Why Jonathan visited Obasanjo

Former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan on Friday met at a remote village in Ogun State to hold talks aides say centred on mending their strained relationship.

The two leaders met for several hours in Ibogun-Olaogun, the ancestral hometown of Mr. Obasanjo, taking a stroll together through the community before being treated to a sumptuous meal, sources familiar with the matter told PREMIUM TIMES.

Mr. Jonathan arrived Ibogun-Olaogun in company with a former Minister of Special Duties, Kabiru Turaki, and one of his childhood friend whom sources identified simply as “Turner.”

The delegation flew in a private helicopter to the village, arriving at about 11 a.m. to meet Mr. Obasanjo who earlier drove there from his home in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

Ibogun-Olaogun is in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State.

Those in the know said the meeting was tactically moved to the remote town at the instance of Mr. Jonathan to avoid the prying eyes of reporters in Abeokuta, where Mr. Obasanjo usually receives guests at his Hilltop residence.

Our sources said Mr. Obasanjo took Mr. Jonathan around the village, introducing him to community leaders.

IMG-20170120-WA0034“After taking him about, they returned to Baba’s house in Ibogun-Olaogun and ate good meal together,” a source said.

Before both men went behind closed-doors for a meeting, Mr. Turaki told Mr. Obasanjo that Mr. Jonathan had visited former Nigerian leaders, including Abdulsalami Abubakar and Ibrahim Babangida in the recent past and had planned to visit Mr. Obasanjo during the Yuletide.

“He said since he was unable to make it to Baba’s place around Christmas period, he had to find time to do so before January ends,” Mr. Turaki reportedly said as Mr. Jonathan smiled. “He believes it’s better late than never.”

It is not exactly clear what both men discussed during their closed-door meeting.

The two leaders did not answer or return calls made to them.

But an aide to Mr. Jonathan said the former president sought to restore cordial relationship with Mr. Obasanjo.

“He told Baba that whatever had passed should be left in the past because the future holds even bigger promises for the two of them,” an aide said. IMG-20170120-WA0037(1)

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that the meeting ended around 4:00 p.m.

Mr. Jonathan’s spokesman, Ikechukwu Eze, could not be reached for comments. Mr. Obasanjo has no official spokesperson.

Once close allies, Mr. Jonathan and Mr. Obasanjo fell out shortly before the 2015 general election, with Mr. Obasanjo publicly shredding his Peoples Democratic Party membership card.

Mr. Obasanjo was elected on the platform of the PDP in 1999 as Nigeria’s first president in the Fourth Republic. He successfully ran for reelection under the party’s umbrella in 2003.

In 2007, Mr. Obasanjo is believed to have played key role in the emergence of Mr. Jonathan as running mate to former President Umar Yar’Adua on the platform of the PDP.

When Mr. Yar’Adua passed on in 2010, Mr. Jonathan took over as president.

In 2011, Mr. Jonathan, again with the support of Mr. Obasanjo, ran successfully for a full four-year term in office.

But the two leaders soon fell out after the elections that year. By 2013, the feud had turned to a full blown public spat, with Mr. Obasanjo writing a scathing letters to his hitherto political protege.

The confrontation lingered until the 2015 election which saw Mr. Jonathan lose to now President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr. Obasanjo’s attacks against Mr. Jonathan is believed to have greatly damaged the latter’s reelection chances.

Today’s development is the first time the two former leaders would be locked in a closed-door discussion since Mr. Jonathan left office in May 2015.



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  • Drama-King

    Fence mending moves.

  • Dän-gote cémènt fâctōry


  • El Patron

    I thought the Biafrans said their hero was invited to Trumps inauguration in Washington? Perhaps they meant he was invited to OBJ’s village in Ogun state. What a local champion

    • Jide Okisoke





      • dee. baniluxol

        @disqus_uP68jp3KoD:disqus: I was not there O! I am just guessing what I suspect.
        Maybe Obasanjo passed gas inside the White House to spoil the air before.
        That one is enough to make American people vex to be smelling that sort of thing.
        It is for our journalists to take a second look and find out why Obasanjo was banned.
        I think the ban is permanent because any ban since 2008 looks like final ostracism.

      • Boogie man

        Ignorance my man is a bad thing. American Inauguration is not open to world leaders. Not even UK, France or Germany sent any of their leaders.

        • S.B. Badru

          @Boogie man:disqus,

          Oga, it is not true, because America uses invitation cards to make foreign policy statement.

