Nnamdi Kanu’s trial resumes as Court deploys screen-guard for witnesses, others

There is a heavy security presence at the Federal High Court, venue of the trial of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

Mr. Kanu’s trial was abruptly suspended on December 13 after he and other defendants angrily challenged the court’s decision to allow the use of “protected” witnesses.

Mr. Kanu, and three others, David Nwawuisi, Benjamin Madubugwu and Chidiebere Onwudiwe, are accused of treasonable felony.

The judge, Binta Nyako, had ruled in December that witnesses would be allowed some degree of protection.

“The counsels and the defendants will see the witnesses. The witnesses will have special entrances to and outside the court,” the judge said.

Mrs. Nyako also said the court would allow the witnesses to be shielded with screen-guards. She said the court would set aside two days for rehearsals on how the witnesses will come into the court and depart from the court.

The ruling was enforced Tuesday, with screen-guards shielding the judge, defendant and witnesses from the rest of the court.

Tuesday’s session is holding under tight security.

A large number of armed security officers comprising mainly of mobile police officers and operatives of the State Security Service gathered in front of the court on Tuesday, while court security personnel barred journalists from entering the building.

The officers working for the court said they had orders not to let journalists in, except those with Federal High Court tags.

Some journalists were later allowed in after Mr. Kanu’s lawyer intervened.


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  • tsunami1earthquake

    What game are these government people playing? Kanu’s trial had been on for a long time; and since then the trial has always been from one court of first instance to the other, with no prima facie case established against him! Courts had granted Kanu bail but the government set that bail aside and still endeavoured in trying this man! What type of a useless society is this? The government will continue to drag this man from one court to another until one court pronounces him guilty as charged! What a quintessential fishing expedition!

    The new game is now to try him with secret witnesses! In the annals of Nigeria’s judicial history, this is the first time a secret witness is being introduced into this kind of trial. Flashback down history and you’d see that those accused of same offence as treason were allowed to see the witnesses against them! So why is it different at this time?

    This game is just to arrange false witnesses that would say what the government would want them to say in order to convict Nnamdi Kanu. This is travesty of justice par excellence! We do hope that the trial judge would take note of this and rubbish the childish game being played by government!

    I haven’t seen such a ridiculous government as this one!

    • David Adeniran

      Which trial had started? Was it not Kanu’s legal team that was asking for bails upon bails instead of concentrating on the need for ACCELERATED TRIAL? They were busy filing bail applications upon bail applications instead of concentrating on dealing with the substance of his detention.

      • Julius

        Tell him..abeg.

      • Sandra

        Is Kanu not entitled to apply for bail..??? Is it not his right to apply or is him applying for bail also treasonable..??? All the enemies of true justice will be shamed IJN…!!!

        • kinsly

          And is the High court not entitled to refuse the bail application?

        • David Adeniran

          Nowadays even when some people chant incantations they will still add: IN JESUS NAME! God does not answer satanic prayers!

        • David Adeniran

          Sandra you missed the point! I am not in anyway suggesting that he doesn’t have the right to apply for bail. The method adopted by his legal team was very silly and thus prolong his incarceration needlessly. A good legal team would have known that it was pointless spending ages on bail applications when an EARLY DETERMINATION of the main case will eventually determine your client’s freedom! While all this ill-informed exercise was going on, their client continued to languish in detention. Any rational and reasonable experienced lawyer would tell you that the method adopted by the Defence team was irresponsible indeed.

          • Bash

            when people are brainwashed they are impervious to reason or logic.

          • Ceejay Iloelunachi

            What happened to the bail earlier granted him by the court, has the bail been quashed? There is no justice here. this trial is a charade. Supposing this court finds him not guilty, will the today’s govt known to dismiss court orders obey the ruling? The govt will only smile and get their justice once a court finds him guilty and that’s the only verdict they are open to. So this is not a trial but a farcade.

          • sab

            So bail application has become a wrong route to justice? Has the govt not violated the laws of the land by refusing to release someone on bail after the court of competent jurisdiction has so pronounced?

          • David Adeniran

            Can you guys read and understand at all? Otherwise you would not simple legal and logical issues!

          • Burbank

            He can’t read.

    • Burbank

      His own lawyers asked for the delays!

  • Taster

    Shame on you, buhari!
    Shame on you, apc!
    Shame on you, nigeria!

