Boko Haram: Borno governor lambasts UNICEF, 126 other ‘nonperforming’ NGOs

Governor Kashim Shettima
Governor Kashim Shettima Photo: VOA Hausa

Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno has advised all “nonperforming” United Nations agencies, including UNICEF, and 126 other nongovernmental organisations to leave the state for alleged failure to justify the funds they claim to be expending on persons displaced by Boko Haram insurgency.

Short of calling the groups thieves, the governor said most of the NGOs were using funds released to them for servicing only their overheads and personnel costs.

He accused them of enriching selves in the name of providing service to victims of Boko Haram in his state.

Mr. Shettima said of the 126 NGOs that have mobilised to the state, only about eight were actually providing humanitarian services to the displaced persons.

He specifically singled out UN agencies for bashing when he said they were in the habit of using large portion of the money meant for providing for IDPs to fund their logistic needs.

The governor said he would no longer tolerate the presence of NGOs that were in the habit of “using the name of Borno to make money and enrich themselves”.

The governor said the UN system would announce millions of dollars as intervention for victims of Boko Haram, but more than half of what was released would end up being used for recurrent spending of the humanitarian agencies.

Mr. Shettima said he was fed-up hearing the UN’s rhetoric and had decided to take tackle his problems on his own.

“We have the list of all NGOs operating in this state; apart from the officially functioning NGOs,” he said.

“Some of the United Nations agencies are doing their best in their own way of doing things; but to me I am not satisfied.

“The huge chunk of what they are budgeting for Borno goes to service their overheads. I, as a governor don’t ride in bullet proof cars; but they spend more than $50, 000 buying bullet proof cars for themselves.

“They will construct five toilets in Gwoza and fly in helicopters more than seven times to inspect the toilets.

“We are in the post-conflict phase of insurgency era where we are concentrating on recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation. But the foreign NGOs have near fixation on the IDP camps.

He however singled out some few NGOs for commendation.

“The World Food Programme is doing a very good job,” he said.

“The ICRC is doing a very good job. We also appreciate the efforts of the Norwegian Refugee Council and the Danish Refugee council. The International Organisation for Migration is doing a good job. The UNHCR is also doing a good job.

“Apart from these eight NGOs, the rest of them are merely existing. I have a list of 126 NGOs in Borno state.

“But we hardly know what the UN agencies are doing. We only see them in some white flashy bullet proof jeeps; apart from that, we hardly see their visible impacts. But particularly the UNICEF, considering the huge quantum of funds at their disposal, they are not really trying.

“We have become a cash cow; and people are smiling their ways to the banks from the agony of our people. This is unacceptable. People that are really ready to work are very much welcome here. But people that are here on to use us to make money, may as well leave. We don’t need them, since they are only he to use us to make money.”


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  • tsunami1earthquake

    Be careful, governor, these institutions are not your employees. They are here on humanitarian services and you cannot blame them if they spend some money on overheads, especially if to protect themselves against attacks and deaths from the Boko Haram. Check your state institutions also. These institutions have been known not to cooperate with these humanitarian organizations.

    None of these humanitarian organizations caused the problems in Borno State; they are here to clean the mess some people have left in the State, and continue to leave.

    • Spoken word

      your thought process shows you are mentally a slave to the white man

      • facefacts

        Please everyone, the governor right about his observations. These organizations just touch the surface and feed their larger bodies with information that will benefit them only. Read about their activities in DRC, Dafur and South Sudan. Nothing the people they claim to help remain in squalors and their situation have not changed. The governor is absolutely correct. Nigerians are watching them with keen interest.

    • Umar aliyu

      The Governor is spot on. Lackeys like you can go to hell.

      • tsunami1earthquake

        The person I am talking to is intelligent enough to understand the criticism. This is not for jerk and arse wipe like you.

        Telling me to ‘go to hell’? I really have only pity for you for you don’t understand what you’ve said. You’ve only heard it being said without giving a thought to it. Bloody parrot. Pity, that’s all I have for you.

      • SleeplessInBorno

        Illiterate. I am sure you are one of those whom are benefiting from the Boko Haram mayhem. Continue to lick the Governors Ass. You will one day realise when its too late what bad governance can cause.

