Northern governors, Sultan, emirs meet over Southern Kaduna crisis,others

FILE PHOTO: In Kaduna, for a secure north: Governors Abdullahi Ganduje (Kano), Atiku Bagudu ( Kebbi), Nasir El-Rufai (Kaduna), Kassim Shettima (Borno) and Aminu Bello Masari (Katsina) at a joint meeting of the Northern State Governors' Forum and the Chairmen of the Council of Chiefs of the northern states on Monday, 23rd January 2017

The Sultan of Sokoto and Chairmen of councils of traditional rulers across the 19 States of northern Nigeria, Sa’ad Abubakar, has met with governors in the region over the continuing violence in Southern Kaduna.

Hundreds have been killed in the area since last year in clashes between Fulani herdsmen and locals of the area.

The National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, said 204 people have been killed. But the figure has been disputed, with the Catholic Church putting the death toll at 808 early January.

The federal government and the Kaduna governments have been accused of not doing enough to end the killings.

The meeting of governors and traditional leaders is expected to help in finding a solution.

Mr. Abubakar expressed concern over the use of places of religious worship to preach hatred.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on Monday at Sir Kashim Ibrahim House , Kaduna, the Sultan said preaching hatred and violence divide citizens, rather than strengthen unity as a people.

He said one of the numerous reasons why violence has continued to thrive in the region is impunity that has seen culprits go without punishment.

He said in view of the threats and the dimension the crises were taken, the traditional rulers from the region would back any action that is being and would be taken by the Northern States Governors forum.

“Let us collectively as one people say enough is enough,” the Sultan added.

In his speech, chairman of the Northern State Governors Forum ,NSGF, and Governor of Borno State Kashim Shettima said managing multiculturalism is a major challenge and indeed a litmus test for leadership, good governance and progress not just in Northern Nigeria but in the entire global society.

“Our backwardness in education, pervasive poverty and persistent insecurity are amongst the basis of this extraordinary meeting,” he said.

He said the southwest and southeast have remained comparatively more prosperous.

“Some may argue that theirs are societies with common tribes while ours in northern Nigeria, is the multi-ethnic reality of the African mix, as some researchers call it. This African-mix is ordinarily a comparative advantage and we can make it so.

“Poverty, Poverty and I say again, poverty, is to many of us, the number one monster dragging backward, our Northern Nigeria

“For instance, in June, 2013, we recorded a good number of extremely poor persons, who were recruited for as little as N5,000 to either spy on soldiers and report their vulnerability to insurgents, attack and set schools ablaze by late night or in some cases, poor old women were paid similar amounts by insurgents, to either keep arms in their huts or smuggle arms from one point to another.

“One case I always remember is that of one Musa Grema, a 13 year old boy who revealed that he accepted N5,000 to set three of our primary schools ablaze and also spy on soldiers, because his parents relied on him for their feeding,” he said.

Governor Nasiru El-Rufai of Kaduna State said the traditional rulers were the closest to the grassroots and hold the ace to resolving some of the crisis.

He called on them to impress it upon their subjects that ensuring security is a business of all in their domains.

At least 15 out of the 19 states governors or their deputies attended the opening session.

They are Taraba governor, Darius Ishaku, Sokoto State governor, Aminu Tambuwal, Plateau governor, Simon Lalong, Katsina governor, Aminu Masari, Borno governor, Kashim Shettima, and Kebbi State governor, Atiku Bagudu.

Also seen at the meeting were, Kano governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, Niger State governor, Sani Bello, Jigawa governor, Ababakar Badaru, and
Adamawa State, Jibrilla Bindow.

Benue, Kogi, Zamfara and Nasarawa states were represented by their deputies.

Emirs of Kano, Zazzaua,Etsu Nupe, Emir of Zuru, Gwandu,Yauri,Bida,Wukari,Shehun Borno also attended.


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  • Watch man

    Several meetings of this kind have yielded absolutely no positive result. That is why the killings have continued. This one will also yield nothing because it is simply a PR. When they go back to their secret place they would continue their wicked plots. The victims should be wise now.

