Buhari sacks official whose actions led to Adeboye’s exit as RCCG leader


The head of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, FRC, Jim Obazee, has been sacked by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr. Obazee’s sack comes about 48 hours after implementation of his agency’s law led to the exit of Nigeria’s most influential Christian cleric, Enoch Adeboye.

Mr. Adeboye resigned as the general overseer of the Redeemed Church in Nigeria on Saturday, but retained oversight of the global arm of the church.

The FRC rule is established by the Financial Reporting Council, Nigeria, Act No 6, 2011.

The council, which is under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, is responsible for, among others, developing and publishing accounting and financial reporting standards to be observed in the preparation of financial statements of public entities in Nigeria and for related matters.

The Governance Code of 2016 put in place by the agency to implement the Act encompasses three sectors: the private, the public and not-for-profit.

It is the not-for-profit sector, sometimes referred to as the Benevolent Sector, the Third Sector or the Civil Society Sector, that religious bodies fall under.

Section 9.1. of the code states that “The Founder or Leader of a NFPO occupies a special position in the Organisation and is committed to the success and longevity of the NFPO.”

Accordingly, a founder or leader should not take on too many responsibilities in the organisation or have an indefinite term in the running of the organisation, and is expected to not stay in office for more than 20 years.

On the day Mr. Adeboye’s exit was announced by the church, the cleric criticised the meddling of government in church matters.

“The government has been showing increasing interest in church affairs. Unfortunately, for us in RCCG, it might not be very helpful,” he was quoted as saying on Saturday by the Tribune Newspapers during a church service.

President Buhari announced the sack of the FRC boss in a statement by his spokesperson, Garba Shehu.

Mr. Obazee is to be replaced by Daniel Asapokhai while a new board, headed by Adedotun Sulaiman was also constituted for the agency.

No official reason was given for Mr. Obazee’s sack

Read Mr. Shehu’s full statement below:

President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the immediate removal and the replacement of the Executive Secretary and the reconstitution of the board of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRN). He has appointed a Chairman and a new Executive Secretary for the council.

The new Council as approved by the President has Adedotun Sulaiman, MFR, as Chairman.

Mr. Sulaiman was a former Managing Partner/Director of Arthur Anderson and later, Accenture. He is a Chartered Accountant and a product of the University of Lagos and Harvard Business School.

The President has also approved the appointment of Daniel Asapokhai as the Executive Secretary of the Council.

Mr. Asapokhai is a partner and a Financial Reporting Specialist at the PricewaterHouseCoopers (PWC), Nigeria.

He is a product of the University of Lagos and the University of Pretoria.

President Muhammadu Buhari has also instructed the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment to invite the nineteen ministries, departments and agencies of the Federal Government and private sector organizations specified in the FRC Act to nominate members of the board of the council.


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  • Mamman Bako

    Public officials be warned, Nigeria is a religious country – Federal Religious Republic of Nigeria.
    “Mr. Obazee’s sack comes about 48 hours after implementation of his agency’s law led to the exit of Nigeria’s most influential Christian cleric, Enoch Adeboye.”

    • Born Again Christian [B.A.C]


      I just want to know when the Sultan of Sokoto must resign as head of the northern emirates;
      since the emirates is a religious organization? I also want to know when the Sultan must also
      resign as head of Jama’atu Nasril Islam. I am in a hurry to know the answer to this question.

      • Kwenu

        Hahahahaha! But the northern Emirates is purely a FOR-PROFIT organization!

        The law on retirement applies only to non-for-profit organizations, not to political Islamism.

      • emmanuel

        Unfortunately, the Sultan has more than 10 years to go. Buhari execute his game, retire all GOs and heads of churches who have done more than twenty years. By which time he would have entrench his plan.
        Christians are in for very devious blows from Buhari and his list of executors.
        2014/2015 was when we warned Christians.

        • Mufu Ola

          Sorry sir, I thought you wrote, sometime ago, you’re a nonbeliever like me.Why your extraordinary interest in all these? Or your hatred for Buhari is such that if your wife fails to deliver tomorrow,it’s Buhari fault?

        • adeoba

          Am confused on where you stand. One hand you are happy that head of Churches are legislated to step down after a period on the other hand you are accusing PMB of trying to retire all GOs.
          Which one you they?

  • emmanuel

    Adeboye is the first victim of Christian indescretion. Obazee is the second victim. Buhari has played smart, whilst still executing what he has up his sleeve.
    Pastor Bosun Emmanuel must be musing from a corner and wondering how the Church got it wrong. Teel me if Osinbajo was in the dark all along.