    Long live my beautiful nation, Biafra!

    • Burbank

      And Nyesom Wike banned biafrans from Rivers State. Same with ALL SS SE governors.

  • ARISE Now

    …Are you a Biafran? Do you come from Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu or Imo states? Then the time to act is now!
    …Are you a Niger Deltan? Do you come from Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers, Delta, Edo, or Rivers states?

    This is a call to all of you to BOYCOTT the next General elections in Nigeria except the Buhariand his cohorts RESTRUCTURE Nigeria to that will guarantee the following:
    1. Regional autonomy
    2. Resource Control
    3. Healthy competition among federating units (i.e., Stop exalting incompetence over excellence)
    4. Secession
    5. Absence of arbitrary arrests and detention (like the case of our great son Nnamdi KANU)

    The MO will be simple:
    a) Do not register as a voter
    b) Do not vote (i.e., if you have already registered in the last election)
    c) Do not present yourself for any so called national election – Presidency, Senate & House of Reps
    d) Do not attend any political rally anywhere in your state or region mentioned above.
    e) You can only vote for your state Governor and State Assembly & LG elections

    More details later…

    • Osas

      Wetin dey worry u na? U don high?Abeg no add Edo State for ur map of Biafra.Did we tell you that we want to secede with u deluded lot.Have u heard of any protest or Ipob rally in Edo State or do u have a massob/Ipob chapter in Edo? I pity u people because i trust my Edo people. The moment una use una own disturb our own we no go even wait for Federal Govt.We go pursue una comot sharp sharp.Drunkard! Mtcheeew!

  • Amadioha

    It is just unbelievable that Nigeria is this backward in 21st century and what really amazes one is how the world and Western media pretend that they are not aware of the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu and this macabre dance of shame where masquerades will now be witnesses. Even when the soldiers killed Biafrans they were not masked. People saw their faces when they kill Nigerians. Why then must they now appear in court with masks? Where are the so-called activists? Where is Keyamo, Falana, Agbakoba, Ozekhome, Odumakins etc Where are you people? Where are the SANS who usually represent politicians like Babalakin and Jimoh whenever they have stolen and are to appear in court? Or is it becos Nnamdi Kanu has no Billions to spare? Haba! Deris God Oh!

  • Decimator

    The criminal at Aso Rock, Mohammadu Buhari who with his cronies of the Larger Fulani Nation are Inviting and paying their fellow ethnic Fulanis from all neighboring African countries( Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Mali, Senegal etc.) to invade the Nigeria Enclave, kill the Citizens at will and occupy their Land, should be standing trial for treasonable felony.

    To their credit thousands of innocent citizens have died in the last year alone and more are dying every day.

    Nothing short of that “Justice Nyako” if you know what treason really means.

    • Burbank

      And Elvis is swinging in Port Harcourt!

  • Lala Hansy

    It will all end to nothing…shame!

  • kinsly

    The trial should commence, the use of screen guard is LEGITIMATE!. Even in US, All media, printing & Electronic,are banned from publishing or video coverage of court proceedings for cases like Treason and Terrorism. So, all my eastern brothers and comrades should maintain peace and keep focus.

    • Stanley

      Should we always imitate then US? This is a treasonable felony. If Chief Obafemi Awolowo that fought for our Independence was tried openly for committing treason, a more serious crime and heaven did not fall, why shield witnesses in a less serious case? The Judge was Yoruba and some witnesses were Yoruba too. Only two reasons can be offered for secret trial in a case that all Nigerians are very much interested. The trial may not be fair and secondly the feelings of Nigerians do not matter to the judiciary on how they conduct their trials. We are suppose to trust our systems not our persons for Nigeria to work. The greatest benefit of this trial is in fairness not in dealing with enemies. Ken Saro wiwa was tried in secret and killed, is Nigeria out of the consequence today? Nigerians and the Judiciary in particular must thrive to do the right things and stop causing problems for the government in power.

  • Kachi Johnson


    • Ade

      You are a biafran and you are hawking gala and pure water in Lagos? Please go back to Biafra land and we will know you are serious.

      • Factsay

        what are your people doing in US, sAUDI and UK?

