How Saraki transferred millions of dollars to own foreign accounts while serving as Kwara Governor – GTBank Official

Senate President Bukola Saraki CCB Trail

A witness in the ongoing trial of Senate President Bukola Saraki has told the Code of Conduct Tribunal that Mr. Saraki made foreign funds transfer of over $3 million while he was governor of Kwara State.

The Nigerian code of conduct bars public officials including state governors from operating foreign bank accounts.

The witness, Nwachukwu Amazu, a banker with the GTBank said Mr. Saraki made several transactions, including a transfer of over $73,000 from his dollar account, maintained with the GTBank to his foreign account in the American Express Service Europe Ltd.

He said the purpose of the transfer was to fund a foreign credit card, belonging to the American Express Bank and owned by the defendant.

“He has a domiciliary account, with the GTB in US dollars and in pounds sterling. The domiciliary account is domiciled in Ilorin,” he said.

When asked to explain the mode of operation of Mr. Saraki’s foreign credit card, the witness said he did not know how the card operates.

“I don’t know anything about the card, except if I explain with my knowledge of the GTB credit card in the Nigerian perspective,” he said.

Mr. Amazu who worked with the funds transfer unit of the GTB, between 2006 and 2009 before he was transferred; then returned to the unit in 2011, as its head, said Mr. Saraki made other transfers including the transfer of £761, 904. 76 in February 2010.

He also said another sum of £632, 411.7 was also transferred for the defendant to Fortis Bank in London.

He made several other testimonies of funds transferred through Mr. Saraki’s domiciliary accounts to foreign accounts belonging to the Senate President abroad.

Earlier, the Tribunal chairman asked the defendant if he needed water and gestured to offer water to Mr. Saraki, inside the dock.


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  • Black or White

    This man is still the Senate President. What type of people are we???

    • DanielOsazuwa

      Animals in human skin.

    • Julius

      Criminals !

    • Man_Enough

      a lost people who are too blind to retrace their steps.

  • Bayo

    Saraki is now Buhari’s friend.
    Nothing will happen to him.

  • emmanuel

    Bukoole, will remain there until 2019. Buhari need a crook that he can blackmail as Senate President. Crooks begat crooks. APC is a nest of corrupt souls from head to tail.
    Someone someday will probe forged Cambridge certifcate of Alhaji Buhari that had Passport Photograph in 2013, when Certificate at his time did not have any.
    Migrate to the APC if you are a thief and you get covered. Afterall, the most despicable Governor in Nigeria between 2006 to 2011 – Emmanuel Uduaghan is now in APC. The Ape stole over N1 Trillion of Delta state money.

    • Gary

      Really, Uduaghan has joined the APC? When did he declare for them?

      • emmanuel

        He does not need to declare, the APC needs his money and as a big fish his declaration comes later. Ayiri his pipe has been in the APC all along doing the job for him.
        Apart from Tinubu who was compensated by Buhari about a week ago to lift Crude, most APC players who spent monies in 201-2015 have not recoup their investment. So the likes of Uduaghan is good business for them.
        The ticket for Senate is the instrument for negotiation, but eye go clear after them chop im money finish.

    • Honorable Lawal

      What will all the crooked governors, sinnators, self serving civil servants, compromised judges etc. responsible for the sorry state of affairs in Nigeria say when they finally meet their maker?

      • emmanuel

        They are not interested in that yet, for those who will leave a little long, they would get born again and become elders in Church, mosque etc. God is merciful right, but God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows that he shall reap.
        They forget that the life after is not determined by the prayers of the living to have the dead rest in peace. The soul that sins shall die!

        • Honorable Lawal

          Good response. We are all in God’s hands o.

  • David Adeniran

    Yet Buhari is comfortable with this man? Saraki’s case has exposed Buhari as a WEAKLING, I am afraid!