          That was why Nelson Mandela was invited in the year 2008 whilst Obasanjo was fenced out.

        • S.B. Badru

          @Boogie man:disqus

          Oga, it is not true, because America uses invitation cards to make foreign policy statement.

          That was why Nelson Mandela was invited in the year 2008 whilst Obasanjo was fenced out.

          • straight-to-the-point


          • Boogie man

            Please name one single world leader who was there today. Now let me help you out. Google the list of invited quests to the inauguration.

          • No-Comment


            “Today, three prominent leaders of Israel’s settler movement
            are being treated as honored guests at Trump’s inauguration ceremony and ball,
            both of which they were explicitly invited to attend. It sends a clear message:
            Under the new Trump administration, the US relationship with Israel is going to
            be very different. Trump has ripped the Obama administration for its treatment
            of Israel, including its decision to abstain on the UN settlement vote, and
            promised that things will change when he takes office”

            …………..Vox News

            (January 20th, 2017)

          • Obosi Warrior

            The Ipod minister was invited. ..(In his dream though)

      • Julius

        You are a moron. Is Obj still in the government ? Was Jona invited when Obama was swore in the 2nd term though he was the president at the time ?You losers never think.

    • musa aliero

      It’s true! Insiders said he didn’t go not to spate or draw more problems from buhari because buhari was not invited at all

      • Arabakpura

        So what would he say to Trump if he decides to revoke his visa on that score?

      • Williams Johnson Fortune

        It’s a shame that you are not growing intellectually. Jonathan was the President when Obama won the second time, was Jonathan invited? The US does not invite siting presidents to their inauguration, besides, invitation closed on the 29th of November. So where did Jonathan got the invitation from? You think you are replying your fellow dumb?

      • Julius

        lol@insiders. Insiders from your village ? get out !!

    • wonderboi


    • Julius

      lolz…wait for their excuse !

  • Arabakpura

    Everybody should please give it to this old man called OBJ whom many love to hate but who is a master gamer!

    • E.O. Nathaniel

      @arabakpura:disqus ,

      Guys, let’s be serious now, haba! How can President Trump invite General Olusegun Obasanjo to his inauguration, how? On what basis? Obasanjo has nothing at all to contribute to global politics or to diplomacy. He is where he should be – in a rustic village deep in a forest of IFO – a town known for breeding the most notorious thieves in Yorubaland. America has high values. America defends those values of honour and decency jealously.
      America will never invite a nuisance to degrade those values. President Trump will feel insulted
      and diminished to see Olusegun Obasanjo with his ‘pregnancy’ and tribal marks prancing at
      today’s inauguration in Washington D.C of the new president of United States of America.
      To be frank, General Olusegun Obasanjo adds no value.

      • Arabakpura

        I never meant at all that he should be invited by America but that he should be celebrated for having a former President who was rumored to be on his way to Trump’s inauguration rather attend his village inauguration! Isn’t that awesome?

        • E.O. Nathaniel


          In which case you are on a distinguished road. I can now agree with you totally.
          See these pro-Jonathan people, they have no brains. They think Jonathan is a hero.
          Whereas Jonathan is not a hero but an accused person under criminal investigation.
          Jonathan’s enablers are telling lies all over the place to make Jonathan look less worse.
          They are wasting their time because only Jonathan’s own deeds can acquit him in history.

          • Arabakpura

            Foolhardiness is now an essential commodity in Nigeria’s political landscape! It is even being marketed by governors to the shame of a nation! We are all entertained by the newly created industry of NOLLYWEED! It produces an opium-like effect!

  • Politico 2017

    Premium Times Editor,

    Goodluck Jonathan should eat some humble pie. His Press Advisers had been saying to the public
    that Jonathan’s international profile is rising. That is narcissistic nonsense! That is simply false!
    A former head of state invited to lead an observer committee of a foreign election is nothing.
    It does not mean the former head of state’s personal profile is rising to anywhere at all.
    Obasanjo was similarly deluded until the rest of the world now put him in his place.

  • Boogie man

    We have not been told the really reason for this man’s visit to OBJ. Jonathan is looking badly for an intermidiary to intercede for his wife with Buhari. That is why he had to eat the humble pie and come to beg Baba for help. All their Dollar accounts have been frozen.

    • tunde008

      You are very right.But she should return all the stolen money.

    • Apostel

      Absolutely correct.

