EXCLUSIVE: Army officer attacks Nigeria’s service chiefs, says they are ‘Nollywood actors’

Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai

Angered by what he described as the inability of the military to provide the needed weapons and equipment to defeat the Boko Haram terror sect, and the recent ease at which insurgents were killing senior army officers, a top infantry commander has described the country’s service chiefs as “Nollywood actors”.

T.J. Abdallah, a lieutenant colonel, and the commanding officer (CO) of 151 battalion located at Banki Junction, Borno, is now in trouble with military authorities after making the remarks on a WhatsApp group operated by the 49 regular cadet class of the National Defence Academy (NDA).

A report of an investigation into the activities of the WhatsApp group, ordered by the chief of army staff, Tukur Buratai, a lieutenant general, seen by PREMIUM TIMES, described Mr Abdallah’s comments as “derogatory” and “seditious”.

The investigation was centred on the exchanges in the group between November 15 to November 17, 2016, soon after B.U. Umar, a lieutenant colonel, was ambushed and killed by the terrorists.

Mr. Abdallah “was very close friend” of late Mr. Umar, the report titled:“Interim Report on the Derogatory Comment Against the President and Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces and the Chief of Army Staff on Social Media by Lieutenant Colonel T.J Abdallah,” revealed.

Apparently angered by the killing of his friend, Mr. Abdallah took to the group to lament the failure of military authorities to supply needed weapons, ammunition, and equipment for the quick defeat of the insurgents.

Describing the service chiefs as “Nollywood actors”, Mr. Abdallah, the report claimed, lambasted them for their lack of initiative, stating that if they had challenges in equipping troops, they should simply surrender to Boko Haram and allow troops to return home.

The report further claimed that Mr. Abdallah urged the service chiefs to inform President Muhammadu Buhari that they were unable to execute the anti-insurgency war any longer.

There have been increased disquiet among troops fighting Boko Haram over poor feeding, inadequate equipment, and basic supplies such as provision of drinking water.

In December 2016, soldiers of the 21 Brigade of the Nigerian Army revolted over poor welfare, shooting in the air and threatening to kill any officer who tried to stop them.

The officer, according to the report, lambasted the Nigerian government for failing to properly arm troops and wondered how soldiers were supposed to fight and conquer Boko Haram, who he claimed have superior fire power.

Mr Abdullah was further quoted to have accused President Muhammadu Buhari of “dragging the war not to finish”.

The report further claimed that Mr. Abdallah accused the government of having given money to Boko Haram to buy weapons to use against troops while claiming there was no money to buy ammunition for troops.

This, he claimed was evident in the “metamorphosis” of Boko Haram militia, the report alleged.

The report also blamed Mr. Abdallah for spreading “conspiracy theories” about the killing of senior officers by Boko Haram.

Mr. Abadallah was accused of saying there was a mole within the military passing information to the insurgents.

He was also alleged to have supported a comment by another member of the group that there was no way a senior officer could easily be killed in battle without the foreknowledge of the military hierarchy.

He was further alleged to have said that as a commanding officer his enemy was not Boko Haram but the Federal Government and the army headquarters.

Army authorities suggested in the report that the claims by the officer were false and unprofessional.

He has therefore been relieved of his command and is undergoing disciplinary procedures, those familiar with the matter told PREMIUM TIMES.


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  • TTT news centre

    News Break:

    “A rally in Nigeria to show support for Donald Trump as he
    was inaugurated as US president turned violent, injuring several people, police
    say. The event in the southern oil hub of Port Harcourt was organised by a
    group supporting the independence of the south-eastern region of Biafra. The
    group says it backs Mr Trump because he supports “self-governance”. The
    Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) allege 11 people died in clashes with
    security forces during the rally”.

    • abodes_124

      Please stop peaceful demonstrations. If you resort to blowing up oil pipelines like the Avengers or blowing up people /kidnapping girls you will be invited to Abuja to be feted and negotiated with. Force and destruction appears to be the only language this government understands.

      • share Idea


  • 678

    Truth is bitter in the ears of the wicked!
    Mr Abdallah, you are correct and I support you. You’ve spoken the truth and those who hate the truth are fighting back.

    Our disgraced Military have no shame. The service chiefs are bunch of ‘COWARDs” who have no interest of the country at heart.
    They even cannot pay, feed, provide the required ammunition for their soldiers. This is a BIG SHAME!