    • Nemile

      Don’t give a dog a bad name just because you want it dead. How is PMB responsible for this mess. Is Jim Obazee not a Christian? Was it not him who enact the law? Was PMB wrong to punished him. Think before you write and for ur info I am a Christian. I don’t see PMB hand in this.

      • donMe$$i

        “Mr. Obazee’s sack comes about 48 hours AFTER IMPLEMENTATION OF HIS AGENCY’S LAW led to the exit of Nigeria’s most influential Christian cleric, Enoch Adeboye.”

        Why should Buhari sack him for ‘IMPLEMENTATION OF HIS AGENCY’S LAW’??

        • emmanuel

          Nor mind am, they think Nigerians are mumus all over. This is typical of getting the head of Human Resources in a company to work on retrenchment of staff. Once he conclude with the last in the list, the executive management serves him his own letter.
          Blind bats like him can tell us he is a christian – may be the type charlatans defraud in the name of God or he is an ameoba muslims trying to con readers by claiming a Christians

          • Ajayi Ifayemi

            Obazee is sleeping on a bed he laid.

        • Assoc Middlebelt Ethnicnationa

          Because his supervising Minister instructed him in writing in 2016 to halt the implementation of this very Policy and he bluntly refused. May be the Minister should have dealt with him last year for insubordination.

      • donMe$$i

        Jim Obaze DID NOT enact the law..he IMPLEMENTED it.

        I am skeptical about the law..but whosoever disagrees with it should contest it in the courts of law.

        • Ajayi Ifayemi

          Hello he was the secretary when it was enacted. I believe a lot of that law started from his office. So, he has always been involved in this ill advised law.

          • KENNETH OBASI

            If all had started with him, where there no council members who supported the motion? Where there no due judicial process before implementation? And if the process of law was still on, had anyone been forced into acting on a bill not yet passed into law? as he was sacked 48 hours after the law was implemented which lead to subsequent retirement of the former RCCG GO? Nigerians, please lets follow logical questions before taking actions that will mare our national integrity.

          • Ajayi Ifayemi

            You go and do some research yourself then you will know what questions to ask. From what we have heard, the Minister in charge told this man since last year no to go ahead with this evil plan to implement this bad law. He resisted the minister. Today the secretary of CAN said he spoke personally to this man several times not to implement this law, he refused. The man had his own agenda. Now that he has been sacked, I personally do not pity him. His action is capable of diverting the focus of getting this country out of recession. Right now I do not think our main problem in Naija is who is heading one Church or the other.

      • Emmanuel

        My question is why is Obazee been punished.

  • Abigail

    Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! Just because you know that Adeboye’s resignation is sufficient for most christians not to vote in 2019 for any Muslim you quickly sack the man in charge of the agency. If only you sacked the DPOs, Police Commissioner and/or the Inspector General (Police Chief) the very first time people were killed in Southern Kaduna. May be their lives don’t matter. But the Job of Adeboye matters. This is nonsense.


    The Evil is Nigeria is getting too much. Just imagine if Buhari was acting this fast on the economy, Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen, and every other issue. Why must he act this fast on resignation of one man? Truly in Animal Farm, some Animals are more equal than others.

  • Dualpolemedia

    This report isn’t complete yet, “The report says that no official reason has been stated for his sack”. Must we react when we are yet to establish the fact? Even if the man was sacked as the agency repeal its law? The spirit of good leadership demonstrated by Pastor Adeboye should be commend instead of generating unnecessary row. We need to watch we say.


      Conspiracy in high places I see: “…no official reason has been stated for his sack”. Please, Nigerians “Take Note”

  • Chiemele

    I expect the wailers, the tribalists and the religious fanatics to twist this to blend with their hate monging. If PMB had not acted, it will be a confirmation of Islamization of Nigeria. But now the DG is Southern and a Christian and yet has been fired.
    So a swatch watch to anyone who can spin a convincing conspiracy tale. Condition, PMB must be at fault.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      I think there may have been one. Yes, some folks are bent on giving Buhari a bad name. This retiring Secretary may have been one of them.

    • emmanuel

      We will continue to wail until Buhari turn a new leaf or set Nigeria on fire and whoever survives it become very careful to want Nigeria run as an Islamist Country

      • Chiemele

        A bill enacted by a Southern Christian President GEJ with a Northern Christian Mark as Senate President. Prejudice beclouds good reasoning.

  • Gunnermachine

    Haha…touch not my anointed

    • C. Okwechime


      I read meaning. to this because I don’t believe the media angle that President Buhari does not know
      about this regulation before its impact was felt. If he did not know of it the regulation would have been
      cancelled forthwith. I don’t believe there was no premeditation. I rather believe the impact on all the
      church leaders was foreseen and likely intended. The born again Church could be temporarily made
      leaderless insofar as the membership is usually tied to a long-standing Pastor or General Overseer.