  • Sword of Damocles

    There is not much to say about Nigeria, except this: If the “rule of law” can not be used by the People to put “hot pepper” in the eyes of the enemies of Nigeria & their families, then what use is it(the rule of law) to the Common man? President Buhari needs to understand the aforementioned words. After the “destruction” of Nigeria by the treasonous elites, all of that “some elites are untouchable” is NOW INOPERABLE. I understand that the President is of the ruling elite clique, but it is God’s truth, that his fellow elites have betrayed the land of our fathers severally. The General who opened an offshore account THREE MONTHS after he was appointed COAS in 1975 must be investigated. He is just one example, and the OLDEST one. The President I believe is 73 yrs old, one year older than my father, he must know NOW, if he did not before, that without JUSTICE for the elites that wrecked our country, Nigeria can know NO PEACE. This is a fact, the sooner the decision makers realize this the better for all of us. PS, what is the result of the CBN nepotism scandal investigation? I supported the current President, and I continue to support the administration, however it is now circumspect & with caveats

  • persona

    This is the clear breech of the rules and Bukola cant claim he doesn’t know it because he is not only well educated, he was 2 times the governor of the state and filled the form properly not under duress.
    The chairman of CCT already offered him water, the court room must have been very hot with the bombshell.
    Bukola, you may have arranged the NASS to your advantage, become pals with APC and even Buhari, the people you governed and turned around to impoverish alongside other Nigerians will demand Buhari to ensure that justice is served else, he will have to contend with with real pressure and he may kiss his anti corruption bid goodbye.

    • Gary

      How many people in government, past and present, can you vouch for as not having a foreign bank or credit/debit card account?
      How have Buhari and others been paying school fees for their children and their upkeep abroad? Do they physically carry thousands of Pounds and Dollars in cash when they travel when laws in the US and Europe limit such to $10,000 to prevent money laundering.

      Every damned politician and office-holder should then be in the dock if this is not to be seen as a witchhunt that it is.
      It’s well past time for Saraki to be left alone as Senate President and stop this sham prosecution. Nigeria has bigger problems to worry about. He’s almost at the halfway point of his tenure and still enjoys the support of his colleagues across party lines. Let the APC focus on jobs and reviving the economy for the people instead of political vendetta.

      • Gbola

        Stop condoning criminality.

        • Julius

          He cant..Criminality is his middle name. The man claimed to be from SS…Need I say more ?

          • Gary

            Unlike you media mercenaries, I freely hold my own views and not paid to represent the demigods of the APC factions you serve.
            It is itself an act of corruption if you use the law to selectively settle personal scores over politics. That is my grouse over the Saraki matter. The man is on trial for wangling his way to emerge as Senate President. He’s being tried for the same infractions for which Bola Tinubu is was tried and freed by the same court and judge. If there’s reasonable proof that he looted Kwara State funds, by all means convict him. But it has laughable in the current realities of Nigeria that anyone can be on trial for operating foreign bank transactions and the media mob calling for his head.
            Again, show me anyone in govt. who has a home or ward abroad and who does not have a foreign bank account. That will include OBJ, Atiku, all past and current state governors and of course, Mr. Buhari himself. They might use their wives or family members as fronts but they all do.
            I did not go to school to let the mob think for me. That is how Nigerians replaced a Jonathan with a Buhari.

          • Sanssouci

            Wish I could upvote u a billion times! I personally initially felt that what Saraki did in June 2015 was despicable, but i am increasingly understanding that his only crime is having a better understanding of politics than the others. With the clueless way the executive is going about handling the economy, I’m glad Saraki and Co. are there to provide some balance. Selective justice is no justice at all, Buhari should bury Saraki’s case like he did for Buratai, Dambazzau, Magu, Abba Kyari et al and let the NASS help legislate us out of this recession since obviously the executive is clueless. A 2014 BMW 320i was sold brand new by Coscharis in December 2014 same car today just 25 months later is worth 21M Naira. That to me is of more concern as should be to people that genuinely love Nigeria than Saraki’s assetts in the UK!!