    • truthhurts

      Times are changing. The new President in the USA is anti Islam, he will be happy to ensure Nigeria be ravaged by a religious war. All leaders must take account that they will be held accountable and that blame is directed to moslems nowadays. Watch as all start to take action to prevent a war.

  • Foreign Observa

    @Watch man:disqus

    Let truth be told. Northern Nigeria is a depraved and mentally deranged society.
    Northern Nigeria is the major problem with Nigeria. It is a society of sub human beings.
    A swathe of utterly mad Northern Nigeria’s Muslims say it is their religion to behead innocent people.
    Such a society needs detention, not unity, because only a cursed people will embrace lunatics in unity.

    Northern Nigeria has so far rotted to a genocidal point to rise to a threat to global peace and security.
    It is a society of smelly illiterates with no knowledge of practical science or any sense of personal hygiene.
    Such a retrograde society of backward people may rightly be on the radar of President Donald J. Trump.
    President Trump declared on 20th January that Islamist terrorism is a scourge that must be bombed to death.

    • Charlie

      Subhuman? Really? Language like your that dehumanize human beings is one of the problems. Do you see every Northerner this way or only the people you don’t know? The beginning of genocidal madness is to convince oneself of how less human other people are. That’s how the so called Fulani Herdsmen are too, and you at the first stage of being like them. You can defend yourself against a murderous adversary or even kill him without seeing him as subhuman. Seeing a man as less than human allows you to kill his woman and babies too, then we are on our way to Rwanda.

  • Dazmillion

    The Sultan of Sokoto “one of the numerous reasons why violence has continued to thrive in the region is impunity that has seen culprits go without punishment”

    This is a very good comment from the Sultan. He should go faurther and ask Kano governor, Abdullahi Ganduje why he released and discharged Dauda Ahmed, Abdulmumeen Mustafa, Zubairu Abubakar, Abdullahi Abubakar and Musa Abdullahi from murder charges after beheading Bridget Patience Agbaheme.

    This is the kind of blatant impunity and miscarriage of justice that has always encouraged more killings in the North.

    • vay

      God bless u bruv. But they ll never address that. Main reason for this so call their meeting is because of Christians gearing up for self defence. Are they blind or deaf till 800 innocent lives were wasted by the fulanis?They knows what they are doing. The best of hypocrites are northern elders but they failed to realise we see through their mask of hypocrisy. When their murderous people are killing others, cat automatically caught their tongues but when others goes into self defence, they call for truce.

      • Professor of Zoology


        A scientist’s view of Southern Kaduna Crisis

        I have never met
        any bespectacled pygmy – which Senator Shehu Sani describes the rather shortish
        Nasir El Rufai as. I cannot say if dwarfs who wear glasses show the same traits
        as all other pygmies I have met and won’t know the answer until I meet with
        Nasir El Rufai in person. All I can say about bespectacled pygmies is hearsay;
        and that is perhaps by assessing the intelligence quotient of the known friends
        to Nasir El Rufai – such as Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – for a hypothetical estimate,
        since birds of the same feather flock together.

        By the way I actually love pygmies.
        Pygmies are nice and pleasant things; though loud and noisy but often
        harmless and fretful. Since pygmies must look up to everyone else, quite
        literally from ground level, pygmies usually tend to overcompensate by making
        noise or acting tough. But pygmies are not tough at all. They just make it up.
        My knowledge of pygmies is actually deeper than this. Pygmies I have studied
        are usually mentally empty. They don’t seem to have the same reasoning ability
        as other humans of usual height. I am yet to meet a brilliant pygmy. I am looking
        forward. My point though is that I do not know the traits of all pygmies because
        I have not met all of them or ever met a bespectacled pygmy like Nasir El Rufai.

        • Raymondo

          “Who is this person (said to have financed Boko Haram from inside Central Bank of Nigeria)?
          What is so special about him that he cannot even be named? Why can’t he be brought out for
          the public to see the person who has helped in sending thousands of Nigerians to their early
          graves, while the nation is faced with the greatest threat to her unity since the Nigerian civil
          war nearly fifty years ago?

