Many feared dead as Nigerian jet mistakenly drops bomb on IDP camp

IDP camp

Several people are feared dead after a military plane mistakenly dropped a bomb inside the Rann IDP camp in Borno State.

The Rann IDP camp in Kala-balge Local Government Area caters for thousands of persons displaced by Boko Haram.

A source at the camp told PREMUM TIMES that at least hundred people were injured and needed to be evacuated to hospitals.

At least two people are feared dead from the incident and the injured included officials of the Doctors without Borders, MSF.

The military spokesperson, Rabe Abubakar, a brigadier general, confirmed the incident but explained that it was an error that the military deeply regretted.

He explained that soldiers got information of movement of Boko Haram members and deployed ground troops and air cover to tackle the terrorists.

It was the air support that mistakenly dropped the bomb, he said.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that the state government has already ordered all hospitals in Maiduguri to be prepared to receive and promptly treat the injured.

Also, an International Red Cross, ICRC, helicopter has been deployed to the camp to evacuated the wounded to the various hospitals.

The Theatre Commander of Nigerian forces in Borno, Lucky Irabor, a major general, also confirmed the attack at a press conference.

“This morning today, we received reports about gathering of Boko Haram terrorists somewhere in Kala Balge Local Government area of Borno State. We got a coordinate and I directed that the air should go to address the problem.

“Unfortunately the strike was conducted but it turned out that the locals somewhere in Rann were affected.

“We are yet to get the details of the casualties. But we have some civilians that have been killed, others are wounded and we also have two of our soldiers that were also wounded. Among some that are wounded are local staffs of the Medicine Sans Frontiers as well as ICRC,” he said.

Details later…


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  • musa aliero

    What kind of inhuman rubbish is this? All concerned must be jailed

    • Folabi Omilani

      @musa aliero:disqus

      Oh, my God. The wicked have done their worst. Just when a probe of the 250 million Naira
      pocketed by Secretary to the federal government, Mr. Babachir, is about to start, this plane bomb!
      Babachir said he used 250 million Naira to buy cutlass to cut grass at this IDP camp. Nigerians screamed.
      But now that the airforce has gone there to bomb and erase any evidence, Mr. Babachir can be much grateful.

      • Mourning Blues

        …….Now, let Muhamadu Buhari bury his dead….victims of his careless ways of doing things……

    • F. Omilani


      Oh, my God. The wicked have done their worst. Just when a probe of the 250 million Naira
      pocketed by Secretary to the federal government, Mr. Babachir, is about to start, this plane bomb!
      Babachir said he used 250 million Naira to buy cutlass to cut grass at this IDP camp. Nigerians screamed.
      But now that the airforce has gone there to bomb and erase any evidence, Mr. Babachir can be much grateful.

      • ?????????



        • Otile

          Perhaps the pilot thought that the #BBOG group protesting against the government were visiting the camp this morning. I pray the group will make it home alive. The war has just started.

    • Otile

      If the casualties were caused by Boko Haram you would play dead. Wouldn’t you?

  • Dän-gote cémènt fâctōry


  • Buharin daji

    I’m anti-north….but this incident is so sad.

    • Mufu Ola

      Why anti North?And u’re proud to proclaim it.You’re truly satanic.

      • Buharin daji

        Why won’t I be anti north you people have added nothing but commotion to this fraudulent contraption called Nigeria

  • Bayo

    Quota system officers.

  • Mayo

    This headline does not ‘jive’ with the body of the story. The headline says – ‘Many people’ but the story says 2 people. The death of even 1 person is deeply regrettable but the headline smacks of ‘sensationalism’ and Premium Times should update it accordingly.

    • Shobajo




    • thusspokez

      This headline does not ‘jive’ with the body of the story. The headline says – ‘Many people’ but the story says 2 people.

      I am sure that you would be among the first to moan if PT gave you the a guesstimate of the final tally of the people death in this ‘Breaking News’ report instead of waiting for more bodies to be recovered, confirmed death before updating readers.