    • paul irumundomon

      Those who held offices for 8 years are happy enjoying their loots, she was never a legislator nor a governor. Buhari needs to look else where, she don’t even own any Nigerian an explanation.
      Wife of a local government chairman, wife of a deputy governor, wife of a governor, wife of a vice president, wife of acting, wife of president.
      Just let’s keep sentiments out the window here, ordinary man that supply kola to aso rock, makes about a million dollars in eight years, you heard me correctly, one million dollars, in eight years. The looters eat with buhari everyday.

      • Powerlessconscious

        You will need to reach heaven to get perfect. For now, we appreciate the effort of buhari. God bless baba.

        • paul irumundomon

          We did not vote for a perfect person, that does not and will not stop anyone from saying it as it is. No one Nigerian, who voted for buhar, believed at his age, that he would be this bias, that is just what I see every day. I don’t know whether you need to go to heaven to bring a perfect person from there, that may be a discussion, that is if you do come back from heaven.

          • Powerlessconscious

            How is he bias? Are you a baby that he refused to breast feed? Well, if bias is your headache. We will tell him to correct that. However, his contribution has been more than his error. We only need a progressive government and not a backward government. Mind you, you don’t expect a government or an investor to invest among people who will sabotage his effort because they tag tyemselves as enemies of the country and tyey are ready to destroy. That will be a waste of resources and time. And if the arrest is your bias, we are satisfied with record so far.

          • paul irumundomon

            Your probably too young to understand the full meaning of progressive. Bye

    • Julius

      Correct and more freezing to come !!. Their Visa and Amex account will be frozen too.

  • Isi Agwo

    Jonathan eating in the home of a witch? Beware!

    • Lanre

      That should be wizard. He is male.

      • Julius

        I wonder why he is not visiting any of your ezes in your confused and Irrelevant biafraud land.

    • Peter Mokwuah

      what happen to idiagbo after visiting the baboon in abuja will soon by anothe storey

  • Powerlessconscious

    Jonathan the biafraud hero visited the leader of those people they see as enemies. Definitely gej has betrayed BIAFRAUD the jonathanian.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Premium, do your journalists not have more important news to report?

    Two rustic characters commuting to a characterless village to reminisce and compare notes on their jaded and inconsequential reign and destruction of this nation have nothing of national importance to discuss! What notes do they have that will reverse the damage they had wrought on Nigeria? Both men turned PDP; a wonderfully composed party, a unifying party with the broadest based membership list of Nigerians, into the most corrupt and unethical group of wicked and barbaric politicians to ever emerge out of Africa. Do you follow the affairs of the party today and not wonder how the mighty are fallen? How men mess up because they do not fully appreciate the opportunity the positions they occupy is a rare chance to touch their fellow being, to love their neighbours as themselves!

    Who cares what notes they are comparing? We should care more about the solution to the consequences their stay in power has resulted in Nigeria becoming a faint shadow, a carcass of Nigeria of the 70’s! Nigeria’s esteem even in West Africa has dropped so low that a despot like Jammeh will denigrate us and describe Nigeria as “big for nothing”! These are men of yesterday. We do not need any further distractions from ‘draining the swamp’ of inestimable corruption, political prostitution and economic degradation their their stay in power has brought to Nigeria of today.

    • Gary

      The PDP a well -intentioned party? I beg to disagree. The party was built an initio as the reincarnation of the NPN, another construct of Nigeria’s political thieftains (apologies to Okey Ndibe. The so-called national spread of the PDP showed it was nothing but an alliance of Nigeria’s corrupt political elite. And they did not disappoint once Abdulsalam and IBB hijacked it to realize their project of making OBJ President in 1999 to compensate the Yoruba for truncating Abiola’s mandate.

      The PDP was birthed and nurtured in corruption. And it’s scions have passed on its corrupt DNA to every other grouping thereafter.

      • Burning Spear

        The thoughts of a confused Ibo man in search of relevance to his decaying status with his Fulani masters

      • FirecloudOFGOD

        Interesting perspective! I will not argue about the fact that corruption in PDP has always been a tight bond and a unifying factor. It does not necessarily nullify it being broad based!

  • Lanre

    Nonsense. These evil people will not leave Nigerians alone. Or maybe it is Nigerians that admire these evil people. Everyone of these hopeless individuals has enriched himself from the misery of Nigerians. How mentally retarded are Nigerians?

