Nigeria suspends law that caused exit of Adeboye as RCCG national leader

The Nigerian government has suspended a corporate governance code issued by the country’s Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, FRC.

The Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment, Okechuckwu Enelamah, made the disclosure in a statement on Monday, after PREMIUM TIMES reported President Muhammadu Buhari’s sack of the Executive Secretary of FRC, Jim Obazee.

Mr. Obazee’s sack followed exit of Enoch Adeboye as the Nigerian overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God in compliance with the suspended FRC governance code for not-for-profit organisations, including civil society and religious organisations.

Mr. Adeboye, arguably Nigeria’s most influential Christian cleric, had on Saturday complained about the government’s interest in Church activities.

The governance code sought to provide financial reporting, transparency and accountability standards for not-for-profit organizations.

Among others, it provided that founders or leaders of not-for-profit organizations would not head governance of their organisations for more than 20 years, and could not also pass baton to their family members.

While the code received positive reactions by people who consider it necessary to ensure accountability, it also suffered knocks by those expressing concerns it was targeting faith organisations, especially the Church.

In his statement, the minister said the code stood suspended pending its review and consultation with stakeholders.

Mr. Enelamah reassured of Nigeria’s commitment to enhancing market and ease of doing business in the country.


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  • emmanuel

    Bitter internal wrangling would continue thereafter. temporary suspension?

  • Odus

    Nigeria hold there religious right very dearly!!! There must be a separation between church and state. My only question is what was the VP doing prior to Daddy G.O announcement? This could have derail the church.

    • new republic

      What do you expect him to do?when a man of God is working with devil,him also is a devil.

      • K_Kenechukwu

        See who is calling someone’s parent a devil. It’s people like you who will enter church on sundays to shout praise the Lord. Besides l am sure your mother and father are also devils. Devils know themselves.

      • Abdul

        Go look at yourself in the mirror. unintelligent people usually thinks governance is a piece of cake until they are ask to come lead.

    • Sam

      What is derailing the church? I attend RCCG and I can tell you that disallowing leaders from handing over to their family member is the way to go. I respect Pst Adeboye very well and his integrity, but what about other churches that have greedy leaders? Some of these churches were built by a few people from the scratch, but immediately the church begins to grow, the G.Os begin to arrogate everything to themselves.

      Let’s be clear, most church members are unhappy with the arrogance of most of these leaders.

      If there is a regulation, every church leader will know that this is not a do or die affair. I serve God and let others serve Him in their capacity too.

      My wife’s friend who is a Lagos lawyer said, there is a disturbing increase in the number of court cases involving church and leadership tussle. How do you expect an unbelieving judge to respect your God when he/she is the one resolving church issues?

      Christians in Nigeria must wake up

      • Odus

        maybe you didn’t understand my comment – The VP is a lawyer by profession and a member of RCCG; he in his capacity should have briefed the president long before Daddy G.O announcement. Just in case you don’t know Daddy’s announcement was like a thunder bolt to believer all over the word and if it wasn’t for God it could have turned to something negative. i.e mass exodus….

    • Ritchie

      Did you ask urself if Daddy GO consulted with anybody b4 stepping down? His stepping down is one of the surprises he predicted as part of his prophesies for 2017.

      • Odus

        Ritchie – you are very right in your assessment – Thank you for looking at it from that angle.

  • imagine_2012

    The zoo !!!

  • tony H

    haahahahahaha…Sai Baba! Sai Osinbajo!

  • mbewalu ogodo

    The fear of the Redeemed backlash….

  • Arabakpura

    I make my own prediction: Politics will not let Nigeria be great! Very unfortunate indeed!

    • Abdul

      What is unfortunate about this one? Allow govt to concentrate on making relevant codes for business. What concerns govt with how long leadership of the church stays?

      • Omoba1

        Is church not a business in Nigeria?

      • Arabakpura

        The church has also become business venture in Nigeria and like MMM, people are cajoled to invest because of its spirituality; don’t you get it?

        My problem is that the decision is political because of 2019! If this were the second term of Buhari, nobody will have a chance to dispute it; after all, it was started by the government before him! Don’t think it is over because they don’t have business with how church is run!