          Although the very thought that an individual in the top echelon of Nigeria’s ultimate Bank
          and regulator of the financial system will become a bankroller of our enemy (Boko Haram),
          yet it is only such a high level conspiracy that can make Boko Haram to grow into the monster
          it has become. When this fellow is identified, tried and convicted, we will expect him to face the
          full wrath of the law.”

          ………..VANGUARD Editorial Opinion

          [September 19th, 2014]


            ask GEAJ


      please always be objective, that is the work of police, so if police arrest a wrong person they should continue to detained him for no reason. I believe none of those guys arrested were found guilty of the crime otherwise no body will worry about any action that will be taken against anyone that killed an innocent soul. Ganduje is not a court of law and i believe these guys were taken to court, if there is evidence against them, no court can set them free.

      • Dazmillion

        You must be one of those Almajiris who was enrolled in the secondary schools Jonathan built in the north, hence you can login to the internet and be talking nonsense.

        The 5 murders who beheaded an old woman were not strangers, they were identified by her husband as their fellow traders in the same market. The ring leader of the murderous gang, who instigated the killing by washing his dirty feet in front of her shop, was her next door neighbour.

        It is because Isalm (the Nigerian Version) has poisoned your heart and rendered you into an unthinking subhuman monkey that is why you are here supporting the release of some murdering bastards

  • F. Observa

    @Dazmillion:disqus ,

    Let truth be told.
    Northern Nigeria is a depraved and mentally deranged society. Northern
    Nigeria is the major problem with Nigeria. It is a society of sub human beings.
    A swathe of utterly mad Northern Nigeria’s Muslims say it is their religion to
    behead innocent people. Such a society needs detention, not unity, because only
    a cursed people will embrace lunatics in unity.

    Northern Nigeria has so far
    rotted badly to a genocidal point to rise to become a threat to global peace
    and world security. It is a society of smelly illiterates with no knowledge of
    practical science or any sense of personal hygiene. Such a retrograde society
    of backward people may rightly be on the radar of President Donald J. Trump.
    Trump declared on 20th January that Islamist terrorism is a scourge that must
    be bombed to death and removed from the face of the earth.

  • mayGodpunishopressors

    Not until the northern elites drop their religious mind mixed with politics, nothing good will ever come from that part of Nigeria. Northern Nigeria will remain back because of our wrong understanding of islam. Northern muslims could not differentiate Islam and politics. People like elrufai that is full of hates is not fit to rule a state like kaduna.

  • thusspokez

    The Sultan of Sokoto and Chairmen of councils of traditional rulers across the 19 States of northern Nigeria, Sa’ad Abubakar, has met with governors in the region over the continuing violence in Southern Kaduna.

    Clearly Nigeria is lacking leadership.

    If these 19 governors think that the problem in Kaduna state is serious enough to warrant their joint attention or intervention, where then is the leader of Nigeria? These governors were elected to manage the affairs of their respective states — not stand in for the federal government.


    Until and Unless the North accepts that the basis for their civilization will be Education and logical thinking; there can be NO progress or development in the North,

    Until and Unless the North strikes a logical balance between religion and the State, there can be NO progress and development in the North.

    Right now, when i read about the core priorities of successive Northern Governments, when i interact with Northerners in position of influence and in leadership, i know 100% the North is going nowhere.

    If you give each state in the North 1Billion USD, and they build roads, and other infrastructure, those state will STILL FAIL due to their misunderstanding of the fundamental values needed to build a stable and thriving society,

    The very sad thing about this is that there can be no real progress in the whole of Nigeria unless the North gets its act together. From what i see; the Northern leaders dont have a clue how to move their society forward.

    Thats one reason why the North fears true federalism where each state keeps what it makes. If Nigeria operates true federalism, the development in the SW and SE will be boosted by at least 30 to 40%. Meanwhile, the inverse will happen in the North. If the North don’t have access to taking monthly money from Abuja, they will shut down within 3 months maximum.