    • Gibson Bosah

      Always take ur drugs at least 2hrs b4 u login

    • Burbank

      And your own elected SS SE governors Nyesom Wike, Seriake Thompson, Willie Obiano, A’Ibom Udom Emmanuel, Enugu’s Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi all banned biafra.

  • What PT would not say

    WANT to now why Buhari sacked the Officer and reversed a law about tenure of Pastors? Read what PT will not publish below:

    “The government has been showing increasing interest in church affairs. Unfortunately, for us in RCCG, it might not be very helpful,” Adeboye said….Speaking further, Adeboye disclosed that other fresh laws had been enacted by the government to ruffle the feathers of the church in the country, with a particularly targeted at the RCCG…

    “Now there are fresh laws. We have a rough idea of what the law is about…“Some people believe that RCCG is becoming too influential and we’re going to be more influential. When you get home, tell members to join a political party…

    “Join a party and become a card-carrying member of any party. Just join any party. We shall decide issues right from the ward level….“If you are not active at ward level, you’ll do what they plan and say at the top. Enrol in any party of your choice and have a card…When holding meetings at ward level to choose delegates, be there.”

    “One Muslim in Ibadan said years ago that he didn’t know what’s wrong with Christians; that we help them to occupy political positions and refused to capitalise on our population. That’s going to change from now,” Adeboye stated.

    • Burbank

      And you are so hypocritically silent that the Boko Haram sponsor founder Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff is your PDP boss.

  • wb

    This is beyond comical you cannot make this stuff up, secret trial, masked witnesses.These sort of things can only happen in a banana republic. Justice must not only be done it must be seen to done. How does secret trials and masked witnesses contribute to justice. This is a show trial.

    Over the last 2 weeks Fulani herdsmen have carried out pogroms and wiped out entire communities. However, not one of these so called jihadist herdsmen has been brought to justice or convicted. Thousands have been killed since 2010 and it is still not a problem because the so called herdsmen are from the North.

    Boko Haram killed thousands and are still killing. How many of their sponsors or king pins were ever put on trial for treason or convicted.

    The Hausa people who beheaded the Ibo woman in Kano were released on the orders of the Kano state Attorney General. There was a Yoruba Christian woman in Abuja who was hacked to death. Her family have not received any justice. There have been so many examples of abuse but its business as usual.

    Sometimes when I read the opinions of some of the so called contributors I want to puke.They come out with pure garbage and try to rationalize genocide and injustice. I do not know whether its because of the Nigerian mindset that is so consumed with selfishness and greed that there is no right or wrong in their dictionary. As long as they are not personally affected and can eat crumbs from their master’s table they will sell their souls for a bowl of rice.

    The Southern Nigerians should wake up, smell the coffee and figure out how they will stop this Fulani Death Squad herdsmen.
    Nigeria will disintegrate it is only a matter of time, the Fulani herdsmen have sounded the death knell. They have shown that Nigeria is like the animal farm.All Nigerians are equal but some are more equal than others. The North might be overplaying their hand.
    This time around the Middle Belt and Ijaws will not fight on their behalf. The Mid west and the Yorubas will be used as cannon fodder then dumped afterwards.

    • Burbank

      And even your SS SE governors Nyesom Wike, Seriake Thompson, Willie Obiano, Udom Emmanuel, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Ifeanyi Okowa ALL banned biafrans!

      • Working hard

        Lone Soldier Sai Barbarian, have you finally recieved your stipend again from Baba. Back to work Na.

        • Burbank

          I will forego the amnesty payment for you!

      • wb

        What level of education do you have ? You have responded to any of the issues raised but bore me with the antics of self serving fat cats.Please explain why no Fulani herdsmen have been charged or convicted. Also explain why Boko Haram butchers have been released from jail.

        Why is Buhari so hawkish on Biafra and the Niger Delta but so inactive over the issue of Fulani herdsmen. Why don’t you care about the people being ethnically cleansed in Southern Kaduna and the Benue with the assistance of Buhari’s government.
        Do they not count or are their lives not worth anything in your One Nigeria. You seem so excited and emotional about Biafra without taking into their account their grievances yet seem so indifferent to the genocide taking place in your One Nigeria.

        • Burbank

          Buhari “hawkish” on biafra? Even your own elected governors in SS SE banned biafrans in Niger Delta!

          And your PDP boss Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff is a Boko Haram sponsor founder!

  • westman

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