Buhari re-nominates Magu as EFCC chairman

EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

President Muhammadu Buhari has re-nominated Ibrahim Magu for confirmation as chairman of Nigeria’s anti-graft agency, EFCC.

Multiple sources knowledgeable about the development, including presidency officials, have spoken with PREMIUM TIMES on the re-nomination.

The Senate had in December last year declined to confirm Mr. Magu as the substantive chairman of EFCC, ending months of delay and rancorous power-play involving influential senators, the State Security Service, SSS, and officials of the presidency opposed to Mr. Magu’s headship of the agency.

The spokesperson for the Senate, Aliyu Abdullahi, at a hurriedly arranged press conference, cited a security report from the SSS for the non-confirmation of Mr. Magu.

PREMIUM TIMES’ findings revealed the SSS actually turned in two reports with contradictory conclusions. Both were submitted same day, October 3, 2016, and signed by one official, Folashade Bello, on behalf of the Director-General, Lawan Daura.

Nevertheless, the claims in the two reports, reviewed by this newspaper, were tied around the principal charge that Mr. Magu seemed tainted, integrity-challenged and, thus, may become a liability to the anti-graft campaign of the Buhari administration.

But a fact-check by this newspaper showed that the SSS’ claims were inaccurate.

After the presidency received formal notice from the Senate on Mr. Magu’s rejection, Mr. Buhari announced he was referring all allegations of corruption against top officials of his government, including Mr. Magu, to the Attorney-General for investigations.

“But contrary to popular belief,” one of our sources said, “the investigation of the claims made against Magu is not just for the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation.”

The source said the Vice-president, Yemi Osinbajo, played a leading role in the investigation and ended up absolving Mr. Magu of any culpability, morally or legally, and afterwards recommending that he should be re-nominated by the President.

Besides the investigation that involved the Vice-President and the Justice Minister, the presidential advisory council on anti-corruption also undertook a separate task and equally advised Mr. Buhari to re-nominate Mr. Magu, PREMIUM TIMES understands.

Consequently, the President ignored the SSS reports and brushed aside plots to stop Mr. Magu.

Mr. Osinbajo and the Itse Sagay-led anti-corruption advisory council were believed to have categorically advised the President that Mr. Magu’s rejection by the Senate was in bad faith and the SSS’ claims against him were inconsequential.

So, before the President left the country last Thursday for the United Kingdom, he signed off the letter for Mr. Magu’s re-nomination for transfer to the Senate through the Office of the Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, our sources aware of the process said.

But we cannot confirm if the Senate had received the letter as at the time of filing this report. The spokesperson for the Senate, Mr. Abdullahi, did not answer calls or reply a text message.

Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, referred all questions on the matter to Laolu Akande, Vice President Osinbajo’s spokesperson.

Mr. Akande did not pick calls or reply a text message sent to him.

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, insiders said, is personally opposed to Mr. Magu’s headship of EFCC and was one of the key figures that ensured he was rejected earlier.

Mr. Magu, as the head of the EFCC’s economic governance unit, spent years investigating Mr. Saraki yielding loads of ‘evidence’ of corruption and abuse of office during the latter’s tenure as Kwara State Governor, 2003-2011.

Mainly, the evidence the federal government now uses against Mr. Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal were from Mr. Magu’s investigative efforts.

To ensure Mr. Magu was rejected, PREMIUM TIMES learnt, Mr. Saraki only disclosed the SSS report that Mr. Magu should not be confirmed, concealing the other that recommended his confirmation.

The former Senate Leader, Ali Ndume, said his removal earlier this year was instigated by Mr. Saraki over his insistence that Mr. Magu had not been rejected in the face of the Senate’s procedure and standard practice.


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  • Peter_Edo

    Let the games continue, meanwhile… where is my popcorn?

  • Emeka

    Pmb, Vice President Yemi Osibanjo, and the erudite Professor of Law, in the person of Itse sagay, have once again demonstrated that fighting corruption needs every mental and physical strength, and by that singular move, they have successfully put a wide smile on my face and the faces of those who believe in the essence of eliminating corruption. They actively worked behind the scene in seeing to the destruction of the evil plans orchestrated by Saraki and other looters of the treasury in stopping the confirmation of “looters-nightmare” magu. I thank you guys so very much, men of unquestionable integrity, and may the almighty God give you the brain powers in the future battles against corruption. We shall and must win this war.