    At least this is a good start, the North is talking openly about their failures and inadequacies.

    The North is not really good at changing. They are bound perpetually to their failures by sticking to outdated social and cultural practices, adopting restrictive religious positions and being led by the most kleptomaniac politicians in Nigeria. Yes; no politician in NIgeria has been more corrupt that the Northern leaders..

    • blueeyedkitten

      Hmm….just imagine this man. just look at the way you’re talking as if you’re living in some kind of utopia.
      if it was a londoner, or a new yorker talking here, i would understand….as they have attain the level of development, so that they can talk with such arrogance; but a fellow nigerian? unbelievable!
      so in your dream, the region you came from is so developed, so that the north should look up to it as a role model?
      you know the problem with some of you folks? arrogance. why dont you heed to your arrogant advice first, before you export it to other.


        Sir, you are in denial. From your submission i see that you don’t understand what the problem with the north is. I’m not speaking from a position of ignorance or arrogance. Sir ,I’ve traveled far around the North, even to the far edges of Borno state where Ive strolled casually/obliviously across the non existent border with Chad to chat with the brown combat uniform wearing Chadian boarder patrols. Sir, i also have northern friends. Close friend who i went to Federal Government Colleges with as young boys. They are honest with me and agree with my position. The problem with the North cant be hidden behind the semblance of modernity of the new roads and other infrastructure in Kano and Kaduna. The problem is the mindset and attitude to governmental and developmental issues. Agreed, Southern Nigerian is not much better as you have pointed out but the South do have the basic state of mind and attitudes upon which a progressive society can be built. Progressive societies are built based mind set of its people and not by cement and contracts awarded! Unless the North develops a growing, educated and forward thinking middle class, there can be no sustainable development. Why are all the authentic and accepted developmental indices worse in the North? Is it because no money has been spent there? You know the truth and yet you deny it. I love Nigeria and i pray for its progress but we must be honest and direct with ourselves. Who is going to develop and invest in the north? which FDI will be directed to the North? Where is the skilled work force? where is the open and free society? where is the legal system to protect investment? where is the consumer market with disposable income? Name one single location in the north that is as vibrant as Ikeja or Onitsha? I dont wish the North bas but i am agree that they are not getting their act together and making things worse for the country!

        • Gary

          Don’t bother arguing with an E-rat. Blue eyed kitten is one of them.

        • blueeyedkitten

          All these stuffs you mentioned are everybody’s problem. They are not exclusively northern problems, are they?

          I’m not denying the fact that the north, and indeed the entire country needs to do a lot to attain the desired development. I just dont like people speaking about the north in such a condescending manner. And ofcourse that is how folks from that part of the country often speaks about the north – from a position of ignorance

          Talking about vibrancy, you being to kano before? you being to the largest cattle market in west africa, in mubi? you ever heard of the largest fish market in west africa in baga( before it was ravaged by boko haram and the receeding lake chad)? do you know how your kinsmen are scattered all over the north conducting their businesses peacefully and loving it? if the north is so backward, what are they still doing there?

          You see, i really dont like talking about comparisons in this aspects, as nigeria to me belongs to all of us; but i cannot stand it when people come up with such divisive nonsense as – “we are better, than you”.

          Now again, just listen to yourself – “I dont wish the North bad but i am angry that they are not getting their act together and making things worse for the rest of the country!”

          Really? The north dragging you back? and the north is the major problem of our country? you believed this nonsensical myth promoted by the media and biased public commentators?

          So you guys from the south are the ones getting it right. clap..clap..clap! such blissful ignorance you guys sometimes display, makes me laugh, and the same time gets me angry. No wonder when some of you come to the north for your NYSC, you’d love the north so much so that you wouldnt want to go back again. Because the false stories sold to you over there has been layed bare before your eyes, and you’re shocked at what the realities are. By the way, i know, and i have heard of so many of such instances.

          No wonder many of you from the south, are the worst when it comes to the knowledge about the history and geography of this country.

