the Niger delta whose crude oil resource will be used to offset the loan—-by the Fulani economic migrants from Niger Republic now resident in aso rock —-

  • Gary

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the major priority capital projects for which the federal government is seeking loans (to be repaid with oil money) are concentrated in the Abuja-Kaduna-Kano axis?
    Then throw billions for oil exploration, North East rehabilitation, proposed pipeline to Niger from the Kaduna refinery.
    Meanwhile our people for NASS dey look like Lucozade while Amaechi dem dey carry go. God dey.

    • Hope you know that oil has also being found in the North? and that it belongs to all Nigerians gone are the days when any group or people from the north can keep this new dig.

      • AryLoyds

        What kind of oil was found , groundnut oil?

  • marc umeh

    This serves the morons in the south right. Buhari should go ahead and follow the master plan . It is working and will continue to work. Let them continue to tear themselves apart. Who needs rail more — the north or the south ? Who needs seaport as a matter of urgency.? They all want to keep the igbos out and in so doing keeping themselves in. The ijaw oil will pay for the kano – kaduna rail and much more.

    • aboki

      KANO and KADUNA are in present Nigeria please.
      You people were saying killing in Southern Kaduna now a notable project for them you are protesting which one you dey?

      • There are more igbo in Kaduna than in Abia state. So this is for the benefit of all. Kaduna and Kano are metropolitan cities that included and welcomes all people.

      • marc umeh

        Even- handedness. That’s all we are asking for. A rail in the north and one in the south. Does that make sense ?

    • alhambra

      Mr. Umeh, please ignore aboki and quest. They know you are saying the truth. In the end, the main people to blame are the idiots sent from the south to be their senators and reps in Abuja, as they are they are there only to fill their pockets. Blame also the totally ignorant southern voters. Next elections their politicians will send bags of rice to the village to share. So, for one or two mudus or rice the ignorant village people gives his or her vote to these thieves called senators and reps without asking what they did for them in the last four years.

      • marc umeh

        More people need to speak up . Maybe they will start listening.

  • thusspokez

    While the federal government is negotiating for a loan of $1.2 billion for a new Kano-Kaduna rail line

    How much trade goes on between these two state or cities?

    It makes no economic sense to build infrastructure in areas where they will be underused and at the expense of the most economically active and productive part of the country, namely the south. It also defies logic to starve the latter of fund, whereas using the revenue generated there to fund grandiose projects in the least productive part of the country. If this reduce the productivity of the south, don’t the whole country suffers as a result of lower revenue being generated from the south?

    The north seems to want grandiose projects without contributing towards the fund to pay for them. How many passengers use Dutse International Airport, Jigawa Sate — wherever that is, and opened by GEJ — outside the pilgrimage to Mecca season? If this were a business venture, it would never have taken off due to lack of passengers as marketing research would have show.m

    • aboki

      Yan uwana a Southern Kaduna open your eyes and see the road clearly woooooo

      • thusspokez

        Please speak English!

        • aboki

          The message has gone were it’s supposed to go please.
          Ina Ruwan ka?

        • Go english-anglo-saxon-igbo-jew.

          • thusspokez

            “Anglo” means English, fóól !

      • wana yan yomirin neh.

    • In 6 year GEJ did what for Ogoni?

      • thusspokez

        Of what relevance is this question to my comment, fóól?

  • Osemwengie Osahon

    Please,even if I become the president today as an Edo Man,as a project manager that has worked in the Niger-Delta,How do you take take to pay ‘DEVE’.To put transformer in most communities to light up their house you pay ‘DEVE’.to develop the land you bought with your own money,the community would insist that their sons who do not no the difference between 2X2 and 4X4 wood must roof your house.What do you tell the chinese when you use the bulk of the money to pay ‘DEVE’.Or while do you think EGTL was double the cost of a similar project in Qatar

    • Paul Irumundomon

      Deve, is everywhere in nigeria but different communities call it different names. I’m from Edo state, I live in lagos and do business everywhere in nigeria. Is the first madness, police even encourage you to settle, and move on with your life. That is how the cooky crumbled.

  • Dazmillion

    When Buhari requested for his $30 billion loan, the first question he was asked was where is the blueprint for the projects that will be financed by the loan, he refused to show any blueprint. The reason is because most of the projects will be situated in the north and he knows that Nigerians will be in an uproar if they know. He is now selling it small by small with this new Kano project that has no economic value

    • Paul Irumundomon

      And the southern slave senators, who are ready and willing to sell their birth right for dimes, are all on board for this old man to take the south for a ride. He started from his very first day in office. You have to be a northern to head any important office, says his appointments, but when the time to represent him in court, over the fake results, he hired the cream of crops from the south.

      • Dazmillion

        That is the hypocrisy of tribalism

  • Vivian Etteh


    Shocking But True!

    Most people don’t like where they are right now, they are unhappy with their quality of life:

    1. They want a better life, one of freedom to do whatever they want.

    2. They want more money to help themselves and family.

    3. They are tired of their paid jobs, even scared that one day they would lose it.

    4. They see you travelling up and down, when you tell them you are in KANO, ABUJA, LAGOS for seminars they wish they have the time to move about.

    5. They are very sad and want a change of everything, but….


    You show them a sweet opportunity like M C D AV E F U N D S . C O M, and they tell you they can’t be chasing people around.

    What’s more surprising is that most of these people have targets to meet at their work place especially bankers, they have to get several customers to open account with them or no tangible commissions.

    Not just the banks now, some other companies have made it mandatory that every staff have to sell a certain amount of their products or services.

    I know of a Telecom company where the manager has to hit the street to sell products when the sales reps are not performing.

    But sadly, this same people will say ‘I can’t be running after people to register… This same people send ‘unprofitable chain messages’ and broadcasts every morning…..

    This same people are the ones always complaining about how bad the economy is, all they do is complain….. Wish… Without working towards building the kind of life they want.

    I can’t stress this anymore… If you are still thinking and wishing for a better life and not doing anything about it, the time to take action is right now!


  • LionHeart

    Sho……This government no dey tire to beg?