          • Gary

            Thanks. Only the deep can call on the deep as Awo said. I care more about the freedom and welfare of my people than sending Bukola Saraki to jail.

            And I’m man enough to stand by my convictions and stand up to the APC’s paid mob (itself an act of corruption using public funds for propaganda). They don’t scare me one bit. Folks like us are their nemesis since they no longer control the media narrative of their campaign of disinformation as we head for 2019.

          • Julius

            Dude, you really need to stop condoling criminality. You don’t have to go to school to know that doing that its criminal in itself. I don’t know any of these people and I sure don’t care for them but, when people are suffering , cant afford 3 square meals a day and their governor is transferring millions of dollars into his bank account overseas, I see something wrong with that especially when the said governor has no other business but being a governor. That’s how I see things sir. It was wrong . Buahri just came back to government.

          • Gary

            Read the report, the allegation is that he transferred funds from his domiciliary account in Nigeria to fund his credit card account abroad. You know, like the transactions regular and wealthy folks do to maintain credit card accounts abroad. And pay school fees and purchase homes and cars.
            Don’t let bile or bias for the man block reading comprehension. And remember this is just a prosecution witness who is yet to face cross-examination but you and the mob have already adjudged his guilt. Like you did even before the trial ever started. See how propaganda muddles the brain?

          • Julius

            Correct me if I’m wrong..the law said as a public official he can not operate a foreign bank account…right ? An elite, business man/woman can do that, heck even you and I can. By the way, what was Saraki doing before he became the governor that made him so rich ? He operated a bank with his family which was a fraud that tax payers had to bail them out . The government and the depositors lost their money. So tell me where did he come up with millions of $$ ? Gary the money came from the Kwara treasury. He looted his state which took money away from the people he swore the protect and provide for their living. Lets be serious sir. I’m not here telling you that he is the only one but, we are dealing with him now. We shall talk about whoever is next.

      • persona

        I hope you know that several people use a bank service called bank transfer?
        As regards Buhari, if he runs a foreign account, he was not in government till now and for your information, the VP shutdown his dorm and foreign accounts when they won the election. Buhari published his assets and clearly, there was no foreign account. If because every politician does something illegal, why do we then call for rule of law? Saraki breached the law knowingly and there is no excuse for that. I don’t subscribe to him being left alone because someone like Tinubu also shutdown his own foreign accounts it was the accounts of his children that were left operational and he paid stipends there, that should tell you not all politicians engage in such crimes. the accounts were used to defraud people of a state, they should not be left to watch their oppressor go higher while there lives tank the more. Two sets of laws must not exist in this country, Bukola filled the form on assumption of office and chose to leave the details that have now surfaced.
        This is rule of law, this is justice and if not upheld, Buhari should call the anti corruption quit.

    • emmanuel

      Buhari is not botherned by the impression you have of him. He is an unrepentant law breaker, a coupist who does not believe he is operates under Nigeria constitution. So whatever you think of him na your business.
      He know very well that Nigerians have abandoned him and his anti-corruption crusade. They steal in the villa, IDP, Military cantonments, Police station, civil service, NNPC, etc like never before.
      Even EFCC and DSS are having their own share of kwarafsen too.

  • marc umeh

    It’s hard to find a saint here.
    Given the opportunity , we will all do the same.
    I have never really blamed the thieves.
    I blame our failure to develop a system that will make it almost impossible for this type of deals to take place .For example , the nigerian society of accountants may be the worst organisation in the country , if not the world. And they hardly invite scrutiny.
    Those auditing the books of many companies where fraud is prevalent , still give them a clean bill of health. One accountant told me ” you have to go with the flow , otherwise you will be an outcast”. We respect personalities more than we love our country.
    One fact remains true—- Abacha and all other looters could not have done it alone without the complicity of MANY nigerians.

    • BIODUN

      You are very correct, system failure is our major issue.

      • Gbola

        How can we call it “SYSTEM FAILURE” when every system in the works is beached in one way or the other.

