Disgraced Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh leaves Gambia today into exile

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Gambia’s former president, Yahya Jammeh will now leave Banjul on Saturday with President Alpha Conde of Guinea, to begin a new life in exile.

This followed Friday’s final peace move by Conde and Mauritania’s President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

The two West African leaders travelled to Banjul to persuade the long ruling Jammeh to leave peacefully before West African forces pounced on him.

In a statement issued on state TV Friday night, Jammeh announced that he was stepping down, a superfluous announcement as he was already no more the leader, having been denied recognition by the world.

All indications are that Jammeh will be going into exile in Guinea.

A senior adviser to new President Adama Barrow said talks to finalise the exile deal were holding up his exit.

“I can assure you that he has agreed to leave,” Mai Ahmad Fatty, Barrow’s special advisor, told Reuters in Senegal’s capital Dakar. He could not say where Jammeh would go into exile.

President of The Gambia, Adama Barrow had earlier confirmed Yahya Jammeh’s stepping down.

Barrow, on his twitter handle on Friday, @adama_barrow said: “I would like to inform you that Yahya Jammeh has agreed to step down.

“He is scheduled to depart Gambia today. #NewGambia.”

Barrow on Thursday took the oath of office as Gambia’s new president.

He was sworn-in about 5p.m. Senegalese time at the Gambian High Commission in Dakar, Senegal.

Barrow succeeded Yahya Jammeh, who lost in the Dec. 1 presidential election and refused to vacate office when his term expired midnight on Thursday.

Gambia’s Chief of Defence, Ousman Badjie, on Friday pledged loyalty to President Barrow.

“West African troops that crossed from neighbouring Senegal into Gambia to help unseat Jammeh would be welcomed “with a cup of tea,’’ said Badjie.

ECOWAS armies halted Operation Restore Democracy aimed at installing the country’s new president, Adama Barrow, on Thursday so regional leaders could make one last attempt to convince long-time ruler Yahya Jammeh to step aside.

In Dakar, the Nigerian force Commander, Operation Restore Democracy, Air Commodore Tajudeen Yusuf, said the ECOWAS forces will not let down their guard, inspite of negotiations for the former Gambian president, Alhaji Yahaya Jammeh to leave office.

He said the troops are awaiting briefing by the political leaders.

Yusuf made the statement while briefing newsmen in Dakar, on Friday.

“Even if he quits we are not letting down our guard, our mandate is to restore peace in Gambia.

“We have been on standby, and the troops are still on a very high alert, depending on the outcome of political negotiations.

“We are not letting down our guard; our mandate is to restore democracy in Gambia,’’ Yusuf said.

Yusuf added that the mandate given to them was to restore peace and nothing else.

He promised to carry out his responsibilities professionally while waiting for further directive from the political masters.

Jammeh, in power since a 1994 coup, initially conceded defeat to Barrow following a Dec. 1 election before back-tracking, saying the vote was flawed.


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  • olutade

    Very lucky.

  • Another vestige of African backwardness is out. One down, many more dictators to go.

    • CeeCee1818

      I certainly hope so, may Mugabe be next please God!

  • Watch man

    What a shame that he waited until his disgraceful exit. Characteristic of most African so-called leaders!

  • Suleiman Alatise

    Arrogance is doomed, what an end.

  • Ogbeni Leke Olowe

    God saves u, arrogant jammeh , if u had maintained ur concession stand u wouldn’t have reason to go on exile now. U waited until u were disgraced, anyway it is better for u than to get killed. Lesson for other sit tight leaders in African.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Thank God for answered prayers.

    • Fofona Frey

      …….(2) Why Buhari failed as Ecowas Mediator in Gambia

      Nigerians still don’t get it.
      Nigeria became irrelevant in diplomatic circles after General Obasanjo messed
      up the meaning of ‘diplomacy’ with illiteracy by granting asylum in Nigeria to a
      SITTING PRESIDENT of Liberia (Charles Taylor) only to later arrest that same
      President of Liberia in Nigeria; chained him, and flew him to exactly the same
      territory (Liberia) mutually declared prior as a threat to Charles Taylor’s life for
      which asylum was granted in Nigeria in the first place. All rules and logic of
      diplomacy were thereby trampled upon by General Obasanjo’s ignorance.