    • Gary

      You nailed it. And all the negative indices about life quality in Nigeria is driven primarily by conditions in the North: education and illiteracy, healthcare, socio-economic disparities, child marriage, religious intolerance and terrorism against non-Sunni Moslems.
      The North is not backward for lack of intellectual heft, it is backward due to a theocratic leadership structure that gives pre-eminence to a closed and rapacious elite and their scions. So the Atikus, IBBs, Ndimis, Abubakars, Dantatas, Dangotes. Dasukis, Sanusis, Ribadus grab the pie and marry within themselves but the Northern masses are content with Koranic injunctions to rely on charity from the table of the nobles that Allah has placed over them.

  • Odus

    So what is the mandate for the meeting. What is the needy greedy? The main substance! What are the action plan and the next plan? How are they measured? What should the country as whole expect from these gathering? How do they plan to report their progress. Don’t be quick to report without giving your readers the next cause of actions.

    • thusspokez

      Good questions, including what powers do they have to bring about peace? The federal government with the powers and means has chosen to take a hands-off approach to this near national problem.

      • blueeyedkitten

        people like you are only good in asking question. some of you cannot even superintend over your households, yet you come on social platform preaching to people how to run their shows. make una go and siddon jor!

        • thusspokez

          people like you are only good in asking question.

          What is the opposite of asking question?

          It is your choice not to ask question and remain dumb, but don’t try to recommend it to others as the right path to knowledge and wisdom.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    This is commendable. Please do everything within your powers to bring to quick end this orgy of killings. We have a president who does not care a trifle what happens in any part of the country. He would prefer to go to the Gambia to solve their own problem while the fire of hate and bitterness burns right under his feet in Nigeria. And this is a country he has sworn to uphold its security. These guys in the presidency who continue playing nanny to him at every turn will one day run out of more yarns to spin in order to correct all the faux pas of this president.

    The situation in Nigeria has come to a stage where every region should take its own destiny in its hands, as the North is just doing. Forget that the nation has a president, because the nation only has someone sitting there in Aso Rock and dozing on his chair, pretending that all is well.

    If the president really cares about Nigeria NO REASON whatsoever would make him take a ‘vacation’ and run away to London under the pretext of whatever. They said medical attention? Hmmmm….. The guy is just running away from Nigeria’s problems. Buhari is fit as a fiddle. Engage him in a fisticuff and he would surprise you! He is not ill and does not require any medical checkup!

    As 2018 draws near you will see him travelling all over Nigeria, campaigning for votes to do a second term. And you’d see many idiots lining up to vote him again!

  • kusanagi

    What’s the need for ‘meetings. Instruct the police (military if need be) to hunt down arrest/kill the perpetrators and you’ll quickly see an end to it.


    This is an assembly of official sponsors of terrorism!

    The south must move ahead with forging an alliance with Trump to smoke them out, and avenge for ALL Christian deaths since 1960!

    • Point Blank


      • aboki

        Obviously the above issue would have field day from Nigerians commentating negatively or otherwise as the case may be.
        The abusive languages and names calling from those uncultured YOUTHS with ignorance of Northern set up is apparent and expected.
        The northern Nigeria is still safe heaven to those WAILERS as millions of them are living peacefully in that Region.
        They own properties in form of FARMS and HOUSES with shops attached. This gesture is rear to near impossible in their region and are always wishing others mayhem and DESTRUCTION of life, very sadistic people.
        The destruction and KILLINGS in Southern Kaduna is not a one way traffic and regrettably in all perspectives.
        There is nothing wrong in findings everlasting solutions despite the sadistic wishes from enemies the within as they would SHAMEFULLY be disgraced.
        Despite that both Christian and Muslims in Northern Nigeria hardly involved themselves in Baby Factories productions and cultism.
        Both Christian and Muslims in Northern Nigeria are not involved in negative vices like DRUG PUSHING, FORGERYand are not 419ners.
        Please WAILERS live us alone and concentrate in your BIAFRA REPUBLIC agenda.
        DONALD TRUMP and Internet would actualize your Dreams shameless and very ingrate people!

