Nigerian govt says 204 killed in Southern Kaduna crisis

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai

The National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, says 204 people have been killed in the Southern Kaduna crisis.

The clashes between Fulani herdsmen and locals in southern Kaduna have lasted months.

It is the first time a government agency is providing a figure of the attacks since they began last year.

The Catholic Church had earlier said 808 people were killed as of December 2016, a figure disputed by the Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris. Mr. Idris did not however give a contrary number.

The Catholic Church also said 1,422 houses, 16 Churches, 19 shops, and one primary school were destroyed.

Musa Ilella, NEMA North West zonal Coordinator, told PREMIUM TIMES on Friday that the figure was for two Local Government Areas effected by the crisis, namely Kafanchan and Chikun LGAs.

The figure covers October, November and December, 2016 and early January, 2017, he said.

“Four districts in Kafanchan LGA namely: Linte,Goska,Dangoma and Kafanchan town recorded 194 deaths.

“Chikun LGA on the other hand recorded about 10 deaths, making a total of 204 so far,” he said.

Mr. Ilella said there was no record of any injured victim in the hospital.

Governor Nasir El Rufai had said the attackers were foreign Fulani herdsmen, who were avenging past attacks on them and their livestock.

The state and federal governments have been accused of not doing enough to end the bloodshed.

The presidency announced last week the deployment of anti-riot police and soldiers to the area.


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  • Bigoted NEWS MEDIUM

    Why is Nigeria cursed like this? How come Premium Times pretends not to be aware of Wole Soyinka’s belated bashing of Buhari and that fellow terrorist in arms called Governor El-Ruffian of Kaduna state? Can someone go to ‘thisday’ news medium and other online news outfits …and see for yourself.

    Here is what the confused Soyinka said,

    “What astonished me was not the admission by the governor but the astonishment of others at such governmental response to atrocity. There was nothing new about it. Has appeasement to religious forces not become a Nigerian face of justice and equity? First lethargy and then appeasement. Wasn’t Boko Haram’s Muhammed Yusuf a beneficiary of appeasement in a similar fashion? “…

    “If you ask why General Buhari did not act fast enough when these events take place, which degrade us as human beings, well it is perhaps he has been waiting for the governor of that state to send money to the killers first for them to stop the killing.” —- Wole Soyinka @Book launch on thisday news

    • aboki

      Remember we have three tie government local, state and federal with specific responsibility as stated in NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION.
      Federal comes in when state can not have the capacity and ability to contain as the case may be in NE and S Kaduna which it does by sending soldiers. The FGN has also established additional military commands to beef up security S Zaria aka Kaduna.
      The killing in Southern Kaduna is not a one way traffic as the case may be in Southern Kaduna.
      The people of Southern Kaduna are living peacefully regardless of their tribes or religion for hundreds of years without any rancor .
      There are intermarriage btw the locals in the area share common things including food, religion and cultural values.
      I smelled rats as somewhere there is an enemy’s infiltration with an agenda.
      However time would tell as we are waiting for the DAY of reckoning.

      • HAMZA

        ….Thank you Aboki! Wahala just started some twenty / twenty-five years back when we started to experience influx of ”fiery” Pastors and clerics from mainly Delta/Benin/Kogi axis into Plateau/Benue/Kaduna and Nasarawa areas preaching to and indoctrinating the locals in these areas against perceived dominance (of locals) the so-called Caliphate! This is my personal view/opinion and I sincerely hold no negative ill-feeling against anybody in Southern Kaduna particularly or the whole of Kaduna generally.

        • Grit Harrison

          Thank goodness you said is your personal view, Did Govt findings said Preachers stir up Christians ,it always Herdsmen going out to kill,so your mind or personal view should question,what is moving these herdsmen. We have serve in the North as corpers and we know how you guys can be brutal no matter how loving or friendly you are to a Core Northern that sees you as a threat to his Religion. The Fulani man always want to conquer,kill and take Territory,get it,study their history,it is there for all to see. When ever you see aFulani man the local are always watchful

        • James

          Oh yes you do
          You are on the side of El-Rufai, be careful for you may just enjoy also his eternal reward

    • HAMZA

      ….you are the one that seemed confused…….Soyinka’s grammar is just too much (large and heavy) for your ability to discern and comprehend!!

      • Grit Harrison

        the grammar is that President Buhari is an associate in this killing and EL Rufai pay the killers to stop a bit.that is the Grammar. Get it comes 2019 Buhari supporters will be only you guys that want to kill all in the name of your Religion.Core supporters like Soyinka ,Bakare and the Redeem Church fans have seen their mistake and can’t wait to kill your Buhari out!

      • James

        He is on point you are a liar hence seek to distort but it works not, others see

  • Champ

    Multiply that number by it self you get that actual figure

    • HAMZA

      If you do not believe government figure, then which one would you welcome and believe? Government figure is the figure most likely admissible in a court of law and for the purpose of arbitration – all others could be regarded as mere speculation!