      The result today
      is that Mauritania, which is not even a member of Ecowas, is the one
      getting a diplomatic deal done in Gambia for President Jammeh’s asylum, after
      Nigeria’s President Muhamadu Buhari had disgracefully failed to get anything
      diplomatically done. That’s how irrelevant Nigeria has become after General
      Olusegun Obasanjo’s ‘illiterate diplomacy’. The current president of
      Nigeria, Buhari is himself rather too dim and was roundly ignored by the
      government of Gambia with any suggestion he brought with him to Banjul.

      • Point Blank



        • Sidi Ahmed


          Okay, agreed. But how about BUHARI’s Foreign Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama, does he think at all? Does his job not include thinking? If it includes thinking why could he not think and wants to remain
          on seat as Foreign Affairs Minister of Nigeria? I am a northerner. But I am not defending Buhari on this disgrace in Gambia. I just want us to look at all sides.

          Even too, our journalists in Nigerian newspapers, do they think too? Let me tell you people this. Nigerian journalists don’t know how to think. I know what I am saying. If not, how can someone just wake up like a sleeping baboon in Otta, Ogun state, and declare himself as “International statesman” and our journalists will just be saying it after him without checking if the person ever in this world
          contributed a single idea to international relations since 1976 when he first became a military
          head of state.

          • Troy

            Sidi, stop indulging these illiterate e-rats. Any barely sensible person should be able to understand what happened here. The credible threat of the use of force was backed up by diplomacy, this is how it is done and was done. This is a win for Buhari. No doubt. Resolve on the face of Cowardly Jammeh.

          • Otile

            Your question about Onyeama is misplaced. First of all, a servant can be no greater than his master. Onyeama is not on par with Buhari, Eileen Sherlief, Nana and other heads of states. How do you expect him to stand up in front on these presidents and outshine Buhari with dazzling ideas? You voted for Buhari, you leave with the consequences. Sidi Ibrahim Ahmed, ka ji ko?

    • Fofona Frey

      Why BUHARI failed as Ecowas Mediator in Gambia

      Were President Buhari knowledgeable about the world
      world he’d have seen the obvious need to reach out to the president of Guinea
      (Conakry) because President Jammeh’s wife is Guinean. But Buhari was more
      interested in a bogus title of mediator that Ecowas accorded him than in thinking
      out anything sensible. That gap of ignorance Buhari created is what the
      president of Mauritania filled and succeeded.

      • Dazmillion

        That is why Nigerian diplomacy always fails on the international stage because our useless presidents always think Nigerian diplomacy should be about their egos, forgetting that Nigeria as a country is a continuum. Am sure there was no senior diplomat advising the Duara herdsman on how to handle the situation

        • Julius

          Tell me where is the failure ?

          • Dazmillion

            Did you actually read the comment I was responding to, or are you just a paid APC internet warrior?

          • Julius

            Yes, I did. Now can you answer my question ? Nobody is paying me and if they try, I wont take it because I like to sleep well at night and move about without looking behind me.

          • Otile

            You can move around freely because you are hiding in America. Were you in Buhari’s Nigeria, if hunger does not wake you up at night mosquitos will.

          • Julius

            Hiding in America ? Dude you must be thinking this is biafraud. lolz. I do come home whenever I have something to do or just for relaxations. You are correct, there are lots of things that I would like to see gets better. By the way, same thing under Jonathan. I didn’t read you ranting then tho.

          • Dazmillion

            Reading the comment and understanding what was said therein are two different things, apparently you missed the latter.

          • Julius

            You still didn’t answer my Q but, I move on. Thanks

        • dd

          the president of Gambia only decided to quit because there was no other option for him..he was forced out ..use your head..he knew his end has come..

          • Otile

            Oh yes, there were other options. Remember Jammeh is a devoted Muslim, if Buhari had not removed himself from the talk Jammeh could also use the Islamic method, I mean he could also draw his pistol, shoot down Buhari and escape. That is an option too.

      • TTT news centre

        “I have decided today in good conscience to relinquish the mantle of leadership of this great nation with infinite gratitude to all Gambians, My decision today was not dictated by anything else than the supreme
        interest of you the Gambian people and our dear country, At a time when we are witnessing trouble and fears in other parts of Africa and the world the peace and security of the Gambia is our collective heritage which we must jealously guard and defend.”


        (January 20th, 2017)

        • Ebun Olaseni P.


          You are right. Nigerian leaders are illiterates. That is why Nigeria is now smelling and stinking.

          Herdsman mentality cannot solve any diplomatic problem because herdsmen can only flog cows.

          • Osakue

            Foolishness written over all your comment.

