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  • Seye Babalola

    Says the daughter of a mannerless man. Crap!

  • Abiola

    She’s not to be blamed however.. did she even schooled in Nigeria?

  • Bhadmos Taiwo

    Shamelessness runs in the family. Bigotry of highest level.

  • labisco47

    Useless daughter born by useless father .

  • labisco47

    Join the discussion…

  • Arkhuma

    This shows the thinking of the rulers and their families of this country. They immediately assume that they are feudal lords with power even greater than ancestral kings and chiefs. Partly helped by a defective constitution which has conferred limitless powers on them and a subservient people who have been so battered by induced poverty that they hardly raise a voice against perceived injustice, these bigoted persons presume that they are above reproach and infallible. The outburst of Ajimobi’s daughter is typical of the children of those in power who bask in unfettered access to money and curry unimaginable favours because of the position of their parents, have only disdain for the common man and their children. They see then as leeches who want a share of their inheritance. This should not be allowed to continue. The fact that she expects that these students should not show any emotion for being kept at home for no reason but simple ego between two clueless governors is even an indication that she lacks empathy and daft for her utterances. Her statement will definitely come to hunt her except she immediately tenders unreserved apology and ask for forgiveness on account of her ignorance.

  • SO

    Any one surprised about her response? It is indeed a great response from the daughter of a “mannerless” constituted authority. I wonder what a governor who is unable to control a very small mob of angry students will be able to manage a real crisis in his state. All they know is just to use force – brainless people!

  • vay

    You don’t judge a book by its cover. Ajumobi looks like omoluabi but definitely omo jatijati. Arrant nonsense, can ur senseless father be a mayor in the UK or America and address angry students agitating for their future through education after paying lots of money for tuition fees without tendering his resignation letter the next day?

  • Sir Louis

    The response of the Governor’s daughter is expected in view of the type of person the father is and the fact that as a Governor, he has not shown enough concern and responsibility to keep a University in his domain open for the young people there to have an education. The Governor is insensitive and so is the daughter. Pity for the State.

  • Lanre

    Irresponsible girl. Ile yooba ni awa ti d’agba. Your father does not know the sacrilege he has committed. Ibadan was where Chief Awolowo governed, introducing free education in Yorubaland and Western Region. I am so annoyed at your father that I am praying for a revolution that will soon sweep his lot away. Your father is a curse to political leadership in Yorubaland. And I am so ashamed of you. Ki le ni? What do you have? Money? Wealth? Education? Respect? Prestige? What? As M.K.O Abiola would say “Olowo ni a rin otosi….”. Your father and his colleagues, Aregbesola, Amosun have added no value to governance in Yorubaland. Instead, all we hear is how wealthier they have become. You are a disgrace and if you have any common sense, you will keep quiet. The London and Washington that you travel to everyday, do you see the children of their politicians making irresponsible comments like you. Eyin omo aijobe ri to njapo saya. Fcuking retards.

    • Walter Debosky

      Tell them oo, it’s a shame how these band of thieves have ruined the southwest, Where’s Odua investments today, awon akotileta gbo gbo !

      • Lanre

        Thank you Walter. I hope you will understand why I am clamouring for a free Yorubaland. Imagine the Children of Chief Awolowo or Alhaji Jakande saying what this irritating girl just uttered. We have a duty to save Yorubaland. I feel so much for those protesting students whose future is in the hands of insensitive rulers like Ajimobi.

        • Walter Debosky

          On the same page with you ,the nation is in a quagmire, the land oppressed by the mad Fulani herdsmen, on rampage who see non Hausa fulani as lesser citizens, I now support the break up of the Nigeria, a south west entity ,founded on equal opportunity for everyone, with no religious bigotry, let everyone go his way, we are Freeborn not slaves !

  • absam777

    Like father, like daughter. She truly showed her breeding. She is a constituted daughter of constituted big mouth

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Ajimobi,s daughter utterance is a confirmation of poor-manners,lack-of-caution and corrupt-human virus characteristictic attitude displays by her father, governor of Oyo State,Ajimobi.It shows how poor the parental bacdkgound and defective human-upbringing that exist in governor Ajimobi,s home.

  • Emmanuel

    This is reason y nigeria is not mmoving forward bcos we have not just useless people as leaders but illiterates who think learn something from school

  • Fantastic

    Where was this ajimobi family when Nigerians students were fighting for enthronement of democracy? I think he was busy stealing money at national oil, reason why obasanjo sold it out. I don’t blame the daughter because the father that suppose to bring her up as omoluabi was not properly brought up too. How can he be talking to students about constituted authority, the same people that gave him the mandate. I think the man should be impeached for challenging the same people that gave him the mandate!

  • Issa

    Who is this girl and what does she know? Bush girl

  • Mrs S

    GOSH! Mr Olanrewaju you are such a disgrace to Nigeria. How the hell are you a writer? The person who made that comment is not Ajibola Ajimobi, that is not her instagram handle…if you even google Ajibola Ajimobi, you will see it is not the same person. Her IG handle is @jibsss and not @conceited_csj. Simple going on instagram to look at picture, you cannot do. You should start a rumour blog.

  • aisha ani

    Very other news, “contraceptive use among Nigerian on increase”.

  • Gary

    Like father, like daughter…both uncouth and half-educated.
    There’s no word like “mannerless”, dummy! The proper word is “ill-mannered”.
    But you would not know, since your father has not allowed schools to run nor paid teachers for students to learn.

    Hard to imagine that Oyo State once had the likes of Bola Ige as Governor. Now it’s an Ajimobi. How are the mighty fallen.

  • Wisdom Alpha

    You this so call daughter are you better than these great students? shameless one!!

  • Adekunle Akindude

    This spoilt child should just shut up and advise his father to face governing with serious intentions than picking up fight with deprived students whose parents have not been paid salaries for months Does your father respect the constitution while not paying workers and even pensioners back salaries and entitlements

    • Adekunle Akindude

      mean advise her father please

  • Julius

    She probably went to school abroad and now a governors daughter so I’m not surprised about her behavior .