  • share Idea

    Where are people calling Fayose name for pointing out the obvious. Buhari have achieved its aim of forcing Adeboye to step down while sacking the Southerner he used in achieving his aim. Nigeria we hail thee

    • Ritchie

      Why did the southerner allow himself to be used? Why didn’t he just resign before been used to implement an administrative code against his religion and conscience? Whichever way he was still sacked. SHAME on this inglorious SOUTHERNER!

    • Mufu Ola

      Very low quality thinking you have there!

  • Abdul

    Commonsense have taken the day. The code should only be applicably to businesses. Church like mosque is a place of worship. Govt should not determine how long a prophet elected by God lead his followers. The prophet can decide to retire and anoint whoever God direct him to anoint.

    • C. Okwechime


      I read meaning. to this because I don’t believe the media angle that
      President Buhari does not know about this regulation before its impact was
      felt. If he did not know of it the regulation would have been cancelled
      forthwith. I don’t believe there was no premeditation. I rather believe the
      impact on all the church leaders was foreseen and likely intended. The born
      again Church could be temporarily made leaderless insofar as the membership is
      usually tied to a long-standing Pastor or General Overseer.

    • Enoch7th

      The Buhari led APC govt obviously had nothing better to do with their time. That’s why it wastes time on nonsensical frivolities, and on things that does not in any way concern it. This could also be a well-orchestrated move to test the waters, and sample what may or may not go in Nigeria in a clear move targeting Christians! Only fools sleep in this country with both eyes closed. All sorts of agenda abound… and nothing is innocent as it may seem, looking at the shenanigans of this present govt.

    • Smart

      Present day churches are not like mosques, they are money makers which JESUS the son of Marry and his disciples did not practice.

      • Gary

        Which present-day “churches” as you make sweeping generalizations to smear a whole faith community in Nigeria?

        Should the excesses of a handful of pastors of the Pentecostal denomination lead the state to intrude into the affairs of the Church in Nigeria to the extent of imposing term limits and succession protocols on them?

        Are churches to be supervised like banks by a power-drunk bureaucrat like Jim Obazee? Good riddance to bad rubbish.

        This is one sensible and timely move for which Buhari deserves commendation.

        Now for a wholesale review of these obnoxious regulations put in place by Obazee, the unelected tin-god of a mere parastatal who dared to be insubordinate to his supervising minister.

  • S.K Akinola

    PREMIUM TIMES IS A MUJAHEDEEN ORGANIZATION. I am sure they were already dancing when
    they heard that Pastor Adeboye has been forced by law to resign. I then wrote letter that the proof
    that President Buhari did not approve the executive regulation in the first place is if Buhari cancels
    that regulation immediately. Is that not what I wrote here one hour ago? Premium Times Mujahedeen
    did not like what I wrote and they cancelled my letter. Who is right now? Am i not the one who is right?
    I now want Premium Times to apologize to me in all Nigerian newspapers for doubting my loyalty to APC.

    • D.D.T

      @disqus_JrddSXw5uL:disqus: In my own thinking…..President Buhari may have nullified this law
      when the folks here alerted the public to the key fact that Sultan of Sokoto will
      also have to resign since the emirates is a religious organization. I did not think of it
      that way before I read that argument here. Kudos to the genius people contributing here.
      Once President Buhari realized that it is true, that Sultan of Sokoto too will have to resign,
      Buhari picked race with eraser and Tipex to go and cancel the nonsense law of 20 years only.

      • Ritchie

        Have you asked yourself why it was Daddy G.O. that has to step down first? He is by no means a weakling. He is a great man of God who is fearless and could have resisted pressure to step down by any govt agency by citing other religious leaders who are still holding fort in their different ministries. To me Daddy G.O. stepped down by himself so leave PMB out of this.

        • Okay

          You get the the game.Not because of any law.It’s just propaganda.He will never step down without divine instruction.a

          • Enoch7th

            He actually didn’t step down. He merely stepped aside like IBB. He is still the Oga pata pata globally over RCCG. The Nigerian appointee head of the organisation is still subject to his Daddy GO. Just hocus pocus! The more you look the less you see.