    • duwdu



    • paul irumundomon

      Your vice president, was the lawyer, who represented northern Nigeria children, when an American drug company Pfizer, brought fake drugs to the north, kill many and maimed a lot. He was paid ten million dollars, abandoned his clients”inocent northern kids” , he walked away with fat bank account, that is the president you have today in Nigeria. The different between pdp and apc members are names, they are all looters, I mean all, from buhari down to their supporters. If a minister can buy a Toyota Land cruiser for a senator, in Nigeria, in 2017, what is buhari talking about.

      • kinsly

        Its like you will kill yourself early. You are on the right path to that fate.

        • paul irumundomon

          I spoke my mind and that is me, if you like jump into the nearest lake, you have no value and there is no fire service, you will die for no reason. The intelligent officers, gave a report against Magu to the senate, based on that report, magu was rejected, with your block head, what other reason does buhari have to resubmit his name, so your senatOrson as far that old president is concerned, are not qualified to investigate a nominee. Tell me why you decide to kill yourself, over those who bought and paid you, to be slave in your mother land.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    The noose is tightening around the necks of corrupt Nigerians; they will have nowhere to hide. The day of reckoning is nigh!

    • duwdu



  • SAM .A

    That is the man who is going to get the job done , those who opposed his nomination have trailer loads of skeletons in their cupboard . Please PMB build more jails for this corrupt cankerworms that have not only looted the country but eat into recession and bone marrow . Nigeria will rise again.

    • paul irumundomon

      Nigeria will only rise, if the rule of law is followed, we are not in military governmemt of 1983. Things today, must follow the constitution and not a decree.

      • kinsly

        Whats the rule of law in your book,dunce? Re-submittion of Magu is it not part of your own rule of law,mugu? What concerns military govt or decree in this actions, loser?

        • paul irumundomon

          Tell me the rule of law, I dont know the law you want to preach here. Since he came to power, which law has buhari followered. If you know anyone, it won’t hurt you to say it, or go and turn off your generator and stop wasting your petrol.

  • www.electionoffenders.ng

    He should be confirmed and he should start working like a wounded lion.

    The number one enemy of Nigerias progress is corruption. Its affects everything.

    Parties like KOWA and other small parties with decent and God fearing candidates can never win elections against theives who have stolen billions. When KOWA party candidate will travel by Night Bus to a political rally, the thieving politicians will be flying private jets and sleeping in 5star hotels.

    We must stop stealing so everyone contests elections with legitimate money. Not money stolen from the people.

    No honest politician can contest and win elections in Nigeria against a billionaire. How?

    Magu can make it risky for politicians to spend money if they will be called to explain where they get it from. Love Nigeria = Fight for Nigeria!

  • Kevin Peter

    It makes no difference! Once a tainted report against Magu has been rendered, it cannot be reversed; meaning that his credibility will still remain in the balance

    • paul irumundomon

      In Nigeria, they will change that report, one step forward, ten steps backward, in the name of fake change.

  • Höly Wähala

    “Mr. Osinbajo and the Itse Sagay-led anti-corruption advisory council were believed to have categorically advised the President that Mr. Magu’s rejection by the Senate was in bad faith and the SSS’ claims against him were inconsequential.” – PT

    What are “inconsequential” to corrupt Sagay and mindless vP are clear violations of statutory laws… The Senate should make sure Mr. Ibrahim Magu is given a fair chance to respond (before plenary) all the allegation therein contained in the now infamous DSS Report… that should be done on Live TV so Nigerians would know who is/not working for them. Magu lives in an “apartment” that cost Nigeian taxpayers N83million/2yr and to dismiss that as “inconsequential” based on silly sentiments is crude and a clear mockry of the war against corruption. I remain against the confirmation of Magu until after he appears a second time before the full Senate Chambers for comprehensive grilling… this is just Rd.2, more to go…
    I dey gulp odeku!