        There’s NO SYSTEM that would stop corruption.

        Corruption exists IN ALL COUNTRIES in the world from China, to Russia to.the U.S, to India, to Brazil etc.

        It’s the Law that’s meant to be ENFORCED and make people accountable for their misdeeds.

        What separates Nigeria’s case from.other countries is that THE LAW ISN’T ENFORCED HERE.


        Public office looters go to a judge and obtain a INJUNCTION from ever being investigated.

        IMAGINE THAT !!!

    • Gbola

      Even in a system as perfect as the one in America, fraud still occurs at various levels.

      Some U.S private & public officials were also implicated in the Panama scandal .

      Blajegovich (the Illinois ex governor) is currently serving time in jail for Corruption.

      Theres this billionaire (I can’t remember his name right now) who is also in jail for his ponzi-scheme.

      Just of recent, Chris christie’s (New Jersey Govnor”s) colleagues were also found guilty.

      And there are many more.

      No system can be perfect.

      And the fact that the system isn’t perfect doesn’t give anyone the freedom to embezzle or engage in corruption.

      The Laws against such criminal practice IS CLEAR.

      • Churchill Roosevelt

        Bernie Madoff
        He was recently caught peddling hot chocolate in prison

        • Gbola

          Thanks for reminding me bro.

          Yes — Burnie Maddof

      • marc umeh

        You make me laugh
        You are giving an example with a governor in jail. Nigeria will be in flames if you put any governor in jail for embezzlement. That is impossible in nigeria. And please tell me , how much money did the Illinois guy steal ? That man will give everything to be a senator in nigeria, not to talk of a governor .
        Chris C hristie was convicted for closing a bridge to punish his political opponent. That decision destroyed his political career. Are you saying this will happen in nigeria in a million years ?
        Please don’t compare apples and oranges. We are from a different planet.

        • Gbola

          Your response started and ended with arrogance.
          So in don’t think there’s any need for an exchange of opinion.

      • Julius

        Tell them bro. My mayor is on his way to jail in a couple of mouths for fraud , as we speak. These know nothing morons make me sick.

    • Lanre

      I can confirm that Buhari is far worse. His Hotels and Mansions in Abuja is reason he has refused to publicly declare assets. Crooks they all are. I regret voting 4 what I thought would be change.

      • marc umeh

        Please tell me. Who would you have voted for , my bros.
        We are all thieves

        • emmanuel

          You be thief? Ahaaaa, no wonder you are usually active at night, doing yahoo when the USA and some other developed nations are awake.
          E be like say na you dey sell cement, recharge card, sugar mummy etc for this forum. Onye ohi!

          • marc umeh

            Maybe you go teach me how to do that kind business. Recession dey kill me

          • emmanuel

            How you know? ecession nor dey respect person. If your business is still strong, staff are willing tools with outsiders to steal from you.
            The Lawyers and Police are too busy these days securing and granting bail to thieves who are now in charge and knows the code for bribing Police Lawyers and Judges.
            There is trouble in the land. Before long, entrepreneurs may have to carry their wares or products on their heads to the market place.

          • marc umeh

            Inside out , upside down.
            Thing don kpafuka !!!!

          • hahahaahahaha

      • Julius

        Cut it out. You did not vote for him. I’ve been reading your fake post for a while and I usually smell a rat…. Even with that name

      • Gbola

        Stop your lies and deceits.
        You never voted for him.
        You’ve been around for awhile now for you to make such claim.

    • Sanssouci

      You have said some deep and troubling truths that only truly dishonest people or hypocrites will disagree with you on. speaking of Abacha and your last sentence, I don’t know if u recall a few months ago an article by this same PT linking senator David Umaru to some of the Abacha loot, apparently that’s how he got made and is still atop a small fortune discreetly and safely tucked away in Switzerland and/or BVI. His name came out because he is now a senator how many other non less indispensable elements of the looting are there out there? So David Umaru should have turned his back on the Abacha loot in the name of “integrity” a la Abba Kyari, Babachir Lawal, Buratai & Co. and by now slowly dying of diabetes, hypertension and other poverty related ailments in his native Niger state? despised by even his own flesh and blood? while there are still no roads or hospitals or quality education that his uprightness would have somehow supposedly helped establish? Tough choice that is made easier daily as we see pensioners wallowing in abject poverty…. Our system is a joke….