        • Enoch7th

          And he had to wait till there was a law to pressure him to do it. Why didn’t he step down voluntarily before when there was no such law enforced???

          • Ritchie

            I can’t give any answer to ur question. In any case, with utmost respect to Daddy GO, he could have waited till d pressure is real to all Christians in Nigeria and then we wouldn’t need enemies of PMB to tell us lies about who he is.

      • Enoch7th

        A most likely scenario! Those in power now don’t react to or retract anything no matter how inimical to the public, unless they stand to lose or adversely affected by it in the long run or short term.

      • Smart

        How can SULTAN resign is he running any business venture? Does the Emirate possess colleges, universities, companies, he is just a leader of all Muslims in Nigeria.
        But these your wealthy pastors are only leaders to their particular churches not the entire Christians in Nigeria.
        Please get it right.

      • wode

        I just wonder how twisted the level of thinking of some people could be. Just give interpretation that suits their whims and fancies to every issue. What a country? What a set of people?

  • Sam

    This is a bad development.

    I attend RCCG and I can tell you that disallowing leaders from handing over to their family member as stipulated by the FRC law is the way to go.

    I respect Pst Adeboye very well and his integrity, but what about other churches that have greedy leaders? Some of these churches were built by a few people from the scratch, but immediately the churches begin to grow, the G.Os begin to arrogate everything to themselves.

    Let’s be clear, most church members are unhappy with the arrogance of most of these leaders.

    If there is a regulation, every church leader will know that this is not a do or die affair. I serve God in a position and I will let others serve Him in that capacity too. It’s not a family business.

    My wife’s friend who is a Lagos lawyer said, there is a disturbing increase in the number of court cases involving church and leadership tussle. How do you expect an unbelieving judge to respect your God when he/she is the one resolving church issues?

    Christians in Nigeria must wake up

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      If they do not like the laws in their Church they can take a walk. You do not invite outsiders to come and help you take over a Church when the Church has a subsisting constitution. Please leave the Churches alone. You will not find me in Churches where leaders hand over to their family, for example. I wont even go there to go and see what they are doing not to talk of belonging there.

      • augustine

        Reason why some people dont go to small churches with one man and his family as monopoly rulers.

        • Ajayi Ifayemi

          My point exactly! The government should not tell folks where to go. People can usually make their own choice.

    • Manuel Tobby

      Bros nobody is forcing you to attend any church for that matter.
      If a pastor gets his vision and found a church and later said that God said he should handover to his son or wife, that’s between him and God the employer. If you are upset with this, then leave for another church or stay in your house or even establish your own church after all some these we castigating now started in the founder sitting room.

      • Mo

        No Sir!
        A church is a public place of worship & not a personal/ family enterprise or business

  • Rockson Wilson

    Now that the good works of Buhari and his Islamic agenda have hit the Yorubas where it hurts, they are all at once up in arms. Welcome to waillers association.

    • Holy Man


      Pastor Tunde BAKARE may need deliverance

      Let someone wise in Yorubaland take a taxi and go to the house of PASTOR TUNDE BAKARE.
      He needs good advice to be less impulsive; less thoughtless, less talkative and more sensible.
      Within minutes of the resignation of Pastor Adeboye it was Pastor Bakare who’d jumped for joy.
      It was if Pastor Bakare had been secretly wishing for Pastor Enoch Adeboye to just dis-appear.

      There is no drop of Holy Spirit in Pastor Tunde Bakare from the way he gets ahead of himself.
      Nothing lawyerly either – just illogical demagoguery without sense or gumption, no discretion too.
      This is really bad, this cannot be allowed. All other Pastors may wish to tie up this Pastor Bakare.
      He needs deliverance from evil spirits or something like that. He is not behaving normally at all.
      Now that the 20 years compulsory retirement law is cancelled, what will Pastor Bakare now say?

    • Fantastically

      Your like always see thing from the prism of tribal and religious differences. You need to go exam your head. You are sick.

    • manweysabi

      You are not being sincere with yourself or trying to stir up the (some ignorance) public against the govt.
      The law has been in existence before this govt. of Buhari.