      • Bemu

        Hamza you’re twisting the whole narrative.NEMA claimed the figures are for two LG only, chikun and jema’a, meaning they are yet to reckon with the figures of the people killed in other LG such as Sanga lg, kaura lg,kauru lg.
        Bear that in mind.

        • Truthman

          Hey, must you reply Hamza?

      • James

        But I am glad the court is not the final arbiter my brother but God
        By God I don’t mean the false God you call your God who allows killings of the innocent rapes and lies
        No brother I mean the true God the one who sees it all
        And who most importantly is not asleep

  • blueeyedkitten

    Let them continue killing themselves. when they’re both ready for peace, let us know.

    • Pete

      What kind of a country will that be? This is why many believe Nigeria is not a country. No one in Italy, UK, Germany or Russia will make such a useless and detached statement as you have made against killings in a part of his/her country. We need to breakup this Nigeria asap.

      • blueeyedkitten

        what is wrong with the statement? please if you want to preach your irredentist ideas, do it in your own comment. dont come to my space and talk rubbish.

        • Prince

          Common sense can not be said 2b common. To the naked wise man in the market square wisdom of the elders is RUBBISH. To him everything is wrong with every other person in the market with clothes on. He guards his space and places pebbles to delineate his territory. He charges at anyone (even infants and other animals) who would dare to cross the lines. He becomes lord unto himself and fights off help. He dozes off at dusk and wakes up at dawn and his condition is worse than the day before.

          • blueeyedkitten

            i love your poem. atleast you’re better at something else.

          • Eluba Inas

            Is that all you will say about it? Read again and reflect!

          • blueeyedkitten

            there is nothing to reflect there.

          • James

            If nothing you see to reflect
            Then stay you
            And laugh at the misery of others
            For it will not always be theirs
            For cry now they do
            And care not you seem
            When it be your turn
            Think you this time your response
            For deserve it you would then

          • Powerlessconscious

            But you Igbo’s hate Hausa whether xtian or Muslim because of oil block. Why pity now?

        • James

          Your wicked words you put in public space and he responds publicly
          Your words are wicked and immoral
          And for them you will answer
          In this world or the next
          This wickedness persists because of indifference such as yours
          Repent I tell you for the deep pits of hell will be your eternal rest

    • HAMZA

      ….na them-them….abi???

    • James

      You are heartless sha

  • Julius

    Catholic Church says 808 and Nigerian police says about 204 people. Are we saying the difference represents ghosts? The question is; is Nigeria this backward and useless? That the names of the dead cannot be compiled? It is clear that the Church has detailed facts and what they should now do is compile the names of the dead and publish it for everyone to see on the internet so that demonic vampire Governor El-Ruffia can be put to shame forever.

  • Netanyahu

    I can bet the number will be more than that. For God’s sake, why should i cohabit with animals like buhari and el rufai. I don’t blame their footsoldiers, the herdsmen. If they did not acquiesce to what the herdsmen are doing, the madness would have abated. But we have a deaf and dumb president who is quick to condole leaders of other countries when less than a quarter of the number killed in SK is killed in their country but becomes deaf and dumb when his brothers return with heads of infidels they beheaded. Shame.

    • Lanre

      The solution is for us to go our separate ways. This british experiment (called Nigeria) that has made Abacha, Obasanjo, Babangida and Buhari wealthy is a failure. But human beings never learn from history because Common Sense is not Common.

      • LLLeon

        That is the only solution ! Let us remember the millions that died for Biafra.

    • otunga

      Hey you are an adult, you cant cohabit with PMB and El-rufai get a visa or jump into the next immigrants boat on the Atlantic, nobody gives a sh*t, we all got our own problems, besides they’re gonna be in your face for the next 2yrs…my advice: get used to it!

    • HAMZA

      ……….share blame between IBB, Abacha, Shonekan, AbdusSalaam, OBJ, GEJ, Buhari, El-Rufai and all the past governors of Kaduna State for this protracted menace in SK……it started since 1986 but people that were found culpable at various times were never brought to justice…….in fact the first indicted culprits as reported by the Okigbo Panel Committee were forgiven by IBB…..dig into the history for their names!!!

  • Mamman Bako

    “Governor Nasir El Rufai had said the attackers were foreign Fulani herdsmen, who were avenging past attacks on them and their livestock.”
    So is that justification for ineptitude? Shouldn’t there be an all out war against these attackets? The Governor and government have FAILED in its primary responsibility- protection of lives, law and order.

    • wode

      “Governor Nasir El Rufai had said the attackers were foreign Fulani herdsmen, who were avenging past attacks on them and their livestock.”

      …where and when was this said?

      • all of this is fake but im not sure of the point. if they’ve written fake stories for years why do they think any will be believed? it’s too weird.