      • marc umeh

        I have dedicated what’s left of this life to fighting hypocrisy and injustce which abound in nigetia.

  • SAM .A

    When you elect a law breaker into the highest Legislative body{ senate } , and he made himself the head of that body; Senate Leader , this is what you get , crafting fraudulence and deceit , hanky-panky , hide and seek apportioning the juiciest part of budget to themselves , convert the allocations to senatorial or constituent allowance to their pocket money and lied to their people that they are doing something . Hobnob with the President and presidency so as not to get investigated or his past exposed . When will Nigerians wake up and demand for the end of Tale of Two Cities . If poor man have a case before CCT , he will be spending his 2ND YEAR IN JAIL NOW , but this one is dragging for too long , so that it will be swept under the carpet as usual . What is good for the goose is also good for the gander . You break the law you pay for it , not to promote you to chief Law maker. May God help Nigeria .

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    With these huge evidences against Dr Bukola Saraki, tenure as Kwara State governor for eight years that indicted him, what stopped the CCT tribunal judges from performing their judicial duties duly by penalizing Bukola Saraki for the crimes he committed against the people of Kwara State?

    • Juliuus

      Did you not know of this crime of his and that of his father 8 years ago? People like keep shut on issues like this. It is like Prof Mumuwole Soyinka who tears US green card because D. Trumph is rumoured to have touched the backside of women but cannot tear his Nigerian passport because Buhari has commited mass murders in Onitsha and Kaduna not to talk of his silence on herdsmen genocide against Southern Kaduna christians. Are these not worse crimes than stealing or money laundry?

      • Julius

        Lmaooooooooooo, your miserable life sucks !. You clone my name now to post your incoherent garbage . Na wa oo.

      • Anthonytosin

        even if you tear your passport ,you still remain a nigerian, then why the bother.

  • Professor Mumuwole Greencard

    Until we tie men like Saraki to the execution stable as Lawrence Anini was tied and execute them, corrupt public officials like Dogara & Co will continue to rub shit on our face and think they are untouchable. Sadly, this crook is the same person who on BBC weeks ago said he did not know how much he is worth…and confused prank stars will continue to tear green cards of foreign countries why they romance with the Nigerian presidency and keep their Nigerian passport

    • emmanuel

      You sound like Wole Soynka the oni jekukje profesor

  • Uncle Benedict O.

    Premium Times Editor,

    Bukola Saraki is the YAHYA JAMMEH of Nigeria

    Dear Sir, please allow me space in your esteemed newspaper to say my mind that Bukola Saraki
    is the YAHYA JAMMEH of Nigeria. Bukola Saraki must go. Bukola Saraki must for stealing to stop.
    I am not saying anything new here, just my ownconclusion from the stealing story of Bukola Saraki.
    Saraki looks to me like somebody born to steal because his corruption seems like it is in the blood.

    This is what I read in a foreign newspaper about Bukola Saraki and his crooked way of life abroad:

    • Uncle Benedict O.

      “Toyin Ojora-Saraki, the wife of the president of the Nigerian Senate, is a business front
      for her husband, Bukola Saraki. According to documents retrieved from the Mossack Fonseca
      database (Panama) the assets in her name in tax havens are held in trust for Bukola (Saraki),
      Nigeria’s third most powerful official.

      Landfield International Developments –
      a company registered in the British Virgin Islands on April 8, 2014 – had Toyin Ojora-Saraki
      as sole shareholder. But it is apparent that she was a front, because Bukola Saraki has since
      discreetly taken over the company using Longmeadow Holdings, another shell company
      registered in Jersey.