      • emmanuel

        The Church cannot be leaderless. RCCG has lots of faitful men of God, just like they also have pretenders. All other Churches also do too.
        We just love power. in Africa. It is for same reason a man over sixty years at retirement cart away Government propreties and politicians after four years in office get pension.
        Only an idi*t and thieve collects pension after four year, when he/she is not even qualified for long service award

  • emmanuel

    By the way, Adeboye asked his next in command to go on retirement a few years ago when he attained RCCG terminal age. But he is schemeing and wanting to die in Office. The man who retired was also a spiritual leader, but for illiteracy and impairment, which God cared less about.
    Adeboye should go home, the Church of God will march on!

    • Supo Okubajo

      You are curse for saying what you did not know… l pity your parent. Satan will sold you to his hell if you refuse to repent.

      • emmanuel

        i fear God and not man, who do you think would curse me and it will hold. I never gave my parents course to curse me, so do not bother yourself.
        If i go to hell, i may have caused it, meaning that i deserve what i got. But i leave by Grace and faith in the Son of God who died for me and gave himself as a ransome and i know he will keep me until the day of the Lord!
        My parents know who i believe and have some trust in my judgement, so worry less about me.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      What is that RCCG terminal age? Do you know that man’s age? Do you know Adeboye’s age?

    • Ade Odubanjo

      Emmanuel, God will judge you by these words you’ve written. Adeboye has paid the sacrifice and has laid example that the church can obey the laws of the Land. Do you think he does’nt have the connection to help him in staying in office even when the law is against it? That is meekness in demonstration.

  • naubiko

    Crazy. Sack a man for doing his job, De-select Magu for doing his job by the senate and investigated for a scripted security report. This Buhari and his vice to me a just part of the reason why things are not working . Where is the change when the leader is angling to please one man for doing his job. I guess he’s angling for 2019. This is why things can never work in this country. The same Adeboye retired other AGO due to old age. But Akindayomi handed over to him and when will he ever do the same. Nigerians can never change in every area is riddled with lawlessness.

    • emmanuel

      Adeboye and Tinubu seconded Osinbajo to Buhari as VP. They are getting paid for their job.
      Meanwhile, Adeboye built a prayer Mountain in his village as plan B, in case the younger leaders push him out and since that is not happened yet, he decided to re-assert himself, not knowing that the rawest deal was coming.
      When men pretend to be humble, but have a collection of private Jets with a congregation; that some would beg for free ride befor ethey can attend Holy Service, then such humility become doubtful.
      Power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely.
      There is a time for everything.
      Okojie, Mbang, Adetiloye did not have more than they needed in Life. Tell me, they did not have foreign branches. So does the Poe have one Private Jet? If you wish to know, the Catholic Church is richer!

      • Supo Okubajo

        You are not emmanuel but agent of Satan. Fools like you need to know that your Okojie, Mbang and co evangelism is not more than Nigeria localities.. Your Okojie, Mbang and co are working under mission that was built by white man and there is an order for them from above.

        • emmanuel

          Good to know that i am a devil, know what/ Read Galtions 2: 1-11 to understand that God show no partiality. Peter was an Apostle, Paul was not trained under Jesus.
          Christians are Lamp to the World, they do not leave hidden Life, what is dicussed in a Church inner Council if cannot be played before the World, then such a Church is a light hidden under the Bushel.
          You sain White men founded Catholic Church, so are blacks dumb not to have laws guiding them?
          As of Today, the HOLY SEE Iin Wealth and Global Investment is richer than Nigeria (not discussing natural deposits now). if their leader cannot own private jet, what is a Pastor in a Country without electricity or meaningful development do with a Jet.
          Only incosiderate Drug Lords leave such lives.
          We have raised our voices long ago and some Christian leaders in their selfishness continued in their greed. By the way, those you wish should not hear all that i have said, know better and more than you think they do.
          Aregesola’s Sister is an RCCG Pastor, so you think Alfa does not have all the details? There is no way Thiefnubu did not contribute to Adeboyes fleet of Jets, so you think he must not hear?
          Jeremiah 29 also talked about Prophtes of their bellies and Muslims also read the Bible, even the devil knows all the verses

      • Abby

        It seems to me that poverty has really eaten you up and re-orientated you that its probably bad, devlish or against God’s will to own a jet. Smh. So because catholic don’t have a jet other churches or individual shouldn’t? I don’t knw wen catholic become our perfect example to follow.