    • Manuel Tobby

      The alpha and the omega of the law are all Niger deltans. GEJ and Obazee!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Nonsense. Has Adeboye not spent enough time as CEO of RCCG enterprise? The decision to sack Obazee is senseless and irresponsible.

    • augustine

      Na Obazee own Redeemed? Wetin be government business for church matter? Nigerian law says state is secular. Church is an NGO and NPO. Use ya sense.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        You are a buffoon.

  • thusspokez

    The chairman of Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria sacked; A Nigerian law dropped. All because of one man? If this is not corruption, what is? I can’t recollect even the military junta going this far just for the sake of one man. Adeboye will, no doubt, now feel more empowered, and emboldened.

    Even at 72+, Buhari shows how very naive and even føølish he is. His government’s action is counter intuitive to how leaders think. Leaders naturally, don’t want to see any individual, organisation, trade union, etc., growing and becoming too powerful. Yet this is the opposite of what Buhari has done, i.e., by making Adeboye feel more powerful than what he is.

    These people have a way of coming back to be a pain in the leaders’ backside. Soon they will make themselves indispensable to politicians — even if only in their imagination — and start dictating to government officials, ministers and finally, the president. For example, in the last two deacades, all Israeli Prime minsters have acted as if they are above the US presidents, this was due to the sort of mistake Buhari is now making in his elevation of Adeboye to new heights.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      You guys continue to think you can toy with people’s faith. This is different from businesses that other folks invest in. This is about the heart. It is a spiritual thing. It has a lot to do with whoever is leading. Non adherents of the faith have no business telling them who should lead them. I know, folks dont get it. The USA will only poke their nose into religious issues until when something wrong has taken place. They don’t decide who leads an organization until the present leaders have already shown that they cannot lead the group and are corrupt. You folks should learn from people who are not fighting religious wars instead of starting things that in the end encourage religious wars.

      • thusspokez

        You guys continue to think you can toy with…You folks…

        …yada yada yada!

    • gabriel akwaja

      Small pikin thinking. Calm down bloke. The right thing was done.

    • Smart

      If he didn’t sack the FRCN boss, it’s you and your like that will start shouting that buhari want to islamize Nigeria

      • thusspokez

        it’s you and your like

        Me and my like, stµpid!

    • daniel

      How is it possible for govt to suspend the law, an enactment of the National Assembly without intervention by the Judiciary? Which shows Nigeria is not a nation governed by law. A guy who dared to implement the law is now being victimized, just by doing his govt assigned duties?

      • Gary

        These were administrative regulations from a government agency in carrying out its oversight functions. They were not written into statute by the National Assembly.

        Jim Obazee, a political appointeee from the previous administration clearly went beyond reason to impose tenure limits and succession rules on registered churches in Nigeria. He then ignored Presidential directive psssed to him by his supervising minister to stand down the implementation of the rules (like he did under GEJ) pending a review of its onerous requirements that had caused uproar in the Christian community.

        Hope the explanation provided here clarifies the issues for you. Unless you are one of those crusading to use government might to crush the activities of the Pentecostal Church in Nigeria. The latter should rightly be left to God and the memberships of those churches. Not the government.

    • daniel

      How is it possible for govt to suspend the law, an enactment of the National Assembly without intervention by the Judiciary? Which shows Nigeria is not a nation governed by law. A guy who dared to implement the law is now being victimized, just by doing his govt assigned duties?

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Good deal! That law was ill-advised to begin with.

  • real

    This was a very good policy, however once again we have allowed corruption to destroy yet another good policy.

  • thusspokez

    Piss off!

  • Observer

    I support the move towards financial reports of the church.. Churches are making money but less relevant to the society… they need to be checked and balanced

  • Omo Akin

    I am just surprised how people beat about the bush as far as this matter is concerned. Buhari, Buhari, Buhari, everybody is clamouring. Please get me right; I am not asserting that Buhari does not have his own flaws, but truth to be told you cannot so much embroil Buhari in the matter. Let’s ask the question, who was the president when this law was perfected as far back as 2011? We also have the understanding that the case was challenged in court but lost, maybe thanks to the wrong judge or judges. You know what I mean — like those judges that are now being charged for corruption. Anything could happen when you fail to give what they want. And I believe the Church would not want to condescend so low as to accede to such demands.