      • AryLoyds

        He said it !

  • u-best

    If govt can give this figure then 1000+ killed in Kaduna

    • HAMZA

      If you do not believe government figure, then which one would you welcome and believe? Government figure is the figure most likely admissible in a court of law and for the purpose of arbitration – all others could be regarded as mere speculation!!!

      • James

        Then from your answer you are fulani no need to engage you with words…
        If it’s not with blows I will respond to you I will not respond at all

    • AryLoyds

      God bless you ! Just like i tot ! If Gov can agree that its 204 , then times it by 4. Elrufai and Buhari are to blame for this ethnic cleansing .


    Nigerian Catholic, Nigerian Government !!!!! I want us as individual to analyze this clear discrepancies in figure of dead and the property destroyed. Everybody should ask him or herself. What is the interest of each stakeholder in faking the figure. A very known fact is that government want to protect their integrity, but religious organization wants the attention of the whole world. For what reasons: APC want to protect their party but what would church benefit if the figure is high please follow me. …………. If you have family or friend living outside Nigeria, ask them what does churches or NGOs gain from increasing figure of dead and IDP when there is disaster.

    • ahmed zubair

      to gain Sympathy and spoil the government which they believe he is a muslim name

      • Garfield

        Hmmmmm, you say spoil. Since the issue started, what has the clueless president done???

        • Garfield

          Instead the Mr. Change is busy spending our money to change a government in Gambia. Gambia is more important than the oat he took to serve and protect the citizens of Nigeria… Smh

    • dont get dt at all so can’t answr.

  • Kevin Peter

    The funniest thing is that those who do not live in the volatile area are always quick to claim they know the number of people that have been killed more than the people in the area. How can NEMA and Nigeria Police generate “figures” just to give the impression they know when thousand more have been affected if it’s not for political reasons? Where is the sincerity of governance in this case?

    • HAMZA

      ……………and how can any religious body just generate ”figure” of 808 deaths (all dead)…and no record of any single injury in the hospital….BUT that all are dead or murdered – The figure most have been ”manufactured” and simply exaggerated. Everyone (Muslims, Christians and Traditionists), should simply fear God and proper solutions to this protracted menace which is being fueled by untruths and bigotry!!!

      • Mo Mody

        Because the killers came to kill and not to injure!

      • Wetin Naija

        The churches were on the ground counting bodies and burnt properties. Where were NEMA and Nigeria Police?

  • Gary

    For those interested in quibbling over the death count of citizens Governor Nasir El-Rufai failed to protect in breach of his oath of office, you can split the difference. Just halve the figure provided by the Catholic Church and double that provided by the state. And that will give us a working estimate of around 400 killed so far in Southern Kaduna.

    Now let’s add that to the official 347 Shiites buried in a mass grave and counted by Rufai’s SSG as he told the Inquiry into the Zaria Massacre. The Shiites of course disputed this figure, saying it’s closer to 1000 killed by the Nigerian Army. More Shiites have since been killed as the Sunni-led government continues the campaign to suppress Shia Islam in the North.

    The government is yet to give us its own figures of the number of Biafra agitators killed in public protests in the East but unofficial counts estimate in the region of 50 dead.
    Then there are the often-forgotten victims of similar atrocities by Fulani Herdsmen militia, predating Buhari in some cases, in Taraba, Benue, Plateau and Nassarawa states. We cannot continue to ignore them as their lives and plight are no less important than those of the victims of the current carnage. And part of the overall violent campaign of ethnic-cleansing by migrant Fulani pastoralists determined to seize grazing lands from indigenous and mostly Christian communities in the Northern states

  • Wetin Naija

    Only fools will believe Nigeria government and Nigeria government agencies. Nigeria is a country where government and its agencies LIE stupidly. The government must exhibit integrity and honesty for people to follow. Where were NEMA and Nigeria Police for months that the slaughter and genocide were going on. Please government must lead with example of TRUTH TELLING and not CONSTANT LIES

  • Wetin Naija

    The churches were on the ground counting bodies and burnt properties. Where were NEMA and Nigeria Police? These Fulani and Islamist fools that do not value human lives.

  • westman

    So they even admitted it was up to 200+? That means it is 200×5. Well,
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  • Gabriel Olasebikan

    Your Excellency,the Southern Kaduna killings of 204 souls plus the Shia killings of 347 souls equals 551 souls killed in just two incidences under your watch as executive governor of Kaduna State. You are the best Kaduna state has ever had in the last twenty months.

  • thusspokez

    I hope that someone is meticulously recording all the killings, so that one day, they will be used in evidence, when those involved in the massacre are brought to justice — even if they are 100 years old.

  • Powerlessconscious

    These people are bokoharam. Not herdsmen.

  • marc umeh

    They gave us an official figure of 204.
    What is the unofficial figure ? If you believe anything coming out of these people , then I have a bridge for sale in NY.