    • gabriel akwaja

      Dem suppose don sack Obazee since. Now e come de even flex muscle with him boss. Now him don sabi who be who.


        Is Obazee a member of the RCCG? Is the law for Christians alone or for all none-profit organizations?

  • Adekogbe Olalekan

    There are serious and unresolved problems in Nigeria. I expected our President to invite Obazee because there is no way one that defend what you don’t know.

    Nobody is above the law and if our honourable president really wants sanity in this country, he should do without sentiment and face the reality. Christianity and Islamic religious should not be an avenue to make money.

    Meanwhile, the president would not know the implication of sacking the FRCN Secretary all because he want the best for the country.

    Furthermore, can we say it is a means of encouraging Nigerians to involve more in corruption because everybody will be willing to establish churches and mosques now for the purpose of trying to extort the church members?

    Well, if the president is fighting corruption, this is notthe steps he ought to have taking because church money are been used for personal establish and making profit for personal consumption.

    The best way to manage the issue is to enable all churches who have business prepare accounts and file returns because that is what the law requires.

    Mr. President Sir,I am very sure that this action of your will encourage other fake pastors and those without call to set up churches and turn it to sourced of income, and this is how corruption begins.

    Many countries had same codes practised and their countries is developed. If all pastor can be like the general overseer of RCCG who never had the intention of establishing private business with church money rather than dashing out the excess thst he has in his account.

    Consequently, it is so discouraging to see that our country never wants anything to work for the betterment of the citizens. Therefore, the president should manage the situation by inviting Obazee to a round table to denotes the reasons behind these governance codes and modify it in such that those that claimed to be a pastor all because of money and miassappropeiation would be discouraged.

    Corruption may not stop if there no changes in our law and ways of doing things.

    Thank you

    • gabriel akwaja


  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Senseless decision by a useless Administration. Should Adeboye be CEO of RCCG for life or what?

  • imoisili udoka

    Join the discussion…whatever u call yourself be careful what you say about God’s servant. The same unexplained mystery surrounding Obaze ‘senseless sack will soon catch up with you. Be careful, you have bin quoting scriptures to back up your irrational talk against a man of God, Ask Mariam about her experience after speaking against Moses.

    • Remi Durosinmi Etti Adeoye

      Who or what sect of persons are not God servant please?

  • labisco47

    why the sacking, were the sacked officers in questions not doing their jobs according to the laid down laws who does not know that the church is the most profitable business venture in Nigeria today ?

  • Kingsley O. Agbontaen

    This sack is unnecessary. If the government don’t want the implementation of the law to take effect now, all it need do is to suspend it. In anycase, I don’t know what is wrong with the law that says a person should retire and rest after a long spell at work.

    Anyway, now that the government has suspended the law, is Adeboye going to remove Joshua, the new GO and restore himself to power?

    Truly, these churches are everything but house of worship.

    • Gift

      Think straight friend.. I doubt u are..ur comment seems biased.

  • Kingsley O. Agbontaen

    As an addendum, the Oyedepos, Ayo, and a host of others will heave a sigh of relief. Men of God!!!

  • Sincere-Voice

    To Fayose,FFK and the other clowns that were accusing Buhari of meddling in the leadership of the church, hope they are okay now that the !an has made it abundantly clear that he had no hand in the said law?

  • Fiery Critic

    Upeh! Political permutations are sometimes very difficult to understand. If you believe Pastor Adeboye resigned because of the so called provisions of the FRC then you’d believe anything. Everything to me seem stage managed. Link up Adeboye’s visit to the Governor of Ekiti State and his seeming closeness to the opposition and you’d know that he was coerced to resign. What happens to the General Overseer of some other churches who have stayed beyond the 20 years rule? I am sure the RCG and Adeboye have a legal team that would have studied and consulted with the Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment to ratify the provision of the FCN that led to Adeboye’s resignation. Hurriedly sacking the head of FCN is just like throwing dust in the eye of the unsuspecting Public. Let them repeal the provision and bring Adeboye back then we know the FGN is sincere.

    • Lenz

      “then we know the FGN is sincere” — sincere about what? And before whose eyes?
      Was it the FGN that “resigned” or Adeboye?
      FGN fired somebody they no longer had need of.. Nothing can be more “sincere” than that…

      • Fiery Critic

        Nobody resigned, literary speaking. We infer to Adeboye’s resignation as if it’s a willful act. That provision was used to deal with Adeboye’s growing closeness with the opposition. The Head of FRCN was just used as the cat’s paw. Repealing the moribund act and bringing Adeboye back is more sincere than anything…