      BREAKIBG NEWS! Nigerian military jet ‘mistakenly bombs refugee camp’, killing more than 100
      — telegraphcouk

      • Mayo

        You don’t have to reply to every comment you see on an article. How can ‘many’ equal ‘2’?

        • thusspokez

          Many feared dead

          “feared” in this context makes “many” not an exactitude but a a high probability, there!

          • Mayo

            Don’t try to be clever by half. The headline says ‘Many feared dead’. The article itself says ‘At least two people are feared’…

          • thusspokez

            You still don’t get it. Perhaps, you may want to look up the word “feared”; and the context in which it was used in the headline.

          • Mayo

            You are the one who doesn’t get it. Your argument is that ‘feared’ is not exact/they are not sure. You seem to be missing the point that they also used the word ‘feared’ in the body of the article only that they have now used a much lower figure of ‘2’. Why then not use 2 in the title? The only reason they used ‘many’ in the headline is because it attracts people’s attention.

  • Rommel

    So sorry to hear this,my heart goes out to them

    • igboham

      what is the practical effect of what you just wrote?

    • Otile

      Let your wicked heart and body go with them to the grave. Hater Rommel say amen.

      • aboki

        Otile your happiness on what happened on innocent souls would follow you, as you murdered sleep INSHA ALLAH

        • Otile

          Allahu Akbar, I am not happy about the death of innocent people. Why is the government deceiving people about what is going on in this_senseless war? …defeated Boko Haram my foot.

      • Rommel

        Innocent precious lives were lost accidentally and all you could say is this?

        • Otile

          Pilots of quota system, nko? …accidentally my foot.

          • dammy

            If you lived in chibok, or lost a family member you would use ya head…rommel…plenty fools in ma country, want to see it burn..and dem no get visa to any where…refugees they will b If and when it starts…

          • Otile

            Do you live in Sambisa forest, have you lost all your family members yet? It has already started, where have you been? odale

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      Why are you sorry? Boko Haraam had earlier said the NAF did more of the killings.Hope you remember?

      • Rommel

        And you now believe Boko Haram more than the NAF?

  • PolyGon2013

    This is sad. Could the pilot be a BH agent?

    • igboham

      No – It is the price of One big Nigeria.

      • Powerlessconscious

        Is general lucky irabor not an Igbo man who order the outing? I said biafraud are enemies. Nigerians should be careful.

    • Otile

      It is the case of indiscriminate bombing for which NAF is notorious. It is on record that Gowon’s criminal Air Force used to drop bombs in Biafran refugee camps and Dondon Barrack would celebrate the massacres.

  • onyinyechi

    Does the act shows professionalism

  • thusspokez

    Several people are feared dead after a military plane mistakenly dropped a bomb inside the Rann IDP camp in Borno State.

    “mistakenly”? It might well be, nevertheless the Nigerian Air force need to provide answers to the following questions:

    (1) Does the Nigerian Air force (NAF) have the coordinates i.e., latitude and longitude of the location of this camp. If not, why not?
    (2) If the NAF did have the coordinates, was the pilot given it and if not, why not?
    (3) If the pilot did have the coordinates, how could he/she still have bombed the camp?

    • zekopssuth

      If Buhari’s mathematical formula (97% + 5% = 100%) is applied by the Pilot in determining the coordinates or whatever you call it, will the Pilot still arrive at the right answer or location? Shouldn’t a Pilot emulate his Commander in Chief?

      • thusspokez

        Hahaha, but let’s be serious as befits the occasion — 100+ Nigerians are dead.

  • breakin’ news

    Breaking News:

    President Yahya Jammeh has declared a national state of emergency two days
    before the end of his mandate. In a national TV address, Jammeh said on Tuesday
    the 90-day measure was necessary because of “the unprecedented and
    extraordinary amount of foreign interference” in last month’s presidential
    vote, which he lost to opposition leader Adama Barrow.”