    • Burning Spear

      Happily for us u post the message u wrote on behalf of the Yoruba nation via the eyes and nose of the south east——–Besides ———the most Satanic evil party to visit Nigeria and which is now making Shagari look like an angel are the Apes in APC destroying what remains of Nigeria——–via their thieving habits————————-Nigeria since 1960 has never had it so bad———–Under Bingo Buhari it is stealing unlimited——we do not even know where we are heading to in Nigeria any longer under the rule of the Fulanis—————-Glad that u now know that the rule of Shagari which Bingo Buhari overthrew is 100 million times better than the suicidal government—-Fulani controlled government of Buhari———-Again was it not under the government of Obj that Bingo Buhari stole 2.8b from the revenue base of the SS? animals

      • Rommel

        Facts do not tell lies and facts indicate that president Jonathan and Dasuki thoroughly investigated that allegation of 2.8 billion Naira and found nothing,today,Dumbo’s wife has sent him to go prostrate to OBJ knowing fully well that she was to be picked up within this period and OBJ,being the old skuul man took him to a village and showed him around so that people like you will not deny that such a meeting did take place like you have been doing in recent times,let GEJ tell us what happened to the oil boom money,that way,we will give him a very soft landing.Today,Dumbo has realized that his kinsmen were only deceiving him.

        • Julius

          You are correct. His kinsmen cant do anything to help him. Period !

  • TDaniels2

    The real reason why GEJ visited OBJ is simple. GEJ and his crooks, cronies and mistresses don’t want to go jail nor vomit the huge monies that they have stolen. Full stop!
    Nigerians don’t be fooled or by the gimmicks hook line and sinker! GEJ meeting with OBJ has to do with corruption, the return of the loots, the huge funds from the Nigerian people. The noose is tightening on GEJ’s neck. He has been named in court papers in Italy regarding the Malibu $1.2bn bribe received by him and his cronies. GEJ and mistresses are also wanted in Nigeria for monies stolen and illegal enrichment through bribes and favours sold. GEJ has been to IBB and Abdusalam and found no respite! May God not answer GEJ and OBJ on any evil plans hatched by them to short change Nigerians. It must be Nigeria first! May God to help PMB, give him long live and wisdom to bring all these crooks to book, change the course of Nigeria for greater good for all Nigerians. God bless Nigeria!

    • share Idea

      Is that all you can reason out of this article? What do you think Obasanjo will do to GEJ with regards to your supposed corruption fight. For 2 years, your messiah have not summoned courage to even invite GEJ for investigation, and you think Buhari will just send him to jail without court saying so.

      • duwdu

        Two years is too short in terms of smoking out corrupt elements and dishing out appropriate punishment, when it comes to Nigeria. So, just hold your horses. It’s turn-by-turn… Jonathan’s turn to be directly confronted to account especially for his financial recklessness and bringing the country down economically, will come, sooner or later.

        Some accused are already urging the courts to supaena Jonathan and compel him to appear as a witness in their court cases. Just watch.


        • share Idea

          Has GEJ ever told you that he is afraid of being summoned by court. It is only in your warped mind that you think charging someone to court automatically means conviction. Please hasten up with your charges.

          • Powerlessconscious

            Tell us what he told you.

    • Arogbo


  • Izon Redeemer

    This is one of the most demonic meeting 4 any sane Ijaw man to hold with the Luciferic spirit of OBJ—-I am shocked that till date Jonathan does not understand the slave master relationship between the Ijaw Nation and some unthinking—evil minded Yorubas like OBJ—–and the Fulanis as represented by bingo buhari————Peace without justice is madness of the highest order—-if Jonathan can throw caution to the wind and travel to meet d unforgiving spirit of Satan in his den in the south West– then the Ijaw Nation is in some real trouble—–Jonathan was used and dumped by the tripod because he did not understand Nigeria and the regional politics of the tripod—that is the Fulanis–Yorubas and Ibos——who often claim to own Nigeria—–more than the owners of the oil wealth of the Nation in d SS———The Yorubas have discovered oil but they control their oil wells——–Same goes for the Ibos—–and the Fulanis——-But when the Ijaws cry for resource control the Ibos and the Yorubas ati their Fulani masters gang up against them–Yet Ijaw man Jonathan is now meeting with Obj with a view to repairing————the damage done to PDP by the insatiable greed of Obj—————and his Fulanis masters——————–Separation is the answer to the suffering of the Ijaws in the creeks of he Niger delta–Not the rule of the Fulanis–Yoruba’s and their errands boys in Apc from the south east——For it is better for the Ijaw Nation to be free and poor as they are NOW than remain as slaves under their oil wealth in the SS——–MAY GOD SCATTER THIS EVIL ASSOCIATION WITH OBJ—BY THE MUMU IJAWS OF NIGERIA—————————WE DO NOT NEED IT—-ANYMORE OURS IS FREEDOM NOW

    • tundemash

      Shame on you mor0n ! I thought you idi0ts claimed the ineffective buffon was in Washington DC sitting beside Donald Trump? So he was in Ogun State begging OBJ. Yeye dey smell !

