Finally, Gambia’s Jammeh ‘agrees to step down’

Photo credit: Aljazeera

Gambia’s outgoing leader, Yahaya Jammeh, will finally leave power for internationally-recognized Adama Barrow, after failing three deadlines, a report says.

A France24 journalist in The Gambia, Nicolas Germain, tweeted at 5.56PM, almost two hours after the expiration of the third deadline, quoted The Gambian officials as saying Mr. Jammeh was writing a statement “where he accepts defeat.”


For hours, Mr. Jammeh has been in talks with Mauritanian and Guinean leaders, persuading him to step down to avert being forced out by ECOWAS troops already in his country’s territory.

ECOWAS is backed by the United Nations to enforce respect for the December 1 election in which Mr. Barrow was returned winner.

Mr. Barrow was sworn-in at the embassy of The Gambia in Senegal.


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  • Analyst

    Gambia needs Jesus. Jesus loves Gambia.

    • ahmed

      Every body needs GOD including Jesus. (May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him)

      • Abdullahi Santuraki


        • Gabriel Olasebikan

          In Mark 8:29, Jesus asked this question:-

          “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

          If Jesus were to ask you this same question today,what will be your answer?

          • YAHAYA

            He will say Jesus is the messenger of God and one of His fine creatures. Is as simple as that.

    • Mufu Ola

      U worship Jesus not God.

      • CeeCee1818

        The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    • YAHAYA

      Bullshit, we all need God The Supreme.

    • CeeCee1818

      All Africa needs Jesus, in fact the whole world does in these troubled times.

  • Dawood

    If we’d listened to the Nigerian Senate, Ekweremadu and the corrupt Nigerian lawyers castigating Buhari for his decisive actions on this matter, Jammeh would still be in Gambia holding the Gambian people hostage, and corrupt Nigerian lawyers would be in the Gambia collecting bribe monies and participating in a kangaroo court drama. If only Buhari will move as decisively against Saraki, Ekweremadu and the other forgers in the Senate.

    • share Idea

      Do you mean the president to is due to fly to UK? Is it not the same diplomacy that Ekweremadu advocated is now being used to resolve it. Must you comment on things that are beyond you.

      • tundemash

        Share Dunce, what diplomacy ? It is the threat of military action that did it !

        • Otile

          Abubakar tundemash,
          Nibo ore yin Mumuwole?

        • share Idea

          Just as Buhari’s body language has made Nigerian refineries working in full capacity. Nigeria we hail thee

          • tundemash

            Share Dunce, don’t shift the goal post ! This is about Jammeh, ECOWAS and Buhari. What a twat !

      • Julius

        smh, I thought you are smarter that this. Do you think he would have agreed to leave without the threat of force ? Be serious. Diplomacy back up with force usually do the trick with touts like Jammeh

  • L’homme Diplomatique

    Premium Times Editor,

    Someone’s ‘International Community’ is falling apart

    Jammeh is one of those nuisances littering presidential villas in Africa; whom Olusegun Obasanjo was kissing
    and deluding himself to be in an international community. What a delusion. A riff-raff like Jameh is Obasanjo’s
    international community! No sensible person will ever like to invite this riff-raff for dinner! Yet Obasanjo was
    busy burning flying miles at taxpayers’ expense to go and kiss the horrific riff-raff of Gambia on the cheeks!
    There’s no African head of state, past or present, except Nelson Mandela, who has ever made any sense.
    But that slew of deplorable illiterates, and stuttering nuisances, is Obasanjo’s own international community.

    • haba mallam

      What a piece of crap! Jammeh was a real African who spoke the truth while the cowards are kissing the ass of their masters in Europe and America.

      • CeeCee1818

        You’re out of your mind!

    • CeeCee1818

      Please don’t forget Botswana that has smoothest transitions all the time, such a well run country that should be an example for all Africa!

    • Julius

      Na Obasanjo fault that Jammeh was even born..abi. Smdh, stupidity is a disease

  • Republican in VI

    Africans can be too kind to a fault. Who pays for the costs of deploying all those troops and air craft. Once troops are deployed there should be no last minute discussions, arrest and put him on trial immediately. ECOWAS has set a bad precedence with this any other leader that does this will now know he can be negotiating till troops are at his gate.