          • Julius

            That’s how cowards do things..hiding under a Yoruba name to post comments. Its not only with foolishments its also retarded.

      • Julius

        What made you think he did not reach out to the president of Guinea in the 1st place ? By the way, it was the threat of force that made him leave. Your so called diplomacy was a cover for him. Buhari sent him a message with the NAF, NAVY and the ARMY. Thats how its done !

        • Otile

          Stop defending evil, stop defending deceit. Buhari is ignorant of decent diplomacy, his first impulse was to invade and slaughter the peaceful people of Gambia. Shading blood is way of life for him. Buhari attempted few fruitless talks and had nothing sensible to say to dictator Jammeh, the more Buhari sat down with him the more obdurate he became, then Buhari unceremoniously absconded and hurried to Ingila. Stop singing his praises, he is useless.

          • Julius

            Yea Otile, I forgot you are smarter than the president with your “Phd” in English grammar !. Left to you Jammeh would not have been born at all talk less of being the Gambia president . Abi. You really shouldn’t be getting involve in any discussion that has to do with human behavior or thinking. Stick to your tribal rants.

    • Fili.Okun


      Premium Times remains the best news journal in Nigeria by far. It is the most informative; the most impartial,

      objective and analytical. I was impressed with the the laser-focus of Premium Times on The Gambian debacle

      as it unfolded. Premium Times stayed on the ball with concentration on the flows and ebbs. That’s excellent journalism by world’s standards. Were Nigeria ever run with the same intelligence quotient by its assorted

      garbage politicians Nigeria would have surpassed Brazil today. But ignorance is Nigeria’s worst disease.

      • m.o.s

        …………No, there can be no world standard in a media house where the Hijab is compulsory dress……….
        for all members of staff in the newsroom, the staff canteen……the gate and those in the reception……

        • Chukwuka Okoroafor

          I never saw that. Can you give us the source of your information?

          • m.o.s


            Do you know that even the gate-man, a very old man, is forced to wear the Hijab too?
            What sort of thing is that? Everybody in Premium Times wears Hijab. I’m telling you now.
            You are not allowed to write any news report there without first of all wearing your Hijab.
            That is what I am telling you. “Hijab first” is the total ideology of the Premium Times.

          • Haba, a man wearing hijab? say something else, this one no gel

  • Julius

    Congratulations to the Gambian people . Well done ECOWAS, well done AFRICA and well done to president BUHARI…well done NIGERIA. Let the remaining despots take note.

  • Mary

    GBAGAM! GBAGAM!!This is to inform the General Republic, concerning the; Purchase of Dangote 3X Cement at a promo price of #1000 per bag and rice at a promo price of #8500 per bag. Transportation for cement is #150 per bag and rice is #500 per bag. Contact the Sales Manager, Pastor Isaac Umoru on 07038534730. NOTE: COST OF TRANSPORTATION IS MADE BEFORE DELIVERY.

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    This is a victory for the people of the Gambia. Thank God for the peaceful transfer of power there and here in America.

  • AryLoyds

    Jammeh talks as if he has an option ,now that he is about to get the gaddafi and Mussolini treatment were your naked dead body is put on a Pole for every body to take selfies with :).,,

  • TTT news centre

    “I have decided today in good conscience to relinquish the mantle
    of leadership of this great nation with infinite gratitude to all Gambians.
    My decision today was not dictated by anything else than the supreme
    interest of you the Gambian people and our dear country. At a time
    when we are witnessing trouble and fears in other parts of Africa
    and the world the peace and security of the Gambia is our collective
    heritage which we must jealously guard and defend.”

    ……………….President Yahya Jammeh

    (January 20th, 2017)

  • Foreign Observa

    Premium Times Editor,

    IT IS A SHAME and a disgrace that President Muhamadu Buhari had no impact on the final resolution
    of The Gambia crisis whilst prancing around in oversize toga as Ecowas Mediator. It is bigger shame
    that a complete outsider with no regional backing; acting alone, did far better thinking to resolve
    the situation in The Gambia; without the outsider deploying a single soldier or war ship or jet.
    All the outsider did was pause and think. The lesson in The Gambia today is that knowledge
    is power just as ignorance is a blight on every country (mis) led by a complete ignoramus.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      You should be ashamed that you feel no qualms taking ownership of this jejune thought that President Buhari’s resolve that Jammeh quit office bore no fruit. When you don’t acknowledge good in others, prosperity becomes a burden for you.