    • A

      Premium times, u v lost ur honor n integrity from now on. I thot u can meet those that matters to verify the claim before publishing the story fed to u by people on your payrolls. I am disappointed . but my advise to u is that , its not late. You can still verify and republish, or else you should know that you v damaged somebody’s reputation and that will cause him pains and cost him his career. Pls be guided accordingly.

  • 24_okeke

    I now wounder who is a better nigerian president BTW GMB and GEJ

    • abodes_124

      Wonder why you are asking now. one is supposed to be the devil incarnate and the other the Messiah/Saint.

  • Papa Ogihwriodo [Warri]


    I went to my neighbour house in Effurun, near Warri, because there is no light and only my neighbour generator
    is working for me to watch Ghana versus Mali at Africa Nations Cup where Nigeria was defeated a long time ago.
    As it is now, I now have light to open my internet. I see this thing you people wrote here. I was sad because you
    young people have no future again. No future! Your future has been completely destroyed by official rogues.

    This Lt. Colonel is saying Aki and Paw Paw have joined together with Aluwe and Baba Suwe as Army commanders
    of the Nigerian Army. Now, how can you have any safety? How can you have any future again? It is time for youth
    and young people to look for plenty of arms and ammunition to defend themselves if Mr. Ibu is now commanding
    the Nigerian Army. How can such an army fight against anybody? Our journalists should go and take a second look.
    It is for the media to investigate how Aki and Paw Paw became the General Officers commanding the Nigerian Army.

    • Mikky Mouse



  • West

    Hmmmm! Premiumnews pls be careful oooo. You know this Gen Burutai has little or no tolerance for this type of story. This time around he may send his troops to your office to attack you guys and be rest assured that the President will never utter a word in his usual characteristics.

    • Iskacountryman

      they should expect a massive amount of snakes to invade their offices…

  • Dän-gote cémènt fâctōry


  • Lanre

    Where are the usual ass-lickers; Kaysoyemi, Tundemash, Julius, Mufu Ola, Bayo Ola, Gbola? No where to be found. The Nigerian Military has produced the highest number of wealthy individuals any institution in Nigeria has produced. It can and will never change.

    • abodes_124

      that is correct.

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Gospel truth.

  • Gary

    The officer deserves a reprimand for voicing his frustrations with his commanders over the loss of an officer friend on a PRIVATE chat group.
    There is no reason to relieve him of his command in the midst of a war not yet won and where the services of assets like this infantry commander remain vital.
    The military high command should dispense with pettiness and put the greater interest of the country above their hurt feelings over the misguided venting by a grieving officer.

    • Iskacountryman

      demobilise him…he is not fit to be a colonel…

  • ukoette ibekwe

    The military are busy killing Igbos and Niger Deltans who are no threat to anybody’s life. Yet leave the trouble spots in the North for their allies Boko haram and foreign mercenaries to continue killing Christians and ethnic minorities in the North and middle belt.

    • Rommel

      Most of the infamous Bakassi boys of those days in Aba and Onitsha later metamorphosed into MASSOB which later also became armed robbery and kidnapping gangs in the southeast,in same vein,this new movement called IPOB that is being powered today by drug traffickers/419ers has remnants of those same people as foot soldiers so a real and present Danger is developing again in the southeast,I hope the FG puts down that movement now otherwise,we will all suffer the consequences.

      • Adele Uhuru

        Your bigotry is yet evident here just as in every narrative your pen —pitiful

      • FuzzyLogic

        Just as NADECO was a collection of ‘area boys’ whose main aim was to terrorize the people during the Abacha regime.

  • Femi O. Awobadero

    Editor Sir,

    Can Nigeria survive as a country
    under President Buhari? No electricity since Christmas in many neighbourhoods
    in Lagos state, and, across Nigeria. There’s no water too. Soon, there will be no petrol
    to power a generator or to fuel a motorcycle or even a car. Can human civilization be maintained
    under the inhuman conditions wrought by President Buhari – given that unemployment level is now
    over 35% and over five million Nigerians have so far lost their jobs under President Muhamadu Buhari’s regime.
    Inflation is over 18% and the national currency has plummeted and been badly devalued over 490 Naira to a dollar.

    • Point Blank



      • Adele Uhuru

        Short and to the point, quite a rich analysis- a perspective worth noting. You see that is the reason why he is running, he has zero leadership acumen and no real resolution to the Nigeria Problem……………

  • Galantman

    Its obvious the officer is overtaken by emotions, which anyway is human. im also pained horrible by the loss of valuable officers by terrorists. May the souls of the gallanr officers rest in peace. But still i believe the military has a line of reporting grievances which ought to have been respected by the officers. I do not believe that military challenges be shared online with civilians.