    The problem with many governments all over the world is that they act on spur-of-the-moment and make policies without conducting the appropriate short and long run policy research. A church for instance should not be grouped with mere charity organizations. Truly there are churches that are so much involved in real business ventures so much that there is only a thin line between them and the regular corporations. To deal with situation of this nature will also require time and adequate consultation.

    Now, about putting on hold the law in question, I may suggest that the Vice President may have here demonstrated an influence; being able to persuade his principal to do so. Maybe the fruit of having people like him in power. If I am correct, I will solicit that he does more by persuading the president to act on the issue of Southern Kaduna and also the menace of the terrorist herdsmen.

    • stephen

      Please we better be careful with our mouth, so that your career don’t end up llike obazee, spiritual things are not the same as companies, government establishment or NGO’S.

    • Andy

      A law that was perfected in 2011 but was not signed into law by the then President Jonathan does not mean that it was Jonathan’s fault in my opinion because the legislature would have decided to initiate and pass the bill but they need the final signature of the president for it to be implemented as a law. But Jonathan did not sign the bill into law because he did not like it and may not out-rightly reject the bill since it has already been passed by the house but he could delay it by not signing it and that’s what he did, until Buhari came into power and decided to pass it sharp sharp as he does not have any problem with that.

      • Abdullahi Lekpa Bello

        Pls go on research and stop dis ignorant comments of Buhari signing FRC into law. It has been a law since 2011. It was the same FRC GEJ used in removing Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Research well please. Suspending it for now is d best Before Bigots capitalise on it which they are already doing!

    • emmanuel

      To circumvent a laudable policy? Human existence must evolve. Adeboye has eaten the forbidden apple in opulence and wealth, such that the exit gate of the Garden of Eden has been opened for him.
      God is not mocked………………………

      • Hand of God

        watch ur tongue when u are talking to man of God so that, what happened in 2,oooyrs ago will not come on u and ur generation……..God of Elija is still the God of Adeboye

        • emmanuel

          maggot, shut your trap. After the day of pentestcost (RCCG is pentecostal, right?). The bethren went from house to house breaking bread, they sold what they had and distributed among themselves, such that none had too much or too little. Does that sound like Adeboye and his stupendous wealth?
          Mind how you blackmail people with God. When the Spirit of God departed Saul, he began to fall into errors.
          For your information, to those who believe him he gave power to become the sons of God – i am one
          I am of the royal priesthood, a holy nation ……………… That qualifies me a man of God, not in leading capacity.
          By the redemptive work of Christ, i have access to God through Christ and the Holy Sprit, so i am not blind.
          The book of James also tells me to try every spirit if they are of God. The spirit of greed is not of God.
          One Jet in Adeboye’s fleet can be sold, paid to the FG to construct a flyover across RCCG Camp entry and save millions of regular traffic pains.
          Another can set can train over 100,000 indigent RCCG students yearly at the Church’s University.
          Do not lets start, because i will tell you what you need to know – blind Bat!

  • labisco47

    see what religion has turned the country into

    • Abidilagungun

      A country of moronic leaders where religion trumps everything. Those whwho brought us the religions have strict codes of conduct and financial transparency

      • Manuel Tobby

        Please tell us just one country in the world where the government determine and stipulate the tenure of church leaders. Let me help you with this, there’s no such law or code in UK. Then try others

        • Kay

          In the UK churches are considered charity organisations and appoint a board of trustees that are accountable to the state. It is the chairman of the board who is not necessarily the pastor that reports to the appropriate authorities. I am not aware though whether there is a law that stipulates how long the chairman of the board can serve. Just wanted to put this out there to help balance the comparison with the UK and not necessarily to take a position on the issue at hand.

        • okenwa

          Is RCCG registered as a church or ngo?..

  • Capt

    Looked like a good policy. The law had to be dropped because it touched the “untouchables”

    • okenwa


  • Ritchie

    From all indications, PDP and its leadership created some of the problems we find our self in as nation. Imagine an administrative rule (code) written and approved by the previous administration causing this problems for religious bodies and govt in 2017? If PMB hasn’t been smart and acted quickly on this one, the professional liars (Fayose, FFK and co) would have succeeded in labelling PMB a religious bigot.