        • Otile

          You are a hater. Don’t say that there is no forgery going on in the Core North. You know very well that Imam Mohamed Buhari’s WAEC is forged. Don’t say there is no baby factory in the North, IDPs are nothing but baby factories, Sambisa evil forest is littered with baby factories where Boko boys_fuck captured girls day and night. Scores of Muslima pilgrims flock to Arabia every week carrying drugs inside their totos. Take your own advice and concentrate on your Islamic Caliphate of Arewa agenda.

          • aboki

            Otile you didn’t dispute my claims on above qualities of Northerners regardless of their tribes or religion.
            Betrayar to the core!
            Kagaya masu

          • Otile

            What are the angelic qualities of the Northern politicians you want me to elucidate? Most of the folks in the North like their Southern counterparts are good people, peace loving and honest. I don’t know where you got the idea that I hate the North. What I hate is the harm crooked Northern politicians and Islam have done to the good people. There’s no gain saying that the Northern leaders have used religion to cripple the Northern region of Nigeria. The present Boko Haram terrorism is a creation of Northern politicians to acquire and hold more power to themselves.

            As for betrayal, who is betaying who? Do we not allow the cattle Fulanis into our land then they turn around to rape our women and behead our people. Is this not an act of the worst betrayal known to man – that you can lose your life to one you have given hospitality for no good reason other than greed. What is worse, the Fulani murderers sneak in under the cloak of being good Muslims and do the devil’s work. Gaskiya ne.

    • thusspokez

      Trump told African-Americans that if they are no happy in the US, they should go back to Africa. The New York City, at least, twice successfully sued Trump for racial discrimination against African-Americans. And yet this is the sort of person you see as your knight in shining armour and saviour. But why are some of you so stµpid, and invite disgrace to the African race?

      Some mumu died the other day in a rally for Trump, to which I should say: serve him right; such a person is just to stµpid to be a member of the African race.

      • Otile

        Shall we therefore believe you that President Trump is going to embrace Islamic terrorism even in Africa? You need not mock Biafans killed in PH by your Islamic Fulani masters for you know not how you will die yourself. Freedom fighters usually pay that kind of price from cruel oppressors.


        Don’t be nervous.
        ALL Trump has to do is control Britain, and we can do the rest by ourself.

        • thusspokez

          Nervous for what? Now, if Mrs Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister wants to play the role of Trump bum wipe, then that is her choice.

          It is time for Africans to stop fighting tribal wars with one another and become civilised because in unity, we stand, divided we become slaves again.

  • Adele Uhuru

    Take a look at the congregation of murderers, thieves and liars, See these Muslim hordes refuse to understand that teaching a child to hate means after he is done hating the ones you pointed out to them, they will inevitably bring same hate home to you, but teach a child to love he will inevitably bring that same love home to you. These morons, yes morons thought the only way to prominence and power is via murder, rape and thievery, but here they are now preaching for a better homestead after they have spend decades re-emphasizing hate and disunity. But you know the funny thing is they are wealthy of off the Niger Delta black gold , the Sokoto thief’s palaces, private plane, and office were all and still is being funded by Niger delta’ black gold- so are the palaces of the other Kano thief, these moronic Governors and side chiefs …….thieves all of the them directly or indirectly.

  • John A

    “Our backwardness in education, pervasive poverty and persistent insecurity are amongst the basis of this extraordinary meeting,” Governor of Borno State Kashim Shettima.

    So you guys knows the problems, but refused to educate your people.
    You can sponsor people to mecca, but can’t build school to make your region productive.
    You are reaping what you guys deliberately sown.

  • obiora

    This way will no more work because we know it already. Pretending Pretending Pretending.

  • Decimator

    Listen to their pacifier, the former Muslim president of the United States of America if only America would embrace the Muslim community, all would be well with the world. That he further translated among others as follows,

    Working assiduously hard, to entrench a fellow jihadist, a known dictator and an illiterate, Mohammadu Buhari and his cronies of the Larger Islamic Fulani Nation, over the Nigerian Enclave in this 21st Century, with the resultant explosion of the present Fulani Herdsmen militia Islamic Terrorism, without a word till date from their pacifier Barack Hussein Obama and his officials.