    • Du Covenant

      My broda, this is why we are so backward as compared to other beings on this planet. We tolerate very bad behaviour from top to bottom and in return our collective development as a people has been arrested. I prayed and hoped that ECOWAS would make a good example of this thwart so that no one will contemplate such nonsense anywhere in this region. They have allowed him to still dictate when to leave, what a pity. May God help us!.

  • Abah of Ipolo

    Halleluyah! No bullets fired but victory achieved. Thank you God!

    • Fofona Frey


      Why BUHARI failed as Ecowas Mediator in Gambia

      Were President Buhari knowledgeable about the world
      world he’d have seen the obvious need to reach out to the president of Guinea
      (Conakry) because President Jammeh’s wife is Guinean. But Buhari was more
      interested in a bogus title of mediator that Ecowas accorded him than in thinking
      out anything sensible. That gap of ignorance Buhari created is what the
      president of Mauritania filled and succeeded.

      • Fofona Frey

        …….(2) Why Buhari failed as Ecowas Mediator in Gambia

        Nigerians still don’t get it.
        Nigeria became irrelevant in diplomatic circles after General Obasanjo messed
        up the meaning of ‘diplomacy’ with illiteracy by granting asylum in Nigeria to a
        SITTING PRESIDENT of Liberia (Charles Taylor) only to later arrest that same
        President of Liberia in Nigeria; chained him, and flew him to exactly the same
        territory (Liberia) mutually declared prior as a threat to Charles Taylor’s life for
        which asylum was granted in Nigeria in the first place. All rules and logic of
        diplomacy were thereby trampled upon by General Obasanjo’s ignorance.

        The result today
        is that Mauritania, which is not even a member of Ecowas, is the one
        getting a diplomatic deal done in Gambia for President Jammeh’s asylum, after
        Nigeria’s President Muhamadu Buhari had disgracefully failed to get anything
        diplomatically done. That’s how irrelevant Nigeria has become after General
        Olusegun Obasanjo’s ‘illiterate diplomacy’. The current president of
        Nigeria, Buhari is himself rather too dim and was roundly ignored by the
        government of Gambia with any suggestion he brought with him to Banjul.

        • Sidi Ahmed

          @Fofona Frey:

          Okay, agreed, but how about BUHARI’s Foreign Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama, does he think at all? Does his job not include thinking? If it includes thinking why could he not think and wants to remain
          on seat as Foreign Affairs Minister of Nigeria? I am a northerner. But I am not defending Buhari on
          this disgrace in Gambia. I just want us to look at all sides.

          Even too, our journalists in Nigerian newspapers, do they think too? Let me tell you people this. Nigerian journalists don’t know how to think. I know what I am saying. If not, how can someone just wake up like a sleeping baboon in Otta, Ogun state, and declare himself as “International Statesman” and our journalists will just be saying it after him without checking if the person ever in this world
          contributed a single idea to international relations since 1976 when he first became a military
          head of state.

  • Summer

    This man give up the power after he discover that he is all alone in this already lost battle, because the ECOWAS army are close on him even his security chief abandon him even the so called guard brigade that are mainly his tribal people also left him to his foolishness.

  • Jon

    He had no choice but to surrender. He almost risked being captured, handcuffed and sent to the Hague.

    • Julius

      He might still be sent to the Hague. I hope so.

  • Julius

    I said the moron will leave, possibly run if he has to. A mad dog knows his owner after all.

  • Odide Ejuere

    The way to go! I have said the way to consolidate democracy in Africa is not to be begging incumbents to leave office but to to threaten them when they lose elections and refuse to leave. Similarly, trying to make heros out of those who decide to leave is tentamount to sending the signal to others that they had a choice in the first place. Africa should set standards for itself that match global best practices. We should stop lowering standards that tend to suggest that we are incapable of rational choices.

  • Malik Isah

    E get choice?