  • Burning Spear

    It serves the Yorubas right———————–But—-is the Sultan not still there in Sokoto————-sadly—————-the same Yorubas who said the Ijaws were their worst enemies———————-so aligned with the Fulanis to sack Jonathan——–are now wailing I the wilderness——- while Bingo Buhari bribes Tinubu with my oil sells in the niger delta——as the Yorubas keep their oil wells fro the rech of the fulanis——–they share the oil blocks in the south south with the Yorubas that imposed thief bingo buhari on us

    • Jack Daniels

      Yoruba don’t consider ijaws their enemies. In fact, they consider them as brothers. Stop twisting things because of politics. A lot of yorubas voted for Jonathan too. In fact, he carried ekiti and was competitive in other Yoruba states

    • Senator D

      At this point now we don’t need to demonize anyone. This is a an attack on the Christian faith whether Yoruba, Ijaw or Ibo!

      • emmanuel

        Adeboye has ridiculed the Church of God. He should retire.

  • Burning Spear

    It serves the Yorubas right———————–But—-is the Sultan not still there in Sokoto—–?——–Sadly—————-the same Yorubas who said the Ijaws were their worst enemies———————-so aligned with the Fulanis to sack Jonathan——–are now wailing in the wilderness——- while Bingo Buhari bribes Tinubu with my oil wells in the niger delta——as the Yorubas keep their oil wells from the reach of the fulanis——–they the Fulanis appease the Yorubas with my oil blocks in the south south——–The main Yorubas that imposed thief bingo buhari on us——————————-animals-

    • Laf

      What’s the correlation between your response and the issue being discussed? Ethnicity has beclouded your sense of reasoning. Quite worrisome.

      • emmanuel

        Ameoba, the Yorubas helped to rig Jonathan out, because not many a Yorubas occupied key Government position. Was that ethnicity or rightoeusness?
        Do you determine human existence or code of behavior?
        Na only mugus dey fall for the old Yoruba tricks these days. We are all ethnic people in Nigeria

  • International games

    This Law DOES NOT affect How Long anyone is the Head of a CHURCH. It affects how long a person is the head of a NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION obtaining the BENEFITS of receiving money and services from the public AND government for free. Redeemed is free to keep Adeboye as Pastor for 10,000 Years if they want to. But they cannot pretend to be a Church and NGO at the same time.

    If this story is true that a Law has been suspended, then everyone involved in the suspension is guilty of Treason or a Cour’detat. How can you suspend a Law?

    • Maverick

      Buhari is behind the sack. He only shifted blames as usual. 3 weeks ago, Pastor Adeboye was in Ekiti to praise Gov Ayo Fayose. Today, the FRCN has forced him to retire as GO of RCCG. Connect the dots!

    • ed

      You’re wrong on the subject. The regulations affected the RCCG and all other churches.
      Please go and study the code.

      • okenwa

        Was RCCG registered as a church or NGO?

  • Jesus did not even have his own donkey,now we have ministers having private planes.If you dont want govt interference dont get involved in govt affairs

    • Bayo

      You’re not intelligent.
      Prophets Elihah,Isaiah e.t.c weren’t quiet above the government of their own days.

    • Maverick

      He was made poor that you through his poverty might become rich. I didn’t write it. It is in the Bible.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Adeboye has been General Overseer of RCCG since 1981! Is it that there will only be a replacement for him when he dies? Why is it that many of us Nigerians are greedy, selfish and self-centred? This culture of monopolizing office by “Men of God” and politicians, denies the youth the opportunity to contribute their quota to the natiion. That’s why former Governors become Senators and people like Audu Ogbe who was a Minister when I was a Corper will still be in public office today. Obazee’s sacking by certificate forger and perjurer Muhammadu Buhari is not only senseless but also irresponsible. Buhari sacks Obaze for discharging the powers of his office but keeps thieves like his Chief of Staff and his SGF. What a shame!!!