  • Mrs Grace

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    • Emmanuel Maluba

      Marshal indeed. This must be a beautiful scam! Let everyone beware.

  • Eze

    while I agree with the gov. that most international NGOs spend more on overheads than what they claim to be doing for developing areas, I think this position is not so much different from our government and government officials who created this problems through corruption and also squandered the resources to fight it. abi is dansuki and co not still here with us?

  • Emmanuel Maluba

    Here is a governor whose officials in SEMA were scamming and stealing from the misfortune of the IDPs. Till date, he has not prosecuted just one of them. Yet, he is concerned about others! What irony! A good example of one state official sent to jail for stealing from materials meant from IDPs would have sent a message to everyone that he meant business. It would also have earned him more respect from far and near. If you shield the thieves around you, you have no right to complain how others spend their money.

  • Reality

    Gov Kashim these NGO have their standard way of operation during and after crisis. Is it the first time such white bullet proof cars were used by the UN agencies around the world?. UN standard cars are always bullet proof, go to Somalia,Afganistan,Syria etc. And one thing you should know is that the budgets for UN vehicle is totally different for any other intervention such as polio,measles,malaria etc campaigns. All this applies to other NGO around. Kashim appreciate these NGOs around that have been providing services to Borno people…,food, medicine,shelter etc. Go and ask the masses…..YOU are an elite Governor not that closer to the masses of Borno. THAT’S the REALITY…..

    • SleeplessInBorno

      Tell him!!!!
      He is the number one problem of Borno State! waiting for aid rather than helping his people by ensuring they are well governed

  • Reality

    Do you want them to use Keke napep?

    • SleeplessInBorno

      Lmao. Good question

  • thusspokez

    Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno has advised all “nonperforming” United Nations agencies, including UNICEF, and 126 other nongovernmental organisations to leave the state for alleged failure to justify the funds they claim to be expending on persons displaced by Boko Haram insurgency.

    We have seen, in just this past few weeks, how lazy Nigeria leaders are in doing anything and quick to seek outside help, Governor Kashim is one such very lazy person who has become a critic of everyone except himself.

    He seems to believe that his suffering people are the responsibilities of the UN and NGSs. The reason they are in his state to help [emphasis: help] is because he is not providing the required political leadership nor performing his job which involves looking after his people.

    Further, money and donations given to UNICEF and NGOs are not often for specific area, but to help people in problems areas all across the world. These organisations often close shop and move to other problem areas (and there are many such problem areas in the world) begging for their help. Governor Kashim should therefore be very careful that he doesn’t give them reason to abandon his state and move their resources to places like Yemen, Syria, South Sudan etc.

    • Godwin

      Rubbish i had earlier written an article on this issue,where NGO portray a deceitful picture of Africa,exploit problems in the name of NGO ,just to make money,i was brave enough in that article to state that 80% of international NGO are fraudulent organization,10% out of the remaining 20% use the donations made to push agendas which are totally different from what they are made for.This is the reality of life .there for Africa should make sure they vet seriously any and every international NGO and should not hesitate to sue those who try to portray Africa in bad light for economic gain,i can remember addressing a group and asking them where this NGOs get the pictures they take,somebody gave me a shocking answer,i was informed in some cases they take kids and starve them to get out the looks they want for there photo shoot it was sicking

      • thusspokez

        I was brave enough in that article to state that 80% of international NGO are fraudulent

        Brave? What is brave about writing about something that is common knowledge? Read the western newspapers, readers would often find headline news about NGO and charity bosses living rich at the expense of donors It is common knowledge that UNICEF and many NGOs often abuse the process and misuse donations.

        The point, however, is that they raised the money on behalf of the people they use the money to help. In addition to advertising on western media, which can cost a lot of money, some would often organise fund raising dinner parties — which again can cost a lot of money — in 5-star hotels for 300-500 guests or donors to raise donations.

        These NGOs and charity organisations work extremely hard to raise fund.
        And I have met a few of them. Except the UNICEF, the NGOs are spending monies which they raised by themselves or given to them by their own governments. Just remember this!

        So whatever their fault might be, they are doing Nigeria a favour; they don’t owe North-Eastern Nigerians anything; and can simply move their resources and still continue raising fund to help people in other parts of the world.

    • SleeplessInBorno

      Well spoken!!!