      To effect the take-over, a board meeting of Landfield was purportedly held on January 28 2015,
      where it was agreed that the company be sold to Bukola Saraki for more than £3-million.
      That same day, Toyin Ojora-Saraki wrote to Mossack Fonseca informing it that she was
      transferring the beneficial ownership of Landfield to Bukola Saraki and his company.”

      …………..Mail & Guardian

      [April 22nd, 2016]

  • Abah of Ipolo

    Saraki is certainly not the only one who indulged in such transactions. It’s just that it is politics of who they decided to catch, so to say.

    • emmanuel

      Saraki destest corruption and that was why he left the PDP. He is a clean man with untainted records. lETS SEE HOW Umar will set him free!
      I already have a picture of what will play up in the coming months on this. Buhari is playing smart with constitutional breaches

      • Julius

        Yah, you have a picture of everything. No be so ?

    • Baba Oloye the 2nd



      • Julius

        Yes, it does and stop being silly. Lmaoooo !!

  • Harrison Poloma


    I want to asseverate so as to elucidate that insofar as Bukola Saraki
    did not need to drink any oodle of water when he was engaging in wholesale
    transfer of millions of dollars overseas in direct violation of extant laws,
    the puisne Judge – Danladi Umar should not indulge or and pamper with any
    request if Bukola Saraki would like to drink some water at the high watermark
    of his exposure in court. Giving alms to the needy is charity; offering water
    to an accused moneylaundering criminal like Bukola Saraki, is some misplaced
    sympathy, to be frank.


    We are all witness to the comedy that is Nigeria.

    We all know this matter will fizzle out and within the next couple of months Saraki will be given a National Merit Award by virtue of his being the Senate President.

    When President Buhari’s inner cabinet is accused of corruption and nothing seems to be happening about it.

    What moral justification does Buhari have to insist that the Senate President be brought to account?

    The fact is Buhari is more concerned with political stability and success of his ambitions come the next general elections.

    I’m sorry to say but we the Nigerian people have been duped by the politicians. APC or PDP ; same thing.

    The leadership across different regimes and administrations since independence are all one and the same.

    The leaders have abandoned Nigerian people to frequently visit to Churches and Mosques to pray for a better afterlife in heaven when they die.

    Here on earth; Nigerians will enjoy nothing. Thats the destiny of we poor people. Only when we die do we enjoy in heaven!

  • olutade

    He is not funny. If everyone takes and nothing happens, is it not foolishness for one not to take?So Sasaki also took and continue to take because others took too.But my brother, there is a downside. All these people that are taking fraudulently and those who have power but fail to bring them to jusyice are equally taking the lives of the people. In short, both the thieves and the inepts are murderers and God shall visit them accordingly.

  • Muhammad

    This is a shame .
    The consistent failure in both administration and governance , to deal with this seeming clear cut case and all the pending and upcoming corruption cases is building up against the Leadership , in its ability to provide a fitting solution to this challenge that will neither commit suicide nor run away .
    Unfortunately the waiting electorate may have to watch a total revisit by another group with another mandate if NOTHING is achieved now .

  • thusspokez

    Earlier, the Tribunal chairman asked the defendant if he needed water and gestured to offer water to Mr. Saraki, inside the dock.

    Judge offers water to crook in distress, but why stop there and not serve it himself?

  • Dead End.

    Nigeria, oh nigeria. What is these man still doing on that seat as the senate president?

    • Paul Irumundomon

      They are all the same, the reason is saraki today, is because he took what the cabals believed belonged to buhari. I don’t support fraud, one must speak the truth, look at almost all suspects, they all have one incidence or another with apc leaders. Is a mockery amongst people looking at how it is playing out. Ekiti is fayose, in rivers is wike and in abuja is saraki, apc should be ashamed.

  • East west

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  • Bidemi Lukman

    Stop the hate: Where are the Sarakites. Lol