    • Otile

      So you support the cover-ups in the military under Imam Buhari. I know you support Buhari to death, but it hurts to see people like you supporting evil to have solidarity with the president.

      • Galantman

        Nobody supports evil. Obedienece, displine, orderlines,respect to superior officers and the military establsiishmnet plus sacrifice, nationalism and galantry forms the bedrock of the military. I hold the military in the highest esteem and will not support any action capable of destroying it. I rest my case

        • Otile

          I hear you, but how long can honorable officers put up with deceit, nepotism, mediocre officers leading the bright ones? Remember many of these officers do not hail from a feudalistic areas like their commanders. Must they kill their good conscience in the name of patriotism?

      • Haba mallam

        Baboon from the creek. Haters keep on hating.

  • Nacirfa

    Who in this govt is eating the money set aside for arms purchase?
    They have come again.
    This administration is no different from the one before it, Allah.

    • Live Allah our of this find another adjective.

  • Rommel

    Dumbo disciples claimed their principal bought arms even when we are confronted with obvious reality about arms shortage and until those who looted funds meant for purchase of arms under Dumbo are punished very harshly thereby discouraging people that might have such intentions,we will continue to suffer these sort of things

    • Concerned Nigeriana


      Nigeria’s Army may have more problems than it knows. The army officers
      are disaffected and angry, as this Lt. Colonel illustrates. It will be difficult to
      maintain military discipline over a wide swathe of disaffected officers and
      soldiers in the army unless the army top brass were to take a holistic look at
      grievances for comprehensive redress. When an army officer considers the
      power play he alleges goes on within the army top command as something so
      dangerous and close to enemy action, at the same level of Boko Haram’s attack,
      Nigeria’s fighting troops on the battle field can thus never be a cohesive force.

      A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    • Adele Uhuru

      You know you are retarded right – you are so disillusioned that you will scrupulously find ways to stretch your disillusioned conjecture riddle narratives towards a man more grand than any man you’ve know or come across……pitiful life of a moron…

      • Insult him because he deserve to be insulted and even kicked in the groin. However disability is not a proper adjective this are class of people who are much better than this clown.

        -do find another adjectives.

        • Adele Uhuru

          sure – I call him a moron for now

    • Adele Uhuru

      Note to the wise, the real Erwin Rommel was exceptionally intelligent, so quit shaming his name with your moronic conjecture riddled narratives?

      Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel
      “Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both.”-

  • Otile

    It is disgusting when this dumb fulani_idiot parading himself as Rommel comes out to disgrace himself and his tribe. Why can’t this man respect himself and keep quiet?

    • haba mallam

      The baboon from the creek, monkey don sabi talk, we will soon smoke you out and stop all the trouble you been causing. I wander why you stop bursting the oil pipeline, fcking cowards, you run back into the creeks again. Just wait you will see whats coming after you.

      • Otile

        This one must be a fellow stinking tribesman of fake rommel. Whenever the run out food they wander southwards raping, beheading people to loot people’s belongings. Go back to your janjaweed brothers, stinking jackass.

  • Haba Mallam

    PM continues its provocation of the Nigerian Army in the name of freedom, I say BURN PM down to ground. You’re disrespecting our army and our country and that’s a treason.

    • Gary

      Get lost. We are not in a military engine and the Army, Buratai included, belongs to the people. Our taxes pay them. If you font like democracy, you folks can break away to form your Arewa republic to be governed by a strongman in uniform.

    • vay

      Where does this animal come from? U r worst than animal twart

    • Waka

      Mumu. Get a drink and go back to bed…

    • Nicolas

      You forgot so easily that they did a very good job during the past administration!

  • Watch man

    This guy is a lieutenant colonel, a senior officer, and cannot just be talking without concrete evidence. The media must follow up this matter closely.

    • Omoba1

      You want the army to arrest the media again?

  • kusanagi

    Not saying that GEJ was a good president. In fact he wasn’t. But I also have to ask the question if he was better than Buhari. And it’s possible that he was better for the ordinary people than Buhari.


    I think it’s fair to say that this Buhari administration has been a disaster. He was brought in to fight corruption. Any convictions?

    Claimed he’d end fuel scarcity has it ended? What’s the price of fuel?

    Naira’s crashed. We’re in recession. No other West African Countries economy has collapsed. Why Ours? BUHARI.

    Don’t want to hear excuses anymore. I voted and supported this clown. I was warned.

    GEJ was the good old days I’m telling you.