  • thusspokez

    Here is a president who says that his number one priority is the fight against corruption; and yet he still hasn’t succeeded in getting senate approval for the chairperson of the most important institution charged with fighting corruption.

    • TitoTX

      If you think that stinking Senate will ratify Magu whom they believe will do a good job that will affect so many of them, then wake up from your slumber. My position has always been that anyone supported by the Senate will never do any good job, we saw how they incapacitated Farida Waziri. Magu is the man for the job and senate can go and die if they dont want.

      • thusspokez

        If you think that stinking Senate will ratify Magu whom they believe will do a good job that will affect so many of them, then wake up from your slumber.

        How does this response make sense with regard to my comment?

        • kinsly

          Wake up man.

          • thusspokez

            Go outside and play!

    • paul irumundomon

      All that are lip services, you can see his cabinent, the worst criminals in Nigeria are all in there. See what happened to mtn, a member of his cabinent, collected millions and they changed the fine on mtn at midnight. VW, lied about their emission in their VW vehicles, The United States, only requested, to see their book, which shows what their profit was, the US governement, took a chunk of their profit, in Nigeria, buhari lies everyday to Nigerians, about all his fake change and fight against looters.

      • kinsly

        Mumu comment as always. Bad belle wake up, Election is over long long time.

  • Tunde

    Well done Sirs! Please ensure Magu now has all the tools to prosecute this war! Who is that bitter old man from the SW who said VP was an ‘errand boy’; maybe now you can see how bitter you are! Now let us get into this fight proper!

  • stanejike

    Magu will still be rejected again! Buhari has not agreed that anyone in his cabinet is corrupt. Every allegation against anyone working with PMB is INCONCEQUENTIAL!

    • paul irumundomon

      He will settle the senators, so that they can disregard, report from the agency that disqualified magu. You no almost every Nigeria, are prone to accept bribes, regardless of education, age, and religion.

  • uOkwunna

    Buhari should open-up and tell Nigerians why Magu is indispensable in his purported war against corruption. During Obasanjo administration Ribadu gathered incriminating evidence against the governors, ministers, and top government officials and true the back door gave it to OBJ which he used to hold them to ransom politically. Presently under Buhari it seems that Magu is a Buhari weapon against his political opponents and unsuspected/unaccounted milking pipe.
    Let Magu go as far as the senate has rejected him nominating him back the second time is an insult to the senate and the entire nation.
    Buhari should know he is a servant not the lord of this nation, someone should advice him to stop acting lord.

  • paul irumundomon

    With a population of over 180 million people, the only one man, that can head efcc, is police man magu, who was not only rejected by the security reports on him but also the senate. If there is no script to carry out by this man and buhari the president, who flies first class across the globe, I want somebody else to tell me, what quality this man posses, that others do not.
    That means, we are not practicing democracy, but a pretence that we are. The senators, are going to make so much money, when they ask the president, to put money where his mouth is, if they must accept magu. This is the road this old man, wants to follow. Buhari has become the senate, the house of representative and the judge. Next, he may want to change the constitution, to rule like mugabe, who did not even start like this.

    • kinsly

      Stop blabbing. Too much conspiracy theories, hope you aint on something?

      • paul irumundomon

        HOW OLD ARE YOU?

  • Powerlessconscious

    Well done. God bless Nigeria.

  • burning spear

    What else do u expect from the dead brain cells of bingo buhari—?—Does Buhari even know the name of the man in charge of the political wing of the Fulanis and Apes in APC–Magus is in control of the thieves in efcc period————-Did Bingo Buhari not give abacha a pass mark in spite of all the money that Bingo Buhari helped him to loot—–? Look at his Ministers ——————-99.9 percent of them are thieves—–From Amaechi to Fashola Dambazua–Fayemi–Tinubu and Buratai–So why should the confirmation of rats like magu come to any as a shock————————Is he really there to investigate corruption cases and prosecute them——-?———–the man is a disgrace to the Apes that hired him———————–sadly efcc is a department created to protect the Fulani from Mali in Nigeria among other rogues from the major tribes in Nigeria

    • Buhari4Ever

      Deri Orbuka, no cure has been found for your mental illness?

    • kinsly

      Keep crying. Robot.

      • moha