      • Julius

        lolz, next will be his wife, the ever bloated mama piss visiting Baba and begging on her 2 knees !!

        • tundemash

          Baba won’t allow one to just come and knee down, shoki must happen to appease the god of Jonathan; OBJ.

          • Julius

            Hahahahahahaha, abi jare. True talk.

    • Rommel

      Heiliger Strohsack! HahahahahahahahahahaLol! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Vermin!

    • Arogbo

      Obasanjo na Baba wey he be for Jonathan until the biafrans hijacked Jonathan presidency. Jonathan know where he went wrong and he’s now trying to make amend. Abeg leave Jona alone make you let am breathe. Baba Buhari don seize all Jonathan and Patience money and properties finish. Weting you wan make the man do?

  • aisha ani

    In politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies….this is a very good example.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    I thought they said Jonathan was invited to Donald Trump’s inauguration. So what was he doing at the home of the chief chimpanzee?
    We that obj hates Niger Deltans at various levels and even so Jonathan.
    Again, the question is, what does Jonathan want? He is throttling around the country visiting very guile people, and for what?

    • raji

      The plane to America was diverted to Abeokuta.

      • Julius

        Lmaooooooooooo !!. Good one.

    • Hamza

      The inauguration of D J Trump was an all American affair. Did you see any foreign VIP at the stand? Am sure not. Only the Carters, The Clintons, Bush and other great Americans.
      If you believed Jonathan or Buhari were invited, then I don’t know…….

      • Arogbo

        The Biafrans want us to believe that Jonathan and IPOB supporters were invited. Bunch of liars.

    • North, SW, SS … would all come together eventually, who would be left out to twist in the wind “again”?

      The igbo-biafra animal!

    • Julius

      That man you are calling names made him the president in the 1st place. Not you and your loser people. He is throttling and begging to avoid going to jail with his wife. Can you help him? Can your delusional, useless loud mouth people help him ?

  • evidence

    Jonathan, your mumu don do!

  • Lawrence Azubuike

    When did Ibogun – Olaogun become Washington D.C.. I laugh in Ijaw

    • Julius

      Yeah and don’t forget to cry after. That’s your brother running and begging so he and his wife wont go to jail. Shame on you people not the town he went begging.

      • Lawrence Azubuike

        Did i hear you say my brother?. May GEJ be your brother

        • Julius

          Hell no, dont wish that on me abeg !! lolz

  • Spoken word

    Dumbo will always be a mumu

  • Adegbie Sylvester

    I am sure baba OBJ go don make a full recording of the meeting for future refrences. Was any pastor invited too?

  • Ken

    It is time to save this country from the Dullard.

    • Fofona Frey


      Nigeria became irrelevant in diplomatic circles after General Obasanjo messed
      up the meaning of ‘diplomacy’ with illiteracy by granting asylum in Nigeria to a
      SITTING PRESIDENT of Liberia (Charles Taylor) only to later arrest that same
      President of Liberia in Nigeria; chained him, and flew him to exactly the same
      territory (Liberia) mutually declared prior as a threat to Charles Taylor’s life for
      which asylum was granted in Nigeria in the first place. All rules and logic of
      diplomacy were thereby trampled upon by General Obasanjo’s ignorance.

      The result today
      is that Mauritania, which is not even a member of Ecowas, is the one
      getting a diplomatic deal done in Gambia for President Jammeh’s asylum, after
      Nigeria’s President Muhamadu Buhari had disgracefully failed to get anything
      diplomatically done. That’s how irrelevant Nigeria has become after General
      Olusegun Obasanjo’s ‘illiterate diplomacy’. The current president of
      Nigeria, Buhari is himself rather too dim and was roundly ignored by the
      government of Gambia with any suggestion he brought with him to Banjul.