    • thusspokez

      Why did you choose to report this here? Why would you want to overshadow the important news on this page?

      Is Jammeh nonsense more important that the death of over 100 Nigerians (and still counting)? You must hold the 100+ Nigerian with great contempt to want to distract news of their demise. I don’t know if you are a Nigerian, but I find your attitude disgraceful and most disrespectful to these Nigerians and their relatives.

  • igboham

    Most sane countries do not deploy their defense forces within but Buharia cares more about the territory than her people. Bombing your own land by a government is unheard of. No wonder every one must be forced to live together as a Nigerian.

  • Bwong

    This is what happens when you allow a Boko haram sympathizer to fly a Jet.

  • evidence

    Who give aboki jet?! Anything Buhari and his fellow janjaweed jihadists touch,they destroy.
    This is how they have been killing innocent citizens for boko Haram. The reason we know of this is because NGO’s were affected.
    The blood letting in this administration is unprecedented.

  • Benjamin

    Death of any Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba man or woman is like the death of a COCROACH.

    Those who killing Igbos, killing Biafrans must wait for their turn, they killed Biafrans in millions for no other reason but jealousness, envy and hatred, they must die in hundreds of millions in one way or the other.

    Our boys are destroying oil pipelines in BIAFRALAND, because, Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba has refused to leave our land, instead, they are killing us, we shall see how it goes.

    All the infrastructures built in the north and south west in cluding Abuja shall be destroyed.

    As the old south east of Nigeria is without any infrastructure, so shall the ones built with oil money from Biafranland be destroyed.
    This is no treat but a promise.

    • dammy

      Fool…over 100 died for nothing…. you type shit….who are the ibo leaders…happy the niger-delta have leaders…name one ibo leader..before you talk biafra, you should learn your history b4 you talk..ojuku killed d millions by to war…who planed the 1st coup..(ibo’s)…any eye for an eye…

      • Benjamin

        Be ready to die root and branches too, what you gave Biafrans is coming back to you. It is inexcapable. There shall be no hiding place in west Africa for murderous Hausa/Fulani/Idiotic idol worshipers and so called Yoruba conspirators. CRUCIAL ISN’T IT
        This is just the beginning, you guys have just gone pass 1 year six Months into the devil’s leadership, and your soldiers, your boko HARAM, your Fulani herdsmen, your touts, your area boys, your tugs and JIHADIST which you used to kill Biafrans will be used in killing you.

        Yoruba, hausa, fulani have digged graves for themselve in West Africa and will no longer be there to supply you weapons.
        You will no longer have access to Biafran oil, that which BOKO HARAM did not kill soldiers will destroy, those who will survive soldiers shall air force bomb shit out of them, if the bomb miss, hunger will be on ground to grind your bodies to dust.
        We will return Abuja and Lagos to it former status, desert and swamp.

  • Faruk Dange

    Just imagine!

  • Otile

    If this bombing massacre happened in Europe Imam Mohamed Buhari would be the first to send condolence messages to the country and affected families, but here the man is playing dead. Perhaps Liar Mohammed and Adesina are perfecting and sanitizing what lie to tell him about the bombing.

  • East west

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  • Succes Uche

    IRABOR’s Fog OF Massacre in RANN

    The dawn of a new day fills man with rays of hope
    Hope for a better meal and a chance to smile
    But IRABOR fog of war
    Brings the cloud of doom to choke RANN
    As the drum beat of death squashes life out of RANN

    Innocent civilians dance to the beat of gunshots
    Swinging and falling as the funeral piles grow
    Blasted from above by their savior
    Making them casualties of a war they escaped

    The sanctuary becomes a massacre field
    With no one spared of the brutality of the air squad
    52 Nigerians dead and 100 injured
    Due to incompetence and operational blunder
    Which IRABOR calls the Fog of War