    • Maverick

      That was the case when he was made the GO. He was appointed but waited for the founder to die before assuming office.

    • Manuel Tobby

      It’s unfortunate when we drink panadol for another man’s headache. Why do we think we must comment on every single issue in print even when we don’t know about it.
      RCCG has a pattern and constitution stating their leadership succession plan.
      But here you are throwing around your moral opinion as a must for the church.
      Please why just go and establish your church or sect, and implement your standards. This will be better than social media commenting.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        For attempting to circumscribe my freedom of expression, you are a moron. I stand by my post.

  • Maverick

    Buhari has just used and dumped this FRSC boss as he did to Tinubu.

  • Manuel Tobby

    Too harsh, but truthful!

  • ed

    President Buhari did the right thing on this issue.
    The overbearing of Obazee over regulations were is inconsistent with freedom of worship and democracy.
    Bill Graham in church in USA for example is today led by his son.
    The founder can and should be able to serve as long as the church pleases. The government has no business in the religion houses.

  • Mo

    Why suspend the brilliant law?
    Look, I’m a practising born-again Christian who attends RCCG but I believe this is a very good law, it’s not about our beloved Daddy G.O Adeboye but it’s more about transparency, accountability and good governance.
    The current Government by suspending this brilliant law, just confirmed the fact that Buhari and his cabinet are hypocrites & would only pursue policies that only benefits their self- interest.

    • wso

      You’ve only spoken to the level of your knowledge. FRCN should be able to clearly define it goal: which is ensuring transparency and proper accountability and who says altering the governance structure of the church is the way out.

      The nations law on biz and taxation is very clear:where you mix commercial activities with church biz ,whatever accrues from your biz venture shall be taxable.Church is governed by trust and like they do in other climes what you do to instill sanity is to ensure proper accountability through reporting.If you receive any report and you have reservation,go out there and carry out an audit with appropriate sanctions where necessary .

      • Mo

        If I may borrow you sentence? You’ve equally spoken to the level of your knowledge and may I add that I think/feel you are not objective and also arguing from a biased point of view.
        Agreed, the governance of charity is done via trust in developed world but remember there’s civility, accountability and sanity over there. unfortunately these important factors have disappeared from every section of our beloved country Nigeria.
        We therefore need to configure our regulations and laws to deal with our unique Naija nature.
        God bless Nigeria

  • Mohd Sageer

    Nigeria … where everything is possible. The law only applies to some but there are sacred cows that when you try to implement law on them you get sacked and te law changed

  • John

    GBAGAM! GBAGAM!!This is to inform the General Republic, concerning the; Purchase of Dangote 3X Cement at a promo price of #1000 per bag and rice at a promo price of #8500 per bag. Transportation for cement is #150 per bag and rice is #500 per bag. Contact the Sales Manager, Pastor Isaac Umoru on 07038534730. NOTE: COST OF TRANSPORTATION IS MADE BEFORE DELIVERY.

  • KBE

    Jim Obazee, his collaborators and his new spiritual father should know that they can’t play God. If Adeboye resigns Bakare must resign too.

  • kunle akindude

    The law is very upright and sound and the heads of faith based organisations knew the laws before they took their positions as head of their respective organisations Individuals are not allowed to benefit from non profit organisations in any part of the world
    These fat cats are richer than business men who work daily to make money but such oppresive men of God are in such luxury and affulence while their congregation suffer in silence and poverty
    Leave the law alone and it is so insulting for a man to be fired for upholding the laws in the books

  • Julius

    The government shouldn’t have gotten involved with religion affairs anyway. Separation of Church and State.

  • Success

    Church and government shouldn’t have any thing in common. I don’t think this is necessary.

    • Joseph saheed

      Church leaders are appointed by the spirit of God and not by the law of the land. Government can audit Church accounts and curbs excesses where necessary. But to replace the Holy spirit in God’s own Church, it will not stand. Haman tried it, he paid with his life. Those in power, beware!

  • westman

    Na Wao! Church and govt?
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  • Precious Onaimo

    Weakened Institutions + Strong Individuals = Nigeria.
    Strong Institutions + Weak Individuals = Progressive Countries