      • Burning Spear

        Nigeria betrayed Charles——-Taylor via Obj——————Taylor came to Nigeria as a result of a peace agreement reached between him and the UN—————the same UN it was that was used by the USA to send Taylor to their prison in the HAGUE–viz their agent in Nigeria—–Obj——

      • Julius

        Genius, he got him out to stop further blood shed not from his atrocities. You forgot what Charles Taylor was doing to that country and her people ?. Lack of accountability and responsibilities has always been problems in Africa and the thugs must be held accountable. Period. He got what he deserved.

  • systematic

    this mumu johna still the this country, i beg him pls to leave us along. he should just go back to his mumus village to advice them to stop that nonsense of vandalism. it should be better for him

  • Noble

    Birds of the feathers always flock together

    • Burning Spear

      Senior Buhari monkey how did Jonathan and Obj become birds of the same feather—————–

      • Powerlessconscious

        Thieving. They are both thieves.

  • Julius

    Hahahahahaha, the heat is getting closer to him and his bloated wife by the day. Now, he is running and begging. Cough up your looted, stolen monies, plea bargain and avoid a long prison sentence. Only way out.

  • Izon Redeemer

    Jonathan should be extremely careful with the double speaking tongue of Obj—The Ijaw Nation have suffered enough treachery through the hands of the Fulanis and Yorubas ati their Ibo surrogates———Nigeria as it is presently constituted belongs to the Fulanis—–Yorubas————and Ibos——–so he should be beware of this Yoruba traitor——–What the Ijaws yearn for in Nigeria is separation with no strigns attached to any ethnic group—the full control of their oil wells in the SS—————-and an end to the master servant relationship between the Ijaw Nation and the Fulanis —–ati Yorubas————and their Ibo errand boys in APC

    • emmanuel

      Your Jonathan has blown every good will he has had. Obasanjo has promised to look for job for him. Shame.
      See how a former president claps his two hands watching a bad old man humilate him.
      In simple tune, if you have what you do, you should not come here to watch me play my game with a friend.
      Let men be men.

      • Powerlessconscious

        Are you now ashamed of jonothief?

  • Papa Ogihwriodo


    I beg, help me thank President Donald Trump of America. He did well. He did not invite bad people
    in Nigeria to come for his presidential inauguration in Washington D.C yesterday. Very good step.
    That is why OBASANJO and JONATHAN went to kiss each other inside a thick forest in Ibogun.
    Can you imagine if President Trump invited any of those two buffoons? We will not hear word!
    Papers will full will adverts that any of the two men invited is a real international statesman.
    It is a thing of joy that President Donald Trump did not make a mistake to invite dullards.

    • Rominiyis

      Thank You for your concern for the people of this country. Most people at certain age just give up on the country and they have good reasons to. May God keep you active, blessings to you our father.

  • TDaniels2

    If the reasons are not corruption related, then it must be to eat amala and gbegiri, play a few open Ayo and go back home! Little wonder why the crooks, babake, raikanded, unnas, etc are all walking freely away with potbellies of stolen public funds!

  • emmanuel

    Jonathan ha snever failed to distinguish himself as a weakling. Obasanjo is the face of evil and never represent anything good. What will he get outside ridicule?
    A man who invite people for visit and he sets them up for Journalist? While posing for photograph, he signals them with his hand from behind to make jest of his guest?
    He eventually promised to help Jonathan get international appointment, after eating his food. Jonathan? eh eh. mweeew.
    Na the insult wey Jonathan dey look for be dat. Obasanjo creates a very false image for himself which he thinks people have , but it is all false.
    A serial election rigger and ballot box snatcher, the most corrupt man in Nigeria ever.

    • The facts

      I have gone to read the open letter his daughter wrote to him after the open letter he wrote to Jonathan. Going by this article and she definitively did the right thing.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Well! former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,is not a weakling as classified by @ emmanuel-below but a slow thinking man who was always not thinking and planning properly before acting but later trying to amend and re-adjust his decision and action. Emmanuel,claims Obasanjo, represents nothing because, emmanuel,is one of bunch of ignorantly naive and arrogant ethnic bigots from the South-South/east.

  • wazobia monk !!!!!!

    “But an aide to Mr. Jonathan said the former president sought to restore cordial relationship with Mr. Obasanjo.”

    baba,he wants 2019 ……… no gree………………………

  • westman

    Whatever is the reason I don’t care.
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  • Sir Louis

    Former President Jonathan appears not to have friends enough to keep him company. This might be the reason he is seeking the company of OBJ. Its a pity he has made a mistake as Obasanjo has told the entire nation that he has no real friends and does not value anyone’s friendship!