  • Enitan Awosanya

    Premium Times Editor,

    In a basket of deplorables where they both belong, Muhamadu Buhari is far worse than Goodluck Jonathan.
    Muhamadu Buhari looks to me from outside Nigeria like an aeroplane pilot convulsing without consciousness.
    He simply doesn’t know what to do or say – he’s blank and dumb. Where did Nigeria drag out such creature?
    I hope Professor Wole Soyinka’s had any honest consistency to tear up his Nigerian passport under Buhari?
    If he hasn’t done so he’ll himself would be a tempting item for the same basket of deplorables in this anomie.
    Nigerians must rise as one and decide what to do immediately because there may be no country left in 2019.

    • Willie




      • I did it 4 Love

        Buhari is still alive abeg. I got the news also but the Presidency have debunked that news.

  • Rockson Wilson

    Just like useless dictator called Buhari is pretending to be president.

  • Babagordy

    I have never seen this kind of war where the enemy knows for sure the actual vehicle the officers are in; in a convoy. Nigerian army has lost more officers in this war against Boko Haram than any other. The officers who have died avoidable death are our brothers and heroes; even if we have different ethnic background, we are first and foremost Nigerians before any other consideration. If the army authority is saying there is no mole, them what of those that has been caught through call log analysis to be passing operational information to Boko Haram about troops movement. The chief of army staff once said he was surprised that some prominent people in the society are still supporting Boko Haram.

    Amin Ogwuche the former soldier who was the mastermind of the bomb blast that killed Nigerians in their dozens has remained in detention without any meaningful progress in his trial, since his wife protested that that a prominent traditional ruler facilitated her husband escape to Sudan. The people who waged the diplomatic war against the army and projected them as human right abusers in order to deny them the ability to procure effective weapons to prosecute the war against Boko Haram from the United States and even donated money to clinton foundation in order to lobby and block weapon sales to Nigerian army are part of this conspiracy. Hilary Clinton was to later go to US congress to convince them that Boko Haram was not dangerous enough to be classified as terrorists group after killing more than fifteen thousand Nigerians. Do we still need any convincing to know that there is a high level conspiracy involved. The Saudis are throwing their influence everywhere there are Muslim fundamentalist or terrorist with Sunni leanings; this is why America will pretend to be helping you to fight Boko haram but deny you necessary weapons. The Saudis are also influencing prominent soldiers and politicians everywhere on Islamiszation.

    Those who are the arrowhead of the campaign to discredit the army by claiming that the army is engaged in indiscriminate killing of Muslims in their war against Boko Haram has since converted the political mileage they have achieved to a major profit in political goodwill from the Muslim community by being elected governors. These are the same set of governors who are busy recruiting herdsmen for a scotch earth campaign again Christians communities everywhere and the federal government and the army pretends they are helpless in the face of such impunity. Boko Haram and killer herdsmen has become a tool in the hands of the northern political class, It will be a hard sell to convince anybody that there is no conspiracy let a alone a senior army officer who is bearing the brunt of everything that has gone wrong at the war front.

  • thusspokez

    Describing the service chiefs as “Nollywood actors”, Mr. Abdallah,

    Apart from this line, everything else the report is accusing Lieutenant colonel Abdallah of accusing the service chiefs and senior officer have already been said by the army itself in various investigations and discussed online. Indeed, Lieutenant colonel Abdallah might well be quoting from the army’s own investigations and reports. Further, he has not broken any state or official secret that is not already in public domain.

  • Nicolas

    Nothing is hidden under the Sun.

  • muazu wali

    We have cowards in the military now. The only alternative left to a real soldier who is dissatisfied with his superiors is to stage a coup and remove them. Shedding crocodile tears behind the scene is childiss.

    • I did it 4 Love

      Are you alright at all? Your comment is disgusting, Mr Abdallah is right to complain and have the backing of Nigerian constitution under FOS to express himself. We must never ver encourage army to plot coup in any human society. It is the same characters he is complaining of as Nollywood actors that went and reported him to the authority.

  • omikosh

    This is a case of a drowning Premiumtimes, the earlier you listen to the counsel of professional Journalist Onoja( ” Online Platforms and the Dangerous Quest for a Carte Blanc” ), the better for you. Leave our military out of your failure. Drown alone.

  • Osemwengie Amosa Julius

    Why Nigerians hate truth, the lieutenant colonel TJ ABDULAH speak out the true because he made this statement without attributing gain to himself but to the generality of the good people of Nigeria.I think he would have lied, by saying Boko Haram had been defeated. Then he would have not be on this patriotic trouble.