    Him and his officials never being able to figure out what to call Boko Haram as they kept wavering from tagging it a local grown
    insurgency on one hand and on the other hand a local Terror group not attacking American interest.

    Periodically inviting the same northern Governors above, who at the minimum were mostly sympathetic to the Boko Haram Course, to the US to felicitate with him and his American officials while frustrating every effort of the Authorities of the Nigerian Enclave to fight Boko Haram, always sighting Human right concerns.

    So far Obama in all his rhetoric always carefully and intentionally avoid the use of the phrase” Islamic Terrorism” which depicts the jihadist nature of such Barbaric acts, as today seen in southern Kaduna insisting that that would signal that one is at war with Islam.

    Compare the above with this statement from the inauguration speech of the New American President, Donald John Trump.

    ” We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and unite the civilized world against “radical Islamic terrorism”, which we will eradicate from the face of the Earth”.

    Now we can see the urgent need by the Northern Oligarchs and Authorities of the day to seek for an immediate separation of the Killings in southern Kaduna from Islamic jihadist agenda, thus reducing it to local insurgency, knowing fully well that their hands are already tied by their sympathy for their Folks of the Larger Fulani Islamic Nation, that warranted them getting away with these barbaric acts of Terror, unchallenged by the security apparatus under the command of their fellow Islamic Fulani Fundamentalist Mohammadu Buhari.

  • Remi

    Interesting! The self-same
    people whose (in)actions and policies created, and are stoking, the problem are
    now gathering to “solve” the problem they created. Those throwing stones on the
    roof of the southern Kaduna State house, from the back, are now coming in through
    the front door to express their “concern” to the
    householder about the stones being thrown. Hmm.

    Mr Sultan, if people have become so desperate that they are
    taking to the pulpit to preach “hatred”, it is a testimony to your failure as
    the leader of the Muslims in Nigeria, to rein in the black sheep among your
    flock. Through your failure, you have left them (those allegedly preaching “hatred”)
    with no option than to resort to mobilising the victims against the aggressor.
    Why wait until the victims start to threaten reaction before you deem it fit to
    proactively act to stop the aggressors?

    Yes, Governor Shettima, managing multiculturalism is a
    challenge; however, you do not manage it by holding one culture to be “superior”,
    whilst seeking to insensitively, “unconstitutionally” and “illegally” impose that
    culture on all the others. The illegal application of sharia laws, beyond its (secular,
    Nigerian) constitutional remit in your State, does in itself exacerbate the
    challenges of managing multiculturalism. All that the non-Muslims in your State
    wish for is to live and conduct their affairs in peace and harmony, according
    to the Nigerian constitution, and not to live under, or in fear of, some
    seventh century laws. While (attitudinal) poverty may be a problem; but, most
    of all, intolerance and societal attitude towards that greatest of all
    development multiplier – education – is the greatest problem in the north.

  • Charlie

    Islam is a true religion of peace, if practiced the African way. The problem is political Islam and importation of foreign dogmas as practiced in the north is the problem, and it is not new. Since the independence, Northern leaders have used religion and ignorance of the masses to acquire political power, and they have used the army of almajiri that could be called to violence with a mosque loudspeakers in a snap to blackmail the rest of the country. We have a lot of God fearing people and fair minded people in the north but unfortunately the wicked and the ruthless that have profited from murders of innocent people are the ones that rise to the top. The rest of Nigeria is not blessed with better leaders but the North’s mixture of ignorance and perverted religion couple with power hungry leaders make their problems more glaring.

  • Rominiyis

    Very few get prosecuted for killings in the north. Killers just disappear and nothing is heard about it period. Comparatively Niger and Chad with near ethnic similarity are peaceful because they enforced their laws. Muslims in Chad and Niger are peaceful because the law is sharply enforced. Chad republic sent boko harams memebers caught to firing squad promptly and Boko